Жмем на Продвигать снова, для возобновления продвижения публикации в Инстаграм

Cool cheat sheet for beginners how to promote posting on Instagram

The social network Instagram was created for the quick exchange of photos. Gradually, the first blogs began to appear here, business accounts, celebrities came.

Today it is one of the most effective and convenient tools for development and income generation. That’s just to promote, gain subscribers every day is becoming more difficult. There are already more than a billion users on this site, so the competition is high, it is already difficult to surprise the audience.

So how to promote your Instagram post? You should combine free and paid methods, for example, contests, advertising with bloggers, targeting, mutual PR. You can also use a special function of the social network itself – the “Promote” button. It is about her today that the article will be discussed.

Detailed instructions for promoting the publication on Instagram

The method is simple and affordable, you can handle the setting yourself. It should be noted right away that you will not need such an option if your profile is just family photos, likes from friends and acquaintances. But if the page is a source of income, this tool will help in promotion.

You can configure everything so that users who view the advertising post go to your profile, view other posts, write comments, subscribe. And you can set up the transition to your site so that people who saw the post, when they click “More”, go there. This allows you to advertise products of online stores, increase conversion.

Before promoting a post on Instagram, you should make sure that your account is transferred to Business or Author. To do this:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Open the account section and scroll to the bottom.
  • If you get an offer to switch to your personal account, everything is fine, but if you see “Switching to a professional account”, you need to do it.

Next, we publish a post that we will promote. After we click on the “Promote” button. In automatic mode, an advertisement is created with the post that you have chosen. This function helps to raise the post, display it in the TOP, because the promo will start to appear almost first in the feed.

Step-by-step instructions for moving through the button:

  • Select what we will advertise. You need to understand why you will carry out all this, and what is best suited for this. You can promote three types of content: video – when you need coverage; standard post with photo – used most often; gallery – presentation of several products at once. If you want to attract potential customers, we write a selling post, if you need feedback, the publication should be engaging.
  • After choosing the type of content, open it and click the blue “Promote” button below.
Жмем кнопку Продвигать, чтобы продвинуть публикацию в Инстаграм
  • We log in through Facebook on a page linked to Insta. If you want to skip this step, click Not Now and come back when ready.
Пропускаем авторизацию в ФБ, если надо
  • After passing the authorization in the FB, we set the promotion parameters. We indicate where we want to direct the audience (to a page, website, private messages, etc.).
Указываем направление перехода
  • Select to whom the advertisement will be displayed. You can set it to “Automatic”, but it is better to prescribe the parameters of the target audience manually: age, interests, location.
Задаем целевую аудиторию для продвижения публикации в Инстаграм
  • Specify the advertising budget, pay for the service and click “Create Promotion”.
Жмем на Создать промоакцию

A few tips:

Think in advance about the publication that you will use for promotion. The image should be “catchy”.

The most important thing in the text is the first line. Its user sees when scrolling through the feed. It is important to interest the person, and only then complete with a call to action: like, register, etc.

How to disable Instagram post promotion

In what cases is it better to stop the promotion? Naturally, if the promotion has already been launched, the money goes away, but there is no result. Perhaps the publication was not thought out, in addition, you should disable it if:

  • An error was made in the ad settings that requires correction.
  • The advertising campaign turned out to be ineffective, there is no point in it.
  • The promotion strategy has changed.
  • We have a copyright problem.
  • A policy or ethical code has been violated.

If so:

  • In the profile header, click “Promotions”.
Чтобы отключить продвижение публикации, нажимаем «Промоакции»
  • Active and inactive, we are interested in active ones.
Меню Активные и неактивные промоакции
  • Opposite the desired one, click “Pause”.
Кликаем «Пауза» напротив промоакции
  • A warning will appear, read it and click OK.
Предупреждение о приостановке промоакции
  • To resume the promotion, go to the section of inactive promotions, opposite the desired one, tap Continue.
Жмем на Продвигать снова, для возобновления продвижения публикации в Инстаграм
  • Again, there will be a warning that funds will begin to be debited.

If you used Ads Manager, you will have to stop promoting through Facebook. Come here to your office, and then:

  • Go to your Ads Manager account (through which you pay for advertising on Insta).
  • Choose “Billing” – the payment management menu.
  • Find your payment method, selected when you start a promotion, delete it.
  • Confirm your actions, money will no longer be debited, and the promotion will stop.

Help with promotion

We talked about how to properly promote your post through a button. As you can see, this is easy to deal with. And if you are really interested in promoting your Instagram page, you should learn about special services that will help you with this.

Tooligram 2.0 – mass following and massliking on Instagram

Could these methods work in 2021? It is known that the social network has changed its algorithms for working with spam and automating actions such as likes, comments, and subscriptions.

Many resources could not adapt to the innovation and have long ceased to function. So, if you answer the question, then there is still the possibility of attracting massliking and mass following, only the scale has become more modest.

Tuligram developed a special algorithm for working with Insta, which managed to adapt to the changed rules. A feature of the service is interaction with the target audience. It analyzes target audience and subscribes exclusively to active and live accounts.

