Работа с несколькими партнерками наиболее эффективна

Affiliate marketing technology and passive income

Affiliate marketing technology opens up additional earning opportunities. It implies the promotion of a certain product in exchange for receiving part of the profit from its sale.

This type of earnings is especially relevant for people who have a platform with a large audience (bloggers, owners of sites and groups, public figures, etc.). This partnership allows you to receive passive income.

Each of us at least once thought about a passive way of making money. It can be a good safety net in case of an unstable financial situation. Today there are a huge number of sellers who are willing to share the profit for intermediation.

But it should be understood that affiliate marketing technology contains nuances that you need to familiarize yourself with in advance.

Additional earnings are provided by an affiliate program. The percentage of profit is usually fixed. They can pay both for a sale and for a specific action, for example, for attracting a new user or a subscription.

At first glance, affiliate programs seem like an easy way to make money. But in practice, you can face a number of disadvantages.

Affiliate Marketing Technology Basics

Affiliate marketing technology is a form of self-employment that generates passive income. It involves promoting a product that belongs to another person. As a rule, this requires placing a referral link or promotional code on your site.

In simple terms, a person follows your link, buys a product or service, and you get a percentage from this. At the same time, the seller himself may not be involved in the promotion.

Технология партнерского маркетинга - ваш пассивный заработок

Earnings in this case will depend on the responses of the audience. The more intensively the product is advertised, the more profit you can get. It may seem that placing a link on your site is enough to get a stable profit. But in reality, you have to make an effort to attract buyers.

The payment procedure will differ in each case. For example, the well-known platform Epn allows withdrawal of funds at any time, from any amount. Some partners offer fixed payments at a specific time frame.

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Pros and cons of affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is a complex system with many pitfalls. It does not always allow you to get rich quickly and without problems. Its significant disadvantages include:

  1. Lack of ability to monitor the implementation of sales.
  2. High competition.
  3. Long process of reaching a stable income.
  4. Loss of reputation in the event that if the affiliate product turns out to be of poor quality.
  5. There is a possibility that a registered referral will not be assigned to you in the event of a failure.

In most affiliate programs, money is credited automatically. Failures, as you know, are not uncommon. It is impossible to track the actions of each referral. For this reason, the ability to control charges is completely absent.

Information about successful affiliate programs is spreading at an incredible speed. This leads to the niche quickly filling up, resulting in a lot of competitors emerging. It is impossible to predict the success of a project in advance. Therefore, the efforts invested in product promotion do not always pay off.

Партнерки пользуются большим спросом

Despite the downsides, affiliate marketing technology continues to be in demand. With the right approach, it can bring good dividends. The advantages of this type of business include:

  • no investments at the initial stage;
  • the ability to promote the product online without visiting the partner’s office;
  • no need to create and move the product (this is done partner);
  • the possibility of combining with other types of remote business;
  • high chance of receiving passive income.

Affiliate marketing technology: a phased algorithm of actions

The decision to receive passive income through affiliate programs must be accompanied by action. First of all, you need to assess your capabilities regarding traffic generation. It is most convenient in this regard for those who already have a certain platform for promotion.

Partners, as a rule, go out to actively developing bloggers on their own. Beginners have to look for a suitable one from the abundance of options.

If there is no site for promotion, certain investments in advertising may be required. An alternative can be a personal page on a social network. The complete sequence of actions includes the following steps:

  1. Search for a suitable partner. He must have a good reputation and attractive terms of cooperation.
  2. Product research. To sell a product or service, you need to study it well. It is advisable to form your own opinion and voice it to potential buyers.
  3. Choosing a way to promote the product. A combination of several options is allowed. The most common of these include posting on social networks, a blog or a thematic site. You can also use advertising banners and send e-mail newsletters.
  4. Project implementation. When starting the process of introducing a product to the masses, you need to decide on a strategy. It is important to carefully work on the selling text. If you do not have the necessary knowledge, you can contact a copywriter. But in this case, additional investments will be required.

If the product is promoted in a thematic blog or website, it is advisable to evaluate how it fits into the overall concept. It would be strange to recommend welding machines to housewives. It is advisable to study the needs of the target audience in advance in order to understand how relevant the product will be for them.

