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Analyze your Instagram account for free, online, in 3 steps

The analysis of the Instagram account is carried out in order to determine how legitimate the methods of its promotion are. This procedure can be carried out manually or using special services. Consider the methods and services and features of each within the framework of today’s publication.

What the analysis of an Instagram profile gives us

The analytics of the profile on the Instagram social network offers great opportunities. With the help of this technique, it is easy to determine development prospects. As a result, you get a complete picture of marketing, define a detailed promotion strategy. Using the analysis, you get a basic set of metrics:

  • the number and growth of likes in relation to a separately selected period;
  • the ratio of impressions, clicks, views;
  • the number of unique hashtags;
  • possible subscriptions;
  • clicks on the profile link;
  • “hot actions”: messages, making purchases;
  • the number of completed contact taps;
  • the number of mentions of the profile in the news feed.

Obtaining aggregate information will make it possible to determine what data needs to be corrected, set goals that should be realized by the account.

Note! It is relevant to use free resources for analytics of Instagram accounts. For beginners, this analysis will be sufficient. If you are an advanced user and are trying to determine the possibility of further promoting your account, it is better to give preference to paid programs.

TOP-9 online services for Instagram analytics

Most of the Instagram account analysis services have a trial version of use and a paid plan. The budget option will be enough for several account checks. Let’s take a look at popular tools.


InstaHero is a convenient service for detailed analytics of profile subscribers. Has a free analysis that will allow you to see the statistics of 30% of the audience. The service will find and remove bots that are subscribed to you, protect your account from spam and subscribe new bots.

Анализ Инстаграм аккаунта бесплатно, онлайн, за 3 шага

What functionality does the service have:

  • detailed analysis of the account audience;
  • removal of bots and protection from new subscriptions;
  • monitoring statistics with a report on changes;
  • protection from bots , spam in comments, directives, tags on photos;
  • search for bloggers for advertising according to the specified parameters.

The advantages of the service are that the analysis of the audience is very detailed and will reveal all the bots in the account that reduce the reach.

The functionality is simple and will be clear to everyone. There is a free trial analysis that will show whether there are bots in the account and which audience is larger in the profile. Try InstaHero analysis for free.


Internal statistics of social networks are scarce and do not allow to fully assess the effectiveness of promotion: how the account grows, what content gives the most efficiency, and which one should be abandoned, and so on.

LiveDune provides advanced account statistics that allow you to do a deep audit of your account or find insights from competitors’ accounts.

Сервис LiveDune для расширенной статистики аккаунтов

LiveDune has a 7-day free trial period. This is enough to fully test the entire set of functions. Also during the test period, 3 free checks of bloggers for cheating likes and subscribers are available.

What are the features in LiveDune:

  • Analysis of engagement indicators (ER, ERR) in dynamics. You can compare ER with competitors or accounts in the same category.
  • Comparison with competitors by 7 metrics in 5 minutes.
  • Possibility to build tops and antitopes of posts by different indicators (reactions, engagement, reach) for any period. As well as analysis of the effectiveness of content headings. All this will help you understand what your subscribers like or dislike, and adjust the content plan.
  • Statistics on reach, views and profile visits in dynamics.
  • Statistics on posts that were promoted.
  • Analysis of geography and age of subscribers. For example, you can visually see which city the most new subscribers were from in the last month.
  • Generating and exporting reports to PDF, XLS, Google Slides.

And much more.

The advantage of the service is its comprehensive functionality. In addition to deep analytics, LiveDune allows you to publish posts (official auto-posting to all social networks) and process comments. They can be tracked both in the service itself and set up notifications in Telegram. Additionally, you can evaluate the sentiment of comments and the speed of response to them.


Convenient service with a clear interface. The top-up amount is calculated individually for each user. For a one-time check, you can use the free version.

Удобный сервис для анализа Инстаграм аккаунта

The program monitors the Instagram page 24/7. The main feature is the ability to determine who has unsubscribed from the page and who has subscribed to the profile. Has the following functionality:

  • calculates the dynamics of the growth of subscribers (followers);
  • collects statistics on publications;
  • shows reactions to content;
  • predicts a possible conversion.

The advantages of this application are that it is adapted for any device: Android, iOS, computers.


The service offers five free treatments, then you need to order a paid tariff. The tool has a very convenient add-on that allows you to control the statistics of visitors and subscribers in groups on VK and Odnoklassniki social networks.

Сервис Feedspy анализирует не только Инстаграм, но и Одноклассники и ВК

The program pays great attention to working out the issue, what the audience is interested in. The administrator has the ability to search for viral content by hashtags. Differs in the following functionality:

  • calculates the best posting time (provides information to the admin);
  • displays the growth in dynamics;
  • analysis of someone else’s account;
  • provides a report on activity users on the page;
  • searches for posts with viral content (which can harm the promotion);
  • gives a report on the reaction of followers to the content (likes, emojis, comments).

When buying a paid version of the service, a discount is provided by a promotional code.


Free version for use is provided for 14 days. At this time, you can collect complete statistics on your existing Instagram account. This will help assess how actively the project is progressing.

SemanticForce - полезное приложение для анализа аккаунта Инстаграм

The trial period becomes available only after a long form with information has been filled out. A letter will be sent to the mail, in which you choose a topic for tracking, after which access opens for two weeks. Functionality:

  • analyzes the work of competing companies;
  • monitors reputation;
  • analyzes Instagram bloggers in related topics;
  • automatically categorizes messages depending on from their topic;
  • makes the pulse of the visual blogosphere, searches by hashtags.

The application has a built-in Social CRM system – SemanticDesk, with which you can immediately view pending messages.


