Таблица заголовков для кликбейта

Clickbait – what does it mean: explain in simple words

More than once you have come across a catchy headline or announcement with something like this: “You won’t believe it! But it works! Watch to the end ”, the final action for users may differ: read or watch, but the fact remains – people are being led by such tricks.

This is clickbait. So what does this mean: clickbait? Let’s explain in simple words.


What is clickbait

This is a tool marketers and advertisers use to engage audiences. Gradually, this direction received the name clickbait – from the English. Clickbait, from click – click and bait – bait.

This is a click-bait, an attractive link, by clicking on which you go to an advertising page for a particular product or to a landing page with a call to take any action: subscribe, join the community, etc.

In most cases, the sensation you were counting on is not, this is a banal deception, a way to attract a large volume of users. Clickbait refers to advertising content, its sole purpose is to make a profit.

Что это значит кликбейт? Рекламный контент

Clickbait is a name or a few lines of text that excites users, arouses curiosity, but does not provide complete information. In simple words, a clickbait is a link leading to the necessary content to read or watch it, a kind of teaser.

After the transition, the material may not correspond to the declared one or lead to attackers “in the hands”, because they use the same chips as advertisers to attract a large number of people.

Caution! You can go to a phishing site, install malicious software, or post personal information without knowing it.

In other words, clickbait is one of the ways for SEO-optimization of sites and content in them. Clickbait can be hidden in the anchor of a link, photo, headline, or banner. To give you an idea of ​​what clickbait looks like, here are a few characteristics that indicate it.

  1. In a clickbait, users are usually referred to “You”.
  2. The link to go to the desired page is accompanied by a loud sensational description in the form: “The secret of many generations has been revealed. Press and you will be the first to know! ”.
  3. In clickbait, characters are replaced and pseudo-significance is created. For example: “Pugacheva began to look 40 years younger. Do you want it the same? ” In fact, you follow the link, but there is information about a resident of the village, with the same surname, but with her story about the miracle pills.

So, you understand the essence of clickbait on the Internet. Now let’s consider what it is for and in which industries it is still used.

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Goals and objectives of clickbait

The most important goal of clickbait, as we have already said, is to generate income from views, increase the number of subscribers and potential customers. Let’s dwell on goals in various areas in more detail.

  • Internet marketing – clickbaits are created here to perform any action on sites or pages.
  • Media – catchy headline attracts new readers and keeps existing ones interested.
  • Online advertising – making a profit from online advertising.
  • Offline advertising – attracting and retaining potential consumers in the form of an “i-stop”. Examples are free-standing cabinets with a bright and large image of a stock in supermarkets, people in sandwiches or other costumes on the streets, and others.

The main task of clickbait is to attract a wide range of consumers. In real life, just like on the Internet, this is attracting people.

Social Media Clickbait

Clickbait on Vkontakte

On VK, clickbait is a small story that arouses interest among users and who click the “Read more” link.

Кликбейт Вконтакте

However, after the transition, they are faced with the fact that before finishing reading the content of interest, you need to join a community or perform other actions. Thus, communities with a small number of subscribers, without spending money on advertising, increase their number.

In simple words, reading an interesting story or watching a video, you want to finish reading or watch the full – full version. Clickbait is not for these purposes, it only lures users, is based on deception and does not satisfy the wishes of users.

In VK, clickbait headers and banners that do not match the relevant page are blocked.

YouTube Clickbait

This is probably the largest online territory saturated with clickbaits. Wherever you look, headlines in the form: “20 ways to lose weight in 15 minutes”, “Pump up the press in half an hour”, “Putin issued a decree on paying all Russians 350,000 rubles for VAT” and others.

Что значит кликбейт на Кликбейт Youtube

Clickbait on YouTube is a free cheat for subscribers, likes and views, based on creating a clickbait headline and an effective preview – cover.

Videos of humorous content with the headline: “Rzhaka! Tin! Watch to the end! “, However, the declared name does not always coincide with what you saw.

Another example: inserting a title in the preview with the mention of the name of a media personality and a sensational statement. Users follow the link, but there is nothing even similar to this person.

Clickbait in Yandex.Dzen

This is one of the platforms that is based not on videos, but on articles. Therefore, in order to attract users and increase readings, many channel owners make a mistake: they clickbait recklessly, as a result of which not only monetization can be disabled, but also complete blocking of the channel without restoring it.

