Cat valoreaza contul de Instagram

How much is the Instagram account worth?

How much is the Instagram account worth? Lately, people are wondering how much they can earn if they sell their Instagram account. If they are personal accounts, I can create others at any time after getting rid of the old one. That’s why the idea of ​​selling my Instagram account came to me at some point.

Especially since nowadays more and more marketing managers see Instagram as a very good business environment. They hunt down accounts that have many followers and are, to some extent, in their niche. If the posts aren’t in the category they want, that’s not a big deal, because they can gradually turn the account into what they want. A good Instagram account helps them increase their sales through the quality of the platform to connect businesses with buyers. That’s why many people aren’t aware of the true value of their account.

Since I was in the same situation, I thought I’d share with you how you figure out how much your Instagram account is worth.

An app that calculates the value of the Instagram account >

Well, there is no concrete mathematical formula to determine the real value of your account. It is impossible because there are a lot of factors that influence the final cost of an account. These factors include the number of followers, the percentage of engagement, but also factors that are hidden such as the nationality of the followers or their age.

Browsing the internet I came across Influencer Marketing Hub, which helps you get an idea of ​​the value of the account. Although it does not show you how much the account is worth, you can calculate it using the data provided by the site. The most important information is the amount of money you can earn on each job, if the intention of your account would be to sell products. The higher this value, the easier it is to sell your account, because marketers also use this site when it comes to buying accounts.
Cat valoreaza contul de Instagram

What are Instagram account buyers looking for?

Buyers want accounts to help them promote their products or services. The easier your account can be branded, the higher its value will be.

Also, how active your account is significantly determines its value. If your posts attract a lot of comments or are the topic of long-term readers’ interest, then you can make a lot of money from your account. On the other hand, if you have an inactive account you will receive less money. Therefore, if you want to sell your account, we recommend that you post as often as possible before selling it.

In addition, the niche you choose has a pretty big impact on the final price. Categories such as health, fitness, pet items or fashion are in high demand, for example.

Another criterion that account buyers follow is the demographic characteristics of their followers. For example – age, country of origin and language or languages ​​spoken. It is extremely important to mention this information to potential buyers. Usually, accounts with followers who speak predominantly English are quite sought after. It depends, however, on the requirements of the buyer. A 100% Romanian brand will want most of its followers to be Romanian, for example.

How can you sell your account?

Selling an Instagram account is no easy task. You need to be very careful with scammers who pretend to be interested in your account. Always choose secure payments and negotiate as best you can. One platform that deals with the sale and purchase of Insta accounts is Flippagram and it seems like a better solution than random chats on Instagram.

If we made you curious, leave us a comment on your Instagram account and we’ll take a look at it. And we have another question – why do you want to sell your Instagram account?

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