There are several tariffs to choose from, starting from 690 rubles per month. A free test drive is provided – each new user will be attracted using the site 25 people.

Tooligram 2.0 Features:

  • search for target audience by hashtags, competitor accounts, geotags;
  • mass-following, auto-sending of likes to posts;
  • mass-following – automatic subscription to the profiles of your target audience;
  • sending messages to users with a greeting;
  • increasing activity in the profile , respectively, increasing the level of trust in you;
  • auto-posting to direct to your new subscribers;
  • auto-posting, tracking comments, etc.

GetFans – Instagram promotion by live subscribers

Experienced users have already called this service the discovery of 2021 for Instagram. Live users repost, comment, and promote your profile to the TOP.

The program allows you to attract an audience that will subscribe to you, save publications, share them, and leave reactions to stories. In this way, the reach increases by 15-30%, the audience increases.

All actions are performed from the personal pages of other users of the social network. GetFans cooperates with the GetComment exchange, where admins check profiles for compliance, and monitor the completion of all tasks.

In order to place an order for promotion, you need to subscribe, leave a link to your profile and post content on a regular basis. After each publication, users subscribe to you, are active. The password for the page is not required.

This service is engaged in cheating comments. It will be useful for experts, bloggers, SMM specialists, marketers and even ordinary users. The main task of the resource is to provide the user’s page with real comments that can revive the interest of subscribers to the post.

Key Features:

  • people read the post, write an informative comment, ask a question;
  • the minimum number of words in a comment is 4;
  • are written by the owners of personal accounts, not bots, so trust increases;
  • comments are written without reference to a specific location;
  • all commenting profiles are checked manually.

Booster Stories – organic Instagram Stories Coverage

The point of the program is that you acquire activity for stories from real people. The service itself writes that they are looking for those who want to make money on Insta, so many remain in your subscribers. These people are paid for their work, so they do it responsibly: they view stories, send reactions.

In addition, Booster Stories helps to increase not only reach, but also the audience of the page. People subscribe to your account before they watch a story, because Instagram algorithms do not count the asset in stories from those who are not subscribers.

The service has no fixed tariffs. The calculation is based on the number of fans and the work done. This way you know exactly what you are paying for. Suitable for small and already promoted accounts.

Zengram – mass-following and mass-following on Instagram

The program helps in optimizing the process of promoting a page on Insta, boosting likes through convenient and intuitive tools. The service will view your stories, put likes on photos, and wind up subscribers. In this case, the result will be noticeable as soon as possible.

Well, if you want to know how to promote your page for free with the help of advertising yourself, visit the free training by Dmitry Dyakov. The training takes place in a convenient online webinar format. After the training, certificates are issued.

Another advantage is that the course has passed state accreditation. You get 7 instructions in pdf format, tables and cheat sheets as a gift.

The course is suitable for beginners, and for those who work in hiring, and for advanced users, because today an Internet advertising specialist is considered one of the most demanded. Well, if you have your own blog, learn how to set up your own promotions.

Possible problems and solutions

It also happens that the “Promote” button on Instagram does not work or you do not have permission to advertise. The reasons may be different:

  • The business profile is not activated – change it in the settings.
  • Debt on payment in the personal account – you need to pay off the debt or replenish the account.
  • There is no permission for admin access to the Facebook page to which the social network profile is linked. You need to ask the owner of the page to grant the access right.
  • The profile is not associated with a Facebook account – the link is in progress.
  • Unstable work of Facebook – unfortunately, in Russia the Facebook ad account does not always work correctly, therefore there can often be problems with the button. In this case, you should change your business profile on Insta to a personal one, and then vice versa.
  • An ad post violates the rules for creating and managing promotions.
  • There is no trust in the user from the Instagram system. It is necessary to fill the Facebook page as much as possible, set the photo and register all the data.
  • Appears when you click on the button a white screen – you can try to update the application or uninstall and download it again.

If you have problems, but none of the above solutions helps, and you need to launch ads from your phone, and not through your computer, you can install the free Ads Manager Facebook program and run the promo from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

This problem appears if there is a debt in the advertising office or the financial limit is zero. It is necessary to pay the debt and the problem will be solved.

To do this, you must first familiarize yourself with the rules for placing advertising posts on Instagram, it is there that all the information is described in detail.

After editing, you must wait 20-30 minutes and only then click “Promote”.

Briefly about the main thing

If you need a quick launch of an advertising campaign, using the “Promote” button will be one of the easiest and most affordable ways to promote. This is how an advertisement is created automatically. The promo post will be displayed as one of the first in the feed. The most important thing is to:

  • a business profile or author account has been activated;
  • linking to your Facebook page;
  • no debt in your personal account.

Another advantage of this method is the ability to independently disable the promotion at any time.

A good result can be brought not only by the promotion button, but also by third-party additional services that will bring you to the TOP and increase your reach. Do not forget about them if you intend to seriously engage in the promotion of your page on the social network.

Sincerely, Elena Sosnina
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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