How to become an Instagram blogger and start making money

How to become a blogger on Instagram is of interest to many today, from representatives of the younger generation to quite adults. And there is nothing strange in this: time dictates its conditions, more and more people spend significant time on the Web, and some of them literally “live” there.

But it’s one thing to just become a blogger, and quite another to achieve success in this field, to start making good money. Here you will have to try, because advertisers do not intend to part with their finances just like that. To promote a product or service, they need a popular platform.

Types of Instagram Bloggers

In the 21st century, professions appeared that no one heard of a couple of decades ago. In the recent past, the source of information was newspapers, magazines, books, for which people with journalistic education or narrow high-level specialists wrote articles. It was impossible even to imagine that an ordinary person “from the street” would be entrusted to write an article in the magazine.

Anyone with Internet access can start a personal blog today. There will also be those who want to read it, because there are many people in the world with a similar attitude to life.

Let’s try to describe this method of making money, and also find out how to become an Instagram blogger. In fact, the author puts out a certain kind of information for his subscribers, which brings him some material income. Anyone can blog; you do not need to have special knowledge or special training for this. It can be a story about your daily life, hobbies, sports, profession. Experienced bloggers try to combine different topics to keep readers interested in their work.

The main principle of blogging is the regular appearance of fresh information on its pages. In this simple way, some bloggers make millions.

Blogs begin to lead for some main purpose, so their creators are conventionally divided into several types :

  • Businessmen . Those who promote blog for high income.

  • Addicted . People who share their passions and hobbies. Their stories attract with an unusual manner of presentation, interesting details.

  • Celebrities . Show business stars, famous politicians, media personalities share stories from their lives, complementing them with vivid details, decorating with colorful photos and videos.

The attitude of users to Instagram bloggers can be radically different. Some subscribers adore them and try to imitate everything. Others are extremely negative, advise you to quit this business and get a normal job. But all the same, it seems that every second teenager, and many adults, dream of blogging on Instagram.

Типы блогеров в Инстаграм

Types of Bloggers on Instagram

Someone wants to become famous and famous, but most are interested in blogging. This profession combines several well-known specialties – journalist, TV presenter, photo editor, manager, and if you’re lucky, even a media person. But no staffing table regulates his income.

When one blogger on his pages shares that, thanks to the promotion of his account, he can afford not to work anywhere, and the second talks about the fact that he will soon reach earnings of 1 million rubles a month, anyone will want to know how to become an Instagram blogger and make money. Therefore, everyone is ready to give up everything and learn a new profession.

Pros and cons of blogging

Blogging has a number of benefits :

  • Remote . The place of work does not matter. If inspiration has caught up, then the post can be written directly from the mobile phone, and the video can be shot on distant islands or in the center of a metropolis. The main thing is that there must be an Internet connection.

  • Free schedule . No need to leave the house a little light and shake in a crowded bus to the other end of the city. The blogger himself plans the daily routine, choosing the most convenient and effective time for work. There is no place for lazy people in this profession.

  • Promotion without initial investment . If desired and active, you can achieve blog promotion without a lot of start-up capital, almost from scratch.

  • Creative freedom . You decide what your blog will be about, no one sets you standards for the amount and method of content presentation. The only guideline in the work is the reaction of subscribers.

  • Growth Opportunities . Blogging requires constant learning. To stay in trend, you have to keep track of all the new things in the profession.

  • Good income . Bloggers make very good money. Popular authors receive hundreds of thousands of rubles just for advertising.

  • Popularity. The promoted bloggers are on a par with media persons, they are known by sight, they are imitated. If for an adult such fame may turn out to be in the order of things, then a high rating for a young person will become an incentive for further development.

How to triple income with your personal brand on social media

Mikhail Khristosenko

Leading expert on social networks in Russia. Graduate of the Presidential Management Training Program with training and internship in Germany.

