Обучаемся СММ на курсах

A selection of courses on promotion on Instagram. Your takeoff is inevitable!

Comprehensive training in Instagram promotion is an indispensable tool for getting a live audience. Both the owner of an account for independent work and a beginner SMM specialist can study.

Instagram provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to sell more goods and services. The engagement rate is fifteen times higher than the standard metrics on other social networks. Therefore, Instagram is actively used for sales, increasing loyalty to a company or product, advertising services.

Instagram promotion: why and who needs it

If earlier it was believed that only companies that have a visually attractive product can develop through Instagram, now there are no restrictions. Thanks to a large audience, you can find your niche even in a highly specialized field. Why do you need Instagram promotion courses:

  1. Sales. The largest platform for active sales with an average check of up to 5,000 rubles per client.
  2. Recognition. Increases the level of trust in a company, service or product. Influences the decision of buyers to choose a page representative from among competitors.
  3. Feedback. You can not only contact subscribers and customers, but also, according to statistics, track the most interesting and in-demand content.
Обучение Инстаграм-продвижению способствует увеличению продаж

Learning Instagram promotion will help you understand the work of social network algorithms. Promotes the popularization of the account with minimal financial investment. And if the process is fun and you want to develop in this further, then you can start working as an SMM specialist.

Important! A course on Instagram is necessary for those who want to monetize their account or increase engagement, the number of target audience.

Instagram courses are more common than advertisements for other educational materials. But among the variety of schools it is difficult to decide. It is important to choose not only a cool teacher, but also to get a format that is balanced in theory and practice.

Instagram promotion courses: how to choose

Paid and free training for promotion on Instagram is more often presented in the online format. Typically lectures or webinars, hands-on homework assignments with or without verification are included. What to look for when choosing a social media promotion course:

Pay attention to

Rep school setting

It is better to study the reviews on various resources in order to avoid the” fooled “reputation with positive responses.


It is worth choosing those schools on Instagram where expert practitioners teach. They will not only share proven cases, but also tell what cannot be found in the public domain on the Internet.

The mass of information blocks in 2-3 days is an indicator of low-quality training for working on Instagram. Better to choose a balanced version with theory and practice.

Prices for courses from different schools on Instagram may differ multiple times. This is not an indicator of quality, it is better to pay attention to the teachers and the program. And after that, select a course that you can afford.

Training for an Instagram manager or SMM specialist cannot take place in one day. It all depends on the wishes of the user.

If you just want to get basic skills, then you can get by with a couple of webinars. But if you need an integrated approach for a quick takeoff, then it is better to turn to trusted schools.

Free courses on Instagram promotion

Advertising of training on Instagram glows quite often, but among the coaches it is better to choose those who share cases, life hacks and submit material without water.

Before choosing an online school for Instagram promotion, it is useful to study free materials. This will help determine the type of activity, assess your capabilities. Experts recommend the following free Instagram courses:

Intensive “Best Practices in Facebook and Instagram Advertising”

They will teach you how to create advertising campaigns, make effective content, connect a pixel to track analytics. A quick start for those who want to learn how to set up ads without water.

Instagram from A to Z

More than twenty free lessons for those who want to promote their services on social networks. Quality material for beginners. Only a concise presentation of information without lyrics.

Instagram Guide

29 lessons from an expert practitioner. Study of all the chips of the social network. A guide for beginners and continuing education. Design elements, work with stories, live broadcasts and IGTV.

Start in SMM

Video lectures, practical exercises and tests for beginners. A course for those who want to change their profession or just independently promote their page.

On the same platforms, you can find Instagram admin courses. Popular schools offer free bonuses so that users can evaluate the presentation and quality before moving on to a paid, but more advanced study.

SMM promotion on Instagram often requires more knowledge than free lessons give. But intensives and courses of this type are the basics, without which it is difficult to advance further.

Paid Instagram Promotion Courses

Training for an administrator on Instagram or a promotion specialist is also possible on paid courses. This option is suitable for those who are going to seriously engage in the promotion of personal pages and commercial accounts.

