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How to advertise on Instagram for free and effectively

How to advertise on Instagram, it will be useful to know the owner of any business. The flow of customers and further profit depends on its quality.

There are several types of advertising on Instagram that do not require investment, but have a fairly high efficiency. You don’t need to be a marketer to understand its intricacies, but there are certain nuances of this process.

Instagram today is one of the most popular social networks designed to promote visual content. He cleverly pushed glossy magazines and well-known Internet sites into the background. An Instagram profile is often used as a portfolio or business card.

Advertising on this social network makes it possible to expand the circle of potential customers and, as a result, make more money. With a skillful approach, this tool can help in promoting a business without significant financial investments.

What is Instagram advertising for

High-quality advertising on Instagram helps to ensure that the content is seen by as many users as possible, which will subsequently have a positive impact on profits.

This tool is periodically resorted to, even by popular personalities, since the increase in the number of subscribers should be constant.

Реклама в Инстаграм

About 16.3 million users use Instagram monthly. That is why successful account promotion on this social network can bring significant dividends.

Besides, mobile traffic is cheaper, but at the same time advertising provides attraction of several times more potential customers.

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The main functions of advertising include:

  • the opportunity to gain leadership in a certain area;
  • there is an opportunity to attract users to third-party sites (online store, website, blog, offline store, etc.);
  • expanding the target audience;
  • increasing income.

Before resorting to advertising, it is necessary to analyze whether the product or service is really different from those provided by competitors … Advertising provides an opportunity to stand out from their background, focusing on the distinctive features.

To set up ads, you need to have a Facebook profile. It is equally important to work on the design of the page on Instagram. If it is visually repulsive, then even a well-thought-out advertising campaign will not lead to the desired result.

One of the advantages of advertising on Instagram is flexible targeting. It can be tailored to fit your needs and budget. In addition, the social network Instagram is great for promoting absolutely any brand.

Before launching an advertisement, you need to draw up a detailed plan, including the main goals and minor tasks. Success in a healthy competitive environment depends on the marketing strategy.

It is important to decide on the content. Photos can be taken from your own publications that have received the best response from the audience. In general, the ad post should follow the same style as the entire profile.

TOP-5 types of advertising

Each type of advertising has certain distinctive features that it is advisable to get acquainted with in advance. It is most efficient to use several varieties at once, alternating them with each other. But, first of all, it is important to focus on catchy text and an attractive image.

In total, the following types of advertising on Instagram are distinguished:

  • Targeted advertising is the official way to promote on Instagram. It is designed in the form of a short video, stories or text with a signature. Videos are great for promoting music videos, tutorials, and more. Targeted ads should catch users in just a couple of seconds. Otherwise, it will not be useful.
  • Giveaway is a giveaway in which ordinary users can win a valuable prize. Its purchase is carried out with money contributed by sponsors. All participants must subscribe to them, subject to a giveaway. Розыгрыши как реклама в Инстаграм During the period of the drawing, the sponsor must keep new subscribers with interesting content. To make this type of advertising the most effective, sponsors with the same target audience are selected.
  • Mutual PR implies the cooperation of two bloggers. By advertising each other’s profiles, they exchange subscribers in a peculiar way. Рекламу в Инстаграме можно дать через взаимопиар
  • Direct mailing is one of the oldest ways to promote. It remains effective to this day. The main disadvantage of such advertising is that it requires patience and perseverance. If the text of the mailing is not as correct and enticing as possible, then it can be considered exclusively spam. It is extremely important to carefully study the target audience before sending the mailing.
  • Cooperation with ambassadors is relevant for large brands. Ordinary people who are promoting a personal brand will not be interested in this. An ambassador is the face of a particular product. Амбассадоры - лицо бренда He not only demonstrates it on his page, but also occasionally flashes in commercials and participates in various events. Recently, brands have begun to invite novice bloggers as ambassadors.

Targeted advertising is paid, but it does not always require large investments. It is advisable for novice bloggers to resort to free types of advertising, since in case of failure there will be no significant losses.

The best option would be mutual PR and mailing to private messages. To participate in Giveaway, it is desirable to have an audience of more than 5000 people.

How to advertise on Instagram

Each type of advertising has a specific execution algorithm. You can learn how to properly advertise on Instagram in courses or by going to the appropriate section on the Facebook website. There, the ad launch algorithm is scheduled in stages.

