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Close Friends: What It Is, How To Use It And Make Money

Do you know that moment you recorded and want to share only with your best friends?

Yeah, through Close Friends you can make a post in Story do Instagram only for selected friends.

This is a feature created by Instagram for users to share their Stories only with whoever they want to see.

The intention of the developers of the feature was to encourage users Personal profiles using Close Friends.

However, businesses and digital influencers use the feature to benefit themselves (and you can do the same with your business).

In this article you can you’ll understand more about what Close Friends is about, how to use this Instagram feature as a marketing strategy, how to make money online with it, and much more.

So if you want to stay in the know of this theme and take advantage of the benefits that Close Friends has to offer for the your business, keep reading this article until the end.

Happy reading!

What is Instagram’s Close Friends?

Close Friends is a feature from Instagram that allows users to create a closed Stories sharing list.

In other words, you will post to your Story and will only be able to select friends that are in the Best Friends category.

If you have a profile with a lot of followers and want only your closest friends or family members, for example, to see what you are going to post, you can create a list.

When the user makes a post in Story, the following options will appear:

  1. Share with a specific user;
  2. Share with all friends;
  3. Share only with best friends.

When your list is created and you post a Story just for her, the circle around your Story will turn green, showing all users that that post is a Close Friends.

Like me I’ve already said, the feature was created to encourage personal Instagram profiles, however, brands and influencers realized the potential of this feature for their business and therefore started to include the feature in their marketing strategy.

So that you can better understand the subject and be able to use the resource as a marketing strategy in your business, stay with me, as this is what you will see from now on.

How to Use Close Friends as a Marketing Strategy

Como Usar o Close Friends como estratégia de Marketing

Using Instagram’s Close Friends feature as a marketing strategy in your business is a great idea , because with it, you will be able to:

  • Targe your content to the right audience;
  • Generate authority;
  • Maintain a relationship with the audience.

To achieve this, just follow some important tips. Check it out.

1. Maintain a relationship with customers

To build and maintain a relationship with your customers, you can take advantage of Close Friends to get closer to them.

When your profile has a lot of followers, it’s difficult to maintain a closer relationship with your customers.

So, in order for you to maintain this relationship, you can publish in your Stories only for your most loyal customers, for example.


Keep a closer relationship with those loyal customers who spread your business, naturally, with other Instagram followers.

You can create Stories with some unique actions for those customers with greatest potential. Some of these actions might be:

2. Share exclusive news

Another way to benefit from Close Friends with your business is to create a list to share exclusive news only with those most loyal followers, who are always engaged with your posts.

Many followers don’t even want to. they read what you post, while others eagerly await a new post from you, like, comment and share everything you post.

I think it’s only fair to create a VIP list with only these qualified followers and offer exclusive news and create campaigns just for that list.

I’m sure these followers will feel special and grateful to you. This is great as it keeps them engaged, attracting more followers.

3. Make Special Offers

Take advantage of Instagram allowing you to post a clickable link in your Stories, and make a special offer on a product or service, just to a closed group of followers, through Close Friends.

Create a VIP list to advertise your offerings and also offer more in-depth premium content only to those on the list.

Followers on the list will feel special. This action creates proximity to your potential customers.

You can publish in your Stories giving tips on the topic you address in your profile (within your market niche).

However, make it clear that whoever is on your VIP list will receive more elaborate, in-depth content (a course, a consultancy, a lecture…).

That way, those who are not on your VIP list will want to follow your recommendations to be a part of next time.

And those who are already on your Close Friends list will be more likely to become a loyal customer and promoter of your brand.

4. Offer rewards

Close Friends was created as a way to “separate” followers. This Instagram feature allows you to separate those followers who are the most engaged and have the greatest potential to become your customers from those who pass you by and, at most, take a look at what you post.

With Close Friends you can you’ll be able to create exclusive posts in your Stories to offer loyalty rewards for the most engaged followers.

Like special offers, offering rewards (be it a freebie or a discount coupon, for example) will cause Make your list feel special, attracting more loyal followers.

5. Provide customer service

Provide humanized service to your customer on Close Friends, creating more proximity and helping them with their queries.

If you have a large following on your profile , making a list of the “best friends” on your Instagram to offer support is much more practical.

That’s because, offering a humanized and quality service, solving customer problems and doubts in a profile with many followers it would be practically impossible.

Sooner or later you would feel the need to resort to automation tools, which is not always worth it, as your customers prefer human warmth at the time of the service.

Good customer service can increase your conversions and even turn a customer into a brand advocate.

6. Offer Bonus Content

Another way to benefit from Close Friends with your business is to offer bonus content only to people who have purchased a product from you.

Create a VIP list on Close Friends to share this content and make sure to post an “open” Story, showing your gratitude for the loyalty of the participants on this list.

This attitude makes other users also want to be part of the VIP list and receive bonus and exclusive content by purchasing the product you promote.

After you publish Close Friends, publish another Story open to all users thanking customers once again, to arouse even more curiosity and interest from users who are not your customers yet.

7. Mentorship

One way to attract customers to your business through Close Friends is by offering mentoring.

If you are an expert on a subject, you can create a list on Close Friends to offer something useful to your followers, through mentoring.

Whoever is interested will be added to the list. Help your customer and potential customers to solve problems related to the product or service you offer, help them to grow and multiply their results.

