Business public: what is it + how you can make money

Any business is promoted primarily through existing social networks. This is due to the fact that most of the free time users spend on the Internet, where they not only communicate with friends, relatives and acquaintances, but also earn good money. Read about all the nuances and examples of successful business publics here.

What is business-pabliki

Business publics are communities in a particular social network to attract a target audience to display goods or promote services through the introduction of advertising campaigns. Publics can be for informational, entertainment or business purposes, it all depends on the purpose.

Бизнес-паблики в популярных соцсетях

In some communities, a call to action is a subscription, in others, an appointment, for example. Still others are aimed at direct profit from the sale. A little later, we will analyze all types of earnings on business publics and give examples of successful “cases”.

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Statistics on the percentage of earnings in social networks vary, but we selected the TOP-12 topics for making a profit on the network.

  • Cosmetics, body and face care, fashion, style.
  • Cooking, recipes, home economics.
  • Family relationships, psychology, children.
  • Sports and equipment.
  • Cars and their maintenance.
  • Quotes of great people and aphorisms.
  • Humor and jokes.
  • Travel.
  • Secrets of making money, business.
  • Healthy lifestyle, fitness.
  • Cinema and show business.
  • Games and mobile application.

There are many competitors in any niche, but thanks to the unique content on your page, colorful previews, constant updates, you will step by step move towards monetization and sales growth if you decide to sell goods or promote services.

Guide for defining a public

In order to make a profit on your own page on a social network, we recommend following the algorithm:

1. You need to decide on the choice of the goal of the public

The purpose of the account depends on the type: if you just want to upload interesting photos, videos, posts for commenting and discussion, then it is better to create a group.

To attract a target audience for the purpose of selling a product or service, promoting a personal brand, you will need a business public.

2. When creating a public of any type, keep the privacy of the community in mind

For a private premium class club, private publics are perfect, in which you can join only by invitation of the administrator. In the case of large-scale sales, it is better to opt for open communities that anyone can join.

3. Customize your SEO

For search engines, the priority will always be public accounts with no access restrictions using SEO chips.

4. Fill pages with more than ads

Interesting photos, notes and videos, slightly “flavored” with advertising will be much more profitable to stand out among the “paintings” of other pages, not only in the eyes of potential partners, but also among ordinary users.

5. Promote your account

You can do this on your own or contact the masters in this direction. Believe me, this service costs little money, but you can see the benefits in a few weeks.

6. Post fresh content regularly

Subscribers always follow the news of the communities in which they are registered, so at least 2 times a week post new publications, bright photos and colorful videos – this will keep “old” subscribers and attract new ones.

7. Experiment

On many social networks, it is possible to change the type of public once a month, so if the topic is “not covered” or the number of subscribers is growing very slowly, then try with a different area.

If this is a narrowly focused offline business, for example, a cafe, restaurant, fast food restaurant, then adjust the geolocation – you can do this in your account settings.

What if you don’t have enough time to create and even more so to promote your brand or public? Then you can buy it ready-made with existing active subscribers. There are some platforms on which there are a lot of publics of various topics for every taste and budget.

Where and how you can buy them

Many unscrupulous account sellers are engaged in cheating “empty” users to raise the resource in value.

Important! Before purchasing any community or group, you must ensure that your reach matches your existing subscribers.

For example. A public page in VK with a number of 20,000 subscribers and views of posts and photos in 2,000 of them is not very much, but at the price of this account of 5,000 rubles, this is very good.

Coverage alone is not enough, you should pay close attention to the rating of the resource seller.

In our case, it is “-2”, we open the reviews and see that after the sale of accounts, they were hacked and transferred control to third parties. In simple words, buyers were “thrown” for money. So, this seller is not suitable for us.

Let’s analyze another case: an account with 25,000 subscribers is being sold, in which not only monetization from the channel works, the profit also comes from the affiliate program from Ali Express.

The cost of a public is 15,000 rubles, the monthly passive income from views, clicks on links and sales through an affiliate program fluctuates around 3-4 thousand rubles.

The account will pay off in 4-5 months after purchase. However, if you periodically update your content, set up SEO and invest in advertising, then the resource will pay off faster and your income will grow significantly.

The seller’s rating is “+10”, you can rely on him, and feel free to proceed to negotiations. A conscientious seller not only does not “throw”, but can also tell about the secrets of promoting an account, chips for monetization and demonstrate complete statistics on the proposed resource.

You can buy groups and communities on VKontakte, Instagram and Telegram through the following resources:

Let’s look at one of them as an example.

Популярная биржа пабликов

On this exchange, you can choose any public, as well as sort unnecessary ones by the number of subscribers, topics, stay on one social network or pick up several. Depending on these parameters, the price will be displayed.

Important! By purchasing accounts through trusted platforms, you will be insured against fraudsters, the money is transferred to the owner only after two weeks, during which you can test both the community and monetization on the resource.

After the purchase, you should review the content, make corrections, make it more interesting and make catchy headlines. If you have not earned anything in two weeks, it is more expedient to abandon such a deal and look for something else.

Types of business publics

Depending on the target audience, niche and goals, the following areas are distinguished:

Public for girls and women

Here you can find pages with advertisements for baby and bed linen, posts about home economics and dating sites, travel demonstrations, offers on the topics of beauty, health and personal care. Also popular are the publics about the means and methods of rejuvenation, weight loss, etc.

Communities for men

These communities advertise cars, yachts, sports and a variety of activities such as climbing, hunting, fishing and risky sports.

On pages with unique content and a large number of subscribers, including wealthy men over 35, advertisers willingly pay for displaying banners with exclusive products.

Publics for children and teenagers

This includes all kinds of games, applications, tutorials and books in audio and text format. Also, interesting and informative content is diluted with advertisements for children’s stores, goods for everyday demand.