It is worth dwelling in more detail on how to give paid advertising through a blogger. Today it is influencers who are trusted by users. It is believed that the most lively audience is concentrated in the accounts of bloggers with 3,000-20,000 subscribers.

They are treated more loyal than bloggers with the most subscribers. In addition, their services are much more profitable for the price. You can find a suitable person by hashtags or geotags. You can also appeal to your audience, you can find the right people among the subscribers.

The best option is to apply for a search on the LabelUp or Sociate platforms. On these exchanges, influencers can be matched by gender, age, interests, and location. Examples of ad integrations can be clearly seen in the blogger’s profile.

The advantage of searching for bloggers through the exchange is that it immediately shows the percentage of audience engagement. It is calculated automatically.

When working with an influencer, you shouldn’t impose your conditions on him. The fact is that its audience is already accustomed to a certain unique presentation, so an ad post can be perceived with dislike and distrust.

To take part in the Giveaway, you need to contact the organizers directly or give a response to the post. It can be found by its corresponding hashtags.

The main disadvantage of this type of advertising is to wind up non-target audience.

In addition, after the end of Giveaway, there will be massive unsubscriptions, which will negatively affect the statistics – the coverage will drop significantly. Instagram considers pranks as one of the ways to cheat.

Therefore, in some cases, penalties may be applied, which include account blocking.

To carry out a mutual PR, you need to contact your favorite blogger with a proposal. It is important that he has the same or similar target audience and the same number of followers.

How much does it cost to advertise on Instagram

Officially, the price of targeted advertising depends on a combination of various factors. These include the number of impressions, the period of the advertising campaign, etc. The minimum cost of one impression is 60 rubles. Therefore, you can set up targeted ads based on your budget.

Someone may take several tens of thousands, and someone – more than a hundred thousand. The age of the target audience is also important. For example, people aged 25 to 35 are considered more solvent, respectively, and advertising for such a target audience will cost more than for children or retirees.

The most expensive targeted ads are placed on holidays – New Year, Black Friday, March 8, etc. The best advertising prices are observed in the summer.

The cost of advertising from bloggers depends not only on the number of subscribers, but also on its positioning. An ad post for a person with 10,000-30,000 subscribers averages $ 35. Advertising in Stories is several times more expensive than this figure.

Some bloggers bid below average to attract as many advertisers as possible. The cost of advertising from more popular bloggers is shown in the table.

Number of subscribers

The cost of advertising on Instagram for a photo post (rubles)

Video post (rubles)

Store (rubles)

Karina Lazaryants

Rakhim Abramov

Evgeny Kulik

Lilia Abramova

Lyubov Sidorkina

Bernikova Veronika

Polina Trubenkova

Common mistakes

Only a few succeed in launching advertising on Instagram competently. Therefore, this issue must be approached with the utmost responsibility. Especially if you plan to launch paid advertising with a large budget. The most common mistake is not having enough interesting content.

He must grasp the pain of the target audience and offer solutions to their problems. The ad copy should be short and clear. It is optimal that it occupies about 15% of the block. Photos must be taken by yourself, in no case can they be borrowed from other users or in photo banks.

A potential client should understand why he sees ads in his feed. Otherwise, its appearance can cause a negative reaction. To prevent this from happening, you need to correctly identify the target audience. For example, if dentistry is located in Krasnoyarsk, it is foolish to advertise it to users from Chelyabinsk.

When placing ads, you should pay attention to every little detail. If you do not check the necessary boxes in the settings, then all efforts will be in vain, since the application will not give the desired percentage of coverage.

Another common mistake is overly varied ads. Firstly, this will have to spend impressive sums, and secondly, the imposition of the audience can lead to the opposite effect. You need to focus on certain goals and start achieving them.

If you violate the rules for advertising, you may face a refusal from Instagram. This happens when the age of the target audience is incorrectly determined.

For example, the sale of tobacco products and alcohol to an audience under 18 is prohibited by law. Therefore, Instagram will refuse to display advertising posts.

The problem may also be that the ad text contains the wrong spelling of the word Facebook. The company is partial to its name. Advertising may be refused in the case when the text occupies more than 20% of the banner.


Knowing how to properly advertise on Instagram, you can significantly increase the number of subscribers in a short period of time and thereby increase sales. If you cannot figure this out on your own, it is better to entrust it to professionals. But in this case, you should take into account that additional expenses will be required.

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