15 best direct mailing services for Instagram (2021) + instructions

In this article, you will learn:

  • Why mailing to Direct Instagram is needed: what tasks it solves.
  • TOP-15 services for mass mailing.
  • How to send messages to subscribers and potential customers: instructions.
  • How to improve the effectiveness of mailings.

All tips and tricks are relevant in 2021.

Why do you need automatic mailing to Direct?

Mailing to Direct Instagram is a tool that solves the following tasks:

  • Welcome new subscribers. It’s simple here: you send welcome messages to a new audience. For example, you offer a discount on an item or provide a short introduction to yourself.
  • Sales. You can launch mass mailing of messages to a competitor’s audience: for example, your competitor published a post where he offers his audience to buy a training course for 30,000 rubles. Your course costs 25,000 rubles – what you need to tell the competitor’s audience through the mailing list.
  • Search for partners. Make a list of potential partners and send them a commercial proposal. Mailing to Direct automates routine actions: you do not have to manually send a commercial offer – especially if you have collected a large list of potential partners.
  • Promotions and discounts. Let’s say you are the owner of an online store on Instagram. You have launched a new promotion. Mass mailing will help to tell all subscribers about the action – even those who ignored the post about the action in the feed.

Services for mailing to Direct: TOP-15

You can manually send messages to Direct Instagram. But this is easy if you need to send out 10-15 messages. If the recipient base is 200-300 people, then it is better to automate the actions.

Special services will help with this. We will take a look at the TOP 15 tools for mass mailing on Instagram.


Zeus is a comprehensive Instagram promotion tool. Among the available functions is a messenger – it does bulk emails on Instagram.

Зевс рассыльщик сообщений в Директ Инстаграм

Cloud service – you can start sending messages from your computer, phone or tablet. Supports work with multiple accounts at the same time.

Zeus Features:

  • Newsletter by geo-points, hashtags and active subscribers of competitors.
  • Auto-randomization of the text.
  • Telegram notifications.
  • Sending a series of letters.

Instrument cost: 500 rubles / month

There is a 7-day test period.

Start mailing via Zeus for free >>>


Zengram is an online promotion service for Instagram. It automates the execution of bulk actions: subscriptions, unsubscriptions, likes. The tool also has an Autodirect function.

Массовая рассылка через Zengram

Autodirect is an option that allows you to send messages to new subscribers after they have subscribed. In Zengram, you can prepare several welcome messages at once.

Tool features:

  • You can enter up to 20 messages, which will be sent in random order.
  • Selective message sending – you need to set up a filter for this.
  • The maximum message size is 1,000 characters .
  • Security. The account will not be blocked if you comply with the limits.

Zengram cost: 699 rubles / month

There is a 3-day free trial.

Start mailing via Zengram for free >>>


Bridgit is a set of tools for working with Instagram. Features include mailing to Direct.

Рассылки в Bridgit

To start a mailing list, you need to select an audience: specify a geolocation, hashtags or a competitor. It is also possible to send messages to your own list of Instagram users.

Service features:

  • Security – your account will not be blocked.
  • Suitable for any niche: personal page, personal blog or online store.
  • First results – just a few hours after start mailing.

Bridgit cost: from 490 rubles / month.

The tool is free to try for 24 hours.

Get Started With Bridgit For Free >>>


Instapromo is a service for complex promotion on the Instagram social network. There is a tool “Instagram Send to Direct”.

Рассылка в Директ — Instapromo

This is a cloud service – you can use its functions from a computer, phone, tablet.

Newsletter features:

  • Sending welcome messages.
  • Sending to your own list.
  • Filters for filtering out bots.
  • Broadcasting to all subscribers.

Cost of the instrument: 790 rubles / month

There is a trial period.


Leadfeed is a marketing platform that is used to work with comments and Direct on Instagram. Suitable for SMM professionals, bloggers, agencies.

Сервис Leadfeed

The service makes mailings by dialog – it sends bulk messages to those users who have already communicated with you.

