Розыгрыш - хороший способ заинтересовать аудиторию

How to attract customers on Instagram: a detailed guide

You want to sell online. You have your own business and you know that many entrepreneurs successfully sell their products or services through social media. How to attract customers to Instagram and, in particular, to the Instagram store?

After all, today this particular application has won worldwide recognition and enjoys unprecedented popularity. You are also registered in it and are eager to start earning. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

You don’t have to be a celebrity, professional photographer, or unique technique to have many followers. If you correctly design and maintain an account, the number of people who subscribe to it will grow without investments and any markups.

Use some simple tips to do this.

Develop a strategy

How to attract more clients? If you think about what to write on Instagram every time, the return will be small. Determine for yourself what key topic you can offer to subscribers, and write a content plan for at least two weeks, or better – for a month.

Reflect in it – what posts you will write, about what, what photos will illustrate them. This plan will help you better understand what target audience your account will target.

Take a close look at your competitors’ experience

Let’s say you want to sell confectionery or handmade dolls on Instagram. Find in the application people who are already in this business and have thematic accounts.

Look – how many subscribers they have, how often they publish new posts, what topics they have the most in demand and get the most responses.

Draw conclusions – will you imitate competitors or something in their accounts does not suit you, and you will try to present information differently? What will be your advantage that others do not have?

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Start customizing your profile

There are also some nuances here that you may not know. Choose a memorable photo for your profile so that you would like to click on it with the mouse. Remember that its dimensions will eventually be small, so if there is an inscription on the picture, hardly anyone will read it through a magnifying glass.

It is advisable to use keywords in the name and login – Instagram will index them. This will make it easier for potential customers to find you.

Для привлечения клиентов в Инстаграм оформите профиль

Take the time to describe your content. The text can be funny, attention-grabbing, or it can simply emphasize the meaning of the content, its importance for subscribers. This is also an advertisement. Free for you, but very effective.

In your profile, place links to your website and to your pages on social networks. From time to time, some links can be updated – remove some, add others.

New posts should appear regularly

Try to post something new every day. It is even better to do this a couple of times a day – for example, in the morning and in the evening. Your subscribers will get used to regularly checking your page.

Research has shown that users are most active when they are getting ready or on their way to work, as well as when the work day ends.

How to attract readers’ attention to your posts:

  1. Publish ambiguous texts – at the end, ask subscribers to express their opinion.
  2. Ask questions – for sure, your readers know the answers.
  3. Give useful information – human, who has learned something important for himself, will definitely look at your page again.
  4. Periodically talk about yourself, about some personal moments. People are naturally curious – they are interested in knowing how others live. What do they eat breakfast, where they walk the dog, what things do they buy.

If you want to accustom your readers to posting new posts, for example, at seven in the morning, but don’t like to get up early yourself – master the automatic posting service. You can write texts and select pictures for them at any time convenient for you, and the service will publish the post exactly at the appointed hour.

Photos are important

Remember that Instagram was originally created specifically for the exchange of pictures. Even if you write a very interesting text, but pick up a photo “hackneyed” on the Internet or give an inexpressive, unattractive picture – your post will be read by far fewer people than it could.

The picture must be of high quality. A blurry or cropped image loses a lot. Think about how your photo will stand out. Why would a potential reader want to click on it and not one of thousands of others?

About the meaning of hashtags

Someone generally forgets to put them, and in vain. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 to each post. Subscribers are interested in reading texts on certain topics. It is thanks to hashtags that they will find your posts, and you will find like-minded people.

The more hashtags, the better, the wider the reach of a potential audience can be. Not enough imagination to come up with a lot? Review your competitors’ accounts.

Let’s say you grow flowers. Use as hashtags not only the type and variety of the flower shown in the photo, but also the name of your city, season, and so on. It is better to put hashtags at the end of the post or in the comments, they can be annoying placed directly in the text.

Let everyone know where you are

Don’t forget to add the name of the place where you are. Even if you constantly live in the same city. Many people are interested in reading the posts of their fellow countrymen. And if you offer goods or services, it’s nice to know that everything is nearby, close at hand, and it won’t be difficult to buy.

Such people will probably log into your sales account more than once.

Ваше место может привлечь дополнительных клиентов в Инстаграм

And someone, on the contrary, lives far away, but are interested in your edges. This person can become a subscriber to learn new information, ask questions and get answers to them.

Pay special attention to the texts

You can add up to 2,200 characters of text to each photo. In this case, only the first lines will be displayed in the feed. Therefore, they must be eye-catching.

The text itself also needs to be given the utmost attention. For example, if you want to tell your readers something interesting, do not immediately lay out the cards on the table, figuratively speaking. Stop at the most intriguing moment. Promise there will be a sequel.

Or give useful information that subscribers want to save, remember. Perhaps they will write you in the comments – what else they would be interested to read about. Check the box and dedicate your next posts to these topics.

Let’s talk about stories and live-videos

These are relatively new, but already very popular, Instagram tools that are suitable for beginners and advanced users.

Stories subscribers will see immediately, as soon as they enter the application, the live video will also appear at the top of the list. Lettering and fun stickers that you can add are another way to please your users.

Сториз привлекает много внимания

Stories attract more and more attention, ignoring this fact means losing about 50% of your potential audience. But it is better to publish not just photos, but to make memorable collages, animations or even mini-films.

