11 Tips on Using Instagram for Business

Using Instagram for business is a FAILABLE strategy for any type of segment… 

… but only if you use all the features that the social network provides in the right way!

Otherwise Instagram won’t boost your brand’s sales. It will be just like a virtual shop window… 

And we know you can go a lot further with everything Instagram offers the entrepreneur.

So we’ve selected 11 KEY tips on how to use Instagram for Business in the best way possible.

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In the video below, Ana Clara Magalhães, director of Inbound Marketing at Ecommerce in Practice, gives 11 tips on how to use Instagram for business. Watch: 

Instagram as a Gateway to Ecommerce Business

That’s what we always say about Instagram: this is a social network with great sales potential!

That’s because, today, companies are able to attract, engage the public and sell their products within Instagram.

And because of the pandemic, several companies bet on Instagram as a gateway to Ecommerce…

Which went really well!

Expectations are that more and more companies will position themselves there to ensure contact with the public in the online environment, making this proximity to be converted into sales!

But before we get to the tips on using Instagram for Business, let’s break them down into two situations.

The first is thinking about food companies, as Instagram has 2 simple and effective functions to facilitate the conversion of sales in this segment.

They are: 

1- Action Buttons in BIO

Action buttons in the BIO are a great option to expedite customer order. After all, with just one click, a person can perform the action they want.

To enable this button, just click: 

  • Edit Profile;
  • Action Buttons;
  • Choose the button to appear.

After that, the following action button options will appear: 

  • Order a meal;
  • Book now;
  • Book it.

The last two are specifically for the attendants who are in the restaurant and the first is for the delivery format.

For example, if you choose the delivery option, just add your page url in the app.

These are the apps that are connected to this role:

  • Ifood ;
  • Rappi;
  • Uber Eats;
  • Aiqfome;
  • Goomer Go.

2- Meal Order Sticker

In addition to the button, you can activate the Sticker (better known as a sticker) in your stories.

This sticker will also work as a button so that people who see the Story can be redirected to the order link, without having to enter your profile to perform this action.

To activate the sticker, just click: 

  • Story;
  • Sticker button;
  • Meal orders.

As it’s the first time, Instagram will ask you to link to the delivery app.

These are the two specific tips for food companies…

From now on, the tools presented will be suitable for any type of business!

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3- Catalog on Instagram

This is the famous little bag that everyone loves and wants to have on their Instagram business profile.

If you don’t have the business profile yet, it is very important that you change this before applying any tips.

To create your store on Instagram, you need to connect your store to Facebook and register the products on the page there too.

It is in the Facebook business manager that you will be able to put all the product information such as description, photo and purchase link.

We have a complete video on the channel with step-by-step instructions for creating your store on instagram. Watch: 

This feature will make your company reach more people, as your profile will appear in the explore tab.

Now there is an explore tab just for companies!

So, based on the research of people who are related to your brand, your store profile will be recommended to them.

And the most important thing is: the recommendation is made precisely for those who have high purchase potential, as they have shown interest in your product!

Therefore, having this tool activated on Instagram is essential to earn more money within the social network.

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4- Instagram Collections

This is a complementary function to the product catalog. Collections are like a customer product guide where you can group your selection of products for a particular subject.

For example, you can create a collection of commemorative dates or releases!

Let’s assume you sell chocolate and Easter is coming… A good idea is to create a special collection of Easter products.

That way, people will haveeasy access to the products they are interested in.

We also have here on the channel a complete video with step by step how to create your collections on instagram. Watch: 

5- Answers Saved

Instagram allows you to have already enabled some quick answers based on the frequently asked questions you receive.

This is a little used function, but very interesting for those who are in the rush of everyday life.

You know those questions they ask you EVERY DAY on direct?

And you just keep replicating the message on automatic?

Well, it is possible to have them programmed to be sent quickly!

6- List of frequently asked questions

Just as you can save answers, you can also create a list of frequently asked questions.

These FAQs appear as suggestions at the beginning of a direct message chat.

With this, you can make customer service easier and faster, without having to stop doing what you’re doing to answer questions immediately.

If the question the customer would like to ask is on the list, he or she simply selects it to see the answer.

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7- QR code

On Instagram we also have a QR Code! A good way to use this is to use this QR code at:

  • Menus;
  • Sales brochures;
  • Banners;
  • Catalogs from your physical store.

So, providing the QR code makes it easier for people to access your Instagram page.

To generate your QR code, just go to the store’s profile, click on the three stripes on the upper right side of the screen and then click on “QR code”.

8- Instagram Guides

Instagram Guides is a little-known feature, but it allows users to choose a specific product, location, or post to review.

This is how it works: people will be able to write what they think of your product. They will really be able to criticize, praise, give feedback, anyway… 

But only in written form!

And how can this be good for your business?

Analyzing this functionality, we concluded that this may be a different way to encourage customers to talk about your brand.

Usually people make a story, record a video and tag the brand’s @ to talk about…

So, this is another way for more people to express their opinion about your product…

On the other hand, you can also use it to review your product yourself, putting all the details and adding value to it.

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9- Branded Content

Do you know when you partner with an influencer and they post about your store?

You can request tagging as tag content, so that will have access to the publication metrics!

Apart from showing up to the influencer’s followers that that post is sponsored, you won’t need to ask for a print of the post’s performance.

You can check your own Instagram account post engagement and reach for yourself!

10- Creation Studio

This is for anyone who has a business manager account on Facebook!

There in the manager, you have access to the creation studio.

But what is this studio?

It is a space that allows you to make basic edits to the content, such as cutting videos and also schedule posts on both Facebook and Instagram.

Within this studio, you can track the metrics of each publication with many important details.

For example, with information from the creative studio, you can understand which publications are worth boosting or even repeating in a while.

This can help you a lot when making content decisions.

11- Content Creation

This is not really a tool, but it is a strategy that we always talk about, as it is FUNDAMENTAL when it comes to social media in general.

After all, there is no way: Content Marketing is the cheapest and most democratic way to create an audience, consolidate your brand online and make sales.

With quality content that adds value to your audience, the chances of converting through social media skyrocket!

It is through Content Marketing that you can increase brand recognition, generating more public interest with your products.

Your content may not be working today… 

You’re probably not taking it seriously, just posting posts loose and unconnected to your persona.

And as much as you have this connection, it’s no use posting something today and then a month from now… 

Consistency is also essential for the Content Marketing strategy to be effective in your business.

But how to create content the right way?

Attention to the next topic…

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