Михаил Христосенко

Personal branding is what they say about you when you are not in the room. ” This is what Amazon creator Jeff Bezos said about his personal brand. There are other definitions, but this gets to the point 100%.

You can be super cool, but if no one knows about you, you are no different from a fledgling newbie. But running around with your “I” and your own expertise is also not an option. No empty words and bloated ego.

Once upon a time, after the collapse of my first business, I did not understand where to move on. But in the end he chose the path of creating and strengthening his personal brand. Although then this term was not yet so popular.

  • Now I have a big team and millions of launches with me.

  • I work in a comfortable environment and at a convenient time.

  • I choose the clients I work with myself.

  • I see opportunities for income growth and always use them.

And all this thanks to the possibilities of social networks.

Nowadays, many are teaching how to promote a personal brand. But first, it needs to be properly formed, packaged, and only then promoted and monetized using social networks.

My team and I have compiled a list of the TOP 7 promotion services that will help rock your personal brand. You can download it for free!

But where there are advantages, there are always disadvantages :

  • High competition . A kind of bloggers today are about a third of the world’s population (if you take into account everyone who has accounts in social networks). But of the 20 million blogs appearing, for example, in the United States within one year, only 1% becomes a source of income for the owner. That’s why it’s important to find your own niche and try to stand out in it.

  • Long-term promotion . We must be prepared for the fact that the first year or two, the profitability of the blog will be zero despite all the efforts. Then the cost of placing ads on its pages will begin to rise in direct proportion to the increase in the number of subscribers. To speed up this process, you will need special methods to grow in popularity, including viral ads.

  • Instability . The first steps in this profession do not give any guarantee that blogging will become the life of a beginning author.

  • The need to actively develop new ideas . Don’t count on subscriber consistency. While they are interested, they leave likes and comments. As soon as it got bored, they unsubscribed from the blog. Therefore, there should be some kind of generator of ideas, regularly attracting the audience with new materials.

  • The negative impact of a disaffected audience . Sometimes people subscribe to a blog to express a different opinion on posted posts. Nobody canceled competitors, and there are enough paid trolls on the network.

Therefore, be prepared for a stream of negative, sometimes even boorish, statements. A decent response to trolling can attract new like-minded people.

Necessary qualities and skills for a blogger

Although it is believed that everyone knows how to become an Instagram blogger, it is not enough to have access to the Internet to be successful in this area, you need to have a number of qualities :

  • Awareness . A deep knowledge and understanding of the topic chosen for the blog will attract readers. If they do not see anything new for themselves, then the author’s page will be ignored by subscribers.

  • Contact . The ability to work with the audience as a whole and with each person individually plays a very important role. A blogger who is not afraid of backlash and who is able to maintain ease of communication in any situation will become a successful blogger.

  • Literacy . Posts with errors, albeit very interesting ones, are almost always annoying. If your own literacy level is far from ideal, you need to use special programs or pay for the services of an editor.

  • Basic knowledge of time marketing, SMM promotion, SEO optimization . Working in the media field requires a blogger to be able to use the capabilities of various editing programs, including processing audio, video and graphic materials.

Необходимые для блогера качества и навыки

Essential qualities and skills for a blogger

These are basic skills that are required. If you decide to become a blogger, then you will need other qualities :

  • self-discipline and ability to plan your actions;

  • striving to achieve goals;

  • resistance to stressful situations;

  • creative thinking and creativity;

  • personal charm, charisma, ability to captivate the audience;

  • deep knowledge of the chosen topic (this can be baking sweets, sewing children’s clothes, ice fishing, etc.).

You may need to learn more about Internet skills – and quite specific ones. In any case, a blogger must have a good intellect.

12 steps to become a successful Instagram blogger

  1. Choose a field of activity

    This is a prerequisite, the fulfillment of which will help to become popular. Promoting a blog that simultaneously provides home cooking recipes, baby feeding tips, and an overview of fashion brands in women’s handbags becomes almost an impossible task. At least in these conditions it is impossible to understand who will become your reader, how to describe the target audience.

