10 Stores that started on Instagram and are successful

Selling on social networks is a great alternative for those who want to start an Ecommerce. To give you an idea, in 2018, social networks were responsible for 21% of Ecommerce sales… And Instagram sales accounted for 59% of that number. With that in mind, I brought here 10 stores that started on Instagram and are successful today.

They all have one thing in common… They sprung from the imagination of people who were not satisfied with their job or salary and wanted financial independence.

On Instagram, a free platform that has increasingly encouraged entrepreneurship, they saw an opportunity to change their lives.

Learn these stories and get inspired!

1 – Factory T-Shirt @querotsf

t shirt factory

We opened our list with T-shirt Factory, a brand founded by Eduardo Derrico from São Paulo.

It all started in 2015, when he decided to make t-shirts with cool phrases for his college friends. After noticing a great interest from people in the pieces, he created a store on Instagram. There, he started to promote the shirts with prints made to order, which were the great differential of the brand.

The growth was very fast. In a short time, Eduardo opened a virtual store and got in touch with some influencers to market his shirts.

After Hugo Gloss received the product and published it on Instagram, the store received 10,000 followers in one day. The action caused the T-Shirt Factory to sell about 100 shirts a day through Instagram.

The result of the demand was the opportunity to open his first physical store.

Three years after starting his venture on Instagram, Eduardo continues with his profile on the network, which has more than 100,000 followers. In addition, he maintains his virtual store and a physical store.

The whole operation made the brand invoice 1 million reais in 2018!

vendas no instagram

Despite having a degree in design, Thiago Castro, a resident of Manaus, never hid his passion for food – especially for sweets like the brigadeiro.

Since 2010, he has posted pictures of his candy experiments in the kitchen, receiving praise from friends and acquaintances.

When he finished college, he realized that what he really wanted to do was devote himself to cooking. Then, in 2012, he created the Brigadore brand, specializing in the production of brigadeiros, and started selling Instagram.

Making daily and flashy posts about his experiences, he asked friends and acquaintances to help spread the word. Thus, Brigadore grew quickly.

The success was such that, in October of the same year, he opened his first physical store. Today, Brigadore has 3 stores, two in malls, and one sales in excess of R$2 million per year.

The Instagram profile is still active, with 26 thousand followers and a link that directs the customer to place orders. Thiago says that 80% of his customers come from there, which shows the importance of sales on Instagram.


It all started in 2016, when the publicist Carolina Vascen saw photos on Pinterest of the British store Vicky’s Donuts.

When she realized that there was no such thing in São Paulo, she had the idea of ​​opening a business with her girlfriend, who was a gastronomy student.

With a strategy aimed only at digital consumers, the two created a store on Instagram, which remains active today.

Because it is an innovation in the market here in Brazil, the first year brought revenue of more than 500 thousand reais only through sales on Instagram.

Today, in addition to the Instagram profile, with 50,000 followers, the brand maintains a Facebook page, with more than 6,000 fans. And it’s through these channels that you receive orders of more than 500 donuts per week!

vendas no instagram

If you’re a fan of the Simpsons, you need to check out Bazar Bartiano. The brand was born in 2015, when its creator, Gabriela Martinez, decided to bring together her greatest passions: the Simpsons and embroidery.

She launched the store on Instagram, where she frequently publishes her pieces. And it was on this social network that she achieved success with the brand.

With her talent in embroidery, she makes creations that sell for up to $300.

According to Gabriela, each creation can take up to 30 hours to complete, due to her perfectionism. That’s how long it takes to deliver parts to customers.

All of this waiting helps create the perceived value of the brand, which is fully customized to the customer’s wishes. This also makes the price of products higher.

Today, Bazar Bartiano has over 34,000 followers on Instagram. Since its creation, the storehasn’t gone a week without an order.


In 2013, Débora Matos, owner of the Beterraba blog, made a post about a gift she had received from her cousin, a bag made of sweatpants to take to motherhood. The public liked it so much that she decided to create an Ecommerce to sell the products.

With an initial investment of 18 thousand reais, the two bought the necessary materials for the production. The focus was to get into the maternity and children’s segment, which Débora was already talking to.

