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15 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers: Paid and Free

Now more than 300 million people are registered on Instagram and this number is constantly growing. Social networks have ceased to be entertainment, they have become a powerful tool for connecting with the audience.

People can sell any product or service, create individual brands and find the first connoisseurs of their creativity. Without intermediaries, directly, simply by posting a post on your profile or a beautiful photo.

However, the effectiveness of Instagram depends on the breadth of coverage, i.e. number of subscribers – people interested in the content published by the author. They can make someone popular in an instant, which means successful.

How to get live followers on Instagram quickly and safely without cheating? This article will highlight the most effective ways.

10 ways to increase the number of subscribers for free and without cheating

Owners of promoted accounts receive income from various sources: from advertisers who have placed their banners on the page, from direct sales and the general activity of subscribers.

Brand awareness, number of sales, customer interest in a product – it all depends on profile traffic. The more people see your content, the more likely you are to find potential customers among them.

Getting followers is important, but people quickly leave if their profile content doesn’t interest them. Therefore, you need to regularly publish new posts, keeping you active. Focus on audience response. Which posts got the most views, likes and comments.

Method # 1: personal contacts

The easiest way is to attract people you know personally. They will become the first followers on Instagram – friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors. Most have their own pages on social networks. You can offer them a reciprocal subscription option.


  1. Having opened your Instagram account, find in the menu the item “Settings” – “For subscriptions”. In the list of functions that appears, you need a section: “Contacts”. There will be icons of other social networks like Vkontakte, Facebook, etc.
  2. Instagram automatically reads information about the user’s contacts on other online platforms. In each of the available sections, you must check the box next to “Subscribe to all.”
  3. Then users – subscribers from other social networks will receive a notification about the appearance of an Instagram account and can, by opening the link, subscribe.

The effectiveness of the method directly depends on the number of followers in connected social networks. You can independently send your friends via WhatsApp a link to your profile with a request to visit it.

Method # 2: mailing on social networks

The effectiveness of the first method can be increased by actively placing ads on social networks. Add your profile description on Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki – wherever the user is registered. Personal information about a person is saved and will be visible to page guests and subscribers.

Ссылка на Инстаграм в других соцсетях для набора подписчиков

Make an ad separately, indicating there information and an invitation with a link to Instagram, supplementing this with a new post, decorating it with bright photos. This way the audience will appreciate the importance of the news and want to know more. Instagram also allows you to directly connect your business page to your Facebook account.

Method number 3: hashtags

Keywords help you quickly find the information you need, just enter them in the search bar. The system is guided by published hashtags. On Instagram, they are indicated under the post, supplemented with an icon: “#”. For example: “# delicious dish”, “# cooking at home.” If there are several words, there is no space between them.

A user can add up to 30 different hashtags to one post. Come up with them yourself or take from the trend. Then his post will be highlighted as a result of searching from other people. Examples of hashtags:

  • place or name of the event where the photo was taken;
  • interests by which an interested subscriber can find a profile;
  • a description of the objects depicted in the photo;
  • taken from the pages of popular competitors.

By specifying the tags “#likeforlike” or “#followme”, you can indicate your intentions to promote your account, attracting people with a similar goal. And find like-minded people among them.

Important! Do not use common words or phrases, otherwise the post will drown in a sea of ​​similar pages and it will be impossible to attract attention.

It’s easier to compose a ready-made template for keywords, and use it, this will save time. Add them below the post or in the first comment.

Method number 4: geolocation

You can add geotags to Instagram, marking the places where a photo was taken or a video was shot. Favorite places bring people together, they are interested in discussing their impressions, sharing memories. Having found out where the target audience is more often, you can attract their attention by posts about these places with the specified geolocation and new photos.

Method # 5: activity chats

An effective tool for promotion are activity chats – communities of bloggers, where they can promote their accounts, helping each other. Users post links to their posts in chats, asking others to look, like and write a comment. They themselves perform similar actions.

Method 6: word of mouth

Thanks to social media and normal human interactions, rumors spread very quickly. It is worth taking advantage of this by asking friends to recommend a new profile to someone they know.

If they like the content, subscribers inadvertently contribute to the growth of the account’s popularity by sharing their impressions with others. You can post requests for recommendations under posts.

You can search for pages with related topics (without touching direct competitors). For example, a man who does a manicure or pedicure should enlist the support of a famous photographer who has his own Instagram profile.

