11 best services for mass following on Instagram (2021) + limits

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is mass following and does it work in 2021.
  • TOP-11 services for mass following that will bring results – subscribers, customers.
  • How to work with services : 4 tips.

What is mass following?

Mass following is one of the most popular ways to promote on Instagram. The essence of the method is as follows: you subscribe to the target audience who will be interested in the profile. Some of the users you subscribed to will subscribe in response.

Simple example: you have subscribed to 300 people. Of these three hundred users, 210 went to your profile – 90 followed the link indicated in the description, and the remaining 120 became followers.

Some part of the audience – 15-20% of the total number of subscribers – will be active: like posts, comment, buy goods and services.

Thus, you can attract several thousand interested users per month. The main thing is to choose the right target audience with which you will contact.

Mass following is suitable for promoting any accounts : personal blogs, brand pages, online stores, business accounts.

Mass following happens:

  • Manual. You perform all actions manually – find an audience (by geolocation, competitors, hashtags) and subscribe. It takes a lot of time, so you can’t subscribe to 300 people at a time. It is necessary to observe the intervals between actions so as not to exceed the limits of Instagram.
  • Automatic. All actions are performed by the service – you only need to specify competitors, geolocation or hashtags. The automated tool will then begin executing the job.

Is this promotion method working in 2021?

In 2013, mass following was considered the best way to promote on Instagram. Every day you could subscribe to 5-6 thousand people. At the same time, up to a thousand people subscribed in response.

Today the administration of the social network “tightened the screws.” The effectiveness of this tool has decreased, primarily due to the fact that now the allowed number of mass actions has decreased.

For example, it is not recommended to subscribe to more than 600 people per day on “old” accounts (older than 6 months). At the same time, mass following is still bringing results in 2021: for example, online stores can receive 5-6 customers a day.

Mass following is much cheaper than targeted ads or buying ads from bloggers.

TOP-11 services for mass following

Now let’s look at services and programs for mass following. In total, we have selected 11 of the best tools that really bring results – subscribers and customers.

Tooligram 2.0

Tooligram is a professional tool for promoting on Instagram. Works in the cloud: you can start mass following from your phone or computer. You don’t need to download additional software.

Сервис массфолловинга в Инстаграм Tooligram

You can start the promotion in 5 minutes – you don’t need the help of a specialist, the interface is clear and simple. Can be used for any niche: blogs, personal accounts, online stores.

Tooligram Features:

  • To start promotion, you need to enter competitors – 3-10 accounts. You can start mass following by # hashtags or geolocation.
  • Every day the service works – that is, subscribes – 300 live accounts. These are your potential subscribers and customers.
  • The average conversion of the tool is 16%.
  • Safe. The account will not be blocked for suspicious actions: the service observes all limits, and also imitates the actions of a real person.

The cost of the instrument: from 690 rubles per month.

You can try the service for free. During the trial period, you will attract 25 people.

Try Tooligram for Free >>>


Zengram is a convenient online service for self-promotion on Instagram. All actions are performed automatically: the tool subscribes to the target audience, watches stories, likes, comments.

Zengram — инструмент для продвижения в Инсте

There is a tool for sending bulk messages to Direct – for example, a greeting for all new subscribers.

Zengram Features:

  • Security. Account will not be blocked for suspicious activity.
  • Live audience. The tool only subscribes to real people – no bots.
  • Flexible targeting settings. You can subscribe to competitors’ audiences; there are smart filters to promote your profile by geolocation or hashtags.
  • Simple interface. You don’t have to spend 2-3 hours just studying the interface: just add an account and start promoting.

Service cost: 699 rubles per month.

There is a test period for 3 days.

Try Zengram for Free >>> is a service for automatic promotion on Instagram. Works without installation on a computer – you can start promotion from any device (PC, smartphone, tablet).

Сервис для продвижения в Instagram

Supports work with multiple accounts: for example, you can start mass following from your personal profile and online store page. features:

  • Automatic collection of an audience by competitors, hashtags, geo.
  • You can start mass following and mass liking at the same time – this will increase the conversion.
  • The service works quickly – the first results will be in 2-3 hours after the start.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.

Service cost : from 399 rubles per month.

There is a 5-day free trial.

Try for free >>>


SocialKit is an Instagram promotion program. Suitable for business owners, personal and commercial pages, SMM specialists, online stores, marketing agencies, bloggers, affiliates.

Программа для массфолловинга в Инстаграм

The number of accounts that can be added to the work is unlimited. To start mass following via SocialKit, you need to download the software on your PC.

Features of the program:

  • Ability to export and import data in CSV format.
  • Built-in account manager. This tool allows you to control the execution of tasks, start and pause mass following.
  • Search for an audience by criteria: geo, competitors, hashtags. There is a function for collecting target audience in Vkontakte.
  • More than 1,000 accounts can be launched simultaneously.
  • Processing speed – up to 400 profiles per second.

Tool cost: 1 110 rubles per month.

There is a free Demo version.


Instapromo is a promotion tool for Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. There are 3 functions for searching and parsing the audience. There is an Instagram comment tracker – it tracks all new comments on any profile.

Инструмент для маркетинга в социальных сетях Instapromo

An auto-post feature is available with a post editor and the ability to add watermarks to photos.

Instapromo Features:

  • Search for a relevant audience by the specified parameters.
  • The service works on a computer and phone.
  • You do not need to specify an account password to use the application.
  • Instagram profile will not be blocked for using this service.

  • You can upload your own database of accounts for mass subscription.