    Try among your knowledge and skills to identify one area in which you are strongest, and it is this to choose as your main field of activity.

  2. Pick a blog title

    Since blogging is a purely personal matter, it would be quite logical to call it by your own name. But it is better to do it so that the subject of the account is clear at a glance. There will probably be more than one profile on the network with the name of Masha Petrova, which does not say anything about its owner. But if you show creativity and write Mary Fashion, and post cool news from the world of the fashion industry in your posts, then over time you can become a popular fashion blogger.

  3. Come up with an unusual profile description and a memorable avatar

    The profile header contains basic information about its owner. It is very important how this business card will be designed, how interesting it will be to your potential readers. This is your first selling text, in which key search queries must be present, your USP is spelled out. It should have a logical structure made up of blocks and a single active clickable link for information.

    When choosing an avatar, there should be nothing superfluous on it, only a laconic image with a clear image of your face, made in the style of the entire profile.

  4. Use storytelling

    This form of content is enjoying a lot of interest among Instagram followers. Literal translation of storytelling is the telling of different stories. These can be funny stories from life, motivating or silly, but at the same time they are quite sincere stories that carry a certain meaning. They should arouse the genuine interest of your audience, help subscribers get to know you better, start a dialogue by exchanging comments under one of the posts. Great idea for those who want to become a famous blogger on Instagram.

    Social networks in a million

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    Как стать блогером Инстаграм и начать зарабатывать Duration: 6-8 weeks
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    Topics for discussion can be very diverse. Here’s a short list of things that can grab readers’ attention :

    • introduce yourself to the audience by offering a dozen facts from life, two of which are not true;

    • tell your success story with all the ups and downs;

    • ask subscribers for advice on what to do in this or that case;

    • share your biggest fakap – discussing other people’s failures and failures arouses interest, thereby attracting the audience and bringing them closer.

  5. Keep track of the quality of photos and harmonious filling of the feed

    Instagram is, first of all, visual content, so the quality of the uploaded photos must be impeccable. It is necessary to exclude flare, harsh shadows, dark spots or blurred lines. This will require basic knowledge in the field of photography: storyboarding, the principle of the golden ratio, composition, etc. Only after learning the basic concepts, begin to form content, trying to alternate landscape, portrait, large-scale, detailed photos or flatlays in the profile.

  6. Set up blog automation

    If you want to quickly promote your blog, turn on its automation. You will immediately notice the regular appearance of new subscribers, an increase in engagement and activity rates, full audience coverage and excellent feedback on posted posts.

    Instaplus is a recognized international automation service. When installing it, the user can check all the features of the application for free within 7 days from the date of launch and registration.

  7. Keep track of the regularity of posts

    To keep your profile active, you will have to post at least every other day or even every day. The Instagram feed is constantly ranking, and if you miss your time to post, the post will fall to the bottom, and users simply won’t see it.

  8. Use hashtags and geolocation

    To become a famous blogger on Instagram, you need to learn how to correctly use hashtags and geolocation. The posts themselves on social networks are not indexed by search engines in any way, but various tags are active participants in the search. They should be placed under the post as a separate comment, no more than 30 at a time, and do not use super popular tags that are indexed every 2-3 seconds.

    In theory, hashtags should match the subject of the post or photo, then organic traffic will be provided. And geolocation is affixed at your location or at the point where the photo was taken.

  9. Organize Collaborations

    Collaborating for advertising purposes is one thing. Here it is more about interacting with influencers working in the same area. For example, if you want to become a popular beauty blogger, then to promote your account, find the same active user of the social network and organize a joint competition or presentation with her. Then part of her audience will visit you, and yours will visit her page.

  10. Fund to promote and keep active

    A popular blogger invests in the promotion of his resource not only time, physical and creative strength, but also certain finances. We are not talking about millions, but it is almost impossible to completely do without investments when promoting a blog.