How much you can earn

Practice shows that working with several affiliate programs at once is more effective than with one large one. But even in this case, the total amount depends on the skills of promoting the product on the network. Over time, earnings can both increase and decrease.

Работа с несколькими партнерками наиболее эффективна

On average, work will take about 2-3 hours a day. Income can range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands. It is defined by the following parameters:

  • percentage of the referral program;
  • sales efficiency;
  • audience coverage;
  • the amount of resources involved.

According to statistics, programs that sell information products have the highest interest rates. In some cases, the rate can be as high as 50%. In other categories, there are rates of 5-10%.

You can make good money in tourism and real estate. Under successful circumstances, even at the initial stages, you can earn from 2,000 to 10,000 rubles a month. People whose work is on stream earn 50,000 rubles and more.

TOP-7 ways to make money in affiliate marketing

Today, there are a huge number of opportunities in the field of affiliate marketing. Everyone chooses for himself the most convenient and profitable option.

  1. Revenue per click. It’s about advertising placement. She is one of the most effective ways to promote. Advertising can be placed on your own site or on a specialized one. In the second case, you can use Youtube, YandexZen or other platforms for free posting of material.
  2. Getting a percentage for the sale of a product. Payment is credited only if the person, following the link, bought the product.
  3. Profit from each impression. In this case, money is charged for each viewing of the advertising material. Some platforms pay for every 10/100 / 1000th impression.
  4. Income for any action on the partner’s site. Not only purchases are counted, but also registration, moving around the site page, subscription, etc.
  5. Attracting new referrals. The principle of network marketing works here. The result largely depends on the specifics of the company’s work and its reputation.
  6. Promotion of cashback services. The system implies not so much earnings as savings on their own purchases. An additional bonus in this case is various incentives for attracting new users.
  7. Sales of air tickets, hotel accommodation, tours, etc. In these cases, in addition to participating in an affiliate program, you may need to purchase a franchise.

The number of popular affiliate programs is growing every year. When choosing the most optimal option, it is advisable to be guided by reviews. Among the largest affiliate programs are:

To choose a suitable way to make money on referral programs, it is enough to study their pros and cons.

Affiliate Marketing Technology Example

Clicks on ad units

The right approach increases the likelihood of good money

It is difficult to generate interest from the audience, a careful analysis of the target audience is required

Selling specific items

Stable demand when hitting the target audience

You need to know the product well and be able to sell it, there is a risk lose reputation with wrong partner choice

Revenue from ad views

It’s easy to get the metrics you want because people are more likely to watch than buy

The interest rate will be lower than with other ways of cooperation

Attracting new referrals

Easily engage people with similar interests

Revenue does not always meet expectations

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Recommendations for increasing profits

In order for profits to meet expectations, you need to approach affiliate marketing like your main job. Preference should be given to those goods and services that you personally use. In this case, the promotion process will not cause any difficulties. You will be able to talk about the product from the perspective of an expert.

Careful selection of a partner will avoid possible disappointment. It is necessary to choose companies with a good reputation. Otherwise, collaboration will be a waste of time.

When promoting a product, keep an eye on the latest trends. This will keep conversions high while being competitive.

You should also analyze the result obtained and take measures to improve it. It is required to focus on the needs of the target audience. A good solution would be to work on a product presentation. It should interest potential consumers.

To increase your profits, you need to work with several partners from the same niche at once. This will allow you to promote your product to one target audience from different sources.

Don’t forget about advertising. But investing in it at the initial stages is not always advisable. First, you need to test the waters and interest the target audience. For paid advertising, Instagram ADS, Adwords, and Yandex Direct are perfect.

Contrary to popular belief, participation in the affiliate program does not take its course. It is necessary to regularly monitor the result and take measures to improve it. In order to get people interested in the product, it is advisable to constantly introduce new tools.


Affiliate marketing technology can be used as an additional source of income. But you shouldn’t consider it as the only way to make money. The fact is that passive income in this case will always balance. This is due to the huge number of factors that make up it.

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