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5 apps to download Instagram videos (and stories)

Downloading videos from Instagram and Stories is not a native function of the social network. However, there are a number of apps for Android and iOS that allow you to download these contents to the image gallery. Then, just repost or watch whenever you want.

But, be aware that downloading and reproducing content protected by copyright without the author’s authorization is considered a crime under Brazilian law.

1 . Repost Story for Instagram

repost story for instagram

Although the name may imply that its function is just repost content, Repost Story for Instagram lets you save videos and photos. Whether from the feed, stories from the social network or even from the profile.

To use it, you must login to one or more accounts on the platform. Then, just access the profile of those you follow or search for one through the search tool. Then, you can see the most recent posts in the feed and the stories that are currently on air. And, if you want, download the content you like.

The app also allows you to check the latest posts you liked, in Likes. The idea is to have the contents you liked at hand and, if you want, download them quickly.

Another interesting feature is the possibility of viewing Stories anonymously. That is, your profile is not displayed among those who have viewed the content, as long as the action is done through the app.

Repost Story for Instagram is available for Android and iOS.

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2. FastSave for Instagram

fast save

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FastSave for Instagram works simply and quickly. Once you’ve downloaded it, just activate it and then login to your Instagram app account.

When you see content you want to download, just tap on the three dots icon located above the photo or video. In the open menu, go to Copy link. And that’s it! Just with the copy command, the file is downloaded.

Everything is saved in the gallery of the smartphone and in the app. The program even has options to hide the image from the gallery, save it as wallpaper, share it on your Instagram profile or with other apps.

FastSave for Instagram is available for Android and iOS .

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3. Story Saver

Story Saver

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Story Saver lets you download photos and videos from the feed, Stories and even IGTV. To use it, simply login to your Instagram account through the app.

Soon, the profiles of the people you follow on the social network are displayed. You can organize them alphabetically, newer or older publications.

By tapping on the user you want, you can view all posted photos, available stories and IGTV videos.

p>There is the possibility to download everything at once or each post individually. In this second case, the user must choose whether to include the source @ and whether to download, share or repost the content directly through the app.

Story Saver is available for Android .

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4. Regrammer – Instagram reposter


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If you just want to repost an image, Regrammer – Instagram Reposter can be a great option. The application allows you to repost photos and videos from the feed or from the stories, free of charge.

The user can choose whether or not to attribute the authorship of the publication. You can also schedule the repost at your preferred time.

The app supports posts with multiple photos and videos and does not require logging into your social network account

Regrammer – Instagram Reposter is available for iOS .

5. Regrammer


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Random is an online application, which can be accessed through the browser on PC or on Android and iOS mobile. There is no mystery to using it. Open the Instagram app or web version and tap on the three dots icon above the photo or video you want to download. In the menu that opens, go to Copy link.

Then, go to the Regrammer website and, in the search bar in the center of the screen, paste the previously copied link and press enter. Then just go to Download to download the content to your computer or image gallery.

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