Best Marketing & Sales Books for Newbies: A Personal Selection of 2021

The best books on marketing and sales serve as an ongoing introduction to the direction. Agree, it is impossible to know everything, even if you are educated in this area.

To maintain a stable income, you need to constantly improve your skills, be interested in new information. In today’s article, we’ll look at the best sources to draw knowledge and fill in the gaps.

Book rating: 19 best editions for beginners and professionals

Print publications with in-depth marketing information are constantly updated and have the latest information. One of these books needs to be purchased once or twice a year. This will help to analyze in more detail new questions in the field of sales, because it is difficult to find narrow information on the Internet.

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“Marketing without a budget” Igor Mann

This book is one of the modern editions. The tools described in it can be used in 2020.

It tells in detail about the techniques, which to choose and at what time to apply. Marketing Without a Budget helps you figure out how to make sales and manage your business plan in a tight funding environment.

Книга И. Манн

Please note that with the help of this material, even a beginner will be able to raise the level of his efficiency (efficiency) at low costs.

“In one word. A book for those who want to come up with a good title. 33 lessons ”Sergey Malaykin

If you own a personal business or are a director of a firm, then this printed guide to marketing and advertising is a great help.

Одним словом - одна из лучших книг по маркетингу и продажам

The book describes in detail what steps should be taken when coming up with names for a company or brand. These tutorials were written by a designer and a namer. The author makes his living by creating interesting brands and logos for them.

“Marketing from A to Z: 80 Concepts Every Manager Should Know” Philip Kotler

This printed publication contains 80 tactics that will help you run your business and marketing plan without flaws or mistakes. The book talks about what classic details can be used to run a successful business. New and old schemes are considered that actually work.

“Marketing Hack”. Barden Phil

A printed book for creative thinking. The publication tells about why a person makes purchases and what desires they are guided by.

Книга Барден Фила

After reading the material, a practicing marketer or director will look at the buyer’s world from a different perspective. This makes it possible to feel and understand how to properly build your sales.

“One Page Marketing Plan” by Allan Deeb

The book contains and describes in detail the instructions that will help in drawing up a plan and promoting your own product. After reading, you will receive complete information on how to draw up a marketing plan step by step.

Аллан Диб и книга «Одностраничный маркетинговый план»

Subsequently, the expansion and stabilization of the chosen direction in business will take place. The book provides 9 points and 3 stages to achieve the goal.

“100+ hacks for internet marketers” Denis Savelyev, Evgeniya Kryukova

Book in the format of step-by-step instructions. It talks about how to increase conversions in remote earnings. In addition, you can learn in detail about the features of attracting more traffic to the site.

Книга для привлечения трафика и увеличения конверсии

In order for the reader to better understand the information provided, the publication has prepared many real examples of what has been achieved. After reading, you will get a good skill in attracting target customers to buy your product.

“How to open an online store and not close in a month” Alexander Veres, Pavel Trubetskov

Reading the printed edition guarantees the correct creation of the online store. The result is a first-class business model that will help you consistently make money on sales from your resource. By using the listed instructions, you will always stay in the first place, leaving the competition behind.

“Your Favorite Instagram” Victoria Serafimova

The author tells by his own example how to develop your own blog on Instagram and make money on it. Thanks to this review, each reader will be able to learn how to properly create posts and publish them to their account.

As part of the book, you will get acquainted with the strategy for promoting your own account, learn how to process photos so that they attract the attention of users. Following the instructions, you can promote your personal brand that will bring in targeted customers.

“99 laws of explosive PR. Book-workshop “Roman Maslennikov

The book clearly describes the personal experience of a PR specialist, how he managed to bypass competitors and offer consumers his already promoted product. Step by step tells about the struggle of the entrepreneur for the attention of the consumer.

Книга-практикум для маркетологов и продажников

At the end of the study of the printed material, you will figure out how to promote and make cool campaigns, advertise your brand and product. Create your own brand for recognition. Also, with the correct understanding of the methodology, you can achieve business expansion and increased profits, respectively.

Selling the Unseen by Harry Beckwid

The book is devoted to an overview of the commandments that will help in the sale of services. Everyone knows that selling something you can’t touch is harder.

After reading Harry Beckwid’s work, you will learn to explain to the client in an accessible way why it is beneficial for him to take advantage of your offer. The book contains professional advice in this direction, so you can safely start practicing right away.

“Marketing Wars” Jake Trout and Al Rice

This book explains how to build a business. The publication compares marketing with military action.

Having studied the material thoroughly, you will be able to independently think over the strategy. By following it, you will not make serious mistakes in doing business.

