Фермерство как дополнительный заработок

Additional income in free time for women

Working on the Internet is an immense area in which you can earn income every day. There are also other types of additional profit.

Girls and women who have a main job, but do not have enough money, or have a desire to buy something valuable, for example, a ticket to the sea, a new car in their free time are looking for additional income.

We will tell you what skills you need to have, where to register and describe the main types of offline income.


Additional income without leaving home

There are professions that can be learned on the Internet. The network has a lot of courses in the open access without payment or with a small cost – you choose.

Useful links: Who is a webmaster: everything about the profession and how to become one, Remote group administrator: work for young mothers, Work on Instagram remotely: everything about vacancies and advice.

List of in-demand online professions:


– after learning the basics and passing practice, you can record the first video and post it on web resources with similar content. The profitability of such channels is amazing. You can sell training videos or take clients offline. The price of one visit is up to 2500 rubles.


– the strategy is similar. You can get a job in a company on a “remote”, receive clients at home or in another designated place and work on the Internet. An hour of conversation with a client costs up to 3000 rubles.

Gradually increasing the level of knowledge in psychology, it is possible to cover all new target audience: married couples, youth, businessmen. The latter pay much more.


– if you are familiar with jurisprudence, know how to correctly draw up statements and other documents, then you can safely start working in this direction.


– this requires knowledge of a high level of the Russian language, and the ability to competently express their thoughts in the text. If you have these skills, you can earn an income of 10,000 per month while gaining a rating.

Копирайтер - удаленный заработок для женщин


– this area requires knowledge of the basics of marketing, leverage on the purchasing power of users on the Internet and the technical skills to create relevant elements to attract customers to a particular business. You will have to learn, but even a beginner’s earnings can reach 50,000 rubles.

Targetologist and SMM Specialist

– this area implies knowledge of social networks, the principles of attracting customers, data analysis and statistics, determining the target audience and the ability to create effective advertising. The income of a specialist in this area ranges from 80 to 150 thousand rubles.

SEO Specialist

– knowledge of the advertising office and methods of attracting customers is complemented by skills in working with the semantic core.

SEO-специалист, как дополнительный заработок в свободное время для женщин

Also, SEO should be able to optimize sites, write or order SEO texts from copywriters and analyze the effectiveness of all actions carried out by him. Average salary – 90,000 rubles.

Web designer

is a creative, creative profession. To advance in it requires skills in Photoshop, CorelDraw and knowledge of the basics of UX design. The web designer is engaged in the development of the future Internet resource, usability, website design. Experienced specialists in this field are engaged in the layout of the resources themselves.

The average salary of craftsmen is from 70,000 rubles. The professions of graphic designer and UX designer are also in demand, but the requirements for them are too high and to work fully, only after completing the courses, it will not work, you need experience.

Developers of applications and games earn from 100,000 rubles. Specialists who create turnkey websites have the same income. But to achieve such results requires a painstaking, daily study of special programs, the principles of the Internet and have a lot of practical experience.


is the person who resells the goods. His income is the difference between the selling price of the goods and the final price, which he sets himself. A demanded profession that can bring from 10,000 rubles to the family budget.

It all depends on how much you can invest your own money, the ability to create catchy offers (ads) and the time you are willing to spend on it.


– income depends directly on the quality of text and video content on the channel. Popular bloggers earn from 1 million rubles per month. But it is impossible to come to this on your own in a short period of time.

You need to periodically update the information on the channel, be able to make a catchy preview, write the title and relevant tags.

In addition to working on the Internet, there are offline types of earning money at home. Here is a list of them.

Offline part-time job at home


You can be engaged in sewing clothes and shoes, knitting, creating hand-made things. All that is needed is a sewing kit, fabrics and creativity. Ready-made samples must be photographed with high quality and posted on the site of the Fair of Masters and Etsy.

It is also possible to find a job for free time on the sites Jobsora, Russia.trud. Here you can get piecework pay for a part-time job as a seamstress-minder. The income from this type of earnings is individual.

Making gift sets

The excitement for exclusive gifts is only growing. You can collect unique bouquets of flowers, fruits and berries, cosmetics and chocolate. To save time, we recommend buying ready-made boxes of different sizes and wrapping paper.

Изготовление подарочных наборов может стать дополнительным заработком для женщины

After recruiting regular customers, in order not to accumulate a bunch of gifts, we advise you to make custom-made sets. The target audience should be searched for on social networks, among friends and acquaintances. For business development, we recommend setting up targeted advertising. The average income in this area is 20,000 rubles.

Soap making

Profitable and relevant type of earnings. To begin with, we recommend making the following series:

  • For lovers – in the form of hearts, angels and doves.
  • For women – in the form of flowers, fruits and sweets.
  • For men – in the form of a car, watch, coins.
  • For children – the forms can be varied, according to your taste.

Smells need to be combined according to the category of soap. For women, choose soft, pleasant fragrances. Men will love soap with sandalwood and pine scent, as well as notes of bergamot and grapefruit. Kids will love the fruit-flavored, sweet-smelling bites.

