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How to beautifully design a page in VK: 7 simple tips from the pros

In the virtual world, they are not greeted by clothes. A social network profile is a person’s face. The question of how to beautifully design a page in VK is considered relevant for every user.

A properly designed page can be a source of income or an impetus to a new acquaintance. I know firsthand a lot of love stories or partnerships that began with a visit to a profile. There are several effective ways to transform your page, which I will discuss in this article.

1. How to beautifully design a page in VK using photos

Avatar is the first thing that a visitor to the Vkontakte page pays attention to. The photo is the face of the profile. Even if it is designed with the highest quality, but without pictures, such a page will not attract attention.

Don’t use a picture as an avatar, but put a good quality personal photo.

Kitties or other cute animals are best kept for your desktop. Use the services of a professional photographer and post some great shots. If you don’t have money for the service, you can use the front camera for selfies.

Selfies should also be of good quality. It so happens that a person has successfully entered the photo, but the background leaves much to be desired. It is better to refuse such a picture, especially as an avatar.

Чтобы красиво оформить страницу ВК, используйте хорошое фото для аватара

Take this seriously. Change the main photo at least once every six months, be active. The avatar creates the mood and attracts new users.

Uploaded images should reflect your personality, interests and attitudes.

As an avatar, choose a photo where you are not squeezed, but confident in yourself. The picture should only convey positive emotions.

Do not post photos with alcohol, cigarettes or in a club – this repels visitors and speaks of the lifestyle of the account owner.

It is advisable to create thematically photo albums. Combine photos in albums with each other to create beautiful visualizations. Compose your shots according to color, this will set the style of your account.

By clicking the cross in the “My Photos” section, you can hide inappropriate images without deleting them.

Everyone is pleased to look at the processed and beautiful pictures. You can find a bunch of useful photo editors on the Internet. Take advantage of popular mobile apps to make your photo unique.

Craftsmen are better off using the professional program “Photoshop”. Do not neglect the opportunity to beautifully present yourself and your interests to the public.

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2. A questionnaire as a way to make your profile attractive

With the help of a detailed filling out of the questionnaire, it will be possible not only to make profitable or friendly acquaintances, but also to decorate the profile.

It is worth being sincere, but not boring the visitor with too long a canvas. Therefore, before describing your favorite movie or book, focus on what really graces your profile.

In the “General” section, you can enter the following data:

  • name;
  • gender ;
  • age;
  • marital status.

Other items are optional. However, filling them in may affect perception.

In the main information, it is better to include only your own initials, date of birth and age, so as not to overload the page.

Укажите имя, пол и возраст

Instead of a website, you can sync other social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube channel) so that guests can get to know you as a person better. Be sure to indicate the presence of this or that education, courses. This is an important point for reputation.

The page can be beautifully decorated with the following subsections:

  • interests;
  • quotes;
  • about yourself.

Here you can give free rein to emotions. The “About Me” section is an excellent self-presentation. To avoid getting bored, accompany the text with symbols and emoticons. In quotes, write the statement of your favorite philosopher, thereby creating mystery. Or add your own message to your audience.

Since the section “Interests” is clickable, you can find like-minded people on it, so you shouldn’t refuse to fill out the section. When specifying a place of work, be sure to add a link to the group or site, if any.

The guy does not have to fill out the “Military Service” section. This does not affect the beauty of the profile, so you can fill it in at will or not indicate the military unit. “Vital position” is also optional.

3. Correct name is the basis of personal brand

A correctly chosen name or nickname will make your profile beautiful and attractive. You don’t have to use your own initials. When it comes to a work page, come up with an interesting pseudonym, it can magically entice people.

A memorable name can attract a particular audience. No wonder they say: “As you name the ship, so it will float.”

4. A wall in the form of a mini-blog as a method of communicating with the audience

If your wall is empty, or filled with hundred-year-old invitations from friends to applications or games, then you need to sound the alarm and immediately correct the situation. Friends see a new post in their feed, which is a good chance to attract the public.

