Metode prin să vezi profilele private de Instagram fără să le dai follow

3 Methods to view private Instagram profiles without following them

3 Methods by viewing private profiles of Instagram without following them, is there such a thing? Instagram is, without a doubt, the social platform no. 1 of the moment. When a platform becomes global and has several hundred million users, privacy can become an issue for many people. In this article we will discuss how to see private Instagram profiles.

Celebrities, influencers, bloggers and other people do not keep their lives private. The number of followers on Insta has become a proof of success. Today, people are struggling to attract as many users as possible to follow their profile. These celebrities are the exact opposite of the people whose pictures or stories we want to see and who have a private profile.

Public profiles are easy to follow or see, but when it comes to private ones, things get complicated. You may want to see a private profile for several reasons. Mothers are curious who post their children on the Internet, employers want to see what kind of man they add to the team. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that people are increasingly looking for ways to see the private posts of others.

Metode prin să vezi profilele private de Instagram fără să le dai follow

What are the methods to view their profile?

1. Search Google for

The first way to see private Instagram profiles is to search your username or full name on Google. Even if the profile is not public, there is a good chance that some fingerprints will remain left before that account is made private. Some small information may appear in Google Images. If you can’t find much, know that the profile picture will be somewhere on the image pages. Profile pictures are the easiest to find online.

2. Send a request

The best chance to see private Instagram profiles is, of course, to send a follow-up request. There is a good chance that this will be accepted, if the person in question knows you. However, if your request is not accepted instantly or has been denied, there is still a chance that you will receive an acceptance.
  • Please wait some time and send another request. Chances are that person isn’t too active on Instagram. That’s why he may not check his follow-up requests on a daily basis. Even more – some people don’t even pay attention to the list of follow-up requests. That’s why you need to make sure that when you open the list, you should be as high as possible to have more chances.
    • If a few days have passed and your request has not been accepted, you can contact the one you want to follow. Send her a message via Instagram and tell her why you want to follow her account. Introduce yourself and observe the other’s behavior – see if he is interested in having a conversation or not. Some people go on the idea of ​​not accepting follow-up requests from people they don’t know. That’s why it’s a good idea to introduce yourself and make yourself happy, even if sometimes it’s hard to do it just by texting.
    • If you know that person from somewhere, they are more likely to accept if you tell them when and where you met.

    3. Create a fake account (if you’re so curious)

    If all of the above methods don’t work, you can always create a fake account. However, this method is not very correct at all, so think carefully before using it.

    If I make a fake account of a woman, you are much more likely than if you make a account of a man . However, don’t forget that you have to make the profile look as real as possible.

    Finally, it’s not recommended to use any of these methods to view private Instagram profiles, as people really need privacy. With all these social networks around us, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep our privacy. Instagram does an extraordinarily good job by offering the private profile feature.

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