Carousel on Instagram: TOP-9 ideas + how to do it (2021)

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is an Instagram carousel.
  • How to add a carousel to your account: from your phone and computer.
  • 9 ideas for carousel posts.

All the tips and tricks described in the article are relevant in 2021.

What is a post-carousel?

Instagram carousel is a post format in which you can upload from 2 to 10 photos / videos. Pictures and videos in the carousel can be flipped – to the right and to the left.

Using the carousel, you can publish a mini-presentation, show product photos from different angles (as well as add a video review), upload a panoramic photo.

Also, this post format is ideal for travel story posts. You can write to publish 10 photos from a trip to the sea at once, and in the description add a text-impression about the trip.

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How to make a carousel on Instagram: instructions

Let’s move on to the practical part of the article: we will publish the carousel on an Instagram account. First from your phone, then from your computer.

From phone

Open the Instagram app on your smartphone and click on the plus sign – this is the function of uploading photos and videos. The snapshot library will open. Select one photo and then check all the photos you want to add to the carousel.

Как добавить карусель в Инстаграм
Adding photos to the carousel

As you can see, each photo is marked with a number – from 1 to 10. This is the order in which the images will be displayed in the Instagram carousel.

After you select the required number of photos – for example, 5 – click “Next”. In the next step, you can apply filters to each image separately.

To remove an extra photo from the carousel, click Back. The photo library will open – remove the unnecessary picture (uncheck it).

At the final stage of publishing the carousel post, add a caption – any text: for example, emotions about a trip to the sea, an opinion about a book you have read, a post about a training course that sells. You can mark users who are in the pictures or add geolocation.

From computer

You can publish a post carousel from your computer. For this we need the “Parasite” service. This is a delayed posting tool for Instagram.

Go to the Parasite website and register. Then – add your account in your personal account: enter your username and password. Don’t worry, it’s safe: all data is fully encrypted.

In your personal account, click “Add publication”.

Загружаем карусель в Инстаграм с компьютера

In the opened window for adding a publication, click on the camera icon. Upload 2 to 10 pictures.

Сервис Паразайт

Then select the desired date and time for deferred publication. The post carousel will be published to your account automatically.

9 carousel ideas

Instagram post carousel can be used for different purposes. Let’s look at 9 ideas for how you can apply them to your account.


This is relevant for commercial accounts. You can make a mini presentation. Each photo is a separate slide.

Prepare pictures for a mini-presentation in advance: add text, graphics, tables to them. To do this, use any graphics editor – we recommend Photoshop.

Continued text

Instagram has restrictions on the number of characters in a photo caption – only 2,000 characters. You can work around this limitation with a carousel.

Продолжение текста в карусели
This is how the text continues in the carousel

Place the first part of the text in the signature, and the continuation in the carousel. The simplest format is to add a post in notes on your phone and take screenshots of this text. The main thing is to get no more than 10 screenshots.

Panoramic photo

You can divide one panoramic photo into 10 parts. Users will scroll through such a “seamless” image. It looks very impressive. It gives the impression of endless photography.

Product images

If you have an online store, then you can upload up to 10 photos of one product. It is very convenient. Thus, you can show your product to potential buyers from different angles.

Реклама товара в карусели
Product demo in carousel

This will significantly increase the conversion to sales, as well as increase the audience’s trust in the product.


Make detailed step-by-step instructions in carousel format. It’s very simple: each screen (each photo) is one step.

Post instruction

This format is much more convenient than regular text.


You can make collection posts. For example: 7 books worth reading for a marketer; 5 movies that will make you laugh.

This is a selection

Each photo is a recommendation of one movie, book or Internet service, depending on the topic of your account.

Before / After

Post carousel is a great format for before / after posts. You can show your work result. For example, if you are a fitness instructor, you can demonstrate the weight loss results of your clients.

Questions Answered

In the carousel, you can answer subscribers’ questions. For example, in the first picture – a question, and in the second – your detailed answer. Thus, you can answer 5 questions in one post.

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Post carousel allows you to publish up to 10 customer testimonials in one post. For example, let the first photo be a snapshot of the product, and the subsequent ones – reviews about this product.


Now you know what an Instagram carousel is and how to add such posts to your account. Now this format is a real trend. Try to make as many carousel posts as possible to increase audience engagement.

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