10 Instagram Commercial Features You Need to Know

Instagram Comercial has already become something mandatory for entrepreneurs. However, what we see in practice is that few actually use all the features available to leverage the business. To help you with that, we have separated 10 features for companies on Instagram Comercial.

With a professional account and knowledge of the platform’s tools, anyone is able to undertake and profit on Instagram.

That’s because the platform has more than 72 million users, in Brazil alone.

These people spend about 3 hours a day on the web, between posting photos, watching stories, and watching live streams.

For this reason, the social network has become the Most Money Movement in the whole world.

And, in recent times, the company has invested a lot in amazing features for stores and brands…

Features that will certainly enhance the results you have today.

Ana Clara Magalhães, Head of Ecommerce Content and Relationship in Practice, gave excellent tips on the subject in this video below:

1- Trade Manager

Instagram Comercial’s commerce manager is a feature that brings a new universe to business and makes it possible to bring a more personalized experience to your customer.

It works like this: you create specific collections and they appear in your store tab, within the commercial Instagram.

You can create Christmas, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any other collections that suit your business.

So, you can include in these collections the products that make sense for that specific date.

That way, people can search for products during these anniversaries.

In this feature, it is also possible to make changes either through Instagram or Facebook, such as changing the images to add or remove products.

In this case, when making the change in one of the networks, in the other it will happen automatically.

This allows you to bring a different experience to your customer. For that reason, it’s worth knowing.

To use the tool, go to the Facebook business manager tab and register your business manager,

From then on, you can put your store [The Instagram Shop] online and create your own collections.

2- Product Tags for Commercial Instagram

This is a tool that, despite having been available for some time, is still unknown by many companies.

Through the catalog manager, you can create your catalog on Instagram Comercial and make the product tag markings.

These tags are fundamental to optimizing the use of the platform.

One of the visible solutions of use is the price marking, after all, it is much more practical for the customer to know the price of the product without having to go through you.

These and other selling strategies are available in our Ebook: HOW TO SELL ON INSTAGRAM, which you’ll see at the end of this article.

3- Shop with TAB

This functionality can already be used when you start tagging products within your feed.

When you open the feed, there is an area where you can see all the IGTVs, and there are several other tabs there. One of them is the store tab.

This function is interesting because the customer can enter through this tab and view all the products in your catalog.

This makes the user experience easier because they don’t need to browse from image to image in their feed to search for a specific product.

This way, the tool streamlines the customer’s purchase process, by facilitating the search for products.

But beware: this functionality is only available if you use product tags.

4- Explore TAB

This is the place on Instagram where people can find out about things that interest them.

Inside, there is a mall tab, where different brands of products that may be of interest to the user are gathered.

This place not only shows the companies you follow, but also other brands that the Instagram algorithm interprets as of interest to you.

It is not possible to define how your brand will be presented, as this depends on the behavior of each consumer.

However, by using tags you increase your chances of appearing in this tab.

5- Special Stickers

The stickers were released in March as an initiative to support retailers in the pandemic.

They can help you reach out your brand and make it easier for people to get to your profile.

A good strategy, in this sense, is to encourage more loyal customers to use these stickers, marking your store.

This action makes people around that customer also have contact with your brand.

6- Instagram DM

Facebook recently launched a tab through which you can reply to all comments, whether Facebook or Instagram.

This goes for comments that arrived via the feed and also via DM.

There, you can leave notes and say if the service was completed.

This is a good feature, especially for those who work with teams, as it makes it easier to keep the same language in the answers.

Another possibility is to answer the DMs through the desktop version of Instagram. To do this, just click on the paper airplane icon.

7- Quick Answers

This is a space where you can create ready-made answers and develop code for those answers.

Every time a customer asks a question that already has an answer ready, you just type in the code, and the answer registered for that code will appear.

This feature is interesting because it has questions that are repeated a lot and using a ready-made answer will save your time.

To use the tool, it is important to map the questions that appear the most in your store and then create quick answers to those questions.

8- Sponsored content on commercial Instagram

This feature is interesting in many ways:

First because when the photo appears in people’s feed, your brand name is very evident and when you click on it, the person is taken to your profile.

Another issue is that when you create sponsored content, you can have access to all of the metrics in this post.

In case of campaigns or promotions, it is not necessary to ask participants to send you a print, as in the publication itself it will be possible to see if the desired performance was met or not.

You can even leave some influencer profiles pre-approved if you have a long-term contract with them.

In this case, the influencer will not need to ask for authorization for every post they make.


Another interesting feature is the ability to integrate Instagram with the delivery platform you partner with.

If you work with iFood , Uber Eats or Happi and do the integration, the customer will not need to leave the platform to search your profile.

After all, he will be able to place the order directly through Instagram, through the order button.

This encourages purchases to be made more conveniently, which prevents the customer from giving up on buying.

The most important thing about this feature is to facilitate the purchase, because everything that makes the customer reach the goal faster, favors the sales process.

10- Facebook Pay

This functionality will be available soon.

Facebook Pay is a space that will allow you to direct checkout, through the group’s platforms, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook and also commercial Instagram.

This new feature will allow the customer to complete the entire purchase, directly through these channels.

It is very likely that this feature also brings another important feature, which is the Launch Sticker.

The Launch Sticker allows the customer to click on it and create a notification to receive an alert when the product is launched.

This functionality will certainly make a big difference for product launches.

Start Selling On Instagram Right Now

Many companies do not know most of these tools or simply ignore them on a daily basis, which is a huge waste…

With Instagram being one of the most important social networks in Brazil, every action you do there counts towards your results…

As long as you do it the right way.

And people who are aware of this ARE ALREADY selling every day within Instagram Comercial.

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