7 REAL Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

The Instagram algorithm doesn’t help much when it comes to propagating your posts to your followers, we already know… But what do you need to do to Increase Instagram Engagement?

It’s no use just complaining that your content is not being delivered to your audience and not doing anything to change this situation…

This is just an alert, ok? Don’t get us wrong… 

But the truth is that we always need to move and look for more solutions to be able to reach more people within social networks.

And Instagram is no different…

That’s why we’ve listed here 7 VERY IMPORTANT tips for you to apply to your profile and increase your engagement there.

Read this article to the end to gather all the information and put your plan into ACTION!

In the video below, Ana Clara Magalhães, Inbound Marketing Director for Ecommerce in Practice, brings some ideas that you can apply in your business to increase reach and engagement on Instagram. Watch: 

What is Engagement and How Important is Engagement for Your Business?

There are still many people who are not sure what Engagement is and why are so many people concerned about it…

If you’re one of them, we’ll explain it here shortly so that you’re clear on how to use the tips we’ll give you soon.

After all, what does the word ENGAGEMENT mean?

Engagement is all kinds of interaction between users of social networks, whether it’s a like, a comment, a share… 

In other words, when you use the image and video features that Instagram offers and get people interested and interacting with that, they are engaging with your brand.

And why is engagement SO important for a company present in Ecommerce?

By engaging or not with your brand, this is a sign that the user has shown interest (or disinterest) in your product or service.

And even if he doesn’t buy your product right away, he already knows your name, your products, the type of content you promote and your purpose as a company.

This means that these people who engage are INVOLVED with your brand, which is very important when it comes to brand positioning in the consumer’s mind.

This strategy is focused on preparing your audience and keeping them warm, always remembering your brand to make the first purchase or buy your products again.

So, don’t think that engagement is something to totally let go of… Because if you do, you’re not only losing engagement, but also missing out on making more money!

For this reason, we have selected the best tips for you to apply in your business from TODAY and increase your engagement.

Let’s go to tips?

Tips for Increasing Your Instagram Engagement 

1-  Harness the Power of Stories and Reels

Instagram Stories is one of the most powerful features and it’s no wonder that many companies bet on advertising and content there.

Within Stories, you can use various resources such as Polls, Tests, Questions, Location, Hashtags, Gifs… 


All of them are great for humanizing your brand and increasing your engagement on Instagram, as people like to be entertained with this type of content.

They like to respond, to give opinions on topics they are interested in.

That’s why it’s very important not only to make offer videos on Stories, but also to post interactive content for people to engage.

That goes for Reels too. Instagram’s latest tool has become a rage among users, and companies haven’t missed the opportunity to engage through it.

The Reels were inspired by the short and fun videos from the app next door (just as TikTok is called by users inside Instagram).

So, for simpler educational or entertainment-oriented themes, Reels can be a great choice for your business.

If you want to talk about denser subjects, with more information and in video format, we recommend using IGTV or the lives. With them, you can post bigger videos, with more content to engage your audience.

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2- Use the right Hashtags 

We believe that you already use some Hashtags in your posts, but you need to understand which ones really bring results for your business.

It’s no use putting in countless Hashtags and none of them are related to your store or the content itself.

The idea here is for you to understand which hashtags have to do with your brand, as if they were fixed hashtags that will always be in your posts.

For example, let’s say you have a beachwear store. So, the most interesting thing to increase your Instagram engagement is to use Hashtags like #beachwear or #fashion and always use them.

But beyond these, it is important to use more specific hashtags according to the theme that your publication is…

It is worth remembering that the ideal is to use between 5-15 hashtags per publication and pay attention to the volume of publications in the most  comprehensive (above 100 thousand) and specific (below 100 thousand) hashtags.

So, by using the hashtags correctly, as explained in this topic, your post will appear in the explore tab for people who are really interested in your product.

And reaching the right people will definitely increase your Instagram engagement.

3- Repost your audience posts 

People love to receive products, take a picture, tag the company and post in Stories . And the least they expect is reciprocity from companies!

In other words, people mark hoping to be noticed by the companies they bought the product from… And the best way to show that affection and attention to your audience is by reposting the publications they make.

And what will be the real benefit to your company by doing this?

By reposting your customer’s Stories, you will definitely be approaching or creating a relationship with him… 

And somehow you’re implementing a little seed in that person’s mind… 

In other words, positioning your brand in her mind through a complete shopping experience. The person bought, received, liked the product, posted it on the networks and even had a return from the brand!

In addition to positioning the brand in the mind of the customer who has already purchased your product, by reposting the posts, other people will be influenced…

So, that person who still didn’t trust your brand or simply didn’t know it, will look at it differently when they see a satisfied customer.

And that could lead these new people to buy from you at some point, whether immediately or not.

4- Interact with the public 

Reposting a post is within the audience interaction part, but there are other ways to interact with your followers and get them to engage.

Whether through posting comments or direct, the idea here is that you respond to most of these interactions.

That way, the customer can even respond again and engage even more with your brand. In addition, of course, to being a way to show the Instagram algorithm that there are people interested in your content.

The more they engage, the more your content appears to them (and we know how difficult it is to deal with Instagram’s fickle algorithm).

That’s why it’s very important to interact with your audience to increase your engagement on Instagram.

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5-  Bet on Post Consistency 

Another thing that interferes a lot in increasing engagement on Instagram is the frequency with which you post your content.

Having a certain amount of regularity in your posts makes people always remember your brand because you are connected to them every day.

If you don’t post, people will be impacted by other companies that post and your brand will end up being sidelined.

So that doesn’t happen, set up a content plan to have more chances to engage with your audience.

6- Review the best times

In addition to the consistency of posts, it is essential to know which are the best views for you to post your content to increase engagement on Instagram.

That’s because people don’t spend 24 hours a day scrolling through the instagram timeline to see all the posts…

There are some times when people are online longer within Instagram and these are times that you need to map to post content.

But how to find out these times?

Instagram itself releases some insights into the behavior of its followers. There are several metrics that you can access on your own profile and understand how your publications are progressing.

And there’s also a specific metric there showing the times your followers go online…

Usually, this time is between 12:00, 18:00 and 21:00. But this can vary for each profile…

So take a look at your metrics to understand what time is best for YOUR profile to increase your engagement on Instagram.

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7- Create Valued Content [Content Marketing] 

The last tip for your engagement on BOMBAR Instagram is: Create Value Content for your audience.

That’s what we always tell our students, it’s no use just posting product photos and waiting for the miracle of sales to happen…

It may even be that you sell some products, but it is essential that, among the offers, you create valuable content to engage your audience in some way.

And the content will vary according to the niche you work in… The most common are lists, motivational phrases, fun facts about your products, tips on how to use, among other content that is interesting to your audience.

But it’s also not to create any content and go out posting anything on your profile. Behind Content Marketing, there are strategies to increase your engagement on Instagram and also to generate SALES!

After all, the purpose of the content is also this…

But how to create effective Content Marketing strategies that generate engagement and sales for your business?

Look out for the next topic… 

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