It’s very important to offer something that your followers will not find with ease during a Google search.

Your mentoring needs to be something different, that adds value to people, so don’t be superficial.

How to Make Money with Close Friends

Como Ganhar Dinheiro com Close Friends

Using the Close Friends feature to create a VIP list is a great way for you to earn money through the app.

Now understand how to make money with this Instagram feature.

For those who work with the electronics niche, for example, you can take advantage of Close Friends to create a list with those followers who bought a product “ X” from you, and publish reviews and product tips only for those on the list.

Es if the type of strategy makes the people on the list feel privileged, and those who are not on the list will want to purchase a product in order to be part of the list and thus feel included in the group.

For this strategy to work, you need to spread the word a lot and make the message work. It is important that you include phrases that evoke a sense of urgency and scarcity (such as “last minutes” or “limited vacancies”).

An excellent way to earn money with Close Friends is by creating and selling subscriptions to the followers.

To do this, you can follow the tips I’ll leave here below.

1. Be an authority

People feel more confident in the information and tips offered by those who are an authority on the subject.

For example, it’s easier to trust a dietitian’s weight loss tips that of a person who has no authority on the subject.

If you prove to be an authority in your niche market, it will be much easier to convince your followers to join your Close Friends list, and then there , work on your conversions.

You may not be a nutritionist, but for example, if you lost 30kg with some diet or exercise and you can prove it, you will undoubtedly gain a large following and become an authority in the slimming niche.

In other words, you don’t have to be a trained pro to be an authority.

2. Make a plan

Before creating your Close Friends list, make a plan to identify and define what topics your followers are most interested in, to create relevant and valuable content for them.

Define the themes, create the content, and plan how publications will be made.

To facilitate this process, you can create an editorial calendar.

3. Have an editorial calendar

Creating an editorial calendar will help you set the dates, times, subjects, and all other elements related to publishing content for your Close Friends list.

With an editorial calendar you will have more organization to plan and publish your content.

4. Publish Valued Content

It’s no use creating a Close Friends list and posting the same content you publish to all your profile followers.

If you’re creating a VIP list, published content needs to be unique and relevant to the list.

Post more in-depth content on the topics you cover on your profile. Create content that truly adds value to your followers’ lives.

5. Use management tools

The last tip for you to make money with Close Friends is to use management tools.

Those who have a lot of followers on Instagram and want to scale their profile, it’s much easier to do this with the help of a good management tool.

By the way, if you have a large number of followers on your Instagram profile, it’s practically impossible to do this manually. Or at least it would take a lot of your time.

Management tools can help you automate bureaucratic tasks like this, saving you time and energy to devote to other actions that require more attention.

How to Create Your Close Friends List

Como Criar a sua Lista de Close Friends passo a passo

So far you’ve seen the importance of using Close Friends feature in your strategy.

Now you’ll see how to build your list and start applying it to your marketing strategy right now. To get started, just follow the step by step below.

1. Log in to your Instagram account, then tap the three dashes located in the upper right corner of the screen and select the “Close friends” option.

2. Click “Search” or “Suggestions” and find the people you want to include in your Close Friends list.

3. When you want to remove a user from your list, just click “Remove” next to their profile. If you would like to remove the entire list at once, just click on the “Remove all” option.

As you saw, creating a Close Friends list is pretty simple? Here’s how to publish Stories to Close Friends audiences.

How to Publish Stories to Close Friends audiences

Now that you know how to create your Close Friends list, see how to publish Stories to your exclusive audience by following the steps below.

1. Access your Instagram account;

2. Click on the camera icon located in the upper left corner of your screen;

3. Create your Story in the desired format;

4. Click on the green star icon, located at the bottom of your screen, to post your Story to Close Friends.

That’s it! In just a few steps you can publish Stories to your “best friends” list.

Apps to Publish Stories

Conheça aplicativos para publicar Stories para o seu Close Friends

1. Template

This app option to publish Stories offers ready-made templates for galleries as well as feeds.

In this app, images are snapped together and you can choose from the most amazing ones templates like shareable lists and also like a movie scene with a caption, which is really cool.

The only downside is that the app isn’t available for Android, only iOS. However, you can use it on your computer.

To download the iOS app, click here. If you are accessing from your computer, you can download it here.

2. Unfold

For those who like minimalist photos and videos without ceasing to be beautiful, the Unfold app is ideal.

And for those who have an online or physical store, this app is perfect to present a new collection as if it were a magazine.

The app offers a paid version, with more features, but the free version is already very good.

Download the app at iOS or Android.

3. Steller

The Steller app offers several categories of photos and videos to choose from.

Some of these categories are customizable, allowing you to make changes to the photos you’ve already included.

You’ll find ready-made templates to make the process easier, but nothing stops you from getting creative to make different photos and videos within the chosen template.

 The app allows you to view the ready-made layout options, with the photo you have chosen.

Although some templates from free version does not allow you to edit the elements. Still, it’s worth using this app in the free version.

Download app: iOS or Android .


How You’ve seen, Close Friends is an excellent resource for you to connect with your customers, maintain a closer relationship with them, as well as attract new followers and customers to your business.

Without a doubt this functionality will help you target your content to your target audience, generate authority for your brand, and maintain a relationship with your audience.

Do as many successful entrepreneurs do and take advantage of this Instagram feature to generate a lot of revenue for your business.

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