Ask him to take some beautiful pictures of the nail design, in return, recommend a specialist on his own page.

Method 7: contests

The audience grows due to high-quality content, active advertising and live communication. To retain interest, you can regularly hold contests with prizes.

Invite participants to perform certain actions: subscribe, like the post, or come up with the wittiest comment. Set a time frame (preferably 1-2 days).

Choose the winner at random or by selecting three finalists, ask other subscribers to vote for the candidate they like.

Important! To fulfill obligations. If the winner was promised a prize – a cell phone, a hairdryer or a new book, then contact him and send him by mail to the specified address. Fake rewards will not add popularity to your account. Negative rumors about cheating will quickly spread and people will no longer trust.

Method 8: Collaborations

There is competition everywhere, but you can use it for your own purposes. Find 2-3 account holders who are in a similar business and have a similar audience size. Offer them cooperation – exchange of experience or joint filming. Any business will become mutual PR, because each will recommend another to his audience.

Method 9: barter

Exchange by the type: “you give me a ram, I give you a cart”, it also works in the Internet space. For example, cosmetics manufacturers often ask popular bloggers to advertise their product in videos. Instead, they provide a discount for a special promotional code, by entering which, blogger’s subscribers will be able to buy goods cheaper.

Method 10: connecting a business account

To expand the functionality of the profile, it is worth connecting a business account, which will give new opportunities:

  • access to statistics on activity on the page;
  • launch of official advertising;
  • feedback buttons with the author will appear in the description of posts.

Interested subscribers can quickly write to the mail or call the specified phone number. Using a business account, you can directly provide services and sell goods.

Pros and cons of free ways to increase subscribers

What is more effective: to act independently or to hire a specialist? There are enough ways to increase subscribers and promote your account for free. They have a number of advantages and disadvantages:

Any of the above options is available without special equipment and knowledge.

  • Result not immediately

We’ll have to work hard. There will be no quick results. In the first days or weeks 3-5 people will come to the page

  • Skills required

No need to purchase expensive programs, you can even process photos on your phone without using your computer. All you need is a computer (phone), a network connection and a couple of hours daily.

It’s hard to keep your audience. It is not enough to attract people, it is important to interest them so that they stay, want to subscribe and be active. You need to acquire a number of skills, first of all, to learn how to use the Instagram platform.

Do not require investment of money, for the implementation of most and the user will spend 0 rubles for ideas.

It will take time and it is difficult to predict how effective the promotion measures taken will be.

  • Combinable

You can combine several options or all at once, there are no restrictions. But the return will increase. If one method does not work, the other will definitely “shoot”.

Live subscribers are appreciated, not bots, which are much easier to wind up. Instagram monitors the interference of third-party programs and blocks offenders.

4 ways to quickly get your first subscribers from scratch

You can increase the popularity of your Instagram profile using third-party services. They have a clear Russian-language interface and after launching, it is clearly shown where to find subscribers, what actions you need to perform.

The use of these platforms is safe and legal, as a result, real people will be attracted, not fake bots.

Important! Services are paid, but there are bonus programs, discounts for activity and a referral system.

Tooligram 2.0

The Tooligram online platform was updated in June 2020. The user opens the official website and can appreciate the benefits of the service. Tooligram increases the number of subscribers through massive likes and followings, simulating human activity.

Therefore, Instagram bans algorithms do not detect it. The system “watches” posts, leaves likes and scrolls through the event feed.

How it works:

  1. Automatically selects active subscribers for the user – people who previously stood out on competitors ‘pages: the user specifies tags and links to competitors’ profiles; the system initiates autoliking, in return a person receives a mutual subscription.
  2. Every day 1,000 accounts of people are analyzed.
  3. The mechanisms operate non-stop, every day, seven days a week, analyzing 1,000 profiles. Among them, he singles out 300 people, whom he subscribes to and likes. Instead, 20 people can subscribe.

The audience increases by 585 followers, moreover, living people, not bots.

Сервис для набора живых подписчиков Tooligram 2.0

The standard price of services is 650 rubles per month, the package includes attracting customers and subscribers. There is a set of paid options: putting likes under posts, writing comments, connecting auto-feeds, etc.

Get Fans

A convenient tool for promoting your account by attracting live people and forming a permanent audience. You do not need to download the application for cooperation, the service works through the official website.

