Естественная обработка фото - тренд 2021

Beautiful Instagram design: examples and trends 2021

Visual on Instagram is not just a beautiful design. The number of subscribers and buyers or customers directly depends on how your account looks. A coolly designed profile will allow your business to stand out from competitors, show your product in a creative and unusual way.

As soon as a user visits a page on Instagram, he very quickly gives it a rating and instantly decides whether to subscribe to it or scroll further. The human brain can process tens of thousands of units of visual content per hour. It is programmed to react faster to images than text format.

Scrolling through the feed of an Instagram account, a person evaluates it for value and interest. If the assessment is positive, the next stage is the appearance or lack of desire to choose a product or service and buy.

Since this process is very fast, the registration of an account should attract the user’s attention, keep it, inspire trust and desire to become your client. Let’s take a look at how to properly design an Instagram profile.

How to beautifully design an Instagram profile

How to style a profile header

The text of the account header must include the words that will be highlighted in the search. If your potential client types in the search the phrase “Ivanovo cakes”, and the header of your profile says “custom-made confectionery”, then he simply will not be logged into your account. If you provide any service or sell goods, then indicate them in the header.

Nick selection

Nick is not part of the Instagram profile design, but is closely related to it. The business account nickname often duplicates the avatar and company name. A nickname can be composed of a field of activity and a brand name. For example @adidassportswear.

Second option: query from search engines as profile name. For example, “Kirov’s manicure”. If you want to abbreviate a city name, it is important to use common abbreviations.

There is no need to complicate and come up with an overly long and sophisticated nickname that is difficult to remember and type without a link. Keep it simple and easy to remember to make it easier for a potential client to find you on Instagram.

If you’ve come up with the perfect nickname and it’s busy, play with underscores or dots. Please note that the maximum number of characters is 30.


Ava is a circular photo located in the upper left corner of the Instagram page. Don’t download the finished photo, take it yourself or order it.

Красиво оформленный Аватар

An avatar is the face of your business on social media. Therefore, it must be beautiful and catchy.

Account name

The easiest way to use the profile name is to use the name of a company, a personal brand. It will be recognizable, so it will be easier for the user to find you on the social network.

Profile Description

When creating a profile description, write in a language that your target audience, that is, potential customers, understands. Don’t use foreign words too often.

For example, you have an online store of exclusive European textiles. This means that the description should be such that it is perfectly understood by designers and seamstresses who buy expensive fabrics from Dior, Dolce Gabbana. In this case, you do not need to focus on buyers of cheap materials.

Be sure to indicate how you can be contacted:

  1. Provide reliable, up-to-date contacts.
  2. Check your email regularly, answer phone calls. The client should know that he does not go to emptiness.
  3. Put a link to the site in the “Website” tab.

If you are promoting your business through different channels and follow for traffic in web analytics systems, you can generate a UTM tag for a link from Instagram in a special service. You will need it for more information.

For example, to find out where a user came to your page on Instagram: from an advertisement to a story, from a profile description, or after a message in Direct.

To fit a link into a bio profile and make it attractive, shorten it in a special service. The maximum number of characters in the description is 180. To shorten and visually highlight its sections, use emoticons. For example, replace the word “phone” with a graphic sign with it.

Not sure what to write about your case? Briefly describe what you do, what services you provide, what products you sell. Submit an offer with a discount, free consultation, etc.

The description can include links to other Instagram accounts and tags. They will be clickable, which means the user can easily navigate through them.

If the profile promotes your personal business, then in the description indicate your unique hashtag, or one that is popular among your target audience and does not differ from the description. Another option is to collect reviews by hashtag for quick reference.

When making a profile, try to “guess” what your potential client wants to see. In the visual, broadcast your business, brand, product, service, and not just something “atmospheric”.

Eternal stories (highlights)

To transfer a story to Highlights immediately after publication, select it and add it to the current one. Eternal stories can be given a title and cover, and if necessary, edit them. You can also crop the cover.

If you add a new story to the archive, then the sections with updates will be the very first in the list. If you need to edit the archive, you need to go to the profile and click on the button for the required archive. Delete or edit Stories Highlights from the menu provided.

The signature for eternal stories should be clear and meaningful. Otherwise, the user is less willing to click on them. Especially if the cover and content are unrelated and the captions are truncated.

The design of eternal stories has its own trends. These include:

  1. Beautiful photos in one minimalistic style.
  2. Textures.
  3. Patterns.
  4. Collages.
  5. Monochrome background.

  6. Large, clear and legible text.

Pictures in the feed

A beautiful feed plays an important role in promoting an instagram account. Three important points in its development and design – color scheme, visual concept, publication plan.

Colors should evoke the emotions and mood you need in people. If your target audience is young people, then focus on bright colors.

Яркие тона в оформлении профиля

If your prospects are mostly older people, go for soft, pastel shades.

Пастельные оттенки в оформлении Инстаграм-профиля

When developing a visual concept, consider the type of information you publish. You will need grocery post templates for products and their alternating helpful tips. If you don’t need to post photos, use template images that blend well.

The human eye perceives regular connections better than disorder and chaos. The user sees the relationship between the photos in the feed. Therefore, it is important to always have a plan for future publications. This will give you an idea of ​​how your feed will look in its entirety.


In stories, you can post information about the range of services and goods, delivery and payment methods. In stories, inform customers about promotions and sales, catalog updates, publish reviews.

