7 Steps to Selling on Instagram in 2021

It’s been a while since Instagram has been the promised land of thousands of likes and influencer stardom. The most attentive entrepreneurs realized the strong commercial potential of the network and have earned a lot there. If you’re not already part of this wave, don’t waste any more time, as we’ll show you 7 steps to sell on Instagram in 2021.

With 1 billion active users per month, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms in the world.

And all this success makes the network a key player in the field of e-commerce.

If you still don’t sell on Instagram, know you’re missing a great opportunity!

But if your chip has already dropped and you finally want to get into that trend, don’t wait any longer.

Stay with us to find out how to start selling on Instagram in 7 easy-to-follow steps.

Are you ready to start profiting?

So come on…

Why is Selling on Instagram a Must-see Strategy?

Did you know that as I write this article, Instagram has over a billion monthly active users?

That’s just what you read, billions.

Instagram is a global market with 95 million users, in Brazil alone.

And if you still haven’t realized the potential of this network for your business, I’ll show you some reasons to give up on the social network for good.

The truth is that as Instagram is a visual platform, it turns out to be a perfect place for companies to showcase the products they have to offer.

Yes, using Instagram to help your customers remember your brand is a key part of today’s marketing strategies.

But that’s not all, and if you stop there, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to increase your sales!

If you still don’t know how to do this, I have good news: there are several ways to start selling on Instagram.

And more than that…

Instagram could become one of your best tools for selling products.

Only for that, you need to stand out from the crowd.

With that in mind, we’ll show you GOLD tips to sell on Instagram and be very successful.

Before I started selling on Instagram…

I imagine you’re eager to learn how to sell on Instagram, but before that, you need to build a solid base of followers.

Remember that the dangers of skipping this step can lead to missed opportunities later on.

First of all, you need to focus on these three things: 

  • Develop your brand on Instagram;
  • Write an awesome bio ;
  • Build a good follower base.

After this part is complete, you can start working for real…

7 Steps to Selling on Instagram in 2021

1. Configure Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is a relatively new feature that gives companies a way to tag products directly from posts.

This gives your customers access to product pricing details.

But believe it or not, there are still soooo many retailers hesitating to use the feature.

I honestly don’t understand the reason for this hesitation, I don’t know if it’s the eternal craze of the boxed price, but the fact is that Instagram Shopping is great and there’s no reason not to use the tool.

Some of the advantages of using the tool are:

  • Customers can explore your products with a single tap;
  • Your posts can be shared in Explore and Reach New People;
  • You can tag up to 5 products per image or 20 products per carousel;
  • Customers can tap “Buy Now” to visit your website and complete the purchase;
  • You can view the “Insights” tab to see its performance.

Configure Instagram Shopping with Facebook Catalog Manager

To use Instagram Shopping, you need to connect your account to a Facebook Catalog or create a new one.

If you’ve never used the Catalog Manager, this is a Business Manager feature that allows you to have a store on your Facebook page too.

But as simple as the feature is, there are several options included.

To start adding products, click “Manage” on the brand’s homepage.

Now you can add products.

You have the option to add one at a time or upload in bulk.

Don’t forget that images need to be 500×500 pixels.

Other information required:

  • Description of your product;
  • SKU number if you are using them internally;
  • The link to the direct page on your website where people can buy;
  • Product price.

Also read: How to create an Instagram Shopping store step by step.

2. Use attractive images


Using bad photographs can scare away your business customers.

It is very important to use images of your product that allow the buyer to clearly see what they are buying.

In addition to quality, add multiple images, showing different details and angles.

Select square photos (unless you’re creating stories), and they are clear and well lit.

3. Put Stories to sell on Instagram for you

Thinking about posts for your feed is important, but don’t forget the power of stories .

If you’re not that creative, know that there are many story options. Note a few:

  • Questions;
  • Polls;
  • Live video;
  • Countdown;
  • Add music and filters;

Although the stories disappear after 24 hours, you can include them in your profile highlights.

Use these strategies to present a product using the shopping sticker and provide a “drag up” link to take users to your sales site.

4. Use Social Proof whenever possible

Instagram is an incredible source of user-generated content.

One way to do this is to ask customers to tag you in photos and then share most of them.

Also, this is an awesome place to look for screenshots of positive comments about your brand that can be used elsewhere.

5. Promote Your Posts

Like Facebook, you can promote your business posts on Instagram to a wider audience.

Instagram ads are available to all users, and you’ve probably seen the sponsored posts appearing in your feed, haven’t you?

To do this, choose posts and stories that generate engagement naturally, in addition to clearly defining the audience to whom they will be presented.

6. Use hashtags for visibility and conversion

When you are selling products, using hashtags helps a lot to convert your posts into sales.

Make a list of:

  • Hashtags directly related to your brand;
  • The product-specific hashtags;
  • Hashtags related to purchases;

Using these hashtags will boost your Instagram SEO and help people looking for your products find you more easily!

In addition, they can also help show an old post to the right audience, even if they don’t know your profile.

7. Pay attention to the text of your subtitles

A lot of people believe that people don’t read on Instagram.

In any case, a good caption will eliminate possible customer doubts.

Use captions to give product details, set the start and end dates of a promotion, and also to show discount coupons.

It’s time to be successful on the Social Network of the Moment

The days when Instagram was just a photo sharing app are over.

Nowadays, the platform is a powerful tool for companies of all sizes who want to sell and earn big!

The earnings you can make through Instagram are huge.

If you are not using the network yet, be aware that you are not selling a lot.

But of course being successful on Instagram goes far beyond building a profile…

You need to deeply understand how the network works to truly grow your brand.

The truth is that small and medium-sized stores are already taking advantage of this opportunity…

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