36 Cool Instagram Games: Top Pick for Stories and Posts (2021)

In this article, you will learn:

  • What are games on Instagram for?
  • TOP-36 games for stories and posts.

All games and ideas from the list are relevant in 2021.

How games help you promote your profile

Games on Instagram are interactive content that increases audience engagement. With the help of games, you can whet the interest of subscribers to goods / services / information products.

Games also noticeably increase the reach of posts, which means they increase organic audience growth. People are actively sharing interesting games with their friends – tagging them in the comments, sharing a link in Direct and other social networks – which increases the likelihood that a post or story with interactive content will go viral.

Games can be played in two formats:

  • In regular post format.
  • In Stories format.

The second option is more widespread, since you can “attach” some interactive “chips” to Stories.

Games for Instagram Stories: TOP-21

Let’s move on to the main part of the article: first, let’s look at 22 games for Instagram Stories.

Which one to choose?

This is a very simple but extremely addicting game for Instagram. The bottom line is that you publish two objects in Stories: for example, a smartphone and a tablet, and then invites the audience to choose between them.

Игра в Инстаграм «Что выберите?»

Thus, arrange “battles” between famous films, singers, actors.

Spot the Difference

The essence of the game is simple: you publish a Story where you show two identical pictures with slight differences. Users need to find these differences.

Найди отличия в Инстаграм

To make such a game, prepare two pictures in advance: you can take one image and add several “differences” elements in Photoshop.

In the first frame of Stories, add a call to action: for example, Find 3 Differences. Be sure to include the number of differences in the photographs.

Guess the melody

Remember the popular TV show “Guess the Tune”? This format can be used to host a game on Instagram.

Угадай мелодию

All you need to do is upload a short clip of the song to Stories. The task of subscribers is to listen to this passage and select the correct version of the artist in the sticker.

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Where is the real sticker

In this game, users need to find a real sticker. Your task is to place as many identical stickers as possible on the screen. Only one of them is an active sticker.

Найди настоящий стикер в Сторис

You can make 2-3 screens with stickers to complicate the search task. On the last screen of Stories, ask the question whether the subscribers managed to find the real sticker.

Capture the moment

Another great Stories game. In the editor, you need to make an accelerated video that consists of several pictures.

Поймай нужный момент

The player’s task is to catch the right moment: for example, so that the animal’s tail matches the position shown in the original photo. To do this, you need to stop the playback of the History in time and take a screenshot of the screen.

Take control of me

One of the most popular gaming formats among Instagram bloggers. It is also often called “Run my day”.

Управляй мной/моим днем

The essence of the interactive is that all your decisions are controlled by subscribers. For example, you publish Stories where you ask the question: “What kind of sneakers should I wear on the street?” and offer two options to choose from.

The audience selects sneakers by voting. You put on the winning option. And so all day; conduct surveys every 1-2 hours. Let your subscribers choose which movie to watch, which store to go to, and what time to go to bed.

Believe – not believe

This is a versatile game: it is suitable for business accounts, personal blogs and personal pages. You name a fact in Stories: for example, you say that you once hijacked a passenger bus.

Верю — не верю в Инстаграм

Under the text of the fact, place two buttons: “I believe” and “I do not believe”. Subscribers will choose one of these options.

Thus, you can name any facts: about yourself, company, product. At the end of the day, summarize and name the nicknames of the smartest subscribers.

Draw for me …

The mechanics of this game are as follows: you publish Stories with your photo and ask subscribers to take a screenshot and add some fun element to the photo. For example, let the audience draw you a funny mustache, add a third eye to your forehead, change your hairstyle.

Нарисуй мне

They will send all their options to you in Direct. You, in turn, share your most creative work in Stories. Be sure to tag the authors of these works.

Question – Answer

One of the most trending formats of games on Instagram. You post a Story where you ask your subscribers questions. The question can be any: “What book would you recommend reading?”, “Are you dreaming of a new iPhone?”.

Subscribers will answer these questions. Thus, the game “Question – Answer” can be carried out at least every day.

Picture Composition

The essence of the game: you publish a composition of several images. This is the encrypted title of a book, movie, TV series, or some sort of attraction. The audience’s task is to figure out which word is encrypted.

Композиция из картинок

On the first screen, place your cipher from pictures, and on the second, give the correct answer. If you have a business account – for example, an online store, then for a correctly guessed cipher, you can provide the user with a discount on your products.

Psychological test

This is a format of games where people pass a small test to learn more about their personality: the specifics of character, behavior. For example, post a Story showing 5 castles.

Психологический тест

Ask the audience which lock they want to open. Further, let the description of all castles follow: for example, the first castle says that a person is a born leader; the second – that a person is the soul of the company; the third is that the user is quiet.


Another option for polls. Ask subscribers various questions – for example, about history, geography, literature. Also offer multiple options.

Найди отличия в Инстаграм0

Instagram Stories functionality allows you to create polls with instant demonstration of correct and incorrect answers.

Optical illusions

Post a picture showing many different objects – for example, dozens of dogs. Among these dogs, users need to find a cat.

Найди отличия в Инстаграм1

Optical illusions are games that test audience attentiveness. On the last screen of Stories, you can ask a question, how many objects subscribers could find in the image.

Do you recognize a star as a child?

Another popular game that increases audience engagement. Submit 5-6 photos of stars as children – singers, musicians, football players, actors.

The task of subscribers is to write the first and last name of the star.

End phrase

The essence of the game: you publish a Story with the beginning of a famous phrase or quote. The users’ task is to finish this phrase.

For example: “In a war, all means ….”. Your audience needs to add the word “good” here. Thus, use the statements of famous people, quotes from popular books, films, TV series.