Service cost: from 790 rubles per month.

Free trial available.


SocialHammer is an Instagram promotion tool that performs all massive actions in real time. The service offers semi-automatic subscriptions. Works in the cloud – so you can start promoting your account from your phone, tablet or computer.

Онлайн-сервис для массфолловинга в Инстаграм SocialHammer

What SocialHammer can do:

  • Sending messages to Direct.
  • Blocking bots that subscribe to an account.
  • Gathering an active audience of competitors.
  • Delayed posting on a schedule.
  • Masslooking .
  • Exchange of comments.
  • Write auto-replies to Direct.

Cost: from 8 rubles per day.

There is a free trial period for 30 days: 10 days after registration and 20 days per post on social networks.


DoInsta is a professional service for automating actions on the Instagram social network. The tool automatically subscribes and likes your leads / subscribers.

Сервис продвижения в Инстаграм DoInsta

With DoInsta, you can attract up to 6,000 live subscribers per month. The tool works in the cloud – you can run the promotion from your computer or phone.

Features of the DoInsta online service:

  • User-friendly interface – you don’t have to spend hours studying all the buttons and sections in your personal account.
  • Proxy support. To reduce the risk of being banned, you can connect individual proxies for your Instagram account.
  • Compliance with all limits.
  • Attracting only the target audience. Filters are available by subscription, by subscribers, by commercial accounts. You can set a separate filter for foreign accounts.

Cost: 1,000 rubles per month.

Free trial available.


Bridgit is a tool for working with the social network Instagram. The service sends mailings to Direct, subscribes, likes. There is a function of auto-posting photos, videos and stories on a schedule.

Инструмент для раскрутки в Инсте

The first results of promotion, you will receive within a few hours after the start of promotion: the number of subscribers and likes under posts will begin to grow .

Bridgit Features:

  • Audience filtering. This way, you will only attract targeted subscribers.
  • Tool for tracking statistics.
  • Security. The account will not be blocked for suspicious activity.
  • There is a masslooking function – this is a mass viewing of stories.
  • Tracking comments.

Cost: from 490 rubles per month.

The first 24 hours are free to use.


Zeus is a set of tools for promoting on Instagram. Smart mass following is available. The service works in the cloud – you do not need to download and install additional software.

Zeus — комплекс инструментов для продвижения в Instagram

You can start profile promotion – bulk subscriptions and likes – from your phone. There is a message sender in Direct, an autoresponder and an auto-funnel.

Zeus Features:

  • Built-in filtering of the audience by various parameters – including the search for target audience in Vkontakte.
  • Analysis of subscribers.
  • Cleaning from bots.
  • Security – the account will not be blocked.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.

The cost of the tool for mass following: from 210 rubles.

Free trial available.


Funinsta is an automated service for Instagram promotion. Using the tool, you can attract live subscribers: buyers to an online store, an audience for a personal blog. The tool is cloudy. You can work from your phone, tablet, computer.

Сервис продвижения в Instagram

There is a tool for mailing to Direct: for example, mailing to all new subscribers or sending messages to a specific list of Instagram users.

Funinsta Features:

  • Audience filtering: by competitors, hashtags.
  • You can upload your own Instagram user base.
  • Only active users are subscribed.
  • In your personal account, you can add an unlimited number of accounts for work.


Leongram is a handy program for attracting customers through Instagram. You will receive the first promotion results on the first day of profile promotion. The tool attracts only live subscribers – no bots and cheats.

Zengram — инструмент для продвижения в Инсте0

To start using the utility, you need to download and install Leongram on your computer.

What the program can do:

  • Mass following and massliking.
  • Bulk unsubscribe.
  • Sending messages to Direct.
  • Gathering target audience.
  • Newsletter comments.
  • Autoposting.
  • Mass viewing of stories.

Cost: from 99 rubles.

There is a free version of the program: for working with 1 account and three filters for collecting an audience.

Mass action limits

Instagram has limits on mass actions. They must be followed so that the account is not blocked for suspicious activity. Let’s take a look at the limits for mass following.

Limits for young accounts: up to 3 months

  • Subscriptions per day: 300
  • Subscriptions per hour: 12

Limits for adult accounts: 3 to 6 months

  • Subscriptions per day: 450
  • Subscriptions per hour: 18

Limits for “oldies”: from 6 months

  • Subscriptions per day: 650
  • Subscriptions per hour: 27

For more information on all the restrictions, see our article “Limits and Limits of Instagram”.

How to work with services: 4 tips

To increase the effectiveness of promotion through mass following (and also to avoid being banned), follow these rules:

  1. Before you start promoting, prepare your account: make a beautiful design (upload a bright avatar, add a profile description); upload 5-10 posts. This will increase the conversion rate in subscriptions.
  2. Take breaks during the first week of promotion. To avoid blocking your profile, start mass following every other day: for example, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
  3. Look for as many competitors as possible. Subscribe to their active subscribers.
  4. Constantly analyze the effectiveness of the base. Study the statistics, look at the activity of the audience that came. If the audience of a competitor or hashtag is not showing any activity, then stop mass following and start working with a different user base.

This is important: to increase conversion in subscriptions, you need to have an audience on your account. Wrapping will help with this. You can boost the first followers for your Instagram profile through the Likemania service.

You can use the online service for free (complete tasks and earn points) or for a fee (buy subscribers).

Attract first subscribers >>>


Now you know what mass following is on Instagram. We recommend automating all actions through services: for example, Tooligram, Instaplus or Zengram – these are the best tools in terms of price-performance ratio.

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