A beginner’s guide: how to create an Instagram store from scratch

Thanks to the development of social networks and the online industry as a whole, it is possible to sell goods without renting a sales area and hiring employees. Using the Instagram platform. People will visit the page, look at catalogs with product descriptions and pictures, place an order and pay by wire transfers.

Anyone can do this, the main thing is to figure out how to create a store on Instagram, where to start. Then follow the instructions step by step and take the process seriously, because this is a business that requires a thoughtful approach. Gradually, all expenses and worries will pay off.

What will we sell?

Any goods or services can be sold through the Internet if it is legal. Beginners who are thinking how to open an Instagram store from scratch need to choose their niche. The most popular types of goods sold in Instagram stores:

  1. Clothes, footwear – for men, women or children, any. It can be designer works, ordinary consumer goods, fancy dress, casual wear.
  2. Cosmetics – refers to the “beauty” theme. Products from Korea are in great demand: creams, oils, masks and other skin care products.
  3. Flowers – it is important to pay attention to transportation. To ensure that the flowers reach customers fresh and intact. It is enough to rent a room for growing them, buy material for packaging.
  4. Gifts – it is much easier to order something unusual and bright online. Birthdays, holidays, weddings and anniversaries are held regularly. You can sell your own crafts, kits of any kind (collect them and take pictures as a set) as gifts, or choose a niche of creative gifts.
  5. Children’s toys are a very popular niche. Soft toys, constructors, cars, dolls, they will always be bought.
  6. Food delivery. A fresh trend that has gained popularity in connection with the pandemic. Selling individual products or ready meals. If the author bakes bread or is a skilled pastry chef, you can organize a mini-bakery / pastry shop.
  7. Household goods – bookshelves, unusual chandeliers, cute sofa pillows, homemade tablecloths with embroidery, etc.

How to open an online store? First of all, you need to think over the mechanism for purchasing / manufacturing goods. It will be a reseller or a manufacturer. Resellers are purchased elsewhere.

The master makes his own products himself, without intermediaries. First, it creates 1 sample for an example, then focuses on incoming orders. Hires assistants for large volumes.

Where to find a product for an Instagram store from scratch:

  • Determine what exactly will be sold and compose the text of the business proposal for the supplier. Example: “Hello, my name is … I have a store on Instagram with your products. I am just getting started and cannot afford bulk purchases right now. But orders are coming in, and we can establish cooperation with you. I would like to consider all the options. If you are interested in an offer, let me know. Thanks in advance! ”.
  • Find 7-10 stores of a similar profile on Instagram and other social networks. Compare prices in them with each other. Then send a business proposal to the admins direct.
  • Visit Avito or other trading platforms, find those who sell the desired product. Better wholesale suppliers who are willing to provide a lot and on an ongoing basis. Send them a business proposal in the PM.
  • The last thing is to search Google for sites with stores and contact their owners. Send them a letter with an offer.
  • Wait for a response and discuss the conditions.

Only then take the first orders.

Important! Find out in advance the average price of a product and navigate by it. To buy cheaper from suppliers, then sell yourself at a premium. Quality, delivery times and consistency in cooperation are also needed.

How to open an Instagram store: step by step instructions

The design of an Instagram store begins with the creation of a business account associated with a Facebook profile. Then all platform tools will be available to the user:

  • Open Instagram page. Register using an active Facebook profile. Save the details and confirm them for security.
  • Activate the “Settings” tab of the new profile. Find there the word “Account” – “Linked accounts”. Click on Facebook and log in.
Связываем аккаунт Инстаграм и Фейсбук для открытия магазина онлайн

How the linking is carried out in the Facebook profile with Instagram. In the “Settings” tab at the very bottom there is an item: “Switch to company profile”.

Привязка аккаунтов через профиль Фейсбука

Next, a list of niches will open, among which you need to choose your own. Instagram makes it possible to change a niche. Business account has been created.

Step-by-step instructions for opening an online store, includes the following.

First: nickname

The name should reflect the line of business, be short but succinct. Uncomplicated, easy to remember and write. If the title consists of several words, it is better to separate them with an underscore. You should not choose faceless combinations: “deti_odezda” or “igrushki_deti”, it is better to navigate by the name of your brand and country / city.

Ник для магазина в Инстаграм

If a user simultaneously launches his website and Instagram for implementation, it is worth coming up with a common name. For example, the website of the Oriflame company in Kazakhstan – has an Instagram profile: Everywhere the brand is recognizable and people immediately understand the relationship between the two platforms.

Second: avatar

A small picture next to the name of the store should emphasize the professional direction of the activity:

  • be contrasting;
  • bright, memorable;
  • understandable;
  • when creating a design, you need to take into account the format of the circle, without placing important elements in the corners , otherwise they will be cut off.
Выбираем аватар

You can place words in the center, writing them in large and clearly visible font. Bordered avatars are more noticeable than others. Canva will help you create beautiful images.

Third: profile description

When thinking about how to design a store, it is important to pay attention to the “Name” column. Specifying there in 2-3 sentences the keywords that reflect the direction of the page:

  • describe the product;
  • indicate the location of the store, briefly about the delivery;
  • call to action and contact details.
Заполняем графу Имя

Adding emoticons to the text to highlight accents and structure information.

Fourth: pinned stories

The circles under the description are called “Relevant”, these are pinned stories, published earlier. Several posts can be combined into groups and choose one of them for the cover. How to decorate your store beautifully – publish several thematic posts with pictures and useful information.

Обязательно заполняем Актуальные сторис, создавая магазин в Инстграм

They can be styled consistently with useful headings so customers can jump straight to the desired section.

Fifth: content

How to create a product catalog? Instagram pays more attention to visuals, so it is important to make beautiful and high-quality pictures. Place the accent, work with light, edit the finished images, trying to adhere to the same style.