The following paid courses on Instagram advertising and promotion stand out:

Instagram Marketer by GeekBrains

A complete course for a quick start in a new profession. They will teach you how to develop promotion strategies, set up and launch ads, collaborate with bloggers and create awesome content.

Promotion in Instagram from Netology

Training in the development of personal promotion strategies to attract targeted traffic. The program also includes social networking, creating visually appealing content and effective stories.

Influencer Marketing: Working with Bloggers and Influencers

Advanced training in Instagram marketing. 50 hours of lectures and practice, four types of training, expert practitioners. Developing strategies for Instagram manager based on a real brief.

Promotion in messengers

A course on making money on Instagram and other social networks. They will teach you how to promote your business, create chat bots and develop effective automatic sales funnels. Education for those who have already mastered the basics of Internet marketing and SMM.

Online Course Instagram Promotion 2.0

Training in SMM-promotion from the best specialists of the TexTerra company. The program will include content creation, building a loyal community, working with opinion leaders and analyzing promotion strategies.

Your business on Instagram from the Republic school

Working with bloggers, creating engaging content, a course for businessmen and SMM specialists, marketers. Mastering the methods of promoting and gaining customers, training in targeting.

Only basic information can be obtained for free. Paid courses are designed for those who want to further develop in the field of promoting pages on social networks. There are both self-guided webinars and options for working with a curator.

Обучаемся СММ на курсах

The training will provide initial management skills, effective use of ready-made promotion methods. Practical lecturers will teach from their own experience to create individual programs for promoting accounts.

What to read: a selection of useful books

TOP of the best courses will help you learn how to promote personal pages and commercial accounts on a social network. But if you want to develop comprehensively, then you can familiarize yourself with the thematic literature. Experts recommend reading:

“Selling texts on Instagram. How to attract customers and develop a personal brand at a global party “Zarina Ivanter

A good guide for those who are learning from scratch to attract target audiences. Practical tricks from different niches, creating entertaining posts to encourage buying.

“Correspondence sales. How to convince clients on WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Instagram, VK, Facebook »Vitaly Govorukhin

Rules for working with clients via social networks, multichannel communication. It teaches you how to use instant messengers and organize your correspondence so that the result is the purchase of a product or service.

“Internet Marketing. Handbook of a digital marketer “Andrey Gavrikov, Vladimir Davydov, Mikhail Fedorov

A guide for those who are just starting their way to SMM. Strategic planning and business decision making, the use of innovation and experimentation in promotion. A step-by-step plan for gaining market leadership.

“Promotion of personal blogs on Instagram” by Alexander Mitroshin

A book from a popular blogger for beginners. Proven promotion methods, step-by-step guide to finding your niche and gaining a loyal audience.

“Explanatory guide to SMM promotion and optimization in social networks” Sergey Aleksandrovich Bardin

Basic knowledge and skills of working with social networks. How to create quality content, optimize your work and not waste time.

It is better to purchase books at least after studying free materials. Such guides rarely provide the basics, more often they start working right away to promote or attract potential audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can also start with free courses. Popular schools create cool manuals, video series dedicated to content promotion. This information will be enough to obtain basic knowledge, but not enough for professional development in the field of SMM.

If you choose the right school, then yes. In the above options, everyone starts from scratch, gradually giving concise information and practical tasks. The course is designed for mastering the profession. You can go further to improve your qualifications.

There is a lot of information on the Internet, but not everyone is able to organize data on their own. The course is already collected, well-assembled information, tested by expert practitioners. And most of the materials from paid courses on the Internet cannot be found. Popular schools also offer post-graduate employment.

Briefly about the main thing

Promotion on Instagram is necessary for those who want to monetize their page, promote a brand or popularize a product. Free and paid courses will teach the basics of maintaining an account, creating an individual promotion strategy. For a start, you can try the free option, if you like it, then try your hand at a new profession.

Sincerely, Olga German
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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