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Email newsletter service. TOP-8 verified services

Emailing is a powerful business tool. It allows you to retain customers, report promotions and new offers.

Personal mail will not work for this – there is a great chance to end up in the “Spam” folder, and you cannot track statistics, create a single and attractive letter template. Therefore, special mailing services were developed. They differ in price category and capabilities.

Everybody uses mailing lists: from large companies like Ozone to bloggers running their website or page on a social network. Freelancers also collect email addresses to keep in touch with their customers.

At the end of the day, the newsletter service will come in handy in order to inform all employees of important work news. In general, a useful thing. Which service should you choose? First, I suggest you understand what email marketing is.


Email Marketing and Email Marketing – What It Is

Email marketing is a method of promoting a business through email marketing (sending emails to a database of addresses).

This is necessary to attract new customers and retain old customers (readers, subscribers), increase the percentage of sales, increase user loyalty to the company, etc. You can associate emails with Push notifications, social networks, SMS.

For this promotion tool to work, you need to remember about five principles (you need to decide on this before starting the mailing):

  1. The purpose of the mailing.
  2. List of addresses for mailing (base).
  3. Email company (well thought out step-by-step system of letters, action plan).
  4. Email template.
  5. Frequency of messages sent.

You must clearly understand to whom, what and why you are sending. You should be familiar with your target audience, be aware of its needs and your benefits.

Decide on the deadlines for achieving goals and tools for measuring the effectiveness of programs (for example, it can be the percentage of sales or the percentage of clicks from links from letters, etc.).

In addition, think about what functionality you might need in the future. Will the same mailing service be able to satisfy your needs as your business grows and the number of addresses in the database increases?

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And now I propose to move on to a direct overview of the best services.

Free and paid services

The principle of working with services and the principle of creating mailing lists are the same for their base:

  1. Registering.
  2. Loading the database with addresses.
  3. Using the template and the constructor, we compose the layout of the letter.
  4. We launch the mailing list and analyze the effectiveness of the companies.

Almost all services provide a chance to try their capabilities in test mode, that is, each resource has a free and a paid version.

Whether there will be enough free opportunities depends on the type and scale of the business, each user determines for himself. Anyway, I see no reason to divide programs according to this principle.

In my opinion, the interface language is more important. Most browsers, for example, Yandex Browser, have a built-in translator. This makes it easier to use English-language resources.

However, difficulties may still arise, so I propose to consider a separate free (they are paid on other tariffs) programs in Russian and in English.

Services in Russian

There is no fundamental difference between Russian and English-language services. You may have already heard about the popular MailChimp platform (we will describe it below) and are worried that you will not be able to use it due to your poor knowledge of English. Do not worry. It has a lot of analogues in Russian.


Free period – a month with an audience of up to 500 subscribers. At the same time, you can send an unlimited number of mailings per month and use all professional tools. An important condition: the subscriber base must be confirmed.

Cервис рассылки email для малого и среднего бизнеса - Sendpulse

Using the built-in editor, the system allows you to create a letter template. In addition, you can create a chain of letters and automate them. There is a possibility of analytics of subscribers’ responses, selection of active participants, audience segmentation for further mailing.

This service is suitable for small and medium businesses. Among the disadvantages: little functionality regarding division into segments.


With a list of addresses of 3,000 per month, you can send 15,000 messages for free. The size of the message is 50 Kb. The space for storing files is provided – 1 MB.

To expand your capabilities, you will have to connect one of the paid packages (there is a system of discounts and selection of an individual package of services):

Платный пакет сервиса email рассылки Feedgee

The free version of this program provides a large limit on the number of letters, but the functionality of the work is extremely limited:

  • there is no way to analyze audience behavior by reads and clicks;
  • there is no way to divide the audience into segments and work with each of them separately;
  • you cannot work with several address lists at once (different marketing companies).

In addition, some users note that messages from this service often end up in the “Spam” folder. However, there are also positive reviews about this system.


