Construcao de audiencia no Instagram

10 Tips on How to Bomb Instagram to Sell More

The power of Instagram as an internet sales channel is no longer a mystery. But, on a daily basis, companies find it difficult to reach and engage people with the brand. That’s why we’ve separated 10 tips on how to Bomb your Instagram to sell more.

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Checklist com ideias de postagem para o Instagram

1 – Define your positioning

First of all, you need to define your positioning as a brand and make this clear to your customers through your content.

Why is brand positioning so important?

People need to want to be part of your brand and keep up with everything related to it.

In other words: it is necessary to generate valuable content, showing the company’s principles, the ideals that you and your brand defend… And, thus, building an image based on values.

The brand should not only invest in sales… 

It may sound strange, but you have to understand that, on Instagram, people are not going to be impacted by mere product photos with price and description.

Your audience must see that it’s worth following you!

That’s why valuable content is the missing point in your business to draw people’s attention, create a relationship with the customer, shorten distances and generate engagement.

This will position the brand in people’s minds…

Show your customers that you are not just an Instagram sales profile, but a powerful and purposeful brand that goes beyond sales.

A great example of a company that has incredible brand positioning on Instagram is RedBull.

In addition to promoting the brand’s product, RedBull’s profile posts about the essence of the company, among other related things.

The building of the brand image is so strong that it will certainly be remembered by people for a long time. That’s what we want you to achieve.

2 – Build a loyal audience and keep it

Construcao de audiencia no Instagram

When positioning your brand in people’s minds, it’s important to turn them into a loyal audience and keep them engaged with your brand at all costs (see here how to attract customers and get them to say “yes”).

The number of followers is important, but if you don’t interact with them, create relevant content and keep these people engaged with your content, a high number of followers is worthless.

You need to be more concerned about keeping the audience that really cares, and then building a loyal and engaged audience.

If your followers are engaged with your content, the probability of them referring you to other people and sharing your posts is very high!

This makes promoting your brand more natural, and it doesn’t cost anything, as your followers will be doing it for free for you.

It’s much easier and more cost-effective to get loyal followers to recommend your brand than investing in strategies to attract new potential customers.

3 – Bet on Calls to Action (CTA)

CTA (call to action) is a clear indication of the movement the audience must take to complete the action you want.

For example: 

“Click here and get 30% off” 

“Download Your Ebook” 

But what is the difference of just disclosing the discount between indicating the action to the customer?

When you only report that you have a set of clothes worth 100.00, for example, people are likely to buy, but many others have stopped buying.

Do you know why?

You did not clearly encourage the purchase.

The ideal is to call the person to action and not just inform about the product. The CTA is essential for this potential customer to continue the shopping journey in your store.

Check out here 11 steps to start selling on Instagram Now.

4 – Quality subtitles

One of the biggest doubts of entrepreneurs regarding the captions of posts is the size.

The truth is, there is no one size fits all business.

You need to analyze when to use the subtitles. If it’s an immediate action post, with more impact, a smaller caption is better.

If your goal in the post is to inform and educate your audience, larger subtitles will work.

In addition to the subtitles serve to lead the customer to purchase, they also serve to have engagement through good content.

That is, in the caption you can tell people to save the post, share it and comment on your profile… 

With high engagement, Instagram’s algorithm will understand that people are very interested in your content, and thus will show that content to more people.

5 – Enter live

Still thinking about engaging your Instagram, it’s important that you start logging in live!

When you go live on Instagram, the social network sends a notification to all users who are online right away.

In addition, active lives will appear at the beginning of the story line. In other words, as soon as a person enters the application, one of the first things they will be able to see is live.

It’s a way to remind your followers that you are active on the network.

If you have no idea what to do in a live, here are some possibilities: 

  • Call influencers to promote the brand;
  • Product launches;
  • Offers;
  • Event coverage;
  • Questions and answers;

See what suits your persona and make a live that meets not only your needs, but also your audience’s needs.

6 – Your brand’s hashtag

You can use the Hashtag as a way to show that you belong to a group or movement.

For you to understand better, I will exemplify… 

A well-known women’s clothing store in the country’s capitals, Farm, loves to use this type of resource.

The brand created the hashtag “I love Farm” and started to republish all the photos that used the brand’s clothes along with this hashtag.

This helped to promote the brand as a way of life for those who wear Farm clothes, as well as improving engagement, brand positioning and generating social proofs.

You will encourage people to use your hashtag, so that you can take out some interesting cases or reports about your customer’s relationship with the brand.

7 – Bet on Stories

Another awesome tip is: bet on the potential of your Stories.

Just to give you an idea, nowadays, people tend to watch stories more than scroll the feed to see posts.

Here is a list of ways to use Stories: 

  • Show brand news;
  • Make an announcement;
  • Polls;
  • Questions to know your persona;
  • Disclose promotions, hashtags; discount coupons, social proofs;
  • Launch previews;

It is a more creative way to interact with your customers and bring relationships closer. So use Stories a lot to your advantage!

8 – Use Instagram Tools

When Instagram releases new tools in the app, it wants all users to use it to try and approve.

And, in order for people to start using this new feature, it encourages people to use it more and more, showing the posts that are using this tool.

In other words, if you use this tool when it launches, the probability of having a lot of engagement is high, because Instagram is highlighting posts with this functionality to encourage more and more use.

Here, at Ecommerce in Practice, we saw this at the launch of IGTV. When we released videos in this format, we had an average 3x increase in reach compared to posts in the feed.

So, keep an eye out for Instagram postings and see if it really works on your profile to get you started.

9 – If you can, use influencers

First of all, see if it’s in your budget to invest in partnering with a digital influencer.

Although some small influencers promote brands in exchange for products, it is increasingly common for them to charge cash

Fair enough, because you’re going to use all the reach and power of influence that this person has to raise your brand name and impact new people.

When choosing an influencer, it is important that you select people who are related to your brand and, especially, to your audience.

You can do some Instagram polls to find out which influencers your audience most identifies with.

This makes it easier to select the most relevant for both your business and your followers.

This strategy has a very high rate of profitable results… if you select the right influencer.

10 –  Mix your products with other content

Let’s face it, it’s pretty uninteresting when you go into a company profile and see only product photos, right?

A feed full of product photos is unattractive!

You need to show people how this product will improve their lives.

Make posts with subjects related to your product, about your company’s day-to-day life as behind the scenes of the business, for example.

This way, you reduce promotional photos and build a relationship with the audience through relevant content!

After immersing yourself in all these tips on how to pump up your Instagram and sell more, it’s time to start engaging your customers.

You may notice that throughout this article, one of the most mentioned points was the creation of valuable content and how important it is to your business.

People use Instagram to be entertained and not necessarily do the direct buying action.

That’s why you need to exploit this point to your advantage, generating effective and quality content.

But we don’t always have creative or fancy ideas… So brought 32 Post Ideas for your Instagram here! There you will find a list of possible posts that you can put into practice immediately.

Download for free the list of 32 ideas that will make your Instagram boom and convert into sales.

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