Leadfeed Features:

  • Getting started is easy. Register, enter your message and start mailing.
  • All correspondence is saved in your personal account.
  • You can delegate correspondence with clients to a manager.

Service cost: from 490 rubles / month. (If paid for the year – 179 rubles / month).


SocialHammer is a program that helps to get new clients from Instagram. Ideal for SMM professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, bloggers.

SocialHammer — программа для рассылки сообщений в Директ

What SocialHammer Can Do:

  • Sending messages to Direct.
  • Write auto-replies to messages.
  • Send greeting messages to new subscribers.
  • Block bots.

Cost of the program: from 8 rubles per day.

There is a 30-day trial period.


SocialKit is a popular Instagram promotion program. Suitable for SMM professionals, businesses, affiliates, agencies, bloggers.

Прога SocialKit

Features of the program:

  • Ability to set the number of messages for each user.
  • Setting a schedule for mailing.
  • Instant loading of a list of users of any size.
  • Filtering private or public pages.

SocialKit cost: 1,110 rubles / month

There is a Demo version of the program.


iDirect is a service that specializes in bulk mailing to Direct Instagram. You can also order a turnkey mailing list on the website.

Сервис iDirect

All work is done in the cloud. Thanks to this, you can start sending bulk messages from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Service features:

  • Work with several accounts at once.
  • You can add active links to messages.
  • Tasks are performed without captcha.
  • Automatic use of proxies servers.

iDirect cost: from 100 rubles / month.


InstaSkill is an SMM service for the Instagram social network. Helps to attract new subscribers as well as interact with potential customers.

SMM-сервис InstaSkill

Cloud tool – no need to download additional software. All actions are performed automatically.

Features of the online service:

  • Unlimited number of accounts.
  • Promotion by comments.
  • Prompt technical support.
  • Full control over promotion.

Cost: 790 rubles / month


Funinsta is a service for attracting live followers on Instagram, as well as increasing sales and brand awareness. The tool works in the cloud – no additional software is required.

Онлайн-инструмент Funinsta

Service features:

  • Work with an unlimited number of accounts.
  • Send welcome messages to new subscribers.
  • Mail to your subscribers.
  • Work with your own list of users – for example, an active audience of competitors.

Tool cost: 790 rubles / month.

There is a 3-day trial period.


Vinste is an online tool for the professional promotion of Instagram accounts. The service itself performs all the actions: likes, subscribes, sends messages to Direct.

Массовая рассылка через Zengram0

Vinste Features:

  • Analytics. The tool collects statistics on accounts and provides a report on the work done.
  • Working with an unlimited number of accounts.
  • Security.
  • Communication with clients in Direct.
  • Sending messages to specified criteria.

Cost: 799 rubles / month

There is a 3-day trial period.


SMMflow is a cloud-based tool for promoting on the Instagram social network. All tasks are performed online (24/7). Works from any device and operating system.

Массовая рассылка через Zengram1

SMMflow features:

  • Sending messages to Direct.
  • Autoresponder to send welcome messages to new subscribers.
  • Deferred posting.
  • Ability to bind a proxy.
  • Multitasking and multi-account.

SMMflow cost: from 299 rubles / month

There is a trial period for 0 rubles. It lasts 3 days.


Leongram is a free program for attracting customers through Instagram. The tool performs bulk actions automatically. There are functions of auto-posting and cleaning from bots; a built-in task scheduler is available.

Массовая рассылка через Zengram2

Leongram Features:

  • Sending welcome messages to new subscribers.
  • Mass mailing to active audience of competitors.
  • Working with your own list of Instagram users.

There is a free version of the program. But it doesn’t have a direct mailing tool.

Premium version cost: from 99 rubles


SMM-geeks is an automated cloud service for Instagram promotion. With an online tool, you can attract new subscribers and customers.