Кликбейт на Яндекс Дзен

On Zen Channel, clickbaits include:

  • pseudo first-person stories;
  • numerals in combination with exaggerated words and phrases;
  • intonation expressions: “You didn’t know WHAT you ate during the blockade”;
  • age restrictions: “Do not watch under 18”;
  • beliefs without argumentation;
  • omissions: the phrase breaks off at the most interesting point.

However, on Zen, before uploading a new article, the system can itself suggest what is wrong, these are some of the main signs of clickbait in the titles and descriptions of published materials.

Кликбейт что это значит: признаки

Yandex.Zen is an endless feed of articles, photos and videos. To lure users to their channel and generate income, many authors create tenacious, attractive titles and descriptions, but do not overdo it, you can subsequently lose your earnings and the channel altogether.

Types of clickbaits

Distinguish between information and advertising types.

Informational is one of the most common ways to engage the target audience in order to take action: enroll in courses, watch a new issue of a magazine or read site news, subscribe or join the community.

All this is done to redirect traffic, raise money for a monetized resource, etc.

Clickbait Ads are headlines, banners, enticing posters with shocking previews to directly generate income from online advertising. They are not of an informational nature, but created for the complaint of goods and services.

Clickbait Issues

The main problem with following such links is unjustified expectations. A person, clicking on an intriguing picture or interesting story, does not receive the necessary information. Let’s consider other problems:

  1. Sites that post such content do not care what you want to communicate, they publish everything: advertising for advertising, content for content.
  2. Resources that post clickbait teaser ads do not provide any meaningful, cognitive information.
  3. This point follows from the previous one. With a huge amount of empty information, the system may not recognize illegal or prohibited content, such as malware, links to online casinos, pornography or content that promotes violence.

To summarize, we want to note that clickbaiting is still a deception of its users, if you do not want to abuse their attention, then you need to be careful with it.

Earnings on clickbaits

In addition to the disadvantages, clickbaits can expand a small business, bring additional income. Let’s list the main types of earnings on clickbaits:

  1. Posts and messages on social networks for mass distribution of news or airing the next broadcast.
  2. Videos containing ads.
  3. Promotions, sweepstakes, lotteries.
  4. Video content and high-quality text material with striking headlines encourage link sharing, which increases the conversion from views to sales.
  5. Interesting content on a page or channel with clickbait headlines attracts a large number of potential subscribers, which in turn generates interest from advertisers.
  6. Redirect traffic.

Recently, memes on media personalities with the phrases: “There is no money, but you hold on!”, “This is a fiasco, bro!” and others. CTR is amazing, and the bottom line is ad money.

Популярный кликбейт с медийной личностью

Anything can make money on the Internet, the main thing is to comply with ethics, systematically update the content and not resort to creating viral headlines too often.

How to write correct clickbait headlines

Theory cannot be helped here, you need training and practice. To get started, go to any news sites, YouTube or Zen. Write down 15-20 titles you like. Then make a table and try to change the content, but not the meaning, add some “peppercorns” to each.

Таблица заголовков для кликбейта

Practice every day or weekend whenever possible. A well-thought-out catchy headline contains one or more filters at once.

  1. Emotions – includes the coloring of the moment: burst into tears, was shocked, surprised, and others.
  2. A useful action is a promise that after watching a video or reading an article, a person’s life will change for the better.
  3. Intrigue – the title informs about the disclosure of some secret, secret.
  4. 5 W – 5 English questions: who – Who, what – What, where – Where, when – When and why – Why. Titles with a postscript of any of these words dramatically increase click-through rates and views.
  5. Specificity – it can be statistics, figures. Mentioning them in the headlines increases the traffic of the resource many times over.
  6. Respect – This filter must be applied with care so as not to offend the target audience.

What clickbait means for users

Not every advertiser or channel author will care about potential customers. Often you and I have no idea what happens to us while we are online.

Our clicks cost a penny, user clicks bring companies millions of rubles. But this is not the main thing, the main thing is our personal information.

It’s no secret that advertisers know more about each person than his neighbor. Have you noticed that before any event in your life or when you go once to the website of this or that company, you are offered exactly what you “need”.

In other words, our attention on the network is the purchased and sold goods. Clickbait headlines lure users in, mostly do no good and just waste our time reading empty information.

At this time, clicks on advertising links, where your email, name, and so on, are actively used by marketers. Many sites and social networks have redefined their attitude to privacy, but the risks remain to this day.

Sincerely, Ilmira Kolodey
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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