32 ideas of what to post on Instagram

Instagram is, without a doubt, one of the most important social networks we have today. For a brand to be successful on the internet, having a strong presence on this platform is essential, as millions of people surf it every day. That’s why I brought here 32 ideas of what to post on Instagram for you to attract, engage and sell on Instagram.

Since every business has its own identity and audience, it’s necessary to understand which publishing style works best to achieve your purpose.

With that in mind, we’ve separated some suggestions for posts that tend to generate engagement on Instagram. With this list in hand, you can start testing which one is most effective for your brand.

In the video below, Ana Clara Magalhães and Lucas Lombardi, Heads of Content for Ecommerce in Practice, show you more post ideas. Check it out:

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1 – Stories

Everyone likes a good story, especially when they can identify with the characters in it. For that reason, posts of this nature tend to work very well on Instagram.

histórias dão certo no instagram

Good ideas for stories to be told are: success stories, behind the scenes of the brand…

Success cases are linked to emotion. The most interesting are those of famous people admired by the persona of their business or ordinary people who live easily relateable situations with their followers.

These stories encourage the engagement of the public, who will generally comment and tag other friends who might also be interested in the topic.

It is essential, in this case, that the story is from someone who represents something to your segment or a story that involves your segment in the subject.

The backstage stories are great for humanizing your brand. Customers feel more confident when they know the faces behind the products or services made by a particular brand. Therefore, it is always advisable to show your team to the world.

Finally, every niche market is constantly changing. Bringing the latest news to your audience is a great way to make them see you not only as a store, but also as a brand that they can keep up with new trends.

2 – Motivational

People need motivation. Sometimes they motivate themselves, but other times they need a little push. That’s why motivational messages work so much.

posts motivacionais

These phrases can encourage you, help you get through a bad day, or even offer a helping hand. In general, people engage and share the message, causing more people to be impacted by it.

This is a way to increase the relevance of your brand, increase the reach and engagement of posts, and even get more followerss.

The cool thing about motivational phrases is that they don’t work and can be made both in stories and in photos in the feed. In both cases success is guaranteed.

3 – Packing/Unpacking

The packaging of your product matters – we’ve talked about this in other articles . In addition to helping to strengthen your brand image in customers’ minds, it’s also a great way to encourage people to buy.


It is important to put together a beautiful package and, if possible, also put some “treats”, such as gifts or a handmade letter. This helps the brand to connect with people, as it is something different from what is usually done in the market.

You can do this kind of action with influencers, for example.

Influencers publish unpacking content all the time. This type of post, in addition to generating a lot of engagement, has a huge promotional power, as that blogger’s followers will certainly start looking at your brand with new eyes.

However, it is not essential to take this action with influencers…

You can film the process of packing and shipping your products, showing your customers how careful you are to do this. This is also a way to build credibility and trust.

4 – Memes

Humor is one of the things that generates the most engagement on social media and memes are part of that. In fact, there is no longer any doubt that they are here to stay…

memes funcionam no instagram

So using them is a recipe for success, especially when you can connect them to something relevant within your niche.

A very effective way to use a meme and generate lots of comments and likes is to put the caption “tag a friend who looks like/does this”. Users are always looking for ways to play pranks with their friends.

Just be careful not to end up using some very old meme, because it won’t work the same way. The best results will come from the memes you use when they are at their peak.

5 – Ask questions

People love to give their opinions about things (even when they don’t understand the subject). For that reason, questions and polls are a great idea of ​​what to post on Instagram.

perguntas geram engajamento

These two formats are simple and fun to make. You can ask followers for their opinion on a particular topic or ask them to ask questions about the brand, which will be answered by you.

This way, your customers will feel closer to your business, which is great for bonding and building loyalty.

Bruno de Oliveira, CEO here at Ecommerce in Practice, always uses this feature on his Instagram. It even got a 10-fold increase in your engagement with it.

Take a look at the video he recorded, on the subject:

And, as we know, retaining customers is the best way to make them buy from your brand again.

6 – Guides and Tutorials

What are the biggest doubts and difficulties that your target audience has? Your posts can help resolve them.

posts instrutivos funcionam no instagram

The internet, in addition to being a place to socialize, is also a place where people look for solutions to the problems they face on a daily basis.

For this reason, posts like this, which help people to overcome barriers, generate a lot of engagement. Likes, comments and shares pop up when a post like this is done correctly.

For example: if your brand specializes in sweets, you can make an IGTV showing a step-by-step accompaniment for this sweet.

7 – Polls/Quiz

Have you ever stopped for a few moments in your life to answer a poll you saw on Instagram, even though you know absolutely nothing about the person or brand you posted? It’s amazing how challenged it makes you feel, so you tend to participate even though you don’t know the answer.

enquetes geram engajamento

people love a competition to test their knowledge …

That’s why polls work.

A good idea to start with is to make stories with questions about your brand. In the end, you can select the follower that got the best result and give it away in some way.

8 – Customer Testimonials

There is nothing better for a brand’s credibility than customers saying good things about it. Therefore, whenever you receive compliments for a product or service you have performed, use the opportunity to make a post.

Customer testimonials are a great idea for what to post on Instagram.

use depoimentos de clientes

Ask your customers to send you a photo or video with the product, showing their satisfaction . While some people feel embarrassed in these situations, others take the opportunity to get those little minutes of fame.

When they see other people talking well about your brand, people who do not know you in depth are more likely to buy.

That’s because it’s easier to believe a product is good when someone else speaks highly of it than when the brand speaks.

So, never miss the opportunity to show what customers are saying about your products and your brand.

9 – TBT – Throwback Thursday

The hashtag #TBT (Throwback Thursday) is a hit on Instagram. It is common for several brands to be used to remember past events that were important in the history of the business.

It serves a lot to awaken nostalgia in the public and show how your brand has evolved over time.

So, post old photos, like first employees, first headquarters, first customers…

primeiros funcionários

Use this hashtag to show the path taken by your tag so far.

10 – Celebrate Achievements

Every business works to goals – and it’s good to celebrate them once they’re achieved.

histórias dão certo no instagram0

At Ecommerce in Practice, we made a post on Instagram when we reached 500,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel, thanking each of our students for helping us on this journey.

It’s good to show your customers the company’s results, always giving them credit for helping to reach whatever number.

In this way, people feel part of the company, as if they were somewhat responsible for the success achieved.

That’s why, whenever your brand achieves a goal that you can publicize, make a post on Instagram thanking customers.

11 – Talk about current issues

Finally, every niche market is constantly changing. Bringing the news to your audience is a great way to make them see you not only as a store, but also as a brand they can follow to learn about new trends.

histórias dão certo no instagram1

Current Themes are one of the best post ideas for Instagram. As they are hot in users’ minds, they tend to generate better engagement.

Be aware of what people are saying about your market, and pay attention to the competition. That way, you stay on top of what’s happening in the market, being able to create posts that communicate well and generate engagement for your brand.

Increase your Instagram engagement

With this list I showed you, you already have a lot of ideas for what to post on Instagram.

If you do it the right way, you’ll see that in a few days the results will start to show – including sales conversion.

However, these 11 ideas are just the beginning. The tip of the iceberg.

I told you upstairs that I was going to give you 32 post ideas, but this text would be too long…

Downloading for free the Ebook 32 Ideas to Post on Instagram, written by Ana Clara Magalhães, Head of Content here at EnP, you have a much more complete material, with ideas that have already been tested and approved.

By following her lead, your brand is more likely to be able to maintain a strong presence within Instagram. And, as we know, this is the key to succeeding on social media.

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