15 Tips to Grow on Instagram in 2021 [Amazing]

More and more people are interested in How to Grow on Instagram and use the potential this social network has to make money online .

It was born as an app for photo sharing and today is an amazing tool for promoting products, services and brands.

I’m talking about Instagram .

The platform, which was bought by Facebook in 2012, is today one of the best tools for those who want to reach the maximum number of people with their business.

Instagram is a social network that keeps growing and developing, so you need to keep up with all the changes and new trends if you want to increase your reach and generate a lot of engagement.

For you to understand the potential of Instagram, it’s always, for example, among the top 10 free apps on the Play Store.

Growing on Instagram is a gradual process and requires discipline, effort and patience. Unless you be an instant celebrity. Lol

In this article, you’ll learn how to grow on Instagram, naturally and efficiently.

How to Grow on Instagram in 2021?

Como Crescer no Instagram em 2021

I’ve talked in other articles about how the strategy of buying followers and using robots to “build up” your profile isn’t as efficient as you might think.

In addition, Instagram is cleaning up the profiles of users who carry out this practice and who also use automation strategies to automatically follow and interact with the profile.

Knowing that , your question (and that of many people) is: And how to grow organically on Instagram?

The answer to this question is exactly what I said in the introduction to this article: Growing on Instagram is a gradual process and that requires discipline, effort and patience.

To help you through this process, I’ll leave it to youa list of 15 tips on how to grow on Instagram.

Through these tips, you’ll learn how to grow on Instagram, increasing your presence, in a natural way, taking care that the your profile is relevant and attractive to your target audience, so you can make your disclosure and build a relationship with that audience.

1. Know Your Audience

To learn how to grow on Instagram, you first need to know your audience and see how it identifies with your brand.

You need to know your audience to achieve this publish content relevant to them, generate engagement and gain future customers.

Try to understand what customer profile you want to attract, what they are already looking for, what their pain or desire is, and find out what is the best way to talk to him.

2. Create Awesome Content

Marketing de Conteúdo para Crescer no Instagram

Knowing who your target audience is will facilitate processes such as: content production, tone of voice , style of images, frequency of publications and what are the best times to post .

From there you will be able to deliver relevant content, in addition to generating brand recognition .

No It’s no use wanting to gain thousands of followers if you don’t deliver value to the followers you already have.

So create amazing content, generate lots of engagement and share.

This way, you will attract more followers, naturally and gradually, growing on Instagram.

3. Create fun posts

Use your creativity and create fun posts, making your content light and attractive, even if your niche demands more formality and seriousness.

Your followers will enjoy interacting with fun content amidst so many serious posts.

Publish content relevant to your audience, with the information they expect, but every now and then create a post with a touch of humor.

In addition to generating more engagement, this type of post does make your followers curious and eager to know what else is coming.

Another positive thing about this tip is that whenever you post something new, your followers will click on your profile to find out. that it is.

That way, Instagram will understand that your content is relevant and will make you stand out in new posts.

4. Create longer captions

Longer (and quality) captions make you spend more time on your profile, which makes Instagram see your profile as relevant and will recommend you to other users.

Create longer captions for your posts.

This makes your followers more aware of your brand, making it worth the time to create a longer caption.

Longer captions help generate more engagement and make your content more interesting and valuable.

5. Include emojis in captions

Unless they are bots, the vast majority of Instagram users like and use emojis in their captions.

That’s why, when you use emojis in your captions, followers feel that text was written by another human being and not automatically generated by robots, which facilitates engagement.

Subtitles that contain emojis generate more empathy, draw more attention, and attract more followers.

That is, everything you need to grow on Instagram.

6. Create more video content for your feed

Conteúdos em vídeo ajudam a crescer no Instagram

Video content makes your feed more attractive and interesting.

You can also record videos of your stories and post them to the feed for your followers to see.

IGTV allows you to publish larger videos and even displays a preview in your feed, which attracts more people.

In addition, IGTV has an exclusive tab where all your published videos will be , which makes it easy for your followers to view.

Another ease of this tip is that video content is better to consume.

A lot of people don’t read content in text format, because they don’t like it or for lack of time. Therefore, they prefer to see the stories.

7. Use hashtags that increase your reach

Hashtags help you to greatly increase your reach. As such, they are key features in your content if you want to grow on Instagram.

However, you need to use hashtags wisely and strategically, without exaggeration.

O ideal is to use five hashtags, strategically. For example:

  • Product: Use a hashtag that is related to your product or service;
  • Moment: Use a hashtag that is related to the time (tbt, day of the week, an event…);
  • Context: Use a hashtag accordingly with the theme. (For example, in a slimming post, you can use #weight loss);
  • Action: Use a hashtag for promotion, launch…);
  • Positioning: Use a hashtag with your brand.