Mini – videos up to 1 minute per story look better. To advertise clothes, choose models or shoot yourself.

Provide each item with a detailed description. Where is it from, material, cost.

Снабдить каждый товар подробным описанием

It is beneficial to emphasize the merits of the product, but be sincere when communicating the real information about it. To make each post look beautiful on its own and make the whole directory harmonious.

On the store page, in addition to photos of goods with descriptions, there should be separate posts about:

  • the checkout process;
  • the benefits of choosing this particular store;
  • customer reviews;
  • brand story;
  • delivery methods;
  • answers to all questions.

It is better to create content in advance – a plan for a week, three weeks or a month. Deferred posting services will be useful (the author publishes several posts in advance, and they appear at the time specified by him).

An example of a content plan for a week for an Instagram store.

News – what’s coming soon, what’s happening now

Product White Paper

Selling post with benefit description and call to action

Post-communication to communicate with the audience, create a poll

Selling post, you need to come up with a bonus for the weekend and report it

Fun day – easy game, funny story or interesting facts about the brand

Day of” unloading “- wish everyone a good day, message about the most popular products

How to make interesting posts on Instagram? It is important to alternate pictures and videos, complementing them with interesting text. Written in easy-to-read language.

Sixth: Story and live broadcast

The number of stories directly affects the number of audiences. People are attracted by active pages where they regularly post something. Live broadcast will establish live communication with customers, at the same time increase the degree of brand trust.

Seventh: working with the audience

Conduct correspondence in direct messages, conduct live broadcasts, reply to comments should be regular.

A few tips:

  1. Block adverts and spam at once. Send to the black list all rude and boorish.
  2. Pay attention to negative customer reviews. Find out the details of the order, the reasons for its dissatisfaction and understand the problem. If the review is real, compensate in the form of a discount coupon or other bonus. You cannot ignore such cases, it is important to show loyalty, politeness and willingness to listen.
  3. Thank active users for their likes and comments, share this in stories.
  4. Respond to requests to the maximum in direct.

Take time to communicate with your audience. For example, twice a day so that people can see the response to their actions.

How to run an instagram store: tips from the pros

Instagram trends change regularly, in order to stay relevant, it is important to track them. Do not close within the framework of your idea. It is important not how to open a store, but how to promote it, attract more attention and establish sales. Pro’s recommendation:

  • Select a skin theme. This is the mood and “soul” of the page, the visual embodiment of the author’s personality.
  • Make a plan for the future for publications and live broadcasts. You can change it regularly, the main thing is to stick.

For publications

For live broadcast

– interesting facts – about the brand and niche;

– a report on the event;

– questions on improving the service;

– interviews with experts, employees, clients;

– real reviews;

– news, plans, goals;

– hits of sales, promotions;

– product overview, useful tips for use.

– communication with the audience;

– unpacking with new products;

– interview with a specialist;

– customer feedback;

– assortment overview;

– operating / assembly instructions;

– discussion of news.

  • Take pictures of goods beautifully, making delicious and bright pictures. So that, looking at them, a person wants to buy.
  • Regularly hold promotions and sweepstakes to interest the audience. Design them beautifully, then post a winner’s review. Make discounts for the holidays.
  • Use natural light instead of artificial, choose 2-3 main colors and stick to them, develop your own style of posting.

It’s not superfluous to get free Instagram administrator course from Sergey Volosyankov. The author will tell you simply and informatively:

  • how to work remotely;
  • have additional income while sitting at home;
  • get acquainted with the profession of an Instagram administrator;
  • learn about directions and popular areas of earnings online;
  • will show examples of cases, calculations of income / expenses, advertising budget and traffic promotion;
  • will describe the pitfalls that beginners may encounter.

Free five-day intensive, which anyone can sign up for.

Ideas to follow

Simple tips and descriptions of instructions are not enough. To understand how to set up a store and promote it, ready-made examples of successful brands will help.

Sharpie – sells markers of different colors and other stationery. Main feature: posting custom content.

The pictures show how customers draw with purchased markers. Originality, honesty and respect for the audience.

Sharpie магазин канцтоваров в Инстаграм

The Honest Company is an entire blog with helpful tips for moms and an online store selling baby products. Interesting product overview videos, cute baby photos, and important materials.

Блог и интернет-магазин для мам

Dennysdiner is a food delivery store full of jokes, funny memes, funny photos and posts.

Веселый магазин доставки питания

EOS is very nicely designed, looks harmonious. Bright, juicy and colorful in summer.

Привязка аккаунтов через профиль Фейсбука0

Questions answered

Better to offer them barter: free products to highlight in your video.

Having estimated your financial capabilities, it is worth using the services: Epicstars, Storiesgain and Sociate. Supports not only Instagram, but also VK with Odnoklassniki.

Beginners need to think about how to create their own store and cover the costs incurred. Further, when increasing the volume of sales, you will need to issue an individual entrepreneur or present yourself as self-employed. This is the status of a person who works privately at home. They also pay taxes.

Briefly about the main thing

Having figured out the intricacies of creating a store on Instagram, it is worth emphasizing the merits of this venture:

  • no need to open a website to sell products and pay for a domain regularly;
  • creating a profile with a design will take a maximum of 15 minutes;
  • sales will require a minimum investment;
  • it is not necessary to purchase goods in advance and rent a storage space, you can use the dropshipping system;

  • you can do the promotion and maintenance of the store yourself without involving third parties;
  • convenient communication with customers, unlimited audience reach.

There is no time or geographic framework, you can sell your products all over the world. Any product will find its buyer, the main thing is not to abandon the business, be active and follow the trends in the network.

Regards, Dina Omiralina
specially for the project

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