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Business on Instagram: where to start, how to run + 12 ideas (2021)

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to start a business on Instagram – in a step-by-step guide.
  • Ways to promote your business: 7 methods.
  • 4 tips on how to run a business account.
  • 12 business ideas on Instagram.

All tips and tricks are relevant in 2021.

How to start an Instagram business: a step-by-step guide

Let’s go straight to the practical part of the article. Let’s talk about how to start an Instagram business. To do this, we will consider 5 main steps: from choosing a niche to analyzing target audience.

Choosing a niche

Before starting your own business on the Instagram social network, you need to choose a niche. The easiest way to choose a direction is to do something you like.

For example, if you like to organize holidays, you can safely open an event agency and start looking for clients through Instagram.

Important: Instagram is great for selling various goods and services: for example, clothing, building materials , travel and beauty salon services.

If you have difficulties finding a niche, then towards the end of the article we will look at 12 ideas for an Instagram business.

Create an account

So, you have chosen the direction of future activities. Now you need to register an account on the social network.

The most important step at the registration stage is choosing a nickname. It should be concise and understandable. For example, you can use the name of your company or brand as a nickname.

Try to come up with a short and memorable nickname – this will make it easier for potential customers to find you in search. Read more about the nickname in our article “How to come up with a beautiful and original nickname on Instagram”.

Connect your business account immediately after registration. To do this, go to the profile settings and go to the “Account” section. Here click “Switch to professional account”.

Переход на профессиональный аккаунт

Next, you need to select the category of your business.

Designing a profile

The next step is to design a profile. It consists of several basic steps. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Stages of creating an Instagram account:

  • Avatar. First you need to upload an avatar. It should be bright and memorable. For example, you can use a beautiful photo of a main product or a company logo.
  • Profile name. Come up with a name for the profile – for example, a company name or a business line.
  • Hat. Fill out the “About me” section. Indicate what you are doing, add information about the delivery of goods. In general, only important information for potential buyers needs to be added to the profile header.
  • Feed. Think about the style for future posts right away. For example, the ribbon can be styled in a single style.
Красиво оформленный профиль в Инстаграм
Example a well-formed account

Read more about setting up an Instagram account in our article.

Analyzing the target audience

The next step is to analyze the target audience. You need to understand who your potential customers are.

To do this, “draw” a portrait of the target audience. First of all, determine their gender, interests, occupation and age: for example, women 23-35 years old who are interested in fashion and work in the field of design.

This will help you understand where is the best place to look for potential customers. Also, a portrait of the target audience will help when setting up targeted advertising.

Competitor Analysis

Next, analyze the main competitors. See how they use promotion and account management techniques. Study their audience – as a rule, this is your target audience.

Interesting features that your competitors have, you can use in your Instagram account.

The easiest way to find competitors on Instagram is by keywords and hashtags. Simple example: If you sell women’s clothing, search for the keyword “women’s clothing”. Your main competitors who sell clothes for women will appear in the search results.

Developing a content plan

After analyzing the target audience and competitors, you need to draw up a content plan. At least a week ahead. This way you will have no problem finding ideas for posts.

Пример КП для Инстаграм
Sample Instagram content plan

Content plan is a publication schedule. You can make a plan for a week, a month, or even a year.

Business promotion on Instagram: 7 ways

Now let’s talk about promoting a business on Instagram. Let’s look at 7 effective ways to promote.

Targeted ads

One of the most effective ways to promote a business is targeted advertising. You need to select the target audience and compose an ad – and then launch the ad.

This is a paid way to promote. You can launch a target in a few minutes. To do this, you need to connect a business account and open any post in your feed. Then use the “Promote” option.

Продвижение постов в Instagram

We recommend starting the promotion with a budget of 5,000 rubles or more – this is enough to test various bundles: ad + audience.

Mass following and mass liking

Another effective promotion method is mass action. More precisely, mass following and massliking.