This resource greatly facilitates the work of marketers and SMM-specialists. The service offers the ability to manage your account. It allows you to add and remove subscribers from the desktop, here the administrator can correspond with his audience, leave comments.

Полезный ресурс для маркетологов и СММ-щиков

The service contains a standard list of analytics tools. What’s included in the functionality:

  • audience segmentation;
  • general analytics;
  • monitoring of competitors’ profiles;
  • account optimization for active promotion.

In addition, the service function also includes measuring the effectiveness of installed filters.


Convenient application with a free version for use. The budget option is suitable for checking those accounts that have less than 1000 subscribers.

Рicaton - бюджетный вариант для аккаунтов с малым количество подписчиков

Main functionality:

  • detailed analysis of the account audience;
  • competitor analytics;
  • measuring the activity of followers (likes, reposts, comments);
  • determines the engagement of subscribers and the number of hashtags used;
  • the activity of subscribers in relation to photos and posts.

The advantage of this service is that you can manage your Instagram account using a private channel in Telegram.

FanPage Karma

Allows you to quickly analyze your Instagram account. It also has the ability to collect statistics from services such as Google+, Youtube, Pinterest. There is an option to constantly monitor the activity of competitors’ profiles.

FanPage Karma - Сервис для быстрого анализа Инстаграм

Features of the functional:

  • Kpi measurement in real time;
  • tracking the activity of followers;
  • content optimization.

Online program works free of charge for 14 days. For paid versions, there is an opportunity to make a more attractive interface design.


This is the official service for Instagram analytics without registration. It is a convenient account manager and monitoring program. Actively receives information about subscribers: gender, age, geolocation.

Iconosquare можно пользоваться без регистрации

Has the following functionality:

  • statistics collection;
  • deferred posting;
  • active monitoring;
  • convenient analytics.

The program has an application for Android and iOS mobile devices. There is also a widget version for the Google Chrome browser.

Checking the profile for cheating, bots and shadow ban: 3 steps

Checking an Instagram account for bots or cheating can be done in two ways. Using services or manually. The first option is effective only for one-time analysis. You can check it regularly with your own hand. But, this is a long process.

Cheat analytics

Usually, for better promotion on social networks, likes and subscribers are increased. You can check the “Like” marks for yourself. Let’s see how to quickly analyze.

  1. Take any post from your page with a lot of “hearts” as an example.
  2. Create a new post, analyze the number of likes for a certain period.
  3. If the number is less , so you can suspect cheating.

Unscrupulous likes are left by bots that click on a post only once and no longer show activity on the page. Because of this, account promotion suffers.

Checking fake subscribers

What are bots (fakes)? These are social media pages that are created for the purpose of creating profile activity. They are registered automatically using special programs. It will not be difficult to determine the cheating of bots by the following signs.

  • The number of subscribers in the account is large, while the likes are several times less. Calculated – 10 likes per 100 subscribers.
  • No comments under posts or using emoticons or common words instead: “thank you”, “super”, “you look good”, etc.
  • Large audience growth in a short period of time. Instagram is characterized by a gradual recruitment of followers.

Checking inactive followers can be ordered from professionals or you can use one of the following methods.

Self-analysis of Instagram for a shadow ban

Have you ever encountered the fact that the profile content just disappears. Your updates are not visible to subscribers. This all suggests that it’s time to check the profile for a shadow ban. It is a blocking of posts on the page. However, the account owner is not aware of this.

The social network independently bans the user’s profile. Thus, it filters information about unwanted content in the opinion of Insta’s algorithms. This usually happens due to the use of bots or irrelevant hashtags. You can check the blocking as follows.

  1. Publish the post on your page, use a hashtag for it that is rarely used.
  2. Ask friends or acquaintances who are not subscribed to your profile to find the post by hashtag through the search bar.
  3. If the content is not tracked in the feed, most likely your profile has been banned.

If a published post was found at the bottom of the feed, then we are dealing with a drop in such characteristics as engagement.

Pay attention! When publishing posts, try to use a hashtag with little popularity. This will make it possible to quickly track content among potential competitors.

How to get rid of the shadow ban

In order to remove the filter and continue promoting your account, you need to determine the possible reasons for the blocking and promptly eliminate them.

Using bad hashtags

This is one of the most popular problems. Many users, in order to quickly promote their profile, try to use popular hashtags, but they hide low-quality content under them. Instagram’s algorithms determine this, and then establish a partial block for further promotion.

Note! Russian-language hashtags are less banned.

Regular profile complaints

If, when viewing your profile, it is often sent to blocking, then the algorithm may decide that the account provides low-quality materials on the page. Accordingly, it will apply a filter in the form of a shadow ban.

Using Automated Applications

If you use special promotion programs to promote your profile, it is better to refuse them. The algorithm takes into account the human factor, manual intervention of the account owner in the development. If possible, disable automation, deferred content, recall all bots.

Exceeding limits

As with other social networks, there are also restrictions on Instagram. If you do not follow them, there is a high risk of getting into a shadow ban. Instagram has the following limits:

  • 50-500 subscriptions per day (no more than 40 per hour);
  • likes one and a half times more than subscribers;
  • unsubscribe earlier than three days after subscriptions;
  • adding more than 250 comments per day.

Having studied these reasons, and, having identified fraudulent actions, we urgently exclude them. Sometimes inactivity on a profile for 48 hours can help get rid of the filter.

Summing it up

Having familiarized yourself with how to analyze an Instagram account, you can carry out a comprehensive study: manually and using services. It is advisable to independently understand this issue in order to track any activity, spam, and possible violations. Thus, you can independently control the effectiveness of the promotion.

Sincerely, Victoria Chernyshenko
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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