Share posts in storis, make collections. For example, archived contests or sweepstakes, read reviews, articles posted on the website.

What else to post to Stories:

  • Announcement of a significant event that needs attention.
  • Information about employees or a new project.
  • Frequently asked questions with answers.

Stories work best with unique photos and videos. For example, show your product in your hands. It will be livelier and brighter than a picture downloaded from the Internet.

Designing posts in the feed

Try to contrive, but at the same time follow two recommendations. The first is that everything that you do, you will do for your target audience. Second, you shouldn’t try to hear the opinion of absolutely every observer of the registered account. You can never make a decision that suits everyone.

Several popular ways to design posts in the feed:

  • A common filter for all photos will simplify the process of their post-processing.
Общий фильтр для всех фото
  • Checkerboard or patterns.
  • Шахматка в оформлении постов
    • Many people use collages instead of eternal stories. They will be appropriate in individual posts or in a situation when there is no money yet for image photography of products.
    • Subject photographs. Discard boring directories. Frames with settings or models are much more effective. They convey the flavor of the brand and the overall mood of the profile.

    Think about how you can make the background more varied, even if you don’t have the money to rent a studio and model services. Here are some options:

    • Whatman paper.
    • Unusual background, such as ragged walls, asphalt, parquet.
    • Scraps of materials and even regular bedding.
    • >

    • Pieces of glass, mirrors.

    Do not give up the beautiful design of visual content because of the prejudice that only professional designers, photographers and artists can do it. There are inexpensive and easy-to-use tools that will allow even a beginner to create Instagram visuals. For example, Canva.

    Оформление сторис в Canva

    Dozens of free templates, images, backgrounds, fonts, icons are available in it. If you want, you can even create your own template from scratch. In Canva, you can choose the right template for:

    • Instagram posts.
    • Stories.
    • Infographics.
    • Photo collages.

    Service excellent suitable for the design of beautiful visual content in the same style. At the same time, you do not have to spend money on the services of a designer and an artist, which is very important at the first stage of business development.

    Trends 2021

    The trends in photo processing for posts in the feed in 2021 are:

    • Natural processing. She looks like the photo hasn’t been touched at all. The secret of this method is to initially photograph in the right tones and not stretch the frame.
    Естественная обработка фото - тренд 2021
    • Black and white images or low contrast. They look impressive and facilitate the process of processing, because such photos are in good harmony with each other.
    • Intentional refusal to process. Today, random shots with highlights, smudged elements, and areas of grain are especially appreciated.

    In pursuit of trends, it is important to avoid common mistakes. The first and most common is the frequent and abrupt change in the visual style of the account. This confuses users.

    If you want to change the style, then do it gradually. Don’t introduce a new font, graphics, and color scheme at the same time. A drastic change in style will reduce user engagement by making posts look unusual.

    The second common mistake is the lack of a tape plan. For this reason, chaos can arise in it. For example, photos will contradict each other in meaning and content. Ugly combinations may also appear.

    How to correctly create an Instagram account for business

    The basis for a high-quality business account on Instagram is a content plan. This is a schedule for publishing posts with specific topics and at a specific time. When writing it, remember that each post should increase the level of subscribers’ trust in the product you offer and bring your main goal closer.

    Try not to get a profile a la Avito. It is suitable only for users who know exactly what they need and what they are willing to spend their money on. But very often a person comes to a page without a desire to purchase something, just out of curiosity.

    A business account requires sales posts and publications with information about discounts. But first, the audience needs “warming up”.

    A person will be scared off by posts that only contain a call to purchase. The word “buy” will not nudge him into action if he is not in tune with it.

    Better tell us about yourself, share useful tips, run contests with gifts. To keep your subscribers interested, alternate between different types of posts.

    And remember the main thing: people love and appreciate the truth. Do not lie, a smart person will notice it, and you will lose some of your subscribers.

    Every post should be natural and unique. Write your text or copy an idea so that no one will guess about it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Photo with text is appropriate in the account. It helps the user navigate a large number of posts. But there shouldn’t be a lot of text. A couple of such posts will be enough for a layout of 12 photos. It is better to align the text to the left, so it will be easier for the user to read and for you to edit.

    This is any space free from any texture. It feels like fresh air next to more saturated images. You can add air to the visual using:

    • Photo with a landscape of the sea, forest, sky.
    • Portrait photography on a monochrome background.
    • Subject photography in a close-up.
    • Monochrome text “Stub”.

    Of course not. Now on the net you can find a lot of tips for designing Instagram profiles. There are many services that have ready-made templates for stories, avatars, posts. One of the most popular and simplest is Canva.

    Briefly about the main thing

    Instagram has long ceased to be just an entertainment social network. Today it is a complete business and shopping platform. So what makes a cool and stylish profile design:

  1. The user will quickly remember its name and can easily find it in the future, if for some reason he did not subscribe immediately. Therefore, choose simple and short names.
  2. When a user lands on a page, he wants to quickly, easily, without unnecessary difficulties get the information he needs. Be smart about your account description. More useful information and less beautiful words.
  3. A potential client does not need to call or write somewhere to find out prices, working hours, discounts. Anchor all this information in the profile header.
  4. The user should easily find a post that he saw some time ago. Develop “Eternal Stories” with a clear structure.

Sincerely, Lyubov Bystrova
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