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9 best Instagram scrapers: paid and free (2021)

In this article, you will learn:

  • What are Instagram scrapers.
  • TOP-9 scrapers for collecting a target audience.

All the tips and services listed in the article are relevant in 2021.

What are Instagram parsers?

Parser is a tool for finding a target audience on Instagram by different parameters: geolocation, hashtags, competitors’ followers, gender, age. The parsing function is in special online services that specialize in promoting in social networks.

All actions are performed automatically: you set the required search parameters (gender, tags, competitors), after which the program or cloud service starts looking for target audience. In the future, you can interact with the assembled audience: subscribe and like, comment on posts, watch stories, send messages to Direct.

Interesting: there are online services that provide the ability to parse audiences from other social networks. For example, you can download a list of Instagram users from Vkontakte.

Another useful feature of parsers is audience filtering. You can set filters to cut off bots and commercial pages: for example, you can specify that users have an avatar loaded.

TOP-9 parsers on Instagram

Now let’s move on to the main part of the article. Let’s take a look at the 9 best Instagram scrapers. They will help you quickly find your target audience: no bots or commercial accounts.

Zengram Parser

Zengram Parser is a service for collecting lists of users and their data from Instagram. The parser will help in promoting your account: for example, you can collect a list of users and start mass following and massliking.

Парсер в Инстаграм Zengram Parser

Service features:

  • Collecting accounts according to specified parameters: hashtags, geolocation, subscriptions or subscribers of competitors.
  • Collecting contact information of users: phone number, email, link to the site, profile descriptions on Instagram. This data can be used for mailing or calling.
  • Upload a list for free use. A ready-made list of users can be downloaded in a convenient format and uploaded to the program for promotion.
  • Filtration of the ready-made database: by the number of subscriptions and subscribers, by privacy (you can filter out closed accounts), by gender. There is a function that excludes commercial pages from the list.

The service is paid. But there is a trial package for 1 ruble. The trial version of Zengram Parser can collect 3000 accounts.

Try Zengram Parser >>>


Tooligram is a professional service for promoting Instagram accounts. It works online – no need to download and install additional software for your PC.

Парсинг ЦА в Tooligram

Features of the online service:

  • Search for live accounts.
  • Scrap the audience by various parameters: geo, hashtags, competitors.
  • Suitable for any niche: personal blogs, commercial accounts, brand pages.
  • Profile promotion: mass following, massliking, sending messages to new users.

The service is paid. Free trial available.

Try Tooligram service for free >>>


Instaplus is an automated service for promoting on Instagram. The tool works in cloud mode. You can start searching for a target audience and promoting a profile from a tablet, computer, smartphone.

Instaplus.me для сбора ЦА в Инстаграме

Service features:

  • No additional software installation is required on a PC.
  • Support service works 24/7.
  • Automatic audience collection according to specified parameters: geolocation, competitors’ subscribers, tags .
  • Bulk view of Stories.
  • Simultaneous work with 5 accounts.

Try Instaplus.me for free >>>


Pepper.Ninja is an online parser that helps you find your target audience on Vkontakte. But despite this, the tool can be used for Instagram.


Features of the online service:

  • Unloading Instagram audience from VK.
  • Search for target audience according to the specified parameters: marital status, geolocation, age, gender, place of work and study.
  • Gathering only a live audience.
  • The Service does not take into account users who have not logged into VK for more than 2 years.

The Service provides new users with a test period for 3 days.

Segmento Target

Segmento Target is an online service for collecting target audiences on social networks. The tool works with three platforms: Instagram, VK and OK.

Segmento Target

Service features:

  • Search for an active audience.
  • Cleaning the collected target audience from bots, inactive users and offers.
  • Collecting comments.
  • Monitoring new users who recently subscribed to competitors.

You can access the service for free to test Segmento Target features.


SocialKit is a program for promotion on Instagram. Suitable for promoting any profile: brand pages, online stores, personal accounts, bloggers.

Парсинг аудитории в SocialKit

Features of the program:

  • Gathering the target audience according to the specified search criteria: competitors, hashtags, geotags, Vkontakte communities.
  • Parsing active users who like, write comments.
  • Complex multithreaded a filter that helps to cut off bots, offers, commercial accounts.

To test the main functions of the program, you can download the Demo version.


Bridgit is a tool for working with Instagram. Suitable for promoting any accounts.

Поиск ЦА с Bridgit

Service features:

  • Finding and attracting live subscribers.
  • Collecting target audience according to specified criteria.
  • Security: the online service does not exceed the limits of the social network.
  • Working in the cloud.
  • Audience filtering. There is also an anti-bot system that excludes bots and offers from the target audience list.

Bridgit has a free trial period that activates upon registration.


Instaplus.pro is a service for the safe promotion of Instagram accounts. The tool allows you to attract only a live audience.


Features of the online service:

  • Search for subscribers by sources: competitors; users who left comments or liked; geotags and hashtags.
  • Target audience filtering by gender, number of subscriptions, keywords, date of last publication.
  • Import and export of audience. You can download the list of IDs in txt format.

New users can try Instaplus.pro service for free.


InstaTurbo is a cloud service for safe promotion on Instagram. The tool allows you to attract up to 300 customers per day.

Облачный сервис InstaTurbo

Features of the online service:

  • Complete account security: InstaTurbo respects all limits.
  • Search for target audience by hashtags, subscribers and subscriptions.
  • Additional filters for targeting audiences.
  • Daily analytics of the effectiveness of account promotion.

Cost: 890 rubles per month. Free trial available.


We’ve looked at the best Instagram scrapers. Choose any service you like from the list. We, in turn, recommend Zengram Parser, as it is as simple and convenient as possible.

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