To do this, you should master such applications as Unfold, Nichi, Made, StoryLuxe. You will work with convenient templates and improvise based on them yourself.

Let your account amaze

Stick to your main theme, but use different types of content:

  1. Publish not only photos, but also videos.
  2. Write posts, but alternate with quotes and helpful tips.
  3. Intersperse, for example, pictures of your products with personal photos or beautiful landscapes of your native land.

As a result of this mix, your subscribers will not get bored, they will regularly expect pleasant surprises.

Show interest in other users

Do not be limited to yourself, remember that on Instagram you can meet very interesting people. First of all, look at the pages of those who have already subscribed to you. These users have taken the first step – it’s up to you.

If their posts seemed interesting to you – like, write comments. This is how your future target audience is formed.

Look for those who might be interested in your account (and therefore your business) using hashtags. Such subscribers can, in particular, be spied on by competitors. Subscribe to their accounts yourself.

Leave comments that might interest you. On the faceless “great”, “I liked it” – hardly anyone will respond. It is especially good when there is dialogue, discussion in the comments.

Draws or quizzes

Another good way to attract customers. You can run a quiz and your product will be the prize.

Розыгрыш - хороший способ заинтересовать аудиторию

For example, if you write books and want to sell them through Instagram – announce a giveaway – who will get this or that publication. Or a quiz with interesting questions.

This method is suitable for many types of business. You sew or knit, bake cakes, paint pictures – let one or two of your works become a prize for someone.

Use every opportunity to notify others about your Instagram page

Share a link to it on social media, and include this link in the signature that you automatically send with every email.

Tell us about your Instagram profile on the home page of your site. If you plan to order business cards, let the link appear there too.

Make yourself known on the pages of popular bloggers

If you write an interesting comment on the Instragram of a popular blogger, one of his many subscribers will certainly be interested in you and will look at your page. Even if, thanks to you, the audience gets involved in an argument, that’s not bad either. The main thing is to remain polite and argue reasonably.

Advertising through barter

If you already have a certain number of subscribers, you can offer bloggers advertising based on barter. You will tell us about their products and services on your Instagram, and in return they will tell you about yours.

Prepare a short text, illustrated or banner ad in advance. So that, if the opportunity arises, you have everything ready.

Statistics to help you

If you connect statistics, you can publish posts exactly when the majority of your subscribers are online. Likes and comments will be provided. For statistics to be connected – start a page on Facebook.

Participate in events

A good way to make yourself known is to participate in various flash mobs. There you can meet other members, perhaps your posts will attract them and they will become your subscribers.

You can also talk on your Instagram about the next marathon or flash mob, come up with a special hashtag for this – and go ahead. It will be interesting for the participants and their friends to read – this is how they will come to you.

How to speed up the promotion of a young Instagram account

The most difficult thing awaits you at the beginning of the path. Even if the posts are published regularly and the content is really interesting, there is simply no one to appreciate it. What if at the start you have only a few dozen subscribers whom you managed to collect among friends and acquaintances?

In this situation, you can consider the possibility of automatic promotion of Instagram. Automatic promotion services save a lot of time because they like, subscribe and comment on posts according to the specified parameters for you.

Of course, the social network Instagram does not welcome such a promotion. Its algorithms are designed so that users will behave absolutely naturally, like only what they really like. Therefore, when using automatic promotion services, you must act carefully.

Here are 3 precautions when using Instagram’s auto-promotion services:

First: Live Subscribers

Use services that offer live subscribers, not bots.

For reference: bots are automatically registered accounts. Living people participate in mutual subscriptions, as a rule, in exchange for some kind of interest.

Second: Natural growth

It would be strange if your number of subscribers increased from 100 to 7500 in one night. Do not allow a sharp increase for no apparent reason. Let your account develop as naturally and smoothly as possible.

Third: Miscellaneous targeted actions

Living people not only subscribe and like. They also write comments and view stories. Use services that can offer you comprehensive promotion and diverse subscriber activities.

Here are the options:

Tooligram 2.0 selects subscribers by geo and tags, which allows you to attract real and active users.

Booster Stories increases the reach of your stories by 30%.

And through the GetComment service you can order the first comments under your posts. By the way, following the link you can get 15 likes and 3 comments absolutely free.

Don’t forget to keep track of your account statistics. At first, it can be done even in an ordinary notebook: electronic and paper. It is very important to see that actions bring results – it charges you with motivation and prevents you from quitting the project halfway through.


So, you’ve learned how to attract customers to your Instagram. By following simple tips, you can significantly increase the number of subscribers, and therefore potential customers, in a short time. There are no special secrets.

Do not abandon Instagram indefinitely, publish new posts regularly. Do not write them “according to the akyn principle” – what I see and tell about it. Choose a topic, make a content plan, work on texts, on photos – they should attract attention.

If you are not confident in your writing abilities, but your opportunities allow, invite a copywriter. Alternate between pictures and videos, texts and quotes. Look at the pages of other users, leave comments, participate in events. Advertise yourself on social networks, ask your friends about it.

Business development via the Internet is not only today, it is the future. Good luck with your projects!

Sincerely, Tatiana Shagarina
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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