Games and Riddles for Instagram Stories: A Compilation of 2021

Instagram has a growing number of followers. And keeping them interested in personal microblogging is getting harder and harder. It’s not so easy to attract them with just photos and videos. Therefore, more and more games began to appear in stories.

To participate in them, you do not need to go to your personal page. At the same time, it increases the number of views, makes it possible to interact with subscribers.

Games are different. Some are designed for single viewing. Others hold their attention for a long time, while others force them to return to continue the game and ultimately get additional benefits for themselves.

Such interactive stories show high efficiency. You can come up with ideas for them based on the content and target audience. So, for mothers you need to launch some games, but for young people they are completely different.

If you understand who you need to interact with and why, you will be able to achieve a significant increase in the activity of subscribers on the page. Here is a selection of interesting ideas that are popular among users of this social network.

A selection of games with examples

Fast fun

They differ in that the user only needs a couple of actions to get the desired result. The simplicity of such a game leads to more engagement of subscribers. Just one well-created story will dramatically increase the activity of subscribers.

Spot the difference

A simple and familiar game to everyone from childhood. The user will look at both pictures in the story several times to find the differences.

Игра для сторис в Инстаграм - Найди отличия

To prepare the interactive, you need to make changes to the original picture in any graphics editor. After that, you just have to post them one by one.

Real sticker

The game is also designed for reusable scrolling of pictures in stories. The user needs to find one real sticker among several similar ones.

Игра Реальный стикер

To play, you also need to add some sticker images to the background first. Before you publish the template, you also need to apply a real, similar sticker to it.

Guess the melody

Many people remember this famous game from childhood. To organize it, you need a minimum of effort – a picture in a story and an excerpt from any song superimposed on it.

Популярная игра для сторис - Угадай мелодию

Subscribers need to listen carefully to it and make a choice from the proposed options. Do not forget to publish the correct answers.

Find word

This game requires some preparation. To do this, different words are written into the table, which can wriggle in different directions, but only at right angles.

Игра в Инстаграм - Найти слово

The subscriber needs to carefully look at the sign and write down the first 3 words that he sees. It is best for these purposes to select pleasant and warm vocabulary that improves mood.

Seize the moment

This game also requires some preparation. To create it, you need to edit a video sequence in which pictures will quickly change. Among them there will be only one in which a certain condition is fulfilled. For example, a shadow that exactly fits the figure in the center.

Интерактив Лови момент

An interactive participant needs to take a screenshot to catch this picture. The result can be suggested to be sent to direct. In the following stories, it is worth mentioning the lucky ones, encouraging them in some way. The game is so popular that it is used not only by bloggers, but also by large companies.

Prediction game

This game can be called a variation of the previous one. Only in it a video sequence is made from different wishes or predictions. The subscriber must also take a screenshot at any of the moments. He will catch one of those wishes that will make him smile.

Игра предсказание для стоис в Инстаграме

Such games for posts are popular, because people tend to mystify ordinary events. Their result programs a person for the whole day. So why not give your subscribers a positive charge, which forms a positive image of the blogger in their eyes.

Help me with the solution

Preparing this game takes a minimum amount of time. You just need to create a poll with two answer choices. Subscribers need to choose what’s best for you.

Интерактив Помоги мне с решением

This can be as simple as a joke like “Do I have a piece of cake or don’t I need it?”, or a meaningful decision “Leave work or stay?”, “Cut your hair?” In this game, it will be necessary to publish the result of the vote and the fulfilled wish of subscribers. Such a game will force them to return to the page to find out the result and the status of its execution.

Simple puzzles

Many people know this game. After all, it was so interesting in childhood to decipher what is hidden behind the pictures. And in every adult there is still a child. On Instagram, you can use a large collection of different emojis. It is these pictures that serve as the basis for creating puzzles.

Ребусы - популярная игра в Инстаграм

You need to choose a thematic background and use the text function to write tasks in the form of emoji. Subscribers will write responses in the comments or send them to direct.

After some time, it is imperative to write all the correct answers so that people can compare them with their own, find out how many people coped correctly with this task.

Various polls

This is also a kind of interactive with subscribers. You can ask questions on any topic. But most of all, people like to show their erudition.

Интерактив с подписчиками Различные опросы

Therefore, games with questions in which you need to guess something: film, actor, flowers, country will be quite effective. For polls, you need to select high-quality pictures, in some to hide individual details. And be sure to insert an active Poll sticker.

Believe / Don’t Believe

Simple entertainment for getting to know the audience of your page. Stories need to publish pictures with facts about the blogger or company. Subscribers will guess what is false and what they believe.

Простое развлечение - Верю/не верю

We need to offer them a few deliberately incorrect facts. There should be no more than 15 pictures in total, and preferably within 10. People quickly get tired of viewing a large amount of information. Therefore, it must be dispensed in doses.