Think about what you want to tell your audience. You may be interested in sharing your opinion about the film or a situation. There will definitely be interested people with whom a dialogue will start.

A business account wall is a great place to sell items or offer services.

Стена бизнес-аккаунта - отличное место для продажи товаров и услуг

Not only informative content will help to decorate the wall. A photo with a post is an integral part of a beautiful profile.

Share your thoughts, new photos with posts and your profile will attract more and more visitors. Write naturally, don’t copy others, stick to the interests of your target audience.

5. Status and number of friends as a method of attracting attention

Status is able to set the mood of the page and intrigue the guest. Here you can show creativity and imagination.

Instead of a status, you can put a smile. It is not only beautiful, but also informative. Sometimes words are not enough to express the current mood, and a smiley will help convey feelings and share them with people.

In place of the status, insert your favorite quote from a book, a line from a song or movie. You can share a joke or a mood.

The main thing is not to overdo it with mystery (this is especially true for a girl), for example: “I am hard to find and easy to lose.” It will look silly to say the least.

Not many people know that in addition to the usual languages, you can download interesting language packs. They can be used to decorate the profile and make it individual.

Social networks are created to communicate. Add as many friends and acquaintances as possible.

This will not only revive the profile, but also affect the popularity. There is a lot of value in a long list, even if people don’t know much.

If one of your friends liked your post (photo, post, etc.), then VK shows this post to the person’s friends, as an interesting post. Be sure to expand your audience.

You can add 30 people per day, so it is possible to recruit several thousand people in a few months. Add only interesting personalities. It is not so much quantity that matters as quality. Keep friends only for active users who will give feedback.

6. Groups, friends, video, audio – the basis of a beautiful filling of the profile

High-quality filling and a competent ratio of material adorn any profile. Avoid overabundance or shortage of any material, strike a balance:

  1. Interesting pages. A large number of interesting pages not only clutter up the feed, but also spoil the look. It’s useless. Better to leave a few really important pages that you visit most often. Communities like “MDK” are best bookmarked.
  2. Videos. The personal page can contain any video files. The work page is the interests of your audience. If the public is not interested in crocheting, then it is better to remove such a video from Saved. I often see successful business accounts contain long-standing videos, which spoils the visual image a lot.
  3. Audio recordings. The privacy of the playlist depends on your taste. If you are a fan of specific music, it is better to hide audio recordings from prying eyes and ears.

Carefully select video or audio information for publication, because this directly affects the attractiveness of the page.

Внимательно отбирайте контент для видео, аудио и подписок

You can change your page on Vkontakte not only with the help of design, but also with the theme. To do this, you need the Get Styles program. Any beginner can figure it out.

Download the free program, install it. Then go to the program’s website and download the theme you like. The standard version can be returned at any time. The page gets a bright design and a beautiful cover.

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7. Moderate confidentiality is the key to the attractiveness of the page

Confidentiality is an individual matter. However, people are attracted by openness. Correctly set privacy settings will save you from ill-wishers and annoying messages. If the question is about a business account, then it is not necessary to reveal all the cards.

A personal profile requires maximum sincerity. Do not forget about “Photos with me”, they are not always successful and it is better to hide them from prying eyes. Do not upload old photos to the album, do not spam with unnecessary information.

Лучше скрыть фотоальбомом с неудачными фото

Don’t talk too much about yourself. The brevity and aesthetics of the page are of great interest to the public.

The most important thing, do not forget, at the end to evaluate your page from the perspective of a third-party user, using the privacy settings. This can be done not only with the help of a computer, but also through the phone.

This approach will make it possible to design a profile beautifully and make it relevant to other users. It will not be superfluous to visit the pages of competitors with popular accounts, analyze them and find out the points that attract people.

Vkontakte is a huge social network with over 460 million users. It is not surprising that everyone asks the question: “How beautiful to design a page in VK”. This is especially interesting for people who use their account for work. These tips and tricks will help you transform any boring profile and make it stand out from other accounts.

Sincerely, Daria Borisenko
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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