Как написать кому-то в Директ в Инстаграме

Direct – what is it on Instagram: a complete overview

“Direct on Instagram – what kind of function is this and what is its essence?”, – asks the person who first opened the application. Why can’t you call messages “personal”, what is the essence of Yandex.Direct?

Instagram’s November update reminded users that the application does not consist of a simple feed of photos, no, it is also a messenger, which now has a dozen new features, which we will talk about a little later.

What everyone is used to calling personal messages on Instagram is called Direct. By the way, if you do not want to seem like a person who does not understand the modern world, put an emphasis on the second syllable.

In fact, Direct is the center of Instagram, because everything happens here: from likes to voice messages. Need to know something, sell or, on the contrary, buy? All these actions are performed in Yandex.Direct, which is why it is so important to know about all of its functions, even the most hidden ones.

What is Direct and where to find it?

Direct is a method of communication, correspondence on Instagram. This feature appeared in the app in 2013, 3 years after the creation of the social network. The first year people could send each other only photos and videos, now they can correspond, share stories and publications, send reactions and even call each other.

In general, the functionality of Yandex.Direct is constantly being updated, and in a year we will see a couple of dozen new interesting functions there. But first, let’s get acquainted with the existing possibilities.

Let’s talk about how and where to find it. Direct can be accessed by swiping to the right of the main application feed. If you confuse left and right – click on the icon in the upper right corner. You won’t get confused here – there is only one message icon with a lightning bolt inside.

Иконка молния для пе6рехода в Директ в Инстаграме

Yes, you still need to look for such a messenger design. Here you can find all the people you have ever corresponded with. And if you have not sent anything to anyone, Instagram itself will offer to write to your friends, highlighting the accounts with which you interacted the most.

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Privileges of business accounts: how ordinary users differ from authors Instagram?

Direct for regular Instagram users is limited – only messages and requests for correspondence, depending on the privacy of the account, which can be adjusted in the application settings. Most of the requests contain messages from people you don’t follow.

You can also put news from accounts that you have “partially blocked” – restricted access to the page.

Business account owners can sort incoming messages. For this there are folders “Primary” – Main and “General” – General. Messages from people you follow are sent to the main folder by default.

Сортировка входящих сообщений по папкам в Директ

Dialogues from requests can be independently divided into folders. This useful feature was created for users running their business on the platform. A person can take messages from customers to a public folder, and correspond with friends in the main one.

What can you do if you’ve already looked into Direct?

Direct is not only about messages and photos. There are a dozen main functions here that help maintain an interesting, entertaining dialogue.

  1. A set of text messages. Standard messenger function.
  2. Sending media files. You can share with a friend both photos and videos from the device, or record something in the application itself. When sending a file by the last path, you can choose how many times the recipient will view the video or photo: 1, 2 times, or will the photo remain available forever in the dialogue?
  3. GIF animations available only in Stories and Direct.
  4. Voice messages up to 2 minutes long.
  5. Reactions to messages. In 2018, Instagram appeared such a function as a reaction to a story. The user is offered 8 emoji stickers in order to briefly express their emotions about someone’s story. In 2019, it became possible to like messages in Yandex.Direct, but in the October 2020 update, users were able to send reactions to the messages of their interlocutor not only with the help of a red heart, now there are almost 1,700 emoji in the menu! Директ - что это такое в Инстграме, основные функции
  6. Publication of public accounts. You can forward a post to a friend from any profile. You can send content from closed accounts, but if your friend is not following the person whose publication you are sharing, he will not see what was sent. To share a post from the feed – click on the airplane in the lower right corner of the photo or video.
  7. Profile. Share your accounts regardless of their privacy.
  8. Geolocation. If you can’t meet your friend due to mixed streets, send him your geolocation directly on Instagram. He will see the location, help you and laugh at your inattention.
  9. Stories. The situation is similar to publications. You can send a friend someone’s story by clicking on the airplane, which is located in the lower right corner of the story itself.
  10. Links to third-party resources. After sending a friend a link to any information from the network, expect gratitude, because your interlocutor does not have to copy the message and then paste it into the browser. By clicking the sent hyperlink, you can immediately go to the site of any resource.

All kinds of charms and goodies – what else can you do in Yandex.Direct?

In addition to discussing something in text and voice messages, you can tell a friend all the news right now using the video call function. It is located in the upper right corner of the chat and is indicated by the video camera icon. The quality of calls depends on the connection.

It is best to talk with stable Wi-Fi – the picture does not hang, the sound does not lag behind and does not disappear. If you can’t connect via Wi-Fi, use mobile data. Communication may suffer a little, but overall it will not decline to the point where it will be impossible to speak.

