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How many followers do you need to earn on Instagram in 2021

Thanks to the development of the Internet, new ways of earning money began to appear. It is enough to own a computer, smartphone or tablet, as well as a little time. Then you can start looking for remote work.

For example, an Instagram profile brings good income only if a few conditions are met.

Which gives a large number of subscribers

Popularity in a social network directly depends on the activity of users. The more likes, comments, reposts, the higher the popularity of the page owner. The number of subscribers also matters.

Popular bloggers can receive different bonuses. For example, some stores provide a free product for testing and leaving reviews. Others offer subscriber discounts and small gifts.

Due to the high competition, the criteria for fame began to change. Therefore, it is difficult to say unequivocally how many subscribers are needed to gain popularity. An account with 1,000 followers is better than one with only 100 people. But in the general mass it is hardly noticeable.

Therefore, if you want fame and bonuses, you should aim for a large audience. The benchmark is 9,000-10,000 subscribers and more. Then the Instagram algorithms will start showing the account in the first lines of search and more often recommend it to other users.

In addition, the more subscribers, the higher the views of the posts and the more people will see the publication. All this has a positive effect on the page’s image. Advertisers are more interested in popular accounts, as even providing free samples requires production costs.

There is another plus of popularity – the ability to quickly resolve almost any issue. You can ask subscribers for contacts of specialists, recommendations for purchasing goods, etc. In addition, you can arrange meetings in real life and increase your self-esteem by becoming an opinion leader.

Does Instagram pay for followers?

The social network does not directly pay bloggers. This is the difference between Instagram and YouTube or Vkontakte. Popular account holders can get paid to publish ads for different brands. In this case, companies work directly with the blogger.

Another option is exchanges. Its users receive money for performing various actions, for example, likes or comments. There may be tasks where you need to subscribe to certain accounts or watch stories.

Ad option is preferred. You can get more money on it. At the same time, the cost of placement directly depends on the popularity of the account.

So, if there are about 1 million subscribers on the page, then an advertising post can cost 10,000 rubles a month or more. If the audience is smaller, then the fees are not so solid. For example, with an account with 1,000 people, you can count on 100-200 rubles.

Therefore, a blogger is faced with the problem of how many subscribers it takes to earn money. The answer is simple: the more the better. At the same time, activity matters: views, likes, reactions in stories, saving posts. It is important to gain an audience quickly, otherwise you will not be able to make a truly popular account.

A popular page is not enough to make money on Instagram. You need to keep your subscribers active, publish content regularly and attract new users. Only after that you can think about how much advertisers and exchanges pay for subscribers.

How many followers you can earn on Instagram

When a person starts working on the Internet, he is worried about the level of earnings. It directly depends on a person’s efforts, so it is impossible to unequivocally name the lower and upper salary limits.

So, you can get money for subscribers with an audience of 5,000 followers. Then one post will cost about a thousand rubles. You can advertise with fewer people, but it will be cheap. Therefore, it will take time and effort on the part of a blogger to successfully monetize your activities.

At the initial stage, you can earn money by completing tasks on exchanges. Only it takes time: you need to like, come up with unique comments and be active. In this case, it is difficult to say how much users are earning. Usually at the level of 500-1,000 rubles, or even less.

Заработок на биржах через Инстаграм

Bloggers are easier in this regard. Popular people hire dedicated managers who create a content plan and come up with ad copy. The post may contain videos or photographs of the promoted product. Some bloggers offer separate posting in Stories.

Others receive income from subscribers in a slightly different way. The store offers to place an advertising post with an offer to buy a product at a discount. If the user uses a unique code and pays for the purchase, then a percentage of it is transferred to the blogger. Accordingly, the more people use the offer, the higher the income.

There is another option – marathons. They create separate accounts for them, invite speakers. Bloggers publish thematic posts and broadcast live. Users pay money to access the marathon.

For stable earnings, you need to use different methods of monetization. This will help avoid a decrease in income, and moreover, there will be room for maneuver. It is best to always have several sources of funds.

Success Stories

It is not easy for everyone to believe that you can make money on the Internet. In this case, you need to meet famous bloggers. For example, Alexander Kondrashov writes travel posts. He has a large audience – 2.8 million people, the cost of an advertising post is 250,000 rubles.

At the same time, model Olya Abromovich with an audience of 1.8 million subscribers offers budget placement: 15,000 rubles per publication. Therefore, there are no proper rules for the formation of the price list: everyone evaluates their own work.