These are more complex Instagram story games. They demand more activity from subscribers. Such interactions help to better understand the audience of the page, their interests, goals.

People easily enter into dialogue with the owner of the blog. Some games also involve outsiders, which increases the number of page subscribers.

Tell me something

The task in this game is extremely simple – add additional elements to the photo published in the story. It could be a live game as well. To do this, you need to choose the appropriate picture or place and set tasks for subscribers.

Игра Реальный стикер0

They take a screenshot, publish it on their page with the necessary changes and mark the original source. In this way, online stores arrange contests among subscribers. Whose work gets the most likes will receive a valuable prize.


Another good way to get to know your followers and tell the facts about yourself. In the first picture in the story, you need to post a questionnaire with personal answers. The next one should contain blank lines for subscribers. They post on their page a screen with the answers and the blogger’s mark. This expands the reach of the audience.

Игра Реальный стикер1

It is better to post questionnaires with answers on your page, thus giving feedback to subscribers. Sometimes it’s worth looking for where to get the blanks for the questionnaire. They can be downloaded from the Internet. But it’s better to create it yourself in a photo editor.

The holiday is coming to us

This is not daily entertainment. It is suitable only on the eve of long-awaited events, holidays, concerts, premieres. In this case, a game on people’s emotions is used. Such an interactive experience requires high-quality preparation.

Игра Реальный стикер2

Stories are built from different slides, each subsequent of which raises the degree of mood. This will give a smile and show the level of creativity of the person who created the story. Sometimes, for this you need to involve a team of assistants in order to achieve maximum success.

TV Shows

These are the most complex interactions to organize. They keep the attention of subscribers for a long time, make them return to the page with a similar game. New subscribers are often attracted to win. The most active participants are rewarded with prizes. The more valuable they are, the more people will participate in the entertainment.


This is a great example of collaboration with other bloggers. The essence of the game is that page owners ask each other feasible, but quite interesting tasks. Subscribers only watch their progress in the story.

Игра Реальный стикер3

And the crazier these tasks are, the more people will be interested in them. Additionally, you can ask subscribers to submit ideas for the next rounds. In this collaboration, it is important to choose a blogger with a similar audience.

Collect the word

Another game for joint page promotion. Subscribers need to be informed that from a certain time, pictures with words or letters will be published in the stories of this page and a couple of others. People will walk from one account to another looking for missing items.

Игра Реальный стикер4

The main prize in this game should be a valuable gift. This is a great alternative to giveaways, in which the trust of subscribers can drop a little. Solving puzzles, on the other hand, stimulates people’s interest.

Detective investigation

Many people want to be smart and brag about it. This can be played interactively. Subscribers are offered a whole detective story in the form of story slides. The first pictures are the beginning of the riddle. The last one poses a multiple-choice question. And only one of the stickers will be active.

Игра Реальный стикер5

Thus, only those people who gave the correct answer will be recorded in the statistics. After the time expires, you can publish the answer to this detective story.

Frequently Asked Questions

People who are exploring business through Instagram may think that these games are childish. In fact, it is a powerful tool. And you need to use it correctly.

Proof of this is the pages of well-known companies and brands, which in this way often interact with subscribers. Here are a few questions newbies may encounter.

It all depends on the desired level of subscriber engagement. For simple games, stories with simple stickers on ordinary photos are enough. But for a better result, you still need to put some effort.

With the help of such a game, one can understand the activity of subscribers, their attitude to the blogger, the brand. It is also an effective tool for expanding your audience by attracting other bloggers or subscribers.

Not only is it possible, but also necessary. The Instagram audience quickly gets used to and gets tired of the same type of interactions. All ready-made games downloaded from the Internet are boring. People are interested in original and extraordinary personalities. Therefore, new games will only benefit the promotion of the page.

You just need to know how to create such entertainment. They should be really interesting, thoughtful, carefully prepared. And if some promises are made in them, then they must be fulfilled. Otherwise, there will be a loss of trust in the blogger / business. And it will be much more difficult to restore it than to attract new subscribers.

Briefly about the main thing

People really like entertaining stories. They easily make contact with the blogger, carry out his tasks, help others with solving problems. This takes interaction to a much higher level than just chatting in the comments.

It is also a relatively inexpensive way to promote your page. It costs much less than targeted advertising through an advertising cabinet or from other bloggers. Therefore, do not waste such a wonderful opportunity.

A well-organized game for collecting comments provides insight into the interests of subscribers. This helps to better sell products, offer them interesting content.

And if the subscriber really likes the page, he will definitely tell his friends about it, and they will share information with their friends. So on word of mouth, the number of followers will gradually grow. And the merit of the game in this process can hardly be overestimated.

Sincerely, Tatyana Fedorchenko
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