    Финансируйте продвижение и поддержание активности

    Fund to promote and keep active

  11. Follow trends and innovations

    New challenges, trends and directions regularly appear on Insta, which can help you create fashionable, stylish content that attracts the attention of an advanced audience. And these are additional likes and reposts.

  12. Monitor your statistics

    One of the main criteria for the success of your blog is the growth of the number of subscribers. There are a number of services on the Internet that can help you track this data. Pick one of them to be always up to date. If you see that your subscriber ranks are dwindling, then something went wrong.

12 methods of making money on Instagram

Monetizing an author’s blog is carried out using a number of methods, which we will discuss in more detail.

  1. Likes, subscriptions, comments

    The easiest way to make money on Instagram is from likes and comments. Advanced bloggers hardly use this method, but if you are at the very beginning of your path to fame, then this method is just for you. You just need to register on special services, so that later on for money you can carry out the tasks received from them – leave comments, subscribe to profiles or put likes.

  2. Sponsored Posts

    Placing ads on your account pages is a great way to make quick money. Sponsored posts are usually posted on the page with regular consistency. Promoted bloggers open special profiles, where they post content with relevant topics for advertising. Some even register on special exchanges.

    But for popular authors, the focus is not on profile monetization, but on the attention and interest of the audience. Therefore, applications for advertising are considered very strictly, only those who are most loyal to the topic of the blog pass. To maintain their reputation as an honest blogger, many owners check the quality of the product themselves before placing an advertisement.

  3. Advertising in Stories

    Bloggers have learned to insert ad units into their Stories naturally and effortlessly. Most often these are 1-3 videos telling about a successful purchase of something or where it can be ordered. Advertising content in Stories is posted with the same regularity as advertising in the main feed.

    But some bloggers today abuse this opportunity by posting links to advertised products more than once a day. With such activity, the blog will very quickly turn into an advertising platform, which is not welcome.

  4. Various courses and trainings

    Through Instagram, you can sell your services online. Record instructional videos on a topic you are familiar with and implement them with your personal blog. It can be English lessons, SMM courses or Instagram design – with the right presentation of the material, users will be happy to acquire new knowledge.

  5. Inst-marathons

    If you want to become an expert in some field, organize an insta marathon. This is a very popular way to make money among fitness bloggers and insta moms. To conduct a marathon, a special account is usually opened, in which new posts on a given topic, training programs, recipes for healthy eating, calculation of daily calorie consumption, etc. appear every day. And since such profiles are closed for the bulk of users, the access rights have to be bought from organizer.

  6. Useful advice

    If you are a lawyer, astrologer, notary, any other narrow-profile specialist, you can earn money by providing online consultations through your profile. Arrange face-to-face meetings, conduct live broadcasts, answer questions, arrange round tables, consult – all on a prepayment basis.

    Полезные консультации

    Helpful advice

  7. Affiliate Programs

    In the feeds of popular bloggers, there are often messages that they have agreed with a particular company on a discount for their subscribers. In fact, they register on affiliate sites and post content intelligently.

    With such registration, you will be given a personalized promotional code for a discount or a direct link to place an order. You publish the received code or link on Instagram, and subscribers use them when purchasing. In this case, from 5 to 50% of the money spent by them is credited to your account. The more users were able to use the affiliate program, the higher your income will be.

  8. Ambassador

    Translated from English, ambassador is an ambassador. On Instagram, an ambassador has a similar meaning: this is a famous person who everyone associates with the name of a large company, because he advertises it, highlights the products of this brand on the market, and forms a positive image. In fact, he is the face of the company. This is not a one-time profile advertisement. The Ambassador is constantly working to promote the brand, mentioning it when communicating with his audience only from a positive side.

