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Chatbots: what are they in simple words for dummies

Chatbot is a modern, up-to-date tool for business promotion. If you are an entrepreneur and have not heard, used or do not know the essence of this method, then this article is for you.

Here you will learn what chatbots are in simple words for dummies and how they work, as well as learn how to use them and save a budget without spending it on unnecessary employees.


What is a chatbot: definition of the concept

A chatbot is a virtual consultant, otherwise it is a robot on the Internet, whose main function is to perform certain monotonous tasks.

For example, he can help customers find the right product, sign up for a service, send mail to the target audience, or answer user questions of interest using a script.

Чат-бот предназначен для переписки с клиентом

In fact, this is an ordinary correspondence, but not with a real person, but with a robot, communication in which occurs according to a pre-planned algorithm.

Chatbots can be created on the basis of:

  • Sites. In this case, a special section should be allocated for it.
  • Social networks or messengers. To start a dialogue, you just need to write him any message.

Chatbots respond to user requests in two ways:

  1. Message. In such a situation, the virtual consultant will ask the client to set a new command to continue communication.
  2. Action (registration for a service, making an application).

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The main advantages of virtual assistants

The most typical format for using chatbots is messenger-based robots that allow you to keep in touch with users online.

The main advantages of using such virtual assistants include:

  • Ability to quickly process a large number of messages from clients.
  • No need to focus on the operating mode of operators, you can ask your question at any time, because chat bots operate around the clock.
  • Automatic processing of user requests and keeping statistics without the human factor, which often causes errors and distortion of information.
  • A one-time waste of funds for the development and launch of a chatbot without further investment. Call center operators’ training and salaries will be significantly more expensive.
  • Possibility to reduce the loss of time and reduce the workload on specialists several times, because not a single hour a day is spent on answering elementary, similar questions, and the chatbot can take over this function.

How to use chatbots?

There are 5 main uses for virtual assistants, each of them will be discussed in more detail below.

Method # 1. Maintaining customer feedback

This is the most common and popular method of using chatbots. As an example, we can cite such well-known companies as Beeline or Pyaterochka.

Their bots operate according to the most simple algorithm, first they greet the client, and then offer to evaluate goods or services, to express an opinion on the quality of service.

Here the consumer can also ask his own questions that interest him. At the end of the dialogue, the chatbot thanks the user for the responses and feedback received.

Method # 2. Conducting contests

Exciting competitions, especially where you can win a prize, will attract the attention of audiences of all ages.

For example, PepsiCo, in order to advertise a new product “Khrustim”, launched an exciting quest in which a robot assistant in the image of Sherlock Holmes actively corresponded with potential customers, asked them interesting riddles and told fascinating secrets about the recipe.

In the end, both the buyers and the manufacturer were satisfied. The first ones received entertainment and prizes, and the entrepreneur received a decent income and many grateful clients.

Method # 3. Sale of goods and implementation of services

Chatbots help the consumer to place an order. A client who wants to purchase a particular product enters the desired section and buys the desired item with a couple of clicks.

Чат-бот для продажи товаров

Method # 4. Providing useful features and options

The Yandex chatbot is a prime example. With its help, you can get not only entertainment content, but also important information. By using such a virtual assistant, users can find out changes in exchange rates, the latest news, weather forecasts, and so on.

Чат-бот Яндекс

Not only chatbots of IT companies, but also other popular organizations are endowed with useful functions. Most large banks, chain stores, restaurants and taxi services have such robots.

Method # 5. Organization of entertainment

Of course, dispelling boredom is far from the main task of a chatbot, but if it is done, it is a huge plus. Virtual assistants with this feature will help clients to be distracted, take up the free time and relax.

And if the consumer has a good mood and a smile on his face, their loyalty, benevolence and involvement will be much higher.

Ways to create chatbots

There are several different constructors for designing and running assistant robots, which differ from each other in the principle and mechanism of action.

When using some, you can form manual chains of SMS messages, the second is characterized by the use of artificial intelligence, and the third combine both methods.

The chains for bots are drawn up in the form of block diagrams by the developer, who fills them with the necessary and useful information, and stands in the necessary sequence to get a thoughtful, concise dialogue.

