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Business page on Instagram: how to create and design correctly

Today, social networks are becoming an important tool that helps an entrepreneur to develop his business. The business page on Instagram is a prime example of this. You shouldn’t take the time to create such an account – believe me, it will pay off quickly.

Many admit that Instagram has become the most profitable business platform on the Internet, business people, including advertisers, take this into account. Let’s talk about how to create your own page and what benefits it will give you.

Why choose Instagram as your business page

If you are promoting your business, for example, direct sales of goods, you should pay attention to Instagram. Today this social network is one of the most popular in the world.

It has over 1 billion registered users. Therefore, it attracts all categories of entrepreneurs: from those who have their own small business to the heads of large companies.

Perhaps you have been using your page on this social network for a long time, post your photos here, subscribe to the accounts of users you are interested in, exchange information and comments. But these are far from all the possibilities of Instagram.

If you have your own business, this social network will open up in front of you from a new side.

And it’s not so important whether you offer tutoring services, or you have a large company that is gaining momentum. Here everyone will discover additional opportunities.

Instagram can offer convenient tools with which you will interact with your target audience. But which in this case is preferable – to have a personal page, or to register your own business account?

Бизнес страница в инстаграм или личный аккаунт?

You can try both if you want. But since many are familiar with personal pages, let’s go straight to the topic of business.

What are the benefits of a business profile? Everything on Instagram is so simple and convenient that not only a specialist engaged in promoting pages on social networks can maintain an account here, but also the entrepreneur himself.

This will take very little time. And the funds invested in such a page will quickly pay off.

But you will receive extended statistics and a number of options, thanks to which it will be convenient for customers to get acquainted with your products and order them.

What a business page will give you:

  1. Draws the attention of the target audience to your products or services.
  2. The traffic of your business account will be significantly higher than that of your personal page.
  3. You will get new customers.
  4. You can develop and apply in practice new ways to promote your business.
  5. Free tools for analyzing statistics are provided in your business account.

You can use a constant mode to evaluate whether it is successful or not, the promotion of goods is going on, whether new marketing moves justify themselves, which audience is in particular demand for your products.

If necessary, you can quickly rebuild, change the advertising of certain goods or services. Or, perhaps, to reduce the output of one product and increase the production of another.

С помощью бизнес страницы в инстаграм вы будете видеть подробную статистику

With the help of a business account, you will find out: residents of which regions most actively visit your page, at what time of the day users visit you most often. Also, statistics will tell you what age category your products or services are interested in, and who are the main guests – men or women.

Also using statistics:

  • you will be able to evaluate the results of promotions;
  • you will track the growth of the page popularity;
  • find out which posts have received the most views.

Statistics will show likes and reposts, as well as comments made by users to your posts.

Business profile and personal page – what to choose

The main thing for a business person is to inform potential customers about what he can offer them. The business profile will allow you to specify on a separate line what your firm or company does.

Also in such a profile it is very convenient to place all the contact information and coordinates of the company. It is enough for the client to click on the “How to call” button – and he will immediately contact you at the desired number.

Бизнес страница в инстаграм имеет удобные кнопки

Other functions are provided. For example, there is an “Email” button that will allow a user to quickly send you an email.

Also, a potential client, having logged into his account, will find out where your office is located, thanks to the “How to get there” button. She will direct it to Google Maps, where the location of the company is already marked.

Very convenient for users and special buttons that allow them to buy or order a product, book a room or sign up for a service.

In addition, this social network provides for live communication. Page guests can ask you questions, leave reviews. Such a connection with the audience is simply invaluable for a businessman!

With the help of a business page, you will notify potential customers about promotions. This is in great demand today. Such a promotion tool can significantly increase sales. You will be able to communicate about your brand to those who were not familiar with it before.

A business profile can be made from a personal page. If, for some reason, the need for such an account disappears, you will again make the page personal.

How to create your own business page in Instragram?

You can create a business page on both Facebook and Instagram. Let’s take a closer look at both options.

Create a Facebook business account

Business page on Facebook and Instagram are very closely related. The most convenient way to work with Instagram is through Facebook. To do this, you will need to create a page for your company in the FB, and then link it to your Instagram profile.

Perhaps your company already has its own Facebook page. If not, start with this.

