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A step-by-step plan for promoting on Instagram: the secrets of SMM specialists

A popular page on a social network generates income, attracts potential customers, and increases audience loyalty. There is a myth that beginners can no longer advance, that popularity on Instagram is possible only with serious investments. But this statement is far from the truth.

The secrets of SMM specialists will help you create and promote a successful account. Social networks work according to an algorithm. And if you use the features of Instagram, then you can get promoted without financial investments.

Where to start: the basics of CMM promotion

Promotion on Instagram is not an easy process, but it is quite possible to implement it yourself. At first, you need:

  1. Find your niche. Scattered accounts generate little interest, rank and promote poorly. It is necessary to define the topic at the initial stage.
  2. Define the goal. Some need Inst to promote a product or service, others to promote an online store, and still others to create a brand out of themselves. Each goal requires an individual approach.
  3. Choose a target audience. Followers and activity are the main driving force behind the social network. It is useful to determine in advance the age, interests, needs and problems of your target audience.

SMM promotion on Instagram is a set of marketing activities using tools to promote a brand or solve business problems. The platform is used by 500 million people, which means that the chance to gain a target audience is higher than on Facebook or Vkontakte.

Important! It is worthwhile to understand the reach, impressions, interaction statistics in advance in order to better determine the needs of the audience.

Proper preparation for promotion will ensure a quick start. You need to create an account with a nice and concise nickname that is easy to remember. It is useful to pay attention to the untwisted profiles with a beautiful ribbon.

Studying your competitors will help you quickly become familiar with what attracts people. It is worthwhile to create a content plan in advance and plan not only articles and photos, but also the release date of posts.

Experts advise to immediately switch to a business account. This will allow you to get detailed statistics, use the opportunity to promote publications. It is useful to create a psychological portrait of the client at an early stage, which will include: gender, age, social status, lifestyle, etc.

Correct account design

SMM promotion is an integral part of business on a social network. Instagram is aimed at visual attraction, so it is important to design the feed aesthetically. Examples of stylish accounts:

  • @thenoisetier. A project about fashion, style and life of a modern girl. Nice color palette, atmospheric photos.
Правильно оформленный для SMM продвижения аккаунт в Инстаграм
  • @ktotutbeauty. Online store of Korean cosmetics. Looks stylish, grabs the attention of potential buyers.
Аккаунт интернет-магазина оформлен согласно правилам продвижения SMM
  • @ mts.official. Cool single ribbon, original images, interesting color combinations from MTS.
МТС в Инстаграме
  • @teaforbear. An aesthetically pleasing ribbon where the whole world is turned 45 degrees.
Привлекательная лента в Инстаграме

The target audience between two equal competitors will choose the one whose profile is more attractive. An interesting feed is not only about visuals. It increases trust, loyalty of potential customers, increases conversion, and reduces the number of bounces.

The only difficulty is to then enter posts with ads so that they do not get out of the ordinary.

Important! Smart visual design will emphasize individuality, make it stand out from competitors.

The account should be convenient, mobile. It is worth checking whether it is convenient for customers to order a product or service, whether it is easy to view the price and characteristics of the product. If users see that they are working on an account, it increases the credibility of the brand.

When designing, attention is paid not only to the color scheme and the alternation of “cards”, but also to the tone, brightness, the presence of a single style.

Doing Instagram yourself step by step

Social Media Marketing or SMM does not make sense if the account is kept mindlessly. Experts advise to adhere to the management algorithm. This will allow not only to retain the audience, but also to increase the credibility of the page on the part of the system. How to maintain an Instagram account step by step:

  1. Get your profile in order. Customize the feed, pick up an avatar. It is useful to make a description, avoid a lot of emoticons, underlines.
  2. Post content regularly. Post publications 2-3 times a week, publish up to 7-10 stories daily.
  3. Engage your audience. Create polls, interesting stories, keep users’ attention. Then the social network will begin to popularize the account.
  4. Follow the communication policy. Respond to comments, messages. It is important to adequately respond to negativity.
  5. Use white promotion methods every day. The priority is the quality of subscribers and their involvement, not the number.

