4 advantages of activating Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping will allow consumers to buy from your store without direct and stress-free!

It’s a fact: this is a great time to create an Instagram business!

The social network finally released the changes it had been testing since 2016 and now we all have access to Instagram Shopping, a tool that allows users to buy products within the platform itself.

Now, merchants large and small can enjoy the benefits of boosting sales by tapping into the flow of customers who walk through Instagram every day.

And, look, there are many advantages!

Let’s start by better understanding how the tool works…

What is Instagram Shopping anyway?

Instagram Shopping — popularly referred to as the Instagram bag — is exactly what it sounds like: a shopping platform within Instagram.

And this could be the boost your business needed to get off the ground.

We will explain why.

According to Instagram Business data, more than one billion Instagram accounts are activated every month, around the world, and 90% of accounts follow a company on the platform.

This is an available audience that is in the same place your company can be, without you having to invest a lot of money to attract it.

When social network users are browsing, scrolling down, they are looking for something they like.

By offering right there, in the Feed itself, all the information they need to fall in love with a product and make a purchase, the entrepreneur gains more opportunities to build relationships with these users.

But how does it work? Let’s take a look!

New layout: Instagram 2020 changes

In November this year, Instagram updates brought many new features to the user.

The focus of the changes was to give more prominence to Reels — the platform’s short video creation feature — and to Instagram Shopping, the shopping feature.

Changes included rearranging some buttons on the user home page and adding new tabs to the navigation menu at the bottom of the app.

Now, in addition to Feed, Explore and Profile, the user can go straight to Reels via the navigation bar or go straight to the Shop (bag icon), where they can see products from the stores you follow and receive personalized recommendations based on your interests.

In the Shop, the user can view images, description and prices of the product.

In addition, it can be redirected directly to the store’s purchase page if interested.

Learn 4 Top Advantages of Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping puts in the hands of the retailer many of the powers necessary to make a purchase happen.

Adding this marketing method to your strategies can be a game changer for your results. Below, we show some of the reasons:

1. No more obstacles! Simplify your shopping path with Instagram Shopping

Every salesperson’s dream is to be able to create the sense of urgency necessary to move a consumer to action and make him close a deal right there, at the point of sale, without hearing a “I’ll take a walk and come back later”.

In the digital market, it would be no different.

The internet is full of offers for consumers, and to ensure they shop at your store, you need to give them what they need right away.

Instagram Shopping offers just that.

By creating tags that lead to your product pages, the user will be able to view, in a matter of seconds and without leaving the environment they are in, the details and price of an item.

The page even includes a button calling to action, which will take the consumer straight to the checkout of that product.

2. Create stories to delight consumers

No wonder Stories is one of the most popular features on Instagram!

Consumers don’t just want to buy a new television; they want a TV that provides magical and relaxing moments in their leisure time.

Do you see the difference?

The art of creating stories with your products, also known as storytelling, enables you to create true connections between your brand and your audience.

In fact, an article published by Forbes suggests that messages delivered as stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than just facts.

By creating your store on Instagram Shopping, that’s what you’re giving your users: stories.

When you use the platform to show the ways a product can be used, the setting, the situation, you tell a narrative and provide an experience.

Added to the ease of purchase mentioned above, this further increases your chances of closing a purchase.

3. Enhance the famous Consumer Shopping Experience with Instagram Shopping

You are probably tired of reading how important the shopping experience is.

But it is worth reinforcing: the vast majority of consumers say that the experience a company offers is as important as the quality of its products.

But what does it mean to offer the consumer a good shopping experience?

Well, for a start, you should reduce the steps to completion of a purchase.

When a consumer can view a product’s details and price with just one click, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Instagram Shopping allows you to create posts in Feed or Stories and directly tag your product page through tags.

From there, the consumer simply clicks on the tag, sees the information and goes straight to the checkout.

4. Appear for those who don’t know your brand yet

Lastly, another great advantage of Instagram Shopping is to promote your store to those who don’t know your business.

Like Google Shopping , Instagram’s Explore tab (magnifying glass icon) will display products related to users’ interests.

In other words, if you have a shoe store, with a great offer of a red platform heel, your product may appear to those who don’t follow your profile when that person does some research or shows interest in related content.

It all depends on the description you put on the platform. So, think carefully about the words you will use in the caption of your publication and use hashtags strategically.

And of course good photos are a must when it comes to Instagram!

Quality, focus, lighting and creativity are some of the basic elements to capture the attention of the user who is scrolling the mobile screen.

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