İnstagramda albüm - Şirket tanıtımı için etkili bir araç

Album on Instagram – An effective tool for company promotion

The social network released a good functionality update on Instagram; albums. You can now upload up to ten photos at once, not just one in a post. Creating albums on Instagram is a new type of advertising for brands. This article talks about the most important, individual advantages of the opportunity.

İnstagramda albüm - Şirket tanıtımı için etkili bir araç


Let’s look at what you can do with albums. The biggest plus is that content with ten (maximum) photos or videos can be added to a post.

  • Detailed presentation of products and services

The album is the perfect tool to create a complete and detailed view of your product. Famous brands constantly use this opportunity and show published products in a post. You can be seen from all angles and in different life situations.

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Social Network users are more interested in the memories that the posts touch on certain feelings and the accounts that have a story. These pages are followed more actively. Therefore, albums are also used to create small but interesting stories that are the product of an important element. The story can also be told through photography and video.

The most attractive option for the viewer – the photos in the “Best” category are spread over time. For example: Is your brand linked to tourism? You can then periodically publish an album in which you will collect photos of the best sanatoriums in the world or photos of the most beautiful gardens.

  • Announcement of events / events

 If your company has attended an important conference, exhibition or exciting event, be sure to share them with your followers. To do this, use albums. So all the photos from the meetings will be gathered in one place and will not be messy. This advantage is especially important for companies involved in the fashion industry. No need to choose the best photos – Instagram lets you add new images in a different way.

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In the previous variation of the app, step-by-step instructions and executing the main elements were quite a problem. Now everything is simple. In one publication you can publish the whole process of preparing food, the stages of making souvenirs. When it is not possible to make quality videos, the albums option becomes a great option for taking lessons through photo selection.

İnstagramda albüm - Şirket tanıtımı için etkili bir araç

Fans and followers of brands are curious about many things about them. Followers want to know what’s going on on the other side of the camera. You should create a rubric where you will talk about the production processes of the products and edit the behind-the-scenes photos. The album should definitely be relevant to the topic. Give followers a chance to see what only you know, unlock a few secrets of your company.

Panoramic pictures don’t look very good when fully inserted and edited. It will be difficult to perceive. However, if you create a panorama with several photos in standard format, it will look aesthetically effective.

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Long comments are commonly added to posts. Many are not read out of laziness or because they are difficult to read. Therefore, people pass it off without paying attention to the importance of the information. Try creating an album with as short text as needed for each photo. Only necessary information remains. It’s easier for subscribers to just read what you want to say.

To get the greatest impact from images, one must compare them visually. Before the update, we had to make collages, the quality and format of the photos deteriorated. Now there is the album. This issue has been resolved and is easier to work with.

This will be especially appreciated by brands dealing with design and interior design. If your office is unusually decorated and extraordinarily different from the rest, then you can arrange a tour. Take some photos of your office, highlighting the most interesting and eye-catching elements. Tell your followers about it.


Instagram has been gaining momentum faster lately. There are many users, including brands, companies, celebrities. There are constant updates on the social network. Many people do not fully understand how much benefit and impact albums have in promoting stores and products. If you own a brand, do not hesitate. Use completely new features on Instagram and attract people towards you. There’s nothing better than effectiveness and simplicity, it’s all about promotion on Instagram. Influencing the decision to subscribe to a profile is a delicate matter. Now Instagram promotional promotion is very popular. When using paid follower and likes promotions, choose reliable services. offers you a secure promotion service on Instagram. Get to know our services closely by visiting our website

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