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Blog on Instagram from scratch – how to start and promote: ideas and examples

Often, to make money on the Internet, users create a blog on Instagram from scratch. It is a popular social network. Here you can catch the attention of millions of active subscribers.

When planning to grow your account, think about which theme is best to use. Do not forget about the design and many more nuances. Check out our today’s post for all the details.

How to start promoting your blog

If you spend a lot of time on social networks, why not make money from it? You can become a popular blogger on Instagram. Before you start posting, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

  1. Decide on the topic. Choose one that you are good at or interested in.
  2. Create a separate account. Ideally, to a third-party phone number or email address.
  3. Create a plan, choose a time to post. It is important that the first time the content appears on a strictly designated schedule.
  4. Be sure to think over the design of your page, draw up in accordance with the theme that the blog will be devoted to.
  5. Choose a high-quality, easy-to-remember avatar. Do not use logos of corporate organizations, brands. People are eager to follow real users.
  6. Create a nickname for yourself. This can be the name of an animal, site. Use epithets and quotes for your nickname.
  7. If you plan to attract people from Instagram to your site, be sure to attach a link to it to your blog.

After everything has been worked out moments, create your first publication. But don’t describe why you decided to start blogging.

Start with the essence – what the account will be about, what information users can always find here. Trust me, the first post should grab the attention of virtual users.

Profile order – take care of this beforehand

Do not rush to publish your first post on the page. Review the following guidelines first. Put things in order in your personal profile, so to speak. This will provide an opportunity to constantly attract people.


Use a photo of a real person. Best of all yours. It would be nice if the snapshot was combined with the theme of your blog.

For example, there would be a thematic inscription on a T-shirt. Choose a portrait that shows your face clearly. You can apply filters and effects. But, don’t overdo it. Keep your photos natural and organic.


Choose a username that won’t duplicate or borrow from other Instagram bloggers. Try not to use a lot of characters.

Readers and subscribers should quickly remember the name. Ideally, it should be written in Latin, while having a Russian-speaking sound.


Be sure to indicate your name here, your subscribers should call you somehow and contact you in case of contact. Enter a brief information about yourself.

Use interesting symbols, emoticons and gestures for decoration.

Используйте для оформления блога интересные символы, смайлы и жесты

You can indicate your marital status only if the topic is related to this moment.

Leave a link to your email or to the site with which the account is associated. Don’t forget to include hashtags that validate your blog’s theme.

Note! Avoid general phrases. Describe yourself and your activities in clear sentences. Remember, you must be different from other Instagram users.

Posting rules

The content on your page is key. If you fail to attract the attention of users, they will leave your page irrevocably. To win your audience, you need to follow the rules.

  • Posts should be small. Enough 1-2 paragraphs or a few sentences. Briefly describe the story, ask rhetorical questions.
  • Do not forget to put blank lines (paragraphs) in the text. They will split the post canvas into several small, easy-to-read chunks.
  • Don’t include unnecessary details. Try to tell only the specifics, do not casually touch on the accompanying points.
  • If there is a photo in the post (it is desirable to attach it), make an appropriate description, insert thematic hashtags. Обязательно ставьте хэштэги к фото в блоге в Инстаграм
  • If subscribers ask you questions, be sure to provide answers. Feedback is an important factor in the development of a blog on Instagram.

In addition to attracting subscribers to your blog, do not forget to subscribe to the profiles of interest and be active in them. If you have competitors, like them, leave comments.

Ribbon decoration

The feed is your blog’s business card. Remember, before the fashion was for light or black and white photos? Times have changed, few people look at such pictures. Prefer naturalness.

The combined photos in the feed are perfectly perceived by viewers.

For example, your full-length photos, portraits, cityscapes and other compositions are ideally combined in one publication. Make collages of these images and publish with attractive descriptions and hashtags.

Try to use filters as little as possible. If you cannot do without them, then use tools that will not take away naturalness. To see how compositions from different angles will be combined, use special tools: VSCO, Snapspeed.


Stories are gradually replacing ordinary posts with photos in the Instagram feed. With live posting, your followers will be able to follow your life like a TV show.

With short stories, you can attract even more users to your subscribers.

Stories привлекает больше пользователей в блог Инстаграм

When recording a video, do not forget to process it. It is in these versions of publications that originality is important. Use any of the following editors.

  1. Inshot – allows you to combine several videos into one video, generates different effects and transitions, it is possible to embed music and filters.
  2. Unfold – it is easy to create collages and filter videos here. There are strokes, stickers, various effects for Stories.
  3. Instories – allows you to create beautiful animated stories with an overlay of music. You can choose one of 90 filters.

