20 best services for promotion on Instagram: TOP selection (2021)

In this article, we will look at services for promoting on Instagram. In total, we have collected TOP-20 instruments.

All online services were divided into categories: mass actions, analytics, cheating and deferred posting. We will also share tips for promoting an Instagram account.

The list contains only working tools that will bring results – audience growth, reach and engagement – in 2021.

Mass Actions

First, let’s look at services that perform massive actions: subscribe, like, watch stories. These tools are suitable for promoting any account: personal pages, blogs, online stores, business accounts.

Tooligram 2.0

Tooligram 2.0 is a service for promoting on Instagram. The tool performs massive actions: subscribes, likes. You can customize Tooligram yourself – no specialist assistance is required.

Tooligram — сервис продвижения в Инстаграм

The price of a subscriber attracted using an online service starts from 1 ruble. It’s safe: the tool simulates the actions of a living person. Your account will not be blocked.

Tooligram Features:

  • Daily development of 300 live accounts – some of them will become subscribers and customers.
  • You can only work with an active audience of a competitor – subscribe and like users who have recently subscribed to a competitor, liked the latest posts or commented on publications.
  • There is a mailing function. You can send welcome messages to new subscribers. Moreover, you can set up a mailing list for Instagram users who have liked the posts.
  • Working in the cloud. You can start active promotion of your profile from your computer, phone, tablet. There is no need to download additional programs.

Cost of Tooligram 2.0: 690 rubles / month

The first 25 people can be recruited for free.

Get Started with Tooligram 2.0 for Free >>>


Zengram is an online tool for promoting on Instagram. The service performs massive actions: watch other people’s stories, subscribe, like, comment, send messages to Direct.

Zengram — продвижение в Инстаграм

It’s safe: the tool respects all social network limits. The profile will not be banned for suspicious activity. Zengram works in the cloud mode: you can start promotion from your phone, tablet, computer.

Features of the online service:

  • All actions are performed automatically. Add an account and select the desired task: likes, subscriptions, viewing stories.
  • Work only with the target audience. You can work with subscribers of competitors or launch profile promotion by thematic hashtags, cities and countries.
  • Only living people. No bots or offers.

On the official Zengram website, you can study the reviews of real customers – they talk about the success of promoting their accounts.

Zengram cost: 699 rubles / month

There is a 3-day trial period.

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Instaplus is one of the best automated services for promoting on the Instagram social network. The tool performs massive actions: subscribes, unsubscribes, watches stories, likes.

Instaplus — инструмент для раскрутки в Инстаграм

You just need to add an Instagram account and start the task. This is a cloud service – it works without installation on a computer. If you have any questions about Instaplus, you can contact technical support – the technical support service works 24/7.

Features of the online service:

  • You can work with multiple accounts. Pages are managed through your personal account.
  • Automatic search and putting likes. To do this, you need to specify geotags, hashtags or a list of competitors.
  • Gathering the target audience according to the specified parameters: hashtags, subscribers, geolocation.
  • Simultaneous promotion of 5 accounts.
  • Safety. The online service complies with Instagram limits – thanks to this, the account will not be blocked.
  • Imitation of live communication. The tool sends unique comments to the target audience.

Instaplus cost: from 399 rubles / month

You can work for free for the first 5 days.

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Bridgit is a set of tools for working with Instagram. The service performs massive actions: subscribes, likes, watches stories, comments and unsubscribes.

Bridgit — раскрутка в Инсте

Suitable for business owners, SMM managers, bloggers. When using Bridgit, you don’t have to worry about the security of your account: the profile will not be blocked for suspicious activity, since the tool imitates the actions of a living person.

Features of the online service:

  • Viewing statistics: dynamics of account growth, geotagging or hashtag growth. You can see who is the most active commentator on your profile.
  • Track comments. You can quickly respond to fresh comments – even those that have been left under a competitor’s post.
  • Postponed posting on schedule.
  • Sending messages to Direct.

Bridgit cost: from 490 rubles / month

The first 24 hours are free to work.


DoInsta is a convenient online service for promoting on Instagram. It automates routine actions: likes, subscribes and unsubscribes. Setting up promotion to the target audience takes less than a minute.

DoInsta — раскрутка Инсты

This is a cloud service: you can work from your phone, computer or tablet. The account will not be blocked for mass following or mass liking – the service complies with the current limits.

DoInsta features:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface – you can start promotion in 1 minute.
  • Instant notifications. If the tool stops working – your user base runs out, your password is reset – a notification will appear in your personal account. You will also receive an email.
  • The service uses individual proxies.
  • You can enable auto-unsubscribe from Instagram accounts.

DoInsta cost : 1000 rubles / month

You can try the service for free.

Analytics services

Now let’s look at analytics tools. With the help of these services, you can see the effectiveness of the promotion: for example, the growth of the audience after mass following.

Also, online services from the list below will help you track your competitors: watch their growth and promotion strategy.