How well do you know me?

This is how well your followers know you as a person. For example, ask the question: “In what year did I start blogging?”, “When did I publish my first book?”

Найди отличия в Инстаграм2

This is also suitable for companies and brands. You can ask which product is the most popular in your online store, or in which year the company was founded.

Fortune telling by the book

Submit any book to Stories. Ask subscribers to send a page number and a line by attaching a response form.

Найди отличия в Инстаграм3

Thus, the line on the selected page will become a prediction. Choose 5-6 lucky ones and write them their predictions in “Direct”.

What’s in the picture?

Take any picture – a photograph of a famous person, a landmark, a snapshot of your product – and blur it. Also, if you are good at graphic editors, you can make a picture in jigsaw format.

Ask your audience to guess what exactly is shown in the picture. For those who guess right, offer some kind of prize or discount on the product.

Truth or Dare?

Publish a small survey in Stories with two possible answers: “Truth” and “Action”. Let subscribers choose one of the options.

If the action wins, then let the audience write to you in Direct, what action you should take – choose the most creative and interesting. If truth wins, then subscribers will ask you questions and you will answer them.

Film by frame

Post various stills from movies. Let your subscribers write answers from which film this or that frame.

Try to choose complex shots; try to hide the faces of famous actors on them. For example, if you publish a still from the movie “The Great Gatsby”, where Leonardo DiCaprio is standing with a glass of champagne, then subscribers will give the correct answer within 10 seconds after the publication of the interactive.

Which is more expensive?

Post two things, like an iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy A10, or a sweatshirt from Supreme and Gucci. Let subscribers choose the product that costs more.

If you are a business owner, you can similarly arrange a “price battle” between your own products.

Games for Instagram posts: TOP-15

Now let’s see what games can be played in regular posts format.

Find Words

This is a mindfulness game: post a photo with many letters. Users need to find words – vertically and horizontally.

Найди отличия в Инстаграм4

They will write their variants of the found words in the comments. Subscribers who find all the words can be rewarded: for example, give a discount on goods / services.


Post a photo of the maze, where each path is marked with a letter or number. The task of subscribers is to write in the comments a letter / number that leads to the exit from the maze.

Найди отличия в Инстаграм5

Idea for commercial accounts: users who show the right path to exit the maze receive a 30% discount on goods and services.

Intellectual problems

Make a carousel with various intellectual tasks: for example, logical thinking tasks. Five to six problem questions will be enough.

Subscribers will write their answers in the comments.


Encrypt a word using emoticons or letters. Let it be the name of a popular movie or TV series, a car brand, the name of a famous football player.

The task of subscribers is to solve this puzzle. For example, the title of the movie “Goal” can be encoded with emoji: soccer goal, ball, running athlete.

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Guess the series by emoji

A game that, in a sense, belongs to the section of puzzles. But there is one “but”: you need to guess the name of the series using Emoji.

Найди отличия в Инстаграм6

For example, for the series “Lost” you can use the following emoticons: airplane, fire, palm tree, island.

Who are you today?

A very popular game on social networks where the audience needs to choose who they are today; choose a suit for the new year, etc. You post a picture in which users need to select a word according to several factors: usually the month and birthday.

Найди отличия в Инстаграм7

The picture shows the names of months and numbers. There is a word for every month and day.

True or False?

The game is similar to “I believe – I do not believe” – ​​we talked about it in the section about games in Stories. Here you post any facts – for example, “Penguins live at the South Pole.” Next comes the question: is it true or false?

The task of subscribers is to give an answer: is this fact true or not. This way you can ask questions about yourself, your company and products.

Create a caption for the photo

One of the simplest interactive options on Instagram. Post a funny or unusual picture. Ask subscribers to come up with a creative caption for the photo.

Form a word in a column

Post any photo – for example, your selfie or a product shot. In the caption to the post, write any word: for example, “Pewter” (the word must be long).

Найди отличия в Инстаграм8

The task of subscribers is to write this word in a column. One comment – one letter. The difficulty lies in the fact that several people will write at the same time, which means that it will take a lot of time to compose a word in a column.

Let T9 finish the sentence

Publish a post in which write the beginning of a phrase: it can be a quote from a book, a statement of a famous person. The subscribers’ task is to continue this phrase.

But do not just finish a quote or statement, but use T9 on your phone for this. In the comments, subscribers should write the first word that T9 suggested to them.


In the description for your post, write a detective quest: for example, a large family is sitting at the table and one of them ate a cake before they sat down to dinner. Throw in various “hints” and “clues” about the “culprit.”

Subscribers’ task is to guess who exactly ate the cake. Similarly, you can use other detective tasks – they are easy to find on Google.


This is a very fun format for Instagram games. Its job is to test the intuition of your audience.

Найди отличия в Инстаграм9

For example, post a photo of a person. Let the audience guess his profession.

To make things easier, add various details to the photo that might find the right answer.

What color is the item?

Post a black and white photo. For example, a snapshot of a smartphone. The task of subscribers is to guess the color of this item. They will write their answers in the comments.

A few days after the publication of the b / w photo, post a color photograph of the subject – this will be the correct answer.

Words from a word

Lay out a picture that depicts one long word. Let your followers try to compose as many words from this word as possible. Add a condition that each letter can only be used once.


You need to make a short video, which will consist of 10-15 frames. Each frame is a quote or phrase. All shots must change very quickly.

Subscribers’ task is to take a screenshot of the screen. In this way, they “capture” one quote or phrase. This will be a prediction.


Use Instagram games to increase audience engagement and organic reach. This is a great way to recruit followers without attachments: posts with a lot of likes and comments often end up in recommendations.

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