The cost of each of the soap samples must be calculated using the formula:

Формула расчета стоимости товара

You can post an ad with images of finished products on social networks, on the Fair of Masters website, or create your own landing page (one-page site).

Photography & Drawing

To be in demand, you need to take pictures and drawings on topical topics, Internet resources are full of various photos, but unique images that are not yet on the network will scatter instantly.

You can post the results of your work on freelance sites, exchanges, for example Etxt and in photo banks. Each newbie image is priced at $ 1-2.

Beauty & Body Care Master

There are subcategories here, here is a list of them:

  • Stylist – help in choosing clothes, shoes and accessories is relevant both in megacities and in the provinces. A beginner’s hour in this area reaches 1000 rubles. Experienced stylists earn up to 5,000 rubles for this period of time. Работа стилистом, как дополнительный заработок
  • Hairdresser – it’s no secret that sometimes there is neither time nor energy left to go to the salon. In addition, you have to deal with the lack of the ability to record at a convenient time for yourself. Working from home at home or visiting clients on their territory, you will not only create a stable and tangible additional source of income, but also unload your own time. You can earn much more per day than in your main job.
  • Master of manicure and pedicure – income is based on the number of procedures performed per day. The average cost of one is from 500 to 3000 rubles.
  • Eyelash extension masters, eyebrow and makeup artists receive the same amount.
  • Masseur – income depends on the presence or absence of a license, medical education. Mothers on maternity leave have several of the same girlfriends, with whom it is worth starting work, even if you have just completed online courses. Then word of mouth will work. The cost of one session is 1000-3000 rubles.
  • Dietitian – start with yourself, take courses and your circle of friends and relatives, following your results, will line up. Instagram is good for posting nutritional posts. For a weight loss plan, you can take from 1000 to 5000 rubles. For ready-made boxes with a selected menu, you can take from 5 to 10 thousand rubles. Совету по похудения могут стать дополнительным заработком для женщин

There are many more beauty specialties and professions for body care, we have listed the most in demand.


Recently, this area has been very popular both on the Internet and in everyday life. You have probably come across advertisements for custom-made cakes, other baked goods, and more. It takes food, time, creativity and a love of baking.

Печь торты - распространенный вид дополнительного заработка

  • Baking cakes is a common type of additional income. Often they are ordered for children’s parties, birthdays and other special events. For uniqueness and differentiation from competitors, it is necessary to come up with interesting designs, decorate cakes with paintings, edible accessories, chocolate or fresh fruits and berries. The mark-up on cakes reaches 300%, it all depends on the number of customers, product quality and advertising.
  • Pies are also relevant. Sweet, meat and fish tarts can be sold for the same premium. The main thing is to be different from competitors. An unusual type of cake, its quality is a direct way to make money on your favorite hobby.
  • Canning and pickling is a less popular niche for additional income, but at the same time competition is low here. You can sell products in unusual vessels, supply cans with strings with recipes, and more. One such jar can cost up to 1000 rubles, depending on the volume and type of vegetables and fruits, their cost.
  • Sweets – they don’t take too long to make. You can make puddings, cakes, chocolates, and more. There will be no end to customers if you show imagination and use quality products. На изготовлении сладостей тоже можно хорошо заработать

To attract loyal customers, you can make small demo samples and go to shops and specialty shops. You should also register on all popular social networks if you are not there and offer products there.

Word of mouth has not been canceled either, treat your friends, acquaintances and relatives – these are your first clients.

You can create your own blog or channel and describe in detail recipes with the ability to order through a link to your website, a group on a social network. It will not be superfluous to submit ads to Avito and other portals, as well as posting leaflets.

Writing instructions, stories, books

This type of activity is suitable for creative natures, with a good spelling and deep knowledge of the Russian language. An interesting fairy tale with an unfinished script, an intriguing story from the life of media personalities will not leave indifferent publishers.

Writing term papers, essays and theses

In this area, you need to have a large store of knowledge in many subjects or study one in which you really understand. Set the price of your work just below your competitors, and the flow of customers will be inevitable.

The Author24 service will help you, you can post a vacancy on message boards, in social networks or through freelance exchanges.


Only people who love it can do planting, watering and caring for plants and animals. You can buy seeds or seedlings and sell fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and trees. If you have a private yard, you can go in for raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and other animals.

Фермерство как дополнительный заработок

Additional income outside the home

In addition to the income that can be earned at home, there are other types of part-time jobs.

These can be:

  • shifts by waitress, salesperson, assistant manager;
  • distribution of propaganda materials, tasting;
  • remote work as an accountant;
  • elderly care;
  • guided tours;
  • participation in extras on television;
  • help with the household to customers;
  • holding special events;
  • work as a nanny, tutor;
  • dog walking;
  • call center operator.

There are a lot of business ideas for additional income in their free time for women. We have analyzed only the most popular of them. According to the responses of the fair sex, we can conclude that ideas for part-time work can be combined, you can work in several or even more directions, the main thing is desire.

Best regards, Ilmira Kolodey
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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