Покупка просмотров для Инстаграм в Likemania

Boost views on Instagram in 5 minutes: TOP-7 ways

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to boost views on Instagram: 7 working ways + instructions.
  • Why do you need a video boost.

Tips and tricks that are in the article are operating in 2021. Therefore, feel free to use them to promote your profile.

How to boost views on Instagram: TOP-7 ways

Let’s immediately look at 7 ways to increase views on Instagram – without a long introduction and review of goals (more on this closer to the end of the article).


Likemania is a convenient and reliable service where you can wind up a lot of views for videos (including IGTV) on Instagram. Cheap. It’s also safe: the service adheres to the limits. Also, using the service, you can wind up views on Stories.

Накрутка просмотров в Лайкмании

There are two types of cheat available:

  • Attracting live people. These are real users with an avatar, real names and posts.
  • Cheat bots and offers. These are robots with empty accounts. But some have avatars.

You can work with Likemania without tasks – just select the service you need from the list, specify the number of views, insert a link to the video. Be sure to include your E-mail.

Pay for your order in a convenient way: by credit card, electronic wallets. One viewing costs 0.04 rubles.

The task will start within 5-40 minutes after payment. You will see the current status of the order.

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LikeInsta is a service for boosting views, comments, followers on Instagram. You can work on the site for free – for this, register in the system and complete tasks.


If you want to quickly promote a video, you can buy views – for example, place a quick order.

The price of the service starts from 0.10 rubles.

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Bosslike is an online social media promotion service. It is similar in principle to LikeInsta.

Сервис Босслайк

There are two options:

  • Free. It takes your time. Complete tasks and earn points. Spend these points to promote your profile.
  • Paid. Buy points for real money and spend them on boosting views. You can place a quick order – without registering on the site.

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Godlikes is a handy online social media cheat tool to help you quickly get views on videos. Paid.

Накрутка просмотров в Godlikes

There are two options for cheating:

  • Elite. This is an option for video promotion. Cost – from 0.10 rubles.
  • Pro. For IGTV singles only. Price – from 0.10 rub.

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PrSkill is a service that is used for promotion on popular social networks. You can wind up views for videos and Stories.


The minimum order size is 500 units. Automatic execution of the task begins immediately after payment. In rare cases, there may be a delay of up to 6 hours.


SMOService is an online service where you can buy views for videos and IGTV. The order is processed quickly, without delays.


The cost of views starts from 0.09 rubles. This is the attraction of offers. You can order a cheat service for an unlimited number of views.


SMM CRAFT is a modern service for automatic promotion in social networks. You can buy video views.

SMM CRAFT — сервис для раскрутки в социальных сетях

Package offers are available on the site:

  • 1000 views for 345 rubles
  • 3000 views for 870 rubles
  • 20,000 views for 4350 rubles

Step-by-step instructions for boosting views

Let’s move on to the step-by-step instructions. We will show you how to quickly wind up views for a video.

For this, we will use the Likemania service. It’s safe. The site also has a very simple and user-friendly interface.

Go to the “Likemania” website and select the desired service. In our case, views.

Выбираем услуг в Likemania
Select a service

Then select the type – we recommend “Live”; specify the desired number of views. Paste the video link and enter your email address.

Pay for your order in any convenient way. The task will then begin.

Покупка просмотров для Инстаграм в Likemania
Pay for order

You can also boost followers, likes, comments, saves and reach in Likmania.

Why do you need a video boost: goals

Why do you need to boost views on a video:

  • Promotion of your account.
  • Selling services to promote other people’s videos.
  • Earnings from advertising.
  • Increase coverage.
  • Hit the recommendation.


We’ve looked at the best ways to boost Instagram views. As you can see, there is nothing difficult here. Some sites don’t even need to register. Plus it’s very cheap.

If you cannot choose a service from the list, then we recommend Likemania. It’s safe, convenient and reliable.

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