  1. Open FB and find the word “Create” in the header of the page on the right. By clicking on it, you will see a menu. Choose the top position in it – the one where the flag is drawn and “Page” is written. Создаем бизнес-аккаунт в Фейсбуке
  2. Then you can give preference to one of two options: “Company or brand” and “Community or public person”. Have you decided? Click on the “Start” button.
  3. Now you will be prompted to enter the required information in the fields provided. You must indicate the name of your company, what activities it is engaged in, at what address it is located, and a contact phone number is also required.

Please note – you have the option not to indicate the exact location of the office, but limit only to the region and the city.

Then you can continue to fill your company’s Facebook page with various information (this social network is also an excellent promotion tool, it is especially worth noting that there is an inexpensive and effective advertising), or you can immediately switch to the business page on Instagram.

In this case, to link two accounts to each other, you will need to install the appropriate application on your phone. Since from a computer or from a laptop (that is, from the browser version) you will not be able to link Instagram and Facebook.

Create an Instagram business page

If you have not used Instagram yet, you need to go to Google Play or the App Store, and then download the official app. Install it, and then:

  • Choose “Create Account”. You will need to provide a phone number, email.
  • Next, you come up with a username and password.
  • After completing registration, you can connect to Facebook.
  • Now open in the Instragram menu on your phone. We select “Settings”. Настройки бизнес страницы в инстаграм
  • Next you will see the Account section. Now you need an option: “Switch to a professional account.”
  • At the same time, Instagram will ask which one suits you best – “Author” or “Business”? You decide on this point, and under the “Business” option, click on the “Next” button. Подключаем профессиональный аккаунт

The social network developers have prepared for you information about all the benefits of a business account. But in principle, you already know everything – you read about this above.

Now you need to make your page as attractive to users as possible.

Page decoration

How to format your business description? You have to choose the category that most accurately characterizes the goods or services that you plan to promote.

For example, Personal Blog, Creativity, Art, Product / Service, Shopping & Retail, Health / Beauty, Grocery Store. Found a suitable area? If not, don’t worry – some inaccuracy is acceptable here, then you can go back and fix it.

Let’s say you selected “Grocery store”. Instagram will clarify again: “Convert to a business account?”

Please note that if you give a positive answer, the page will be open and all users will be able to see it.

On the other hand, it is very easy to make a business page personal again, where you can, if you wish, upload photos and other information in private.

Double-check the specified contact information – it will be visible on your profile so that all interested parties can contact you. This is an address, phone number and email.

Can I do without Facebook?

Yes, of course. This is especially true if you did not intend to write on Facebook about your company. And then another question arises – how to create a business account on Instagram if you have a personal page?

At the top right of your page there is a button that allows you to change the parameters. You need to select “Edit Profile”.

We look further. The required button will be named differently in different devices. For example, “Try Instagram Business Tools.” Or “Switch to a professional account.”

In this case, when the service asks if you need to be linked to Facebook, you will choose a negative answer.

Editing profile

When deciding on a category that describes the activities of your company, you might not find an exact match. In this case, most likely you have provided an example.

For example, while doing professional grooming of dogs, we settled on the category “Product / Service”. Now you want to change this information, as your skills have expanded, you have mastered the art of hairdressing, and you are already working with people.

Or, let’s say you now have other contact information. How to change your Instagram address? As well as the category and other information?

Find the “Edit Profile” option. Now you can make any necessary adjustments. Not only change categories, but also insert new avatars, indicate other communication methods – in a word, manage all information.

Return to your personal Instagram page

You may want your Instagram business page to be personal again. It is very easy to do this.

Start by logging into your mobile app. Select the button in the upper right corner and open the menu.

Now you need “Settings”. Next, you click on “Account” and then select the option “Switch to personal account”. Please note that by making such a decision, you will lose all the statistics that you have accumulated in your business profile.

If your Instagram business page is linked to Facebook, select Linked Accounts, then click the Facebook button and unlink.

Which famous people and companies are leading business pages on Instagram?

You can’t list all of them, of course. This is Kevin Systrom – the creator of this social network, billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg – one of the developers of Facebook.

Бизнес страницы известных людей и компаний

This is the Magnit online store with thousands of subscribers.

And also – the telephone company Megafon (which even launches discussions with customers on Instagram), the Russian branch of the Burger King company, Artemy Lebedev’s studio and many, many others.

Follow their example. Creating a business page on Instagram will help you expand the circle of potential customers, provide the necessary statistics regarding the promotion of goods or services, and make it possible to conduct promotions. For many, this will become a serious help in running their business.

Sincerely, Tatiana Shagarina
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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