The account must be kept daily, then the SMM will work effectively. If it is difficult to carry out all the actions on your own, then you can enlist the support of a freelancer or specialist from a digital agency. But this is an additional waste that can be avoided at the initial stage.

Important! The page should “convince” the system that users are interested in it.

This should be a live account, where there are not only pictures and likes, but also meaningful comments, interaction with the author. It is useful to create interesting stories with interaction elements (sliders, polls, clickable emojis).

You can ask for help in the selection of things posted in the past story, so that people switch between publications. The higher the audience engagement, the more actively Instagram will promote the account.

Helper services at the start

Will simplify SMM promotion on Instagram using online services. They will help you gain followers, simulate audience engagement and interest. Experts recommend using the following resources:

Mass following and mass liking without the risk of getting banned. Simple launch, intuitive interface, low subscription cost. Quick setup, there are tips and recommended parameters. Minimum monthly promotion costs.

Page promotion by attracting a live audience. Increases activity, increases reach, motivates people to interact. Increases the chance to get featured. Quick start, quality accounts.

Visual activity due to commenting. Makes the account attractive not only to the audience, but also to potential advertisers. Increases reach, displays posts in recommendations.

Increases organic reach by up to 30%. Live activity, increased views and reactions. Fast result, no bots.

If you have a question where to start, then it is better to use ready-made services. This is a great quick start without the risk of getting blocked or shadow banned. The use of the services will require financial investments, but it will still be cheaper than the services of an SMM specialist.

Do not use “blind” cheating. This approach guarantees account blocking due to the massive attraction of bots. It is better to use proven programs and services to get live subscribers who are interested in the content.

First Instagram ad: where to start

Self-promotion gives good results. But you can speed up the process with the help of advertising. Experts advise to observe the following rules:

Don’t chase the millionaires

Work with micro-influencers. Buy ads from small bloggers who are interested in the product.

Track your budget

Plan your ad budget wisely and use proven methods.

Avoid targeting without training

It is difficult to intuitively set up ads within a social network. It is worth contacting a specialist or taking the course yourself.

If the choice fell on advertising from bloggers, then you should carefully study the page. Likes and simple comments can be cheated.

Pay attention to audience engagement, the ratio of the number of likes to subscribers. The activity should look believable. Otherwise, you might run into a dummy.

Advertising with bloggers is always a risk. The best results can be obtained with well-tuned targeted advertising.

There is no need to pay impressive sums to specialists if you can get free training here. A free online course will help you not only promote your own account, but also get an up-to-date high-paying profession.

Frequently Asked Questions

Relying only on making a profit is a deliberately disastrous event. It is necessary to choose a niche in which the author is interested in developing. It is important to provide quality and unique content. Popular topics include sports, hobbies, cooking, and lifestyle.

Thanks to the multi-million audience of the social network, you can even dwell on highly specialized topics. Choose what is interesting to you, and there will always be like-minded people.

At the first stage, you can cope on your own. Then you will have to resort to either self-education and additional training, or contact specialists.

Ordering advertising in an agency is more expensive, there is always a risk that the “exhaust” will be zero. As the saying goes: “If you want to do well, do it yourself.” On the other hand, advertising from professionals, although it is more expensive, always gives a positive dynamic.

The Gibeahs have a dubious reputation. Often, the page owner expects an influx of new subscribers from the advertiser, but in reality this translates into corrupted statistics.

After the drawing, users begin to unsubscribe en masse, which will negatively affect the promotion. It is risky to participate in such events, but if the decision is made, then it is better to give preference to bloggers with similar topics.

Briefly about the main thing

The main rule of marketing is not to rely only on luck. Promotion in the social network is a long-term event, which consists of:

  • creating an attractive page;
  • attracting a target audience and retaining it;
  • regularly maintaining an account;
  • promoting through targeted advertising and bloggers;
  • creating activity from users.

If there is a desire to make money on Instagram, then it is worth remembering that the page should be attractive not only for the audience, but also for a potential advertiser. Do not forget about the institution of reputation.

In Russia, it is just beginning to develop, but many brands already pay attention only to those who have not tarnished their reputation with provocative news feeds.

Sincerely, Olga German
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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