Universal Communities

The most widespread niche for making money on the Internet on advertising. The pages of such publics contain information of various formats on many topics, but adhering to the same concept.

For example. Online earnings account. One post on how you can earn income without leaving your home. The place where the owner of the public is now located is described below. Right there or under the post, you can place an affiliate link to a travel agency and insert some colorful photos of exotic countries.

The second post is related to dropshipping – here you can specify any product and the advertiser wants to place his banners, or you can place his link.

There are a lot of options, the main thing is to analyze the target audience, its activity on a particular post and update the content in time.

Where and how to create business communities

Groups and communities aimed at making a profit are created and promoted in popular social networks.


Vkontakte is considered one of the most numerous in Russia. More than 97 million young people use it.

From the list on the platform, you need to choose the type of community that suits you. Next, you should click on the icon and proceed to filling your account with content.

Создаем бизнес-паблик Вконтакте

To get started, select the page header (cover) from the templates or upload your image with a size of 1590 * 400 pixels, and insert a photo for your avatar with a size of 200 * 500 pixels.

The cover publishes company contacts or important information, if it is one person. An avatar accompanies your every statement, news, post, so it needs to be well thought out. On the pages of companies, the avatar is the logo of the organization, the brand.

Вписываем название компании или бренда

In the form you need to enter the name of the company, select the topic and provide a link to your site, if there is one.

For beginners, we recommend specifying privacy in the settings – “Open”, you can invite all your friends, acquaintances, relatives and colleagues. Further, if necessary, you can change everything in the settings.

For correspondence with potential buyers and advertisers, you need to check the box next to the “Messages – included” line.

Включаем сообщения для переписки с потенциальными клиентами

The only inconvenience is that you won’t be able to view and reply to messages from mobile devices, you need access to a computer.

After all the settings, you can proceed to filling the page – try to make your account as informative, unique and interesting as possible.


More mature users use the Odnoklassniki social network. The main audience of this resource is women from 30-35 years old, who are capable of spontaneous purchases, which is what business publics and advertisers use.

To create a community, go to the “Groups” section. In the pop-up window, select what we are creating: a group or an event.

Создаем бизнес-паблик в Одноклассниках

As well as in VK, further select the type of community. For business it is better to create a public page.

Публичная страница в Одноклассниках

After all the settings, we design the cover (header), avatar and upload the content. After verification, click the “Create” button.


The social network Facebook does not have such a large Russian-speaking audience, but it is suitable for serious businessmen working all over the world, as well as for companies whose potential buyers live in large cities and megalopolises, for example, in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

B2B services and premium goods are successfully promoted here.

To create a public, you need to register or have an account. Further, in the menu at the top right of the main page, you need to click on the triangle.

Создаем паблик в Фейсбук

You will be taken to the next step, where we recommend stopping at creating your brand page.

Выбираем страницу бренда

And press the “Start” button. Further in the settings, fill in the required parameters and select “Continue”. Messages from users can be left publicly available or changed so that other members can see them only after moderation by the account administrator.


is a fairly young, but rapidly gaining momentum social network. It has an advanced and paying audience, not counting the teen page for friends.

Messages to a business account come to your email. The owners of such pages have a Feedback button, which significantly increases user loyalty.

Instagram offers advanced advertising opportunities for business publishers, and also provides access to full content analytics on the page.

Бизнес-паблик в Инстаграм

Creating a business account is similar to the structure described above, so we will not focus your attention again. We want to give it to the specificity of this social network. Here, the text is dominated by photos, videos, posts and stories – short stories that are stored in the feed for only 24 hours.

It will take more time, creativity, money and quality equipment to successfully promote your business public. But also monetization and income from affiliate programs on this resource is higher than in the same VK.


is a messenger that allows you not only to exchange messages, but also to earn money. The Telegram channel, which contains exclusive material, unlike many others, will be popular with an audience of more than 200 million people.

You can create your own business channel and view content through any device or computer. Let’s take a quick look at the instruction using the latter example.

Популярная биржа пабликов0

On the main page after registration, we find the item “Create channel”, after clicking on this button, a window appears where you need to briefly describe your company or personal brand and come up with a name. Then click on the “Create” button.

After that, the system will offer you several options for links to the channel “address” you entered in the Latin alphabet. After choosing the address you like, click “Save”.

Популярная биржа пабликов1

If you already have a Telegram account, you can invite up to 200 participants for free. Then you can start setting up and designing the channel.

Avatar – The logo consists of an image with a size of 300 * 300 pixels. We do not recommend using a stock photo, it is better to resort to the help of the Logaster online avatar generator. To simplify channel management, you should create and configure a bot.

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Ways to make money through business publics

After defining and creating business publics on VK, Instagram, Facebook or other resource, you can talk about earnings. What is the income from business activities on the Internet?

  1. Advertising posts on only one channel or account with 10,000 subscribers bring the page owner from 30,000 rubles per month. This can also include the sale of advertising space and income from referrals to affiliate links.
  2. Own product – selling over the Internet has many advantages over offline trading. Income has no restrictions, it all depends on the uniqueness and relevance of products, content on the page and promotion.
  3. Paywall access. In this way, closed premium communities, men’s clubs and others receive income. The essence of making money in a paid membership.
  4. Personal Brand – If you are an expert in any field, you can create forums, presentations, training courses and much more. Income from 40,000 will be provided by monetization of the resource, affiliate programs, posts and commercials.

Note that when creating a personal brand, you do not need to wait until 10,000 subscribers are gathered, it is connected much earlier, it all depends the popularity of the account.

You can make money on business publics without special education and technical skills. The main thing is to correctly define your niche, create a page with unique content and periodically update it using SEO chips and keywords.

Sincerely, Ilmira Kolodey
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