7 Content Ideas To Post To Instagram Stories

With over 500 million users watching short interaction videos daily, Instagram Stories is an engagement machine for businesses… 

But, of course, only if it’s used in the right way: taking advantage of the features that the tool offers with a lot of creativity.

And we know that sometimes content ideas for Stories need to be created with details like limiting short videos that are available for 24 hours…

Besides, you need to leave the obvious and think about different content than what is already published in the feed and other social networks in your company… 

So we’ve created a list of 7 content ideas for you to post to Instagram Stories.

Read through to the end and learn everything you can do to reach the thousands of active users through this tool.

In the video below, Babi Tonhela, Partner and CPO of Ecommerce in Practice, shows you what you should post in your Ecommerce Stories to get incredible results. Watch: 

Why use Instagram Stories in your company’s strategy?

The potential of tools like Instagram Stories is more than evident for the Ecommerce market.

According to Instagram, 80% of active accounts on the social network follow a company’s profile. And these different companies invest every day in content strategies for both the feed and Instagram Stories.

And oddly enough, the strategies are very simple, you just need to understand how your audience interacts with your brand… 

Is it through polls? From informational videos? Or for entertainment?

From there, you have a path to explore and are ready to create content for that format.

But what content ideas can you use in Instagram Stories?

Several ideas and we’ve selected the best ones for you to start applying today in your company’s strategies!

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7 Ideas for Instagram Stories 

1- Filming Behind the Scenes of Your Business

People are very interested in knowing who is behind the company’s processes, the person responsible (or those responsible) for making the business happen.

And nothing fairer than using Instagram Stories to show you a little bit of how the submission process is done.

Many companies already make videos showing how the product is packaged and shipped. This is a great idea for the customer to feel closer to your brand and create expectations with the purchase.

And what causes this proximity to your followers?

It’s the fact that they know they’re buying from people, just like them! If you follow EnP content, you already know that people buy from people!

A good way to show behind the scenes is to show not only your routine, but also your team’s routine. You can direct collaborators in each area to show some interesting process for your audience.

Important: all your Instagram stories can be replicated on Facebook Stories and also on Whatsapp Status. This way, you will have more chances to interact with your followers and customers.

2-  Post content of your routine

It may feel a bit like backstage, but when we talk about routine, it means that you can show parts of your personal and work routine.

You know when influencers post videos of the work table, afternoon coffee, breaks between tasks, an exercise or anything that is part of the influencer/company’s life in Stories…

These details also help bring brand and customer closer together, and people tend to engage a lot with this type of content.

3- Using the tool’s own interactive features

Instagram Stories offers several interactive features that are amazing for you to stimulate interaction with your followers.

You probably already use a lot of them and that’s great! The idea is to use it more and more creatively.

The poll, for example, is the most used and brings a lot of results. Some fashion companies take pictures of suggested looks and ask us Stories through a poll which look their followers liked the most.

At the end of the vote, they show the result and ask if people agree. A very simple content idea to make and that generates a lot of engagement.

In addition to polls, you can also use: 

  • Gifs;
  • Location;
  • Question box;
  • Hashtags;
  • Countdown;
  • Test it.

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4- Create tutorials

Show any process that might be of interest to your audience so that you are teaching something.

A practical example is to create a tutorial on how you create your product or the supplier stock request process.

5- Reset your customers’ bookings

To finalize your customer’s shopping experience and win them over, you MUST repost your customers’ bookings.

People love to be noticed by companies and reposting the post that the customer made thanking and praising the product is a way to bring the brand even closer.

Believe me: When people tag your @ in Stories and you reply, they are very happy and feel important!

6- Show your products on a daily basis

The idea is to show customers through Instagram Stories which products are still available, the details of each item, the quantities… 

This is a way to keep your audience up to date on all your product information without having to post to the feed, which can disrupt planning.

7- Highlight Important Stories

Many people complain and think that Stories have no relevance because they are only available for 24 hours.

But the truth is that you can highlight stories with key information about your store on your profile.

Just click on “highlight”, create a name to contextualize the theme of the stories in that highlight and presto, everything is saved in your profile for people to check at any time.

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