8. Encourage sharing 

Crie conteúdo relevante para que seja compartilhado.

Encourage sharing of your content, because through this strategy, your content can have reach gigantic and be seen by people all over the world.

To convince your audience to share your content, you first need tip #1 in this article, which is to know your audience.

It is by knowing your audience that you will know what kind of content they want to consume and, consequently, share on their profile.

Encouraging your content to be shared is one of the best ways to grow on Instagram, as it generates greater reach, which organically attracts more followers.

9. Post at strategic times

To know how to grow on Instagram, you need to know the best times to post.

For example, if you sell cheese bread, there’s a lot more probability of having your publications viewed and making sales in the morning and late afternoon, when people usually have coffee.

If you are going to publish cheese buns at noon, you will hardly be able to reach the objective. Did you understand?

Use tools and research to find the best times to post your posts.

Knowing that most of your audience is online at 6pm is great for your strategy, as it will be at that time you will publish the content they expect.

10. Use Stories Interaction Tools

Trabalhe com ferramentas que promovam a interação nos stories

Instagram Stories has cool tools to help you grow on Instagram.

These are interaction tools that allow you to create polls, give interesting tips about your niche market or test your audience’s knowledge, for example.

These tools help to generate more engagement and give you the opportunity to identify the real needs and desires of your audience, which facilitates the creation of more relevant content.

11. Make partnerships

To grow on Instagram you need to know how to make good partnerships.

You can grow on Instagram by partnering with digital influencers in your niche, for example, bringing their audience to your profile.

You don’t have to be famous influencers like internet celebrities.

Start by partnering with people who work in the same niche as you and propose a partnership in exchange for products or services, for example.

Start following these influential people and start communicating with them, in a subtle and natural way.

Indicate their profile, invite them to a live, for example.

12. Run Sweepstakes

Faça Sorteios no Instagram, isso ajuda a atrair pessoas e crescer seu instagram

Sweepstakes always get people’s attention and engage.

Conducting sweepstakes is a way to gain followers, organically.

Use this strategy to your advantage.

Create sweepstakes on your Instagram profile by posting the rules which generally include following your profile, commenting and sharing your post.

By doing this you will see how your list of followers goes increase radically.

However, in order for people to want to participate, you need to give away something irresistible and that really has value to your audience.

13. Share your profile on other social networks

You can have an Instagram account as the main communication and dissemination channel for your business.

However, nothing prevents you from promoting your profile on Instagram on other social networks. By the way, this is recommended.

Disclose your Instagram profile on all the social networks you have, on your blog, on the YouTube channel…

Include share buttons and a that redirects the user to your Instagram profile.

14. Use Social Media Management Tools

Use ferramentas para gerir seu Instagram, isso ajuda a manter a consistências nas publicações

To grow Instagram and generate brand awareness, you need to publish in a way consistent, always at strategic times, always publishing relevant content for your audience.

For all this to happen, in an organized and assertive way, you can use social media management tools, which will help you in this process.

Look for a tool to help you with scheduling posts in stories, in performance analysis, that help you manage direct messages and monitor competition.

15. Make constant improvements

Busque melhoria contínua na qualidade do seu conteúdo.

It’s not enough to know how to grow on Instagram. In addition to applying marketing strategies, constant improvements are needed.

You need to monitor your results to identify what is working and what needs to be modified or excluded from your strategies.

Other Strategies That Work

In addition to the 15 ideas you’ve checked on how to grow on Instagram, there are other strategies who also help you in this “job”.

Now check out some of these strategies, which you can start applying on your Instagram today.

Make partnerships, strategically

Building partnerships was one of the tips given above, however, now I want to go deeper into this strategy, and show you how you can grow on Instagram using this tip, in a more strategic and professional way.

Many profiles with tens of thousands of followers have already used this strategy and conquered most of the followers who have ho je.

And you can do the same.

In the beginning, as you will still have few followers, it will be difficult to get partnerships with those who have 100,000 followers, for example.

You can get there though, just start partnering with profiles that have the number of followers close to yours.

You can invite partners (including on other social networks) who have the same goal, which is to grow on Instagram, and propose partnerships in order to create a group of referrals, where everyone benefits.

This strategy is very efficient and can generate a lot of followers for everyone involved, as they are from the same niche and because they publish interesting content for similar audiences.

Once you get a larger number of followers, you can search influencers in your niche, to partner with them.

This partnership is, after all, an exchange of nominations, which works very well and will undoubtedly help you grow on Instagram.

Watch out for the quality of the photos

Another strategy on how to grow on Instagram that really works is to pay attention to the quality of your photos.