Массовая рассылка через Zengram3

Service features:

  • Full automation of all actions.
  • Working with an unlimited number of accounts.
  • Sending messages to users who write in Direct.
  • Posting video.

Cost: 799 rubles / month

There is a trial period – it lasts 3 days.


Assin is a multi-platform for promoting your Instagram account. The package of tools includes 3 services with multichannel analytics. There are applications for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad).

Массовая рассылка через Zengram4

Service features:

  • Bulk sending messages to Direct to subscribers of any Instagram account.
  • Bulk tags on posts.
  • Security.
  • More than 30 filters for parsing target audience.

You can try Assin for $ 4 – this is access for 7 days.

How to make a newsletter: instructions

Now let’s move on to the practical part of the article: we will show how to send mailing to Direct Instagram using the Zeus service as an example. First of all, go to the official website of the tool and register. It will take 1-2 minutes.

After registration, you will be taken to your personal account. A pop-up window will appear where you need to add an instagram account: enter your username and password. It’s safe – all data is encrypted.

You should have the “Mailing Zeus” section open. If another section is open in your personal account, then click on the icon with four squares in the upper right corner – select the desired tool.

Массовая рассылка через Zengram5
Choosing a mailing tool

Then click “Add mailing list” – specify the name and type of mailing:

  • Online audience. Online audience selection: by hashtags, competitors, geolocation.
  • By your own list. Uploading your list of Instagram users. Relevant if you parsed the target audience in advance.
Массовая рассылка через Zengram6
Create a new feed

Now let’s move on to the settings: for example, to launch mailing lists for competitors, specify the required list of accounts. By default, the tool will send messages to an active audience of competitors: new subscribers, users who like, comment.

You can also start bulk sending messages by hashtags (to do this, you need to insert a list of tags) and by geolocation (specify a list of geopoint IDs).

Массовая рассылка через Zengram7
Select the target audience search method

Next, open the “Settings” section. Enter your message here. You can attach a post, insert an Emoji. The maximum message length is 2,000 characters with spaces.

There is a section “Filtration”. Here you can filter bots: to do this, specify the parameters of subscribers to whom messages will be sent. If you are launching a mailing list for an active audience of competitors, then this stage can be skipped.

Массовая рассылка через Zengram8
Create a mailing message

To start mailing, click the “Start” button. You can save the message template for future reference.

What to write: examples and ideas for text

Newsletters are an effective tool for increasing sales. But it must be used wisely. Conversion is affected by the text of the message you send.

Email ideas and examples:

  • Greetings. All new subscribers will receive messages from your account. Tell us about your business or blog; offer a discount on goods or services.
  • Special offer. Notify customers about promotions and discounts through mailings. For example, a decrease in the price of services in honor of the coming of autumn.
  • Congratulations. Congratulate customers on significant holidays: March 8, February 23, New Year, Christmas.
  • Games. Play games among the audience in Yandex.Direct – for example, ask a question. For the correct answer – a prize (discount or free gift).
  • Contests and sweepstakes. Notify your customers that a competition or drawing with valuable prizes has begun. Please explain the conditions for participation in the message.

How to improve the effectiveness of your Instagram mailing: 5 tips

How to improve the effectiveness of your newsletter – simple rules:

  1. Texts without water. In your message, try to tell about the benefits of your offer for the client. No need to “pour” water – just go to the main part of your message.
  2. A / B tests. Test different messages and evaluate their effectiveness: which text brings more customers / money / subscribers.
  3. Work with the target audience. Send mailings only to the target audience: for example, to active subscribers of competitors. You don’t need to send messages to all Instagram users – this will significantly reduce the effectiveness of this tool.
  4. Respect the limits. Do not send more than 200 messages per day to avoid account blocking.
  5. Don’t forget about links. Insert active links into the message – for example, on the store’s website.


Now you know what Direct Instagram mailings are, and how to send bulk messages. Choose any service from the list provided and start attracting new customers – competent use of this tool will significantly increase sales.

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