LiveDune is a comprehensive social media tool. It will help to increase reach, audience, engagement. But we are interested in it primarily as an analytics service: to analyze your account and competitors’ pages; check bloggers for cheats.

LiveDune — аналитика в Инстаграм

What LiveDune can do:

  • Account statistics. Every hour collects statistics on your accounts and the accounts of competitors. There is a function for viewing Stories and # hashtags statistics.
  • Audience analysis. You can see who is subscribed to your account: from which countries, cities; gender, age.
  • Content analytics. You can evaluate the quality of posts – by the speed of getting likes relative to other posts.
  • Engagement. You can see what percentage of the audience is active. Monitor the rise or fall of engagement.
  • Reach. Shows the dynamics of reach – you can see how many Instagram users have seen your account.
  • Mentions. The service collects all mentions of your Instagram page. Mentions can be filtered: for example, hide your posts or show tags only in unique posts.

LiveDune cost: from 300 rubles / month

There is a free trial period – it lasts 7 days.

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trednHERO is an analytics tool for Instagram accounts. You can find and check a blogger for cheating. There are 30 million accounts available in the database. More than 90 metrics are used for profile analytics.

trendHERO — аналитика в Instagram

What trendHERO can do:

  • Search for influencers (bloggers) for advertising. These are the accounts that will give your target audience coverage.
  • Checks for cheating. Before you buy advertising in a public or from a blogger, you can analyze your profile audience.
  • Analyze your audience. You can see the quality of subscribers and audience growth.
  • Post parsing. Find out which posts are getting the most likes. You can check the cheating of likes and comments.
  • Analysis of mentions. Find out who the blogger or public has advertised.

TrendHERO is free to use. Basic information is available in the free plan: ER, subscriber growth schedule, adding to favorites.

The cost of a paid plan: from $ 10 per month.

There is a trial period – you can check 3 accounts for free.

Get started with trendHERO >>>


Morecom is a service for monitoring comments and mentions on Instagram. The tool can be used during sweepstakes and contests, as well as to analyze your competitors.

Morecom — мониторинг комментариев в Инстаграм

The service is secure – it works through the official API of the social network. You do not need to enter your profile password.

What Morecom can do:

  • Comment monitoring. Receive notifications of new comments by email, Telegram, Vkontakte or Slack.
  • Mentions. You can see who mentions your account under other people’s posts.
  • Uploading comments. There is a tool that will help you download all the comments below a post. This is useful during sweepstakes and contests.
  • Analytics. You can watch the engagement (ER) of the account; find out the gender, country and age of the target audience; there is a function that shows TOP subscribers: people who comment on posts more often than others.

Morecom cost: from 150 rubles / month.

There is a 7-day trial period.

Get started with Morecom for free >>>


Picalytics is a deep analytics service for Instagram accounts. Provides access to profile statistics. You can keep track of your competitors.

Picalytics — глубокая аналитика в Инстаграме

What Picalytics Can Do:

  • Collect analytics about subscribers. You will find out the gender, age and geographic location of your audience. The service also provides information on the growth of subscribers and their interests.
  • Uploadable reports. All account reports can be downloaded and compared: for example, your statistics and those of a competitor.
  • Competitor analysis. You can see the posting strategy and audience engagement of the main competitors.

Picalytics cost: from $ 8 per month.

There is a 3-day trial period.


Popsters is a social media analytics service. You can compare and analyze the effectiveness of Instagram posts. The function of monitoring competitors is available.

Popsters — аналитика в социальных сетях

The tool will help you understand which content is “reaching” the audience more.

What Popsters Can Do:

  • Post popularity rating. See which posts are getting more likes and comments.
  • Comparison. Analyze multiple pages at the same time to compare their performance.
  • Reports. All data can be downloaded to PDF, XLSX, CSV, JPG, PPTX.

Popsters cost: from 399 rubles / month.

There is a 7-day free trial period.

Websites for cheating

In this section, we will consider sites for boosting indicators on Instagram: likes, subscribers, comments, video views and stories.


Likemania is a tool for boosting followers, likes, views, comments on Instagram. The service is paid. To get started, you need to select a social network, service (views, likes, subscribers, save) and specify your Instagram login. No password or other account information is required. You can wind up bots or live people.

Zengram — продвижение в Инстаграм0


  • Subscriptions – from 0.35 rubles. per subscriber.
  • Likes – from 0.14 rubles. for one like.
  • Views – from 0.03 rubles. in one view.

Get started with Likemania >>>


LikeInsta is a service for boosting likes and subscribers on Instagram and Vkontakte. As in Bosslike, here you can promote your profile for free – for this you need to complete tasks and earn points.

Zengram — продвижение в Инстаграм1

A quick order is available – this is a purchase of metrics for money.


