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10 Best Mass Liking Services on Instagram + 4 Recommendations (2021)

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is Instagram massliking and does it work in 2021?
  • TOP-10 services for masslayking.
  • How to increase the effectiveness of promotion: 4 tips.

What is Instagram Mass Liking?

Massliking is a popular way to promote on Instagram by performing massive actions. The essence of the method is that you find your target audience and start liking their posts.

They, in turn, notice your profile and go to it. In the event that they are interested in your Instagram account, then they subscribe to it or perform the desired targeted action: for example, buy a product or service.

Is this tool effective in 2021?

If in the period from 2013 to 2018 it was one of the most effective ways to promote on Instagram (mass following was the leader), then in 2021 the effectiveness of massliking decreased slightly.

The fact is that the limits on Instagram have changed. Previously, it was possible to put 2-3 thousand likes per day without blocking. Now it is better not to exceed the limit of 900 likes per day. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting a temporary ban on likes.

Despite this, mass-liking still brings results – especially when combined with mass-following. Using this method, you can attract from 100 subscribers every day.

TOP-10 services for massliking on Instagram

Massliking can be done manually. But it will take too long: just imagine that within 24 hours you need to get 900 likes – respecting the intervals between each action.

Therefore, the best option is to use special online services. They will help automate all actions: you only need to select the target audience and launch the task.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best services for massliking on Instagram: they will automatically like potential subscribers.

Tooligram 2.0

Tooligram 2.0 is an online tool that helps you engage a live audience on Instagram. The service performs massive actions: likes and subscribes to potential customers / subscribers.

Сервис для масслайкинга Tooligram

Suitable for any niche: online store, personal blog, expert or private specialist page. Even a beginner can handle it: you can start promoting in 5-7 minutes – without outside help from SMM specialists.

All you need to do is add an account, enter your competitors and start massliking. In addition, you can specify geolocation or hashtags – then the service will search and like the audience by these parameters.

The online service is completely secure – no blocks. The point is that Tooligram 2.0 watches the feed, takes breaks, likes and subscribes. This creates the appearance that all actions are performed by a living person.

Service cost: from 690 rubles / month.

You can try Tooligram 2.0 for free.

Get Started with Tooligram 2.0 >>>


Zengram is a professional online service that will help you attract new subscribers and customers. The tool performs all actions automatically: likes, subscribes, comments. It is also possible to view other people’s Stories and send welcome messages to Direct.

Масслайкинг в Zengram

The online service works without tasks: just add your account, specify the target audience and start promoting. It is completely safe: Znegram complies with the limits of the Instagram social network and imitates the actions of a living person.

Cloud service – you can work from your phone, computer, tablet. Tasks and accounts are managed through your personal account.

Service cost: 699 rubles / month

There is a test period – immediately after registration you will receive 3 days of promotion for free. You will see the first results of promotion – the growth of audience and reach, within 2-3 hours after the start of massliking.

Get Started With Zengram Free >>>


Instaplus is an automated service for fast and safe promotion on Instagram. The tool performs actions for you: likes, subscribes, watches Stories.

Продвижение масслайкингом через Instaplus

You can work with the online service without installing additional programs on your computer – all actions are performed in the cloud. Therefore, you can safely use Instaplus on your tablet, smartphone, PC, laptop.

It is possible to promote several accounts at once. The tool automatically collects the target audience by hashtags, geolocation, competitors’ subscribers.

Instaplus cost: from 399 rubles / month

There is a 5-day test period.

Try Instaplus for free >>>


Bridgit is a set of tools for working with Instagram. These tools include a mass-liking function. All bulk actions are performed automatically.

Онлайн-сервис Bridgit.me

Bridgit is suitable for business owners, bloggers, personal pages, SMM managers. All you need to do to start promoting is to indicate a competitor, hashtag or geolocation. After that, the tool will start looking for your target audience and like their posts.

The service is completely secure and complies with all limits and restrictions. This will prevent your account from being blocked for suspicious activity.

Bridgit Price: from 490 rubles / month


Instapromo is a suite of social media marketing tools. This includes the mass-liking function.


The online service searches for a hot target audience by the following parameters:

  • Competitors .
  • Hashtags .
  • Geolocation .

There is an option to search for bloggers and celebrities. Mass actions are performed through a special bot. There is an application for Android.

It’s safe: your account will not be blocked for suspicious activity. A tool for deferring posting and monitoring new comments is also available.

Instapromo cost: 790 rubles / month

Free trial available.


SocialKit is a program for promotion on the Instagram social network. Suitable for any niche: blogs, personal pages, business and online stores, traffic arbitrage.

Программа для масслайкинга SocialKit

The program practically does not load the system due to the competent allocation of resources. Can be installed on VDS to manage promotion from any device.

It’s completely safe: the account will not be blocked for mass-liking or mass-following; all data from the profile is stored on the owner’s PC.

SocialKit license price: RUB 1,100 / month

You can download a free Demo version of the program.


DoInsta is a service that is used to promote on the popular social network Instagram. By using this tool, your account will see over 50,000 potential buyers per month.


The service automatically likes and subscribes to your target audience. Even a complete beginner can handle it: you can start the desired task in 1-3 minutes.

DoInsta is a cloud service. You can start massliking from your smartphone, tablet or computer. All you need to do is add your account and start searching for target audience by competitors, hashtags or geolocation.

It’s safe: the online service uses individual proxies. A maximum of 3 accounts work on one sour.

DoInsta cost: 1,000 rubles / month

There is a free trial period.


InstaSkill is a powerful online service for integrated promotion on Instagram. There is no need to download anything: the service works in the cloud mode. Promotion and accounts are managed through your personal account.

InstakSkill — SMM-сервис для Instagram

You can start massliking by:

  • Hashtags.
  • Your collected list of Instagram users.
  • Competitors.

There is an option for mass following and sending comments; you can make deferred publications according to the specified schedule.

InstaSkill cost: 790 rubles / month


SocialHammer is a program that helps to attract new subscribers and increase coverage on Instagram. Suitable for freelancers, SMM professionals, entrepreneurs, bloggers, personal pages.

SocialHammer — программа для масслайкинга в Инстаграм

Automatic actions are used for promotion: likes, subscriptions. It is completely safe: the program complies with the limits of the social network, so the profile will not be blocked.

SocialHammer gathers an active audience of competitors, notifies of new comments and even knows how to send mailings to Direct.

Program price: from 8 rubles / day.

There is a 30-day trial period.


FunInsta is a service that helps to attract live followers on Instagram. With the tool, you can increase your reach and build brand awareness.

Сервис FunInsta

An online service searches for a target audience according to specified criteria: competitors, hashtags. After that, it starts to like and follow potential customers / subscribers. All actions are performed automatically.

FunInsta can work with an unlimited number of accounts. There is an option to postpone photos.

FunInsta cost: 790 rubles / month

There is a free test for 3 days.

How to improve the effectiveness of massliking: 4 recommendations

To improve your effectiveness from massliking, follow these guidelines:

  • Design your Instagram profile beautifully.
  • Create a portrait of your target audience to understand who you need to like.
  • Welcome new subscribers: for example, in Zengram, you can set up sending welcome messages to Direct.
  • Create 5-6 additional accounts and start massliking from them. For example, if you have an online store, then create a separate profile for each product category.


Now you know what massliking on Instagram is and how to use this method to promote your account. Choose any service from the list (we recommend Zengram) and start promoting.

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