The essence of the method: you subscribe to the accounts of your target audience and like their posts. This way you get their attention, after which potential customers go to your profile.

Part of this audience becomes clients: they buy your goods and services, sign up for a consultation.

All actions can be automated – you do not have to manually put likes, subscribe to accounts. The Zengram service will help you with this.

Продвижение бизнеса через Zengram

He performs all the necessary promotion actions for you – you only need to set up the promotion once. It’s safe – the profile will not be blocked for exceeding the limits.

The first 3 days are free.

Get Started with Zengram >>>

Advertising with bloggers

Like the two previous methods, this is a paid method of promoting a business on Instagram. Your task is as follows: you find several Instagram bloggers (2-3 influencers are enough for a start) and negotiate advertising with them.

The cost of one advertising post depends on the number of blogger subscribers. For example, the price of one advertising post for an author with an audience of 100,000 subscribers starts from 10,000 rubles. But you should understand that if you have made a competent and selling post, then these investments will pay off in 2-3 days after the publication of the advertisement.

Important: Before buying an ad from a blogger, you need to check it for cheating. How to do this, read our article “How to check Instagram for cheating likes and subscribers.”


At the initial stages of business profile development, try cheating. This way you will be able to attract the first audience – subscribers and likes.

Thanks to the promotion, your account will not look empty. This will significantly increase the conversion to sales, since the audience trusts more pages with subscribers.

You can increase subscribers and likes using the LikeInsta service. It’s free to get started – no registration or assignments required.

Продвижение Instagram-бизнеса через LikeInsta

If you want to quickly promote your profile, you can buy likes, followers, comments – it’s cheap and completely safe.

Get started with LikeInsta >>>


This is a free way to promote your business on Instagram. To do this, you need to use hashtags under the posts. We recommend inserting 15-20 tags.

But remember that all tags should be related to the topic of the post: for example, for a post about a beauty salon, tags related to beauty will do. Also, you do not need to “shove” only popular million-plus hashtags. Otherwise, your posts will be lost among other publications.


Be sure to include geolocation for your posts. Especially if you are promoting a local business – for example, a cafe or a photo studio.

Potential clients often look for goods and services in their city – using geotags. Therefore, geolocation is a great way to acquire customers for free.


Run contests among subscribers. Play your products and services. To do this, you need to come up with the terms of the competition.

The most banal and effective way to hold a drawing: participants need to subscribe to your profile, like the contest post and mark two friends in the comments. This will increase the organic reach of the competition – and this will help in attracting new subscribers for free.

How to run a business account: 4 tips

Tips for maintaining a business account:

  • Constantly communicate with your audience. Respond to their comments and messages in Direct; broadcast live and IGTV.
  • Try different formats. This is about content. Publish not only classic posts in photo + text format. Upload Stories, record videos, create carousel posts.
  • Constantly analyze the effectiveness of your promotion. Study profile statistics, analyze the effectiveness of different advertising platforms and promotion methods.
  • Submit your posts regularly. Create a publication schedule and follow it. For example, publish 4 posts a week – no less.

TOP-12 business ideas on Instagram

Now let’s take a look at some Instagram business ideas. Our mini-selection includes only those destinations that are best viewed in this social network.

Business Ideas:

  1. Online clothing store.
  2. Promotion and maintenance of other people’s accounts (services of an Instagram marketer).
  3. Earnings on affiliate programs.
  4. Sale handmade goods (handmade goods).
  5. Promotion of photographers’ services.
  6. Beauty salon.
  7. Restaurant, cafe, bar.
  8. Selling your own expertise – courses, consultations, master classes.

  9. Selling photos.
  10. Selling ads in your Instagram account.
  11. Creating masks.
  12. Designer services – such as professional profiling.


Now you know how and where to start a business on Instagram. As you can see, the main thing is to find a niche. After that, you can immediately start creating and promoting a profile.

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