What to do if your personal Facebook account is blocked

Elena Farion, founder of the SMM agency “Farion.Agency” and lecturer of the course “Content Marketing”, spoke about her experience of restoring access to her personal profile on the social network Facebook.

I’ll give you useful links, where to go and what you need to know to prevent this from happening to you.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps on how to unblock your personal Facebook account if you’ve been blocked for intellectual property infringement.

Receive notification

On the morning of July, I received a notification from Facebook that I violated someone’s rights and I should not have published this content.

What content? Whose rights have I violated ??? Nothing is clear.

Ok, without attaching much importance, I regarded it as a mistake.

I haven’t violated anything lately, which means I shouldn’t worry.

By 5:00 pm the same day, while setting up an advertisement for a client, I refreshed my page and the following window appeared.

I log in from a different account and see the same thing:

At that moment, a cold sweat covered me, and my hands began to shake.

I realized that my personal page of some heh … was blocked!

It was out for me:

  1. A personal account in which I have about 1,500 friends. And with whom I have contacted in some way at least once. These are work contacts, clients, partners, students and just friends.

  2. The business manager of my agency, to which advertising accounts and business pages of clients are linked, is also blocked,

  3. And agency business pages.

Anyone who has ever faced the blocking of Facebook accounts knows what kind of hemorrhoids it is worth to restore back everything acquired by back-breaking labor.

And some of them fight like a fish on ice for years. Every week they write letters to Facebook support and NOTHING.

At first, I was insanely upset, then I started to get angry at the blatant injustice.

And then the client wrote in the morning that he was closing …

In general, I urgently needed water and fresh air.

The next day I took a breath, slept with this thought, put all my emotions in a box and began to understand.

I received a letter from Facebook explaining the reason for blocking my page

“Dior? What do I have to do with him? ” – I thought.

Only after some time I remembered that in 2016 I had a client at work who was selling copies of branded handbags from China.

To reduce the cost of SMM, we decided to take photo content in the public domain of search engines.

In addition to targeting, we used seeding in thematic groups. And in groups, posts with photos were on behalf of my personal page.

It was then that I understood where the legs grow from.

IMPORTANT !!! Be prepared for the fact that if you use someone else’s content in your work, its owner may complain about you to Facebook, and trouble is inevitable.

This is spelled out in the Facebook Terms and Conditions.

You can read more about intellectual property here.

What to do? Where to run?

I had 2 options:

  1. Recover your account.

  2. Create new.

Of course, I chose option 1. Because this is my work account, in which a lot of work has already been done, and the contacts I need were stored in it.

Option number 2 – the easiest and not so much. Let me explain.

Due to Facebook’s rules, you are not allowed to create a new account under the same name if you have been blocked once.

Yes, many people do that, you say.

I will answer.

We are talking about serious work here, which means that you can create a new account, but you have to be prepared for the fact that sooner or later it will be blocked. Rather early)

You can create under someone else’s / maiden name, but then what about your personal brand?

And what to do if Facebook asks to confirm your fake account with an identity document?

In general, you get the idea, right?)

Stage 1. Contact Facebook support

I was well aware that no one but me was to blame for what had happened. Neither the client, nor Facebook, nor Dior, but Me!

There is no Facebook office in Ukraine. The Ukrainian division is supervised in Dublin.

There is no hotline phone either. All that remained was to write in the feedback forms.

First of all, I filled out this feedback form, attached my driver’s license and hoped until recently that the events of 4 years ago were still some kind of mistake …

On the same day, I received a response from Facebook employee Matthew, in which he made it clear to me that, they say, no, honey, this is not a mistake, and we really banned you.


Ok, I think the email could have been an auto-reply, and the friendly Matthew was just a robot.

Stage 2. Forums, SMM chats, thematic groups

Task: ask for advice, collect versions, find a person from Facebook through the theory of six handshakes.

My message looked something like this:


Of course, some “obvious captains” threw in a couple of their “brilliant” tips.



And only one very good person, so, between words, he told me the right solution

Step 3. Write to the party that filed the complaint

Indeed, why is it pointless for me to send messages to Facebook, if you can directly build a dialogue with the party that filed a complaint against me.


At first, I did not understand at all how to build my message and constructively formulate my problem …

Well, imagine:

“Good afternoon, dear Dior.

I helped my client sell copies of your brand bags.

How can you help me?

Understand and forgive …)) And write to Facebook to restore my account. ”

Sounds like crazy, doesn’t it?

And I made it up:


I started my letter with: “This is not spam !! It took me a long time to get up the nerve to write to you. ”

I was really taking my nerve.

Introduced herself and briefly outlined the essence of the issue.

That I was really involved in promoting this project, but was only a third independent party doing advertising. And that I personally did not sell these copies.

Indicated the number of the complaint that was in the first letter from Facebook. Explained why and how important my account is to me.

Asked to take action on their part to restore.

I believed 50% that everything would work out, and 50% understood that my letter could get into spam, that it would not be read, it would be deleted, etc.

But! I clearly knew that if there is an opportunity, it should be used, and then – how it will turn out.

I sent it to the feedback form on the official website of Dior + and duplicated it in a return letter to the mail that was indicated in the Facebook message.

I waited about a week for an answer …


Thursday August 22 threw me into euphoria!

Yes! My letter has been reviewed!

A representative from Dior said that my account got into the “wrong” database by mistake, and that they will send a request to Facebook to restore it.


It was a victory)


This is my bump. My big and sick bump.

Of course, now I would have thought 100,500 times whether to take such a project into work at all, but then there was the start of my activity in the direction of SMM and “may be shocking”.

And if you’ve read my article before this sentence, here’s what I want to say.

What is important to know if you are an SMM specialist and are set up for serious work!

  1. Read and learn Our Father’s Guide to the Facebook Community Guidelines and Advertising Guidelines. This is especially true for paragraph 4 – “Prohibited content”.

  2. Before taking on a new project, if you are an SMM manager, or making decisions about the possibility of advertising your product, study the market opportunities or ask the advice of knowledgeable people.

Summing it up:

It took about 2 months to restore your account.

What does a blocked account look like in a messenger, and what your friends might think of you. My observations


When your personal account is blocked, for your friends in the messenger it looks like you blocked it) That is, he cannot write to you. And instead of your photo, a silhouette of a person is displayed to him.

What you need to do to stay in touch with important people

  1. Announce on other social media what happened.

  2. Write a notice on your site, apologizing and providing technical reasons.

  3. Write in other messengers (if you have contact numbers) how you can be contacted.

  4. Find the right person and write to him from the account of your husband / friend / mother, etc., explaining the situation and suggesting an alternative for communication (if there are no other contacts).

Successful promotion to everyone!

And don’t get caught)



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