  9. Personal brand or online store

    A personal clothing brand is very cool, so many popular bloggers are trying to start one. Sewing models yourself or opening a sewing production with professional tailors for this does not matter. The main thing is to register an online store with your last name in the title.

    First, you will have to invest a lot of money in promotion, so only very popular and famous bloggers take this step. But over time, these costs pay off quite quickly due to the wide popularity of the profile owner, and his online store begins to make a profit on its own.

  10. Selling Photos

    Another good way for bloggers to make money on Instagram. Organize the sale of photos through your personal account. This is possible in two cases. Firstly, if you work as a photographer, taking pictures for sale or on order for placing on commercial accounts.

    Secondly, having a photogenic appearance, you take personal photos, which are then purchased from you for a certain fee to be posted on popular blogs.

  11. Expert Articles Writing

    Are you good at a specific topic or writing engaging articles? You may be asked to create content for other blogs, which will become another source of income for you. If you are a professional copywriter, you can successfully find new customers through your thematic blog.

  12. Selling copyright presets

    To be closer to the famous bloggers in the rating, yesterday many Instagram users tried to buy up the presets with which celebrities processed their photos. Today the hype has passed, but accounts for the sale of presets from bloggers still exist.

9 options for free and paid blog promotion

  1. Followers from other social networks

    The easiest and free way to promote a new account is to invite your subscribers from other social networks and ask friends who have had an Instagram profile for a long time to subscribe to your new page.

  2. Contests and SFS (photo by photo)

    If you know how to take good photos and have a bit of luck, you can visit the profile of famous bloggers for free. They quite often arrange contests or SFS (shout for shout, photo by photo): subscribers repost any photo of the organizer in their accounts and mark it. Then the blogger looks through the pages of the participants, selects the ones he likes most and publishes photos of them in his profile or in Stories.

  3. Massfollowing

    This is the launch of a program that automatically subscribes to multiple accounts. It can be used not only by commercial profiles, but also by the accounts of ordinary users. But for this, the computer must be constantly turned on. Another disadvantage is the obligatory unsubscription at the end of the program, which causes a negative reaction. Your account may be banned if you have exceeded the limit on the number of actions per hour (this value is not constant, before starting mass following, you need to study the limits in force at the moment).

  4. Massliking

    Automatically add likes. If you are an active Instagram user, then you yourself have repeatedly received a large number of likes from unknown profiles. Massliking is considered a more native method, but it is still classified as spam.

  5. Posting content to other bloggers

    Subscribers who came on the recommendation of their idols will treat you more loyally than those who were sent by targeted advertising. Bloggers often post links to other resources in their Stories or in the main profile. Being in Stories looks more natural and cheaper. Find Instagram pages with an audience similar to yours, and ask their owners for placement. It is important to discuss the nuances: how long the link will be active, how you will be introduced to subscribers, etc.

    Размещение контента у других блогеров

    Posting content to other bloggers

  6. Activity chats

    Account activity affects blog rankings. Therefore, we advise you to join groups in order to add mutual likes and comments to each other in activity chats.

  7. Exit to recommendation

    Another way to get a large number of Instagram followers for free is to get featured. If this happens, then the influx of subscribers from just one post can range from two to three dozen to several thousand people.

    But entering the top is not so easy. Instagram does not provide information on how this algorithm works, but the most popular hypothesis sounds like this: the reactions that the photo received in the recommendations will help to get to the top. This means that the number of likes for this photo on your page does not play any role in the promotion. It is important how a small number of people will react when they see this photo in “Recommendations”. If they mark the post as interesting, then Instagram will take it to the top and show it to the entire audience.

  8. Comments in popular accounts

    Free and quite effective way to promote your blog on Instagram. You can always find accounts that enjoy a lot of audience attention and comment on the most popular posts in them. It’s even better if these accounts are close to you on the topic, and you can give a professional comment with knowledge of the matter. It will not go unnoticed in the accounts of stars or famous bloggers.