The free version of the program is designed for 30 days and a list of 250 subscribers. The functionality is also limited. To expand your capabilities, you need to choose one of the paid packages:

Пакеты сервиса GetResponse

This service is more suitable for educational platforms and information sites. Within the service, you can create landing pages, conduct webinars and polls. It differs from other services in that it allows you to create chains of users according to personal preferences.


Free period – 10 days. The number of subscribers – 100. The number of letters per month – 1500. To expand the functionality, you need to connect one of the paid packages:

Платные пакеты сервиса email рассылки Unisender

It differs from other services in that you can not only do the mailing on your own, but also order the development of letters and conduct mailings from professionals. This service is also attractive because it allows you to send email for free and without confirmation of your subscription.

This site is often chosen by representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, content projects. This is what the resource offers:

  • automation aimed at achieving the set goals and objectives;
  • detailed reports (what types of emails go better, how active the audience is, etc.);
  • segmentation, including within lists and according to personal preferences (you can select groups yourself).


The trial period is not limited in time or functionality. However, there are restrictions on the number of letters per month and the size of the database: 1000 letters for 200 addresses. For large databases, you will have to activate a paid service package:

Расценки Sendsay


The trial period is not limited in functionality and terms, but there is a limitation on the number of subscribers – up to 200 addresses. If this is not enough for you, then you can choose a package for your base volume (the price directly depends on the number of subscribers):

Выбираем пакет Mailopost

Services in English

Like programs in Russian, these sites require registration. And in letters sent as part of a free package, as a rule, the name of the mailing service is indicated. However, I don’t think anyone will be confused by this.


You can create the first newsletter and try the functionality of the service in a limited mode for free. However, to expand the possibilities, for example, to set up automatic mailing, you will have to select one of the paid packages:

Выбираем пакет для автоматической рассылки от MailChimp

And here’s what is included in the free package of services:

  • store up to 2,000 contacts;
  • Sending up to 12,000 emails per month;
  • 1 audience;
  • audience monitoring;
  • tags and segmentation;
  • analysis of behavioral factors;
  • the ability to conduct surveys;
  • contact profile for feedback;
  • the ability to create a unique letter model based on basic templates;
  • creating a site on the Mailchimp domain;
  • access to technical support (in English).

In principle, to work with a small database of letters, for a just starting business, the free version will be enough. The service is suitable for small businesses and content projects.

Constant Contact

A free trial period is valid for a month, the maximum number of addresses is 100. The functionality is not limited. To remove the restrictions, you need to choose one of the tariffs:

Для снятия ограничений выбираем один из тарифов

Email and SMS services

Some of the services that we have already reviewed are engaged in sending not only email, but also SMS. For example, there is such an opportunity on the following sites:

  • Sendpulse,
  • Unisender,
  • Sendsay.

There are other services for sending SMS-mailings, but these, in my opinion, are the most optimal. All tools in one office, wide functionality, interface in Russian.

What to look for when choosing

I propose to summarize all that has been said, to compare the described services according to a number of criteria:

  • interface language and technical support;
  • the presence of a block constructor for letters;
  • free features;
  • integration with other services;
  • mobile responsiveness;
  • analytics capabilities;
  • email deliverability rate;
  • safety of use.

Сравнение сервисов email рассылки

The main criterion for choosing a site is your personal goals and objectives. As you can see, all the services considered are generally similar, many of them have all the functionality available on the free plan.

Therefore, focus on your needs and audience size. Also, take into account your knowledge of the English language, as an online translator does not always translate correctly, and the interface is not intuitive for all services.

In conclusion, I would like to add that I recommend registering on several email distribution services and personally testing their functionality and interface. Don’t forget that email marketing is one of the promotion tools. For the best effect, it is worth using other methods, for example, launching advertising in Yandex.Direct.

In addition, I recommend paying attention to the quality of the mailing list. Write catchy headlines, interesting, useful and unique information, keep the principle of an individual approach to the target audience, be laconic in your presentation. Otherwise, even the best email marketing service will not have the desired effect.

Sincerely, Svetlana Troshina
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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