В Директ в Инстаграме есть видеовызов

In Direct, you can also gather groups of people and use all the functions of the mini-messenger in this chat: reactions to messages and stories, sending publications, stories, voice, texts. Group calls became available at the beginning of the year.

You click on the video camera in the upper right corner and all chat participants receive a notification of the beginning of the call. They can join the conversation by clicking on the notification.

Another good thing that appeared in October 2020 is the change of the chat topic. Of course, what modern messenger does without these vanilla heart pictures? The background can be selected in the chat details (a round icon with the letter i) in the “Subject” section.

5 themes suggested: “Love”, “Hippie”, “Monochrome”, “Halloween” and “TinyTAN”, 11 gradients: “Berry”, “Candy”, “Unicorn”, “Tropics”, “Maple”, Sushi, Rocket, Citrus, Lollipop, Shadow, Default and 10 colors ranging from a dull red called Apple to a vibrant purple Grape.

Темы для оформления чата в Директ

By the way, when changing the topic of the chat, take into account the preferences of the interlocutor, because the design of messages at this moment is changing for the two of you. It’s worth mentioning that the chat turns blue-purple by default, but if you want to bring back the old plain black and white dialogue, choose the Monochrome theme.

With a large influx of messages, you can mark the messages sent by the interlocutors as unread. To do this, long press on the dialog and in the window that appears, select “Mark as unread”.

By the way, Yandex.Direct sorting works not only into the Primary and Public folders, you can divide messages into 3 categories:

  • Unread ;
  • Marked ;
  • Inbox.

How to write to someone in Direct?

You can write to a person in two ways: you can go to his profile and then send a message, you can just continue the correspondence.

If you don’t need to deal with the latter, because if there is a dialogue, there is also experience in writing messages in Direct, then the first method still requires the question of how the method works for dummies.

Как написать кому-то в Директ в Инстаграме
  1. Log into the account of the person you want to write to;
  2. Click the “Write” button;
  3. Enter text or select a file;
  4. Send message.

How secret becomes clear: restrictions and confidentiality

Over the past couple of years, Instagram has become more and more like Snapchat, where dialogues cannot be shared in any way. If you took a screenshot of a photo or video that the interlocutor sent directly from the application for short-term viewing, then congratulations, you got caught red-handed.

The device of the person with whom you are in dialogue will receive a notification that you managed to capture his file. A screenshot during a video call will also not go unnoticed, the mention of your nickname and next to it “I took a screenshot of the screen” will appear in the chat.

Some Instagram users have claimed that they see who will take screenshots of their stories, not to mention the dialogues. However, this was noted only by the owners of iPhones, on android this function went unnoticed.

Among the restrictions is a ban on writing messages from a specific profile. We are accustomed to the “Black List”, but Instagram does not like to call things by their proper names, so it simply puts restrictions or blocks the profile.

You can also place general bans on PM spam. Now you will not find a single media personality who has not connected the “Requests” function, where people who are not subscribed to go to.


Summing up, we can say that Direct on Instagram is such a rich, well-developed and convenient function that clearly stands out against the background of other instant messengers. All the features of the application are collected in one place and you don’t even have to wonder how to find the “Send message” button.

Using Direct, you can send your friends your location, limit the circle of people who can write and filter all messages by shelves, share videos, photos, text and voice messages, gifs and animations, interesting accounts, as well as their publications and stories .

What is the opportunity to talk online in groups of up to 32 people and hear everyone. Of course, Direct is not a magic wand in the world of instant messengers, but looking at its universal functionality, I just want to believe in miracles!

Regards, Maria Vishnevskaya
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

Direct – what is it: ways to communicate on Instagram


Sending text and voice messages

Simple, convenient, fast. Voices have good sound quality.

Sending media files

Good image quality, a way to communicate information available to everyone. Videos do not have high frame rates.

Sending profiles, publications, stories

A quick way to transfer information, but can work only if the account is open or you and the other person are subscribed to the profile together.

Good and a convenient way to determine the location of the interlocutor, will help in emergency situations. The accuracy of the geotag depends on the connection and the quality of the link, so the definition of geolocation may not always be correct.

A quick way to transfer information from third-party resources. The interlocutor can go to the site immediately following the link and not waste time copying it.

Calls in private and group chats

Good call quality, video and audio are synchronized, up to 32 people can talk.

Reactions to messages

A wide selection of emoticons to react to the message, the dialogue becomes bright and interesting.

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