  9. Targeted Ads

    Nobody has canceled official Instagram ads as a paid promotion method. You pay money for your posts to be available not only to your subscribers, but also to appear in the feed of new users. Advertising with bloggers works the same way, but in this case there is a clear advantage – post promotion can be turned off at any time.

    If you have set a certain budget for promoting your account, then fame will come to you pretty quickly. But if you want to get by with a small financial investment, then carefully study all the promotion channels. The effectiveness of each is easy to assess after placing an advertisement.

6 helpful blogging tips

  1. Evoke an emotional response from your subscribers

    Don’t think blogging is all about creating useful, informative posts. They can, and should, alternate with entertaining texts that evoke certain emotions in readers. This may be an incident from your life or a sensational news on social networks.

    The important thing is that this story will not be left without attention and will cause a response – joy, indignation, empathy, etc. Even if you, as the narrator, get a certain dose of negativity, there is nothing tragic about it. Sweet stories in pink tones quickly bore the reader, and in this case the author is in danger of rapid burnout.

    In topics such as parenting, fashion, medicine, politics, etc., almost everyone considers himself an expert. And your opinion will not always coincide with the opinion of some subscribers. Don’t be afraid to openly express your preferences and emotions. The part of the audience that will agree with you will become loyal, which will delight advertisers.

  2. Forget moralizing and bookish style

    Those who studied well have clever words and expressions from textbooks stuck in their memory for a long time. And even C grade students are happy to use common phrases like “it’s not a secret for anyone that…”, “sometimes there is a need…”. Mercilessly get rid of these patterns when editing your texts.

    Михаил Христосенко0

    Writing Instagram Posts

    General definitions of “all” or “many” cause boredom and annoyance. Give specific examples with real participants in the events – any story will do, even from the life of your mother’s classmate’s daughter.

    Expressions like “start loving yourself”, “take it and do it” will not give the desired effect if you do not support them with specific examples. Tell your readers what you need to do every day to develop self-love.

  3. Diversify your blog topic

    A blogger is a close friend to his subscribers, which is why they keep reading his posts, even if they are a little fed up. Do not be afraid to master other topics, people tend to change over time. Tell us about your new hobbies and subscribers will be happy to support your next project.

  4. Add interactivity to Stories

    Stories’ audience reach is wider than that of posts, so take this opportunity and add a feedback system to them – questions and answers. Or ask for advice in a situation that has arisen – if a person writes to you in Direct, then you can take a higher place in his feed. You make your Stories “interactive” – ​​you ask, get answers, somehow react to them (upload screenshots of Direct or the results of a survey in Stories), which leads to even greater friendship and understanding with the audience.

  5. Don’t use templates

    Don’t assume that every post is many, many words. Sometimes one photograph can evoke more emotion than a whole story. Someone finds it easier to express their thoughts in words, another gets “talking” photos, the third has a sparkling sense of humor and shoots stunning vines. Watch the reaction of subscribers, do not be afraid to be different from everyone else. Those who stand out from the rest of the bloggers make good money on Instagram.

  6. Change angles

    In order for your content to attract subscribers and retain attention, try to diversify it visually. There is a certain template that will help you learn how to make interesting videos.

    First angle: take a close-up picture of yourself (like a talking head), for example: “I want to do evening make-up.” Second angle: point the camera at what is in front of you, “And this is my cosmetic kit.” Third angle: Close up one item, My Favorite Lipstick. You can continue further. The principle works for a wide variety of Stories. Such a video will definitely be watched until the end.

In conclusion, we would like to give one piece of advice. If earlier becoming an Instagram blogger and making money meant only creating original content, today the competition has become much tougher, and more and more funds are required for promotion. That is, willy-nilly, you have to use all the new methods of promotion. On the other hand, the number of advertisers is growing. And even if one day Instagram ceases to exist, it will have time to make you famous and famous, and your subscribers will find you in new social networks.

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