  • Subscriptions – from 0.58 rubles
  • Likes – from 0.40 rubles
  • Views – from 0.10 rubles

Get Started work with LikeInsta >>>


Bosslike is a service for safe promotion on social networks. Including Instagram. You can wind up likes, subscribers, views. There are two options available: free and paid.

Zengram — продвижение в Инстаграм2

For a free cheat, you need to register on the service and start performing tasks. You get points for tasks. Use these points to promote your Instagram account.

You can buy followers, likes. This is faster than the free method – just make a quick order or order a cheat in your account.


  • Subscriptions – 0.55 rubles. per subscriber.
  • Likes – 0.30 rubles. per like.
  • Views – 0.10 rubles. per view.

Get Started with Bosslike >>>


Godlikes is a service for boosting likes, comments, video views, coverage on Instagram and other popular social networks. Unlike similar tools, you can’t get followers here.

Zengram — продвижение в Инстаграм3


  • Likes – from 0.28 rubles
  • Video views – from 0.10 rubles
  • Story views – from 0.29 rubles

Get Started with Godlikes >>>


Prskill is a service for live promotion on social networks. The tool is completely safe – the account will not be blocked. Attracting only real people.

Zengram — продвижение в Инстаграм4

Prices for promotion on Instagram:

  • Subscribers – from 68 rubles. for 1,000 pieces.
  • Likes – from 44 rubles. for 1,000 pieces.
  • Views – from 1 rub. for 1,000 views.

Get Started with Prskill >>>

Deferred Posting Tools

The last section is the deferred posting tools. These services will help you create a content plan and schedule publications for the weeks ahead. This way you don’t have to manually publish posts every day.


Parasite is a service for SMM automation. The tool allows you to schedule posts on Instagram, create a content plan and chat in Direct.

Zengram — продвижение в Инстаграм5

Possibilities for Instagram:

  • Create publications and Stories. For this, the built-in editor is used: you can make regular and carousel posts. Also add hashtags and geotags.
  • Deferred posting. You need to specify the date and time when the post will be published on your Instagram account.
  • Direct communication. You can communicate with clients in Direct from your computer – accept requests for correspondence and send messages and files.

Parasite cost: from 349 rubles / month.

You can try the functionality of the deferred posting service for free.

Get started with Parasite for free >>>


SMMPlanner is a professional deferred posting tool for popular social networks (including Instagram). The service is safe – the account will not be blocked for suspicious actions. You can add an unlimited number of accounts.

Zengram — продвижение в Инстаграм6

What SMMPlanner can do:

  • Publish and delete posts on a schedule.
  • Edit images and watermarks.

SMMPlanner price : from 450 rubles / month.

Free trial available.

Get started with SMMPlanner for free >>>


SmmBox is a tool that will help fill your Instagram account with content for the week ahead. You will spend 10-15 minutes creating deferred publications.

Zengram — продвижение в Инстаграм7

What SmmBox can do:

  • Content search. You can quickly find the most popular posts on your topic and add them to your content plan.
  • Teamwork. You can add editors, administrators, so that they can also do deferred posts.
  • Content and account analytics.
  • Automatic deletion of posts.
  • Adding hashts and emoticons.

SmmBox price: from 199 rubles / month.

There is a 14-day trial period.


Amplifier is a service for creating delayed posts on Instagram and other popular social networks. There are built-in analytics tools.

Zengram — продвижение в Инстаграм8

What Ampliffer can do:

  • Scheduling publications by days, months, weeks.
  • Analytics. You can measure the effectiveness of your calendar publications.
  • Autopilot. There is a function that will automatically schedule publications: the algorithm will choose the right time based on personal recommendations.
  • Measuring reach, engagement, engagement.
  • Seeing the best posts of all time.

Amplifier Price: from $ 15 a month.

Free trial for 7 days


InSMM is an auto-posting service in social networks. Helps automate posting to Instagram.

Zengram — продвижение в Инстаграм9

InSMM features:

  • Built-in editor. You can edit posts in your personal account.
  • Statistics. Analyze the effectiveness of your posts.
  • Publish stories. You can schedule Stories to publish.
  • Drafts. Posts can be saved to draft.

InSMM is free to use, but limited to 50 posts and 5 stories per month.

The cost of the full version: from 250 rubles / month.

Tips for promoting your Instagram account

The services listed in this article will help you gain a large audience on Instagram. To improve your promotion efficiency, we’ll share some simple promotion tips.

Tips and tricks:

  • Before you start promoting your profile, make a beautiful design for your account. Add a description (read the article “What to write about yourself on Instagram”), upload a beautiful avatar.
  • Make a portrait of the target audience. Define your target audience: age, demographics, where they live, what their interests are.
  • Use different methods of promotion. In addition to mass following, massliking, launch targeted ads, buy ads from bloggers.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors. Analytics services will help you with this.


We will look at the best Instagram promotion services. Use these tools to increase the audience of your account: gain new subscribers, attract customers to your online store or business.

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