Pay attention! When posting stories, do not forget to divide them into groups (headings). To do this, create highlights (pinned stories).

Ways of promotion and promotion

Suppose you designed your profile according to our recommendations, wrote several posts, but there is no organic traffic? This is a very common problem.

Today, the share of organic traffic is extremely small. Therefore, you will have to untwist in a mutually beneficial or paid way. Let’s consider each of them in more detail in order to rise from zero to the first 100,000 rubles.

Mutually beneficial PR

This method implies active advertising of any user from Instagram, and he, in turn, will advertise you. But do not forget a few points:

  • user activity should not be cheated, ideally if users send comments, like posts;
  • look for PR accounts with a similar audience like yours. Let it be competitors. If you have a well-developed subscriber base, the user will not give up on mutual benefit;
  • discuss the details of cooperation: specify how many posts per day you need to advertise, whether likes and comments are required for Stories.

Try to choose bloggers for mutual PR who don’t collaborate with anyone else in this regard. The more mutually beneficial, the less responsive the real audience will be.

Shoutout For Shoutout

Almost the same mutual PR. But, completely different conditions apply here. Let’s take a closer look at them.

  1. The user opens SFS, asks to tell your subscribers about his account.
  2. The blogger asks to clarify the information about himself as much as possible within the framework of the thematic audience.
  3. In turn, he selects profiles which he liked the most.
  4. He talks about them on his blog using Stories or in posts.

Your task is to win a bet. The result is advertising from well-promoted bloggers, adding new real and active subscribers.

Buying ads

To develop your own blog, you can order paid advertising. This way of promoting will bring more subscribers. If you have a young blog, then there is no point in investing in expensive advertising, where you need to invest about 10,000 rubles.

Use small blogs for this. It will be enough for you to invest 100-500 rubles in them to get the first promotion. Usually, bloggers who have a small increase in subscribers are more effective in promoting your account. All advertising is carried out within the framework of the Instagram social network.

Note! If you plan on constantly promoting your blog, then write down each result. As a result, you will be able to analyze them, choose well-recommended partners for making money.

Having figured out the basics, you can start creating a blog about children, hobbies, hobbies, earnings, which will become memorable and authoritative in the future.

Creating a creative blog on Instagram using a real example

We will consider the instructions for creating a blog using the desktop version of the browser. Follow a simple algorithm.

  1. The first is registration, without it you won’t even be able to like publications. Click the “Register” button. Для создания блога в инстаграм с нуля нужно зарегистрироваться
  2. Fill in all the fields, come up with an adequate username (remember the rules we talked about above). Заполняем все поля при регистрации блога
  3. After registration, go to your profile. Click the Edit Profile button. We fill in information about ourselves, put the correct hashtags. All fields are filled in – click “Send”. Заполняем информацию о себе для блога в инстаграм с нуля
  4. Now let’s make our first post, let people know about us. Let’s take a smartphone for this. You can use paid services that help you publish without leaving your computer. Select a photo on the device, if you need to perform its minimal processing, then in the Instagram application press the “Add” button. Добавляем первую публикацию в блог в инстаграме
  5. Add a description to the post, apply hashtags and send it for publication. Click the “Share” button. After that, your post will appear in the feed among subscribers. Отправляем пост на публикацию в блоге

As you can see, creating posts is not difficult. The main thing is to keep them short, to describe everything you want to say in accessible words.

Interesting practice! Start following any user’s Instagram accounts, put likes. In response to your activity, people will perform reciprocal actions. This will help you build your first subscriber base.

Some promotion tips for beginners

You can always use simple, no less effective methods of initial promotion on Instagram.

  1. Always stay active. Try to post regularly. It is better to do this at first two or three times a day.
  2. In addition to photo posts, create “Stories”, they will be viewed more often. The audience will be engaged.
  3. Use interesting ideas for the photo: do not repeat what you have already gone through, create collages and come up with original positions.
  4. Do not forget to describe the work moments. Keep it short, don’t clutter your posts with meaningless text.
  5. Ask your friends to like or share your post on their page.
  6. Use activity chats when you create a blog. To do this, register in Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber. Always stay connected for subscribers.

We strongly do not recommend that you use fake subscribers – bots. They do not perform any activity.

Summing it up

If you are planning to create a blog on Instagram from scratch, then we recommend that you carefully study and familiarize yourself with the topic that you plan to develop. It is important to create unique content, not to duplicate other bloggers. This will give an opportunity to present your profile from a unique perspective, to distinguish it from others in related directions.

Sincerely, Victoria Chernyshenko
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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