As you already know, Instagram was created as a photo sharing app and , over the years, has been transforming itself into a powerhouse for the application of dissemination strategies for any type of business.

So, as interesting as your photos are, what attracts users’ attention the most is Definitely the quality of these images.

Taking care of the quality of your photos, paying attention to editing, contrast, angle, etc., you’re delivering a better user experience, which is great to attract and gain followers.

How to Measure Instagram Engagement

Veja como medir o engajamento do seu instagram.

The companies that hire digital influencers use the engagement rate as one of the main metrics when choosing who to hire.

The engagement rate is also used to check if the followers are robots, as real followers usually engage with the contents.

When a company checks the engagement rate, it manages to separate “the wheat from the chaff”, making it clear if that profile has fake followers.

However, you can only measure your Instagram profile’s total engagement rate using specific tools.

But if you want to know a post’s engagement rate, it’s much easier.

Just add up the amount of likes and comments this post received and then divide by the number of followers you have on your profile.

After that, just multiply the result by 100, and you’ll know that post’s engagement rate.

Tools to measure Instagram engagement

As I said, you can measure total Instagram engagement rate just using specific tools .

On the market, you can find some tools that automate this process and show an average rate of your publications.

I’m going to leave below three tools you can use to measure your engagement on Instagram.

1. Triberr

Marketing de Conteúdo para Crescer no Instagram0

To measure your Instagram engagement using this tool, simply enter your Instagram user and Triberr calculates the average engagement rate of your profile.

To arrive at the average engagement, the tool analyzes your last 10 posts.

2. GeekSmash

Marketing de Conteúdo para Crescer no Instagram1

GeekSmash is a tool that offers more than just calculating the Instagram engagement rate.

This tool provides an average of how much you can charge per Post or Stories, which makes it easy to monetize your profile.

3. Phlanx

Marketing de Conteúdo para Crescer no Instagram2

The last platform I want to talk about is Phlanx, which is very easy to use to measure engagement from your Instagram profile.

Like the first tool mentioned, to use this tool, just enter your Instagram user.

After that, the tool calculates the engagement rate of your last 12 posts.

How to Increase Your Engagement and Grow Your Instagram

Marketing de Conteúdo para Crescer no Instagram3

If you measured your engagement rate and realized you didn’t reach the average you want, learn now how to improve your engagement rate, through two tips I’ll leave you with follow. Check it out.

Encourage engagement with your captions

Encourage your followers to interact with your captions.

Even though Instagram is focused on photos and videos, a good caption is also capable of generating a lot of engagement.

So make sure your captions are captivated and attractive in a way that encourages follower engagement.

At the end of your captions , ask your followers to leave a comment.

Asking questions is a great strategy to encourage comments from your posts.

Interact with profiles in your niche

It’s a big mistake to think that you just need to make an interesting post and wait for people to interact.

You need to interact with other profiles in the same niche as yours, to pique the curiosity of other users to know who it’s you and what kind of content you post.

When you like and comment on posts from other profiles, these users tend to access your profile and, if they find it interesting, they’ll follow you around.

These are just two of the many strategies you can apply to increase your Instagram engagement rate.

Use your bio to yours favor

Finally, the last strategy to increase your Instagram engagement rate is to use your biography to your advantage.

A lot of people don’t give the biography enough attention on Instagram . Maybe it’s because of the incredible potential that the platform offers, in relation to the contents that can be explored.

Fill in your biography optimally, using sentences and messages that are short, direct and as simple as possible, so that the user knows what to do.

In other words, don’t create a biography full of fancy words or confusing phrases, which will cause the user to leave your profile without following you.

And, as mentioned among the tips on how to grow on Instagram, you can use emojis in your biography, to show that your profile is a real person. But without exaggeration.

However, the biography is essential for you to explore other strategies, such as:

  • Prove that you are real, and not a fake profile;
  • Convince users to follow you;
  • Leave the link to your website, blog or online store clickable;
  • Be found more easily in Instagram searches.


Now you know how to grow on Instagram, naturally and gradually, through the application of simple and practical strategies.

After that If you start growing on Instagram, don’t settle for thinking that you’re already a success, that your profile already has a lot of followers and that you’ll make a lot of sales, etc.

Keep focused on being the best you can be. can be, delivering the best content to your audience, solving the problem they have, and that way you’ll see how to grow on Instagram, steadily and gradually.

Start growing on Instagram through these tips you saw in this article go, and the results will start to show.

From then on, you’ll be able to devise more complex strategies to grow on Instagram.

Apply all the tips you’ve seen here and enjoy the best that this platform has to offer.

Infographic – How to Grow on Instagram

Marketing de Conteúdo para Crescer no Instagram4

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