For the promotion and sale of their creations, the duo created a store on Instagram. Success didn’t take long…

Today, the brand has 61 thousand followers on social networks and has increased its range of products. In 2018, invoicing reached 826 thousand reais.

Do you remember Aline Gotschalg? She participated in reality Big Brother Brazil a few years ago and became a digital influencer, with 2 million followers on Instagram…

But it wasn’t until the end of 2018 that she finally managed to pursue her passion for fashion and founded the brand A.GOTS.

The idea came about when her followers asked her to set up a virtual bazaar. She created an Instagram store and, in less than 24 hours, had already reached 30,000 followers. After a week, she decided to take advantage of the profile to create her own clothing brand.

In 3 months, the brand earned 170 thousand reais. The goal now is to expand the brand to wholesale.

vendas no instagram

LV Store was created in 2015, when its founder, Leticia Vaz, was just 18 years old. The young woman in love with fashion decided to bet on Instagram to sell garments aimed at women between 18 and 28 years old.

In just one month of operation, Leticia managed to sell 75% of its stock, having invested only one thousand reais. This success was mainly due to the quality of the photos posted by the entrepreneur.

Over time, the brand grew… Today, the store has more than 175,000 followers on Instagram.

This growth made the entrepreneur open a virtual store which, according to her, combined with the profile of the social network, yielded a 400% increase in her profit margin.

menos e mais

Longtime friends, Lorena Resende and Samira Stefano discussed conscious consumption. The conversation evolved and resulted in the idea of ​​creating a brand: Menos é Mais, a luxury thrift store.

The company, which was born in May 2018, maps the market in search of suppliers. Afterwards, the approved product is on consignment for 60 days, which reduces the risk for entrepreneurs.

If the piece is sold, the owner receives 70% of the value. The remainder (30%) goes to Menos é Mais as a commission.

The format worked in such a way that, today, the brand has more than 50 thousand followers on Instagram and closed the last year with a turnover of 90 thousand reais selling only through the platform.

vendas no instagram

Brenda Rabello, 26, is the founder of Meu Jardim em Mim, a company that produces earrings, necklaces and rings with synthetic leaves and flowers.

The idea came about as a carnival prank. At the time, Brenda’s mother made her a succulent earring. The piece was successful among the girl’s friends, who began asking for similar accessories.

It was in December 2017 that Brenda took this idea and turned it into a business. With an initial investment of 3,000 reais to purchase materials, she quickly recovered the money.

But the real success came when she decided to put the store on Instagram. There, Brenda promotes the products and sells to a wider audience, which resulted in a invoicing of 65,000 reais last year.

The result was so surprising for an earring brand that it caught the attention of physical stores.

Today, Meu Jardim em Mim, in addition to Instagram sales, is also present in physical locations across Rio de Janeiro, Manaus (AM), Santos (SP) and Passos (MG).


If you follow the contents we post on Ecommerce in Practice, you probably know Matheus Almeida, specialist in Fashion Ecommerce.

What you might not know is that he has a business of his own. Together with Bernardo Cordeiro, he created, in 2016, .PORMENOR, a brand focused on urban fashion that launches a few mini collections a year on Instagram.

In general, the partners produce between 100 and 300 pieces and sell directly through the social network. They are out of stock in a few weeks, so they are dedicated to thinking of a new exclusive mini collection.

Although he also has a Facebook page for the brand, Matheus says that Instagram sales are the mainstay of the business. About 80% of revenue comes from this social network.

Today, .DETAIL invoices around 10 thousand reais a month in launch periods.

How to Sell on Instagram Today

As you’ve seen, Instagram works very well as a gateway to the world of entrepreneurship. Hundreds of businesses open on this social network every day!

What differentiates those who are successful from those who fail is the determination of their creators and, above all, the knowledge to be aware of what is being done.

With the right targeting, you can be the next store success story on Instagram.

That’s why I recommend reading the article How to sell on Instagram: 11 tips that really work. In it, you will find tips to help you get your ideas off the paper and start selling right now.

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