How the system works:

  1. The client chooses a package of services and pays.
  2. The team regularly increases the base of performers, distributing tasks between them.
  3. Provides stable activity from real users, people interested in the content they upload will come to the client’s page.
  4. Moderators independently check the accounts of followers, excluding bots and “left” pages.
  5. The quality of assignments is monitored.
  6. The profile will be “live” and soon the first subscribers will appear: likes under new and old posts, reposts, clicks on internal links, reactions, comments. The number of views will increase. To receive services, you must register and enter the promo code (if any) into the form on the site.

    Convenient service for receiving / exchanging live comments on your Instagram profile. This increases the activity on the page, and accordingly the audience coverage. Get Comment launches bots in messengers. You can be active yourself to promote your profile or order paid comments.

    Service advantages:

  • increase subscribers’ activity;
  • makes the account attractive to people;
  • brings posts to the TOP using hashtags and geolocation;
  • increases reach;
  • motivates people to shop.

Real people leave comments under the client’s posts, put likes, attracting the attention of other followers. Reviews with 4 words or more, owners of personal accounts are active. The client himself indicates how many comments he wants to receive and indicates a link to the post.

Booster Stories

A convenient service for increasing the activity on the page in social networks by boosting views and reactions of real people. Increases reach, making the page more attractive for the Instagram platform, so that it then automatically promotes to the TOP.

Booster Stories shows the profile to all subscribers of the client, if there are hashtags under the posts, it gives them out in the search. Able to increase coverage up to 15-30%.

How it works:

  • By clicking on the Booster Stories link, open the site and register with your email address. Come up with a password to access your personal account.
  • Specify a login from the Instagram profile (you can give a link), without authorization on the platform.
  • Get a calculation with subscription options available for registration.
  • Pay for a subscription. First, the subscriptions of existing fans will go, then the promotion will start through reactions and views.

The cost of services is calculated individually, for business accounts the system will enhance the promotion by attracting potential customers. The service will be beneficial for bloggers, commercial account holders and other users.

How to get more subscribers with ads

Through the system of targeted advertising, you can attract subscribers for 3-4 rubles “piece”. The launch takes place inside the Instagram application, using Stories: a click is cheaper and you can launch 5 different images for 5 audiences. It is important to choose different pictures, because it is impossible to predict the reaction of the audience.

What needs to be done:

  1. Publish a motivated post or picture to make people want to follow your account and see more.
  2. Make a real ad within your main profile theme.
  3. Use 2 tools wisely: visual and text.
  4. Add the word “Subscribe” at the end, reminding viewers of important action.
  5. Select geolocation, age, gender and interests of the audience. It is important to set 1-3 parameters, choosing the ones that go well with each other. For example, “medium length hairstyles”, “trendy haircuts” and “hair coloring” instead of the simple “hair”, because this is a vague criterion.

To set up ads, open the Ads Manager / Power Editor, select the campaign goal – “Engagement”, ie. gain subscribers.

Выбираем цель кампании Вовлеченность

Next, adjust audience reach, including location (specific regions or countries).

Настраиваем охват аудитории, чтобы набрать подписчиков в Инстаграме

When finished, click “Edit Placements”, select Instagram there, disabling Facebook.

Нажать Редактировать плейсменты

Prescribe a daily budget within the existing price list for services.

Прописываем Бюджет

Choose from ready-made posts or upload a new one following the tips above.

Выбираем или загружаем пост

Advertising is ready. Once it is moderated, you can enjoy the result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, most popular bloggers recommend other people in their videos or posts. The cost of the service depends on the size of the audience and the quality of the service itself. The price can be viewed in the profile description or write in direct.

A combination of several techniques and a constant release of new posts. Apply paid services with free ones at the same time, because they do not interfere with each other. Constantly monitor statistics, observing what kind of material finds a lively response from the audience, establish communication with subscribers.

Yes, the developers of paid services take this into account, bringing them as close as possible to the actions of real people.

Briefly about the main thing

The success of promotion on Instagram depends on the number of subscribers and overall activity. Competition is high, but everyone has a chance to advance, find their audience and “a place in the sun”. The main thing is not to give up trying different ways to promote your profile.

Do not be afraid of failure, since there are third-party services that facilitate the task of attracting followers and they are regularly improved. Better to focus on living people, because bots can figure out.

Regards, Dina Omiralina
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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