Маркетинговые воины - книга для начинающего бизнесмена

The book can be compared to legitimate adventurism. This is characterized by the fact that recommendations are considered internally, how you can subtly and imperceptibly push your competitor to commit a fatal mistake and business collapse.

“The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini

This is one of the best marketing books. She helps to achieve incredible success. Based on real events from a well-known marketer.

Many tips and tricks about advertising and marketing are covered here. After reading, you will get acquainted with real-life experience and gain a stable skill for promoting your own product.

Психология Убеждения - одна из лучших книг в сфере маркетинга

The author tells what advice is best to use to convince the client to use your product. The book tells about how to really increase your sales and choose the right strategy for influencing a person.

“Key figures. How to make more money with the data you already have ”Dimitri Maeks and Paul Brown

Printed edition, compiled in simple language. The source will tell you how to use existing parameters in the business to increase sales and generate good income.

Книга Д. Маекс и П.Брауна для увеличения продаж

Strategies will be discussed here with no additional cost. After studying the essence of the information in this book on marketing, you will be able to allocate resources, anticipate the actions of each client.

You can also optimize your pages for thematic keywords. This will generate more leads and leads.

“Vkontakte business promotion. Systematic approach ”Dmitry Rumyantsev

Many people try to promote their own business through Vkontakte. This is one of the multi-million dollar visit networks.

After studying this book on social media marketing, you will receive reliable information on how to properly organize your business, attract traffic and target customers. The author willingly tells about all the features of running a commercial page.

“The main marketing book” Alexey Filanovsky

This marketing book is not a visual aid or an A to Z tutorial on doing business online. But, it discusses important nuances, aspects and sorted out fundamental techniques.

Одним словом - одна из лучших книг по маркетингу и продажам0

They will help not only to carry out the correct construction of the business, but also to conduct it flawlessly, overcoming all stages and attracting new customers. The print edition may be of interest to private entrepreneurs and government officials. Suitable for marketers and advertisers.

“How to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising. Practical guide “Alexander Nazaikin

A marketing book that looks at advertising performance in detail. Having received the basics of its development, you can prepare your own project and properly advertise it, reach out to the client.

This book explores various techniques, research, and examples of improving advertising. On the basis of this, you can independently promote goods from customers by organizing your own advertising agency.

“Tipping Point” Malcolm Gladwell

The book contains information on the propagation of new ideas, products and habitual types of behavior of your future customers. After studying the manual, you will be able to assess the real situation: why one business becomes an “epidemic” and captures a lot of customers, while another crashes.

Одним словом - одна из лучших книг по маркетингу и продажам1

The reader can independently understand how to influence such processes. Read the book cover to cover, then you will have new knowledge that you never imagined as a beginner in marketing.

“SEO – the art of website promotion” R. Fikshin, D. Scritciola, E. Enge, S. Spencer

Search engine marketing is also important. Therefore, the presented book is very popular. The authors have created step-by-step instructions for their readers on how to do business on the Internet.

The printed work is devoted to the creation of SEO-content and website development. The book tells that the site is a way of life. If you do not think so, then it will be impossible to achieve success.

“Purple Cow” Seth Godin

The source discusses a realistic approach that can be used to attract customers. This can be done with powerful products.

Одним словом - одна из лучших книг по маркетингу и продажам2

The purple cow is an example. As the author is convinced, not a single consumer will pass by such a character. After reading the publication, you will learn how to “keep an animal, feed it and milk it.”

The best marketing books for beginners will help you get some extra education and go deep enough into the advertising process. If you study the information comprehensively, you can attract more attention from target customers and keep your business afloat.

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Why you need to read books on internet marketing

Everyone who works in advertising, sales and marketing can make mistakes. Undoubtedly, they learn from them. But, some of them can become fatal and cause instability in your business.

It’s easier to learn how to avoid such “oversights”. To achieve efficiency in activities, you need to regularly update your marketing knowledge. That is why printed sources are created.

So, why do we need timely study, what does it give us?

  1. Opportunity for self-realization.
  2. Broadening horizons in the advertising business.
  3. Acquaintance with personal experience and its repetition in their activities.
  4. Implementation and application information in practice.
  5. Ability to control subordinates (for business owners).

Summing up

In the past, the marketing profession was biased. Today, this direction occupies a leading position in the ratings. Advanced marketers get a hefty amount of money for their work.

However, in order to constantly work in this mode and delight potential customers, you must regularly undergo self-training. This will give you the best reputation among customers.

Sincerely, Victoria Chernyshenko
specially for the project

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