Below are a few basic services and sites for creating artificial intelligence virtual assistants:

  1. Flow XO is an English-language chatbot builder for such a messenger as Telegram and several other services. The assistants created here are able to communicate with the audience, show the weather forecast, talk about planned events and activities, translate foreign texts, conduct polls and perform other functions specified by the developer. Visitors of Internet resources to interact and communicate with them as easy, simple and convenient as possible. Thanks to the simple interface, the chatbot assembly is very fast and without unnecessary complications. On the left side of the control panel there are menus with a number of necessary sections (mailings, analytics, etc.). On the right, you can find the New button, with which you can create scripts for chatbots and promote them.
  2. Botmother. With this constructor, you can create a virtual assistant for most modern instant messengers and social networks. Chatbots created through this system are able to receive information via API, so that users can find out information about the status of their accounts, flight delays, etc.
  3. Robochatio – constructor of chat bots for the VK social network. This program has a basic tariff that you can use for free, and packages from 399 rubles / month. The service has a clear, simple, and, most importantly, a Russian-language interface, thanks to which the work on creating assistant robots is facilitated as much as possible. Robochatio forms bots for 3 areas: Q / A, business and entertainment. It also helps to create small quests or standardized dialogues. A chatbot can be taught to address a visitor to a website or social network by name and determine his location. Additional functions and options are money transfers, promotions and distribution of discount or gift coupons.

Recommendations for creation and use

In the past few years, chatbots have become so popular that they have easily replaced call center employees, secretaries and even marketers. These AI assistants are constantly learning and getting better by interacting with Internet users.

Important! Regardless of what tasks the chatbot is facing, there are a number of important points to keep in mind in the process.

Below are the main ones.

Recommendation # 1. Defining the goal and objectives

When creating a chat bot, it is necessary to clearly formulate the functions that it will have to solve and perform in the future.

They must solve a number of tasks for the company:

  • Study of the target audience and its needs.
  • Increase traffic.
  • Sales growth.

Users can use virtual assistants when:

  • online ordering;
  • have questions about products and services;
  • receiving information about products, services and promotions of the company;
  • for entertainment purposes.

Recommendation # 2. Remember the importance of being proactive

Many users still do not know why chat bots are useful and how they can help, and therefore they do not use them and prefer live communication with an operator. You need to create an introductory message to the customer that introduces the assistant and explains how it functions and how to use it.

Recommendation # 3. Think carefully about the algorithm and create a dialogue

A well-designed chatbot should be able to ask specific questions and respond to user messages according to certain criteria. For example, such as:

  • definition questions starting with what, who, where, when and why;
  • requests with the ability to select the desired response option;
  • unambiguous, specific yes or no answers.

When composing a dialogue or questionnaire, avoid difficult or ambiguous questions as much as possible. This will eliminate the likelihood of users giving incorrect answers and their misunderstanding by the chatbot.

Recommendation # 4. Verify the data without fail

This is necessary in order to maintain the dialogue between the client and the virtual assistant in a certain way, prescribed in the script. If the chatbot cannot answer the question of the interlocutor, it must send the user the contact numbers of specialists from technical support.

Recommendation # 5. Don’t ignore hotkeys

Using these buttons, customers will be able to get answers to their questions as quickly as possible.

Recommendation # 6. Create a lively but polite communication style

Yes, of course, people understand that they are texting with a robot, but it is much more pleasant even in this case to receive competent, clear and at the same time not dry answers.

Recommendation # 7. Keep it simple

Multifunctionality is great, but everything should always be in moderation. An overloaded and complex chatbot may not be pleasant to the client, because it will not be so easy to understand its work.

Recommendation # 8. A virtual assistant is just a robot, you can’t rely on it alone

A specialist should always work with the chatbot. In case of difficulties and disputable questions, he will always be able to answer the client and solve problems.

No matter how thoughtful, competently created and advanced artificial intelligence is, while it is not yet able to replace a living, intelligent person.


Currently, virtual assistants collaborate and interact with clients in many areas. They help with the provision of banking and medical services, ordering food at home, buying tickets for transport, theater or cinema.

The scope of use of chatbots knows no boundaries. Some of them can even help people with physical or spiritual disabilities.

When collecting information about what a chatbot is in simple terms, remember that their format is the best option for maintaining round-the-clock contact with visitors to an Internet resource. With their help, people can quickly and easily solve problems and find answers to questions of interest.

Sincerely, Irina Trofimova
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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