Оля Абромович хорошо зарабатывает на подписчиках

Blogger Verona Vernikova also started by publishing funny videos. Now she has more than 3.6 million subscribers and thousands of advertising contracts. In addition, she opened her own projects, which also bring her money.

Sometimes bloggers separate integration and product review. In the first case, the user talks about the brand, and in the second, he clearly recommends buying it. The cost of each option is different.

For example, blogger Lera Tumanova, a singer and mommy, takes 80,000 rubles for integration, and 190,000 rubles for a review.

Зарабатывает на подписчиках в Инстаграм Лера Туманова

Bloggers do not receive large advertising contracts right away. Therefore, do not worry about the fact that you will have to charge about 500 rubles for the publication. As your audience expands, you can increase your price tag. How fast will this happen? Depends on you. The main thing is to constantly upgrade and improve your account.

It is impossible to say unequivocally how much bloggers get. Spread: from zero to millions of rubles. It all depends on fame, personal brand, audience’s ability to pay. Personal ideas also matter. Some bloggers estimate their work in seven-digit numbers and are fundamentally not ready to reduce the rate, even if there are no advertising offers.

How to get subscribers quickly

So, the level of earnings on the Internet directly depends on the popularity of the Instagram page. And it is measured by the number of subscribers and their activity. However, due to high competition, the recruitment of an audience may take a long time, so you can use the services of special services.

Tooligram 2.0

Service for the massive receipt of likes and followers. It is enough for the user to mark competitors, geolocation, hashtags, after which the system will analyze the data. After that, the service will start to like and subscribe to the target audience.

Сервис по массовому получению лайков и фолловеров - Tooligram 2.0

Customize your newsletter as an add-on. With her, every new subscriber will receive a welcome message.

The service has a flexible tariff schedule. Attracting the first 25 people is free – this allows the user to make sure that the system is working. Plus Tooligram 2.0 guarantees block protection.


The service offers comprehensive promotion. Among the performers there are only live accounts, with photos and a completed profile. You can order likes, subscriptions or comments. At the same time, users will not leave just a check mark or another emoticon. They will write relevant and meaningful text.

Сервис по привлечению подписчиков в Инстаграм и не только

The subscription price depends on the range of services. It can be easily varied and a complete report on the performed actions can be obtained. Along with the promotion, you can go to the “Recommendations” and get even more subscribers.

Highly specialized service. Subscribers can think about how many subscribers bloggers earn. A dozen people will clearly not lead to success, but 10,000 or more will definitely help.

GetComment помогает привлечь подписчиков в Инстаграм для заработка

The purpose of the service is to get likes and comments. They affect the popularity of the post. The more activity, the higher the likelihood that the post will be shown to other users. After that, people will start subscribing to the account.

At the same time, the service monitors the quality of the work of the performers. So, if a user thinks about whether Instagram pays for subscribers, then he must understand: advertisers need a live audience. The one who is really interested in purchasing the product. Comments that are meaningful and relevant to the topic of the post will increase the loyalty of companies.

Booster Stories

The page owner does not always understand what gives the number of followers on Instagram. Therefore, he is engaged in the development of other aspects of the account, for example, stories. The Booster Stories service will help with this. With its help, you can attract viewers to watch, they will also comment on the video.

Booster Stories автоматизированный сервис

The advantage of the service is automation. The user will not need to upload tasks every day. The system itself checks the stories and sends the performers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not if you are referring to trusted platforms. Study reviews, read the rules of the service, do not strive to immediately get a multimillion audience. Do not forget about security rules (do not enter your username and password on dubious sites, use two-factor authentication, etc.).

From 1,000 and more. The topic of the page matters. In a highly competitive niche, the requirements for bloggers are stricter. Therefore, either segment your account’s topics or attract users. Feel free to experiment with formats.

To the level of earnings. For example, a user thinks: “1,000 subscribers on Instagram, what gives the owner?”. Views, likes, save. You can publish ads and get paid for it. Or brands will send gifts for testing. A natural question may arise: 10,000 subscribers on Instagram, what gives? ”. Everything is the same, but in a larger size.

Yes, you do. It is important to ensure a regular influx of new subscribers. Some of the old users lose interest, unsubscribe or stop liking. For other users to show interest, you need to post regularly. This is best done on a schedule. Then the audience will be waiting for new content.

Briefly about the main thing

On Instagram, you can make money from advertising and affiliate programs. True, the level of earnings depends on various factors, in particular on the popularity and the number of subscriptions. Therefore, you first have to work hard, invest in promotion and only then plan to make a profit. You can create copyrighted content and people will be willing to pay for access to it.

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