8 ways to get to the TOP on Instagram: by hashtags and geolocation (2021)

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is in the TOP on Instagram.
  • What factors influence posts getting to the TOP.
  • 8 tips on how to get to the TOP on Instagram in 2021

What is Instagram TOP?

Many Instagram users confuse TOP for recommendations when posts are shown to users that match their interests. We will talk about the “thematic” TOP – namely, about hashtags and geolocation.

Simple example: a person enters a hashtag, for example “fashion”. Your post is in the list of posts by the tag “fashion” – and it’s at the top of the list.

Топ по хэштегу мода в Инсте
Top Instagram hashtag “fashion”

This means that the post was in the TOP for this tag. This increases the reach of a photo or video, which means that organic audience growth increases. And it’s absolutely free.

The situation is similar with the TOP by geotags: for example, a person enters the tag of his city or region in the search bar and sees your publications in the list of posts. It can be a cafe, restaurant or beauty salon. This will increase the number of potential customers.

But remember that photos and videos are temporarily in the TOP – it all depends on the competition. If you have chosen a high-frequency hashtag, then being at the top of the list can take 20-30 minutes. Then other posts will come to the place of your publication.

What factors influence the ranking of posts in the TOP?

The main factors that affect photos and videos getting to the TOP by tags and tags:

  • Speed ​​of typing comments and likes. Your task: to get as many “reactions” as possible immediately after the publication of a photo or video.
  • Number of bookmarks.
  • Organic audience growth.
  • Reach and engagement .
  • Number of hashtags.

How to bring photos and videos to the TOP by hashtags and geolocation?

Let’s move on to the practical part of the article. Consider 9 effective ways to help you get into the TOP publications by hashtags and geotags.

Post as often as possible

The first tip to help you get into the TOP is to publish new posts as often as possible. For example, 5 photos or videos per week.

To do this, make a content plan – for a week or a month. This way you won’t have any problems with the constant search for ideas for publications.

Make quality content

No matter how trite it may sound, create only high-quality content. By “quality” we mean publications that are interesting to your target audience.

High-quality and interesting posts get more likes, comments and saves. And as you know, these are one of the main factors for getting into the TOP by hashtags and geotags.

Wind up the first indicators

In order for your photos and videos to be in the TOP, it is important to get as many “reactions” as possible in the first hours of the “life” of a post. This requires an audience.

If you have few subscribers, then try cheating likes, comments and subscribers. The Likemania service will help you with this.

Накручиваем показатели в сервисе Likemania
Scaling up metrics in Laikmania

Here you can quickly and, most importantly, cheaply and securely wind up various indicators: likes, comments, subscribers and even views for videos.

Get likes and comments through Likemania >>>

Choose your hashtags wisely

Another tip that will help you “fly” to the TOP is a competent selection of hashtags. If you use highly competitive tags for your post – posts with millions of other photos and videos – then the likelihood of getting on the “best list” will be minimal.

Therefore, select low-frequency (up to 10,000 publications) and medium-frequency (up to 100,000 publications) hashtags.

It’s also very important to include relevant tags – they should be relevant to the subject of your post. For example, for a photo of a beauty salon, the tags “auto”, “funny cats” and so on will not work.

Try Bulk Action

By mass action, we mean mass-liking and mass-following. You need to subscribe and like your audience, which, in turn, will subscribe to your account.

So you can quickly and relatively inexpensively attract an audience to your profile. And as you know, the more followers you have, the faster you will collect likes and comments for your posts.

For bulk actions, we recommend using the Tooligram service. It is cheap and safe – the profile will definitely not be blocked for exceeding the limits.


And most importantly, the tool helps to attract only a “live” audience. No bots or offers.

You can attract the first 25 people for free.

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Choose the best time to publish your posts

Another important point for getting into the TOP is the timing of posts. Your job is to find out at what time posts are getting high reach.

For example, at 17:00 posts can collect 200 likes per hour, and at 21:00 – 500 likes. This is because your audience is most active at 9pm.

For more information on how to choose the best time to post on Instagram, read our article.

Leave a call to action

At the end of each post, leave a call to action. Ask your audience to like, comment and bookmark posts.

You can stimulate subscribers: for example, ask them a question. This will help start a discussion in the comments.

Interact with Other Authors

It’s about mutual PR. Find 5-6 interesting bloggers in your niches and offer them cooperation: you post a post in your account with an indication of the author, and they will publish a post on their profile, where they will “advertise” you.

This is a mutually beneficial partnership that will help exchange audience. Mutual PR is a great way to attract new audiences to your account for free.


Now you know how to get to the TOP on Instagram by hashtags and geotags. Use all the methods described in the article. This will help you quickly recruit new audiences and increase your customer base.

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