Top 500+ Internet Marketing Blogs

The moment has come when it is very necessary to make a new collection of all good sources of knowledge on Internet marketing. This time, the list includes not only blogs, but also Telegram channels, forums, publics and other sites.

I have been collecting this list for more than one year. Each link had to be checked: leaf through, read, think. Therefore, I immediately ask you to share this publication. And monitor what you need easily and effortlessly with a new list.


Wikipedia defines SMM as a set of activities for using social media as channels for promoting a company or brand and solving other business problems. In a simple way, this is communication with the future consumer through social networks. We’ve selected the very best resources for self-study Social Media Marketing. For a more organized training, we recommend our course “Effective SMM: Promotion of Projects in Social Networks”.

Channels in Telegram, publics

Sergey Shcherbakov. SMM lessons. Complex SMM. Vital knowledge about social media: how to attract customers, how to contact support, how to set up targeted ads, etc. Interviews with famous personalities about how they do SMM.

AIR Academy – Blog about YouTube and social media influencer marketing. Expert articles on YouTube and social media marketing on the AIR Academy blog. The best YouTube, video blogging and social media promotion cases, analytics and manuals.

Facebook Ads Channel – All about Facebook advertising. All about Facebook advertising – news, articles, experiments and case studies.

RED SMM is a Telegram channel about Instagram. They promise news, useful articles and other fire. They call themselves “the most useful channel.” A mix of cases, tips, announcements, discussion of new products, links to courses. There are a lot of people.

Cases of a bad SMM – Semyon Efimov’s channel about targeting in social networks. What is promised is what it is: a lot of good chips have been noticed. Take it and implement it.

Instagram is the author’s channel of Ilya Likhopoy about self-promotion on Instagram. Well-designed articles, the material is relevant and sensible.

PRO TARGET – conducted by the guys from Lead100gram. I liked the targeting test very much. Fresh news, wise conclusions. Would write more often.

Business and social networks – reviews of useful tools for SMM professionals, tips, articles on various topics about SMM. From content generation to targeting.

One day of an SMM-specialist – excellent author’s content from Alexander Postanovich. What is a real SMM specialist without a sense of humor? We strongly recommend that you subscribe.

SMM with Damir Khalilov – analytics of algorithm updates and other features in social networks. Tools, services, books, articles. Lots of links to YouTube. If you want to keep your finger on the pulse – all news about innovations quickly appear on this channel.

Instagram update digest. Dnative – the name of the channel is long, but the posts are short and fast, like bullets. Everyone knows that Instagram is changing rapidly, and it’s hard to follow these changes alone. So here are the results of collective surveillance. Nothing will pass by the attention of a real instagrammer!

SMM Practice – the author of the “Practice in SMM” blog on VKontakte shares his personal experience.

Content | SMM strategy – how to create unique content and customize it for sales. Development of a promotion strategy in social networks. Natalia Synchilo’s author channel.

Russian Facebook – the most interesting posts from Russian-speaking Facebook. Even if at first glance they have nothing to do with promotion, then on the second and third you understand – they do. This is not a channel, but a pill for reverie. And if you were quoted there, then you are cool.

Instapearl | the best of Instagram – a small channel with very interesting leads to great Instagram profiles.

Dasha Manelova: Instanovosti is the author’s channel of the insta-marketer Dasha Manelova. Chapters from her new book, tips, manuals, checklists and much more.

DNative – a blog about SMM and Instagram – Alexey Tkachuk’s author’s blog about high-quality promotion on Instagram. Alexey Tkachuk is a happy combination of a writer and a professional SMM specialist rolled into one. What is characteristic is a researcher. Takes a hypothesis (or rumor), explores, searches, digs. And then he writes.

SMMplanner – SMMplanner deferred posting service channel.

Digital BDSMM is a social media marketing channel. The news was presented in a rather harsh manner. (But it could be tougher.)

Telegram marketing is all about marketing in Telegram and other messengers. Fedor Skuratov’s Channel and Combot.

SMM in Telegram – everything you wanted to know about maintaining channels in Telegram.

Business on Youtube – author’s channel, secrets of promotion, earnings, killer marketing for YouTube channels. Business cases and analyzes.

Marketing from Berek – Olga Berek’s author’s channel about promotion in Telegram, Instagram and Facebook and offline marketing. Lots of classic marketing and marketing tales. We strongly recommend.

Telegram Info – the latest news about Telegram.

Your Telegram is tricky. How to make your messenger more convenient.

Teleblog is the oldest channel. News, insights, life hacks. Everything that the Telegram community lives on, and even more.

Lazy SMM channel – a lot of materials about VKontakte.

Targeted advertising in social networks – what they write about themselves: “This community was created by an initiative group that is not indifferent to the issues of targeted advertising in social networks. We do not combine targeting with SMM, we display it in a separate form. We do not discuss classic questions about SMM, if it is not directly related to the target. ” Strong statement.

Median ads is an informational and educational channel where you will find the latest news, notes and other useful information from the world of social media advertising.

SMM on Instagram – discussion of the features of promotion on Instagram, techniques, services, successful cases.

SMM on Facebook – from likes to sales – hot discussions of plugs, problems, cases, articles, updates.

SMM NEWS – a newsletter from the SMM format “what happened” and “where will it lead”.

SMM news – Search for Internet marketing contractors.

SMM executors VS vacancies, both remote and in the office, from all over the CIS /

@happy_avatarka – there is a whole encyclopedia of insta design and promotion on Instagram.

@practicinsta – there is a lot of theory and practice, interesting cases, whole thematic weeks, practical advice. Great resource for newbies.

Official VK groups:

VK for business

VKontakte for Communities

VKontakte team

Tesla Target. SMM for business is all about promoting a business through social media. Strategies, instructions, examples.


Andrey Spektor’s blog – reviews of resources, tools for an SMM specialist, cases, discussion of new products in social networks.

Median ads – All about advertising in social media: detailed guides, practical cases and authoring solutions from the Median ads team.

Magda Magla’s blog – about social media promotion, cases, service reviews, social media news.

Andrey Ermakov’s blog about Instagram.

SMM laboratory – blog of a social media promotion agency.

Vinste – blog of the service about Instagram. Practical advice, cases, manuals.

Leah Kanarskaya’s blog is about Instagram, content and SMM in general. Guides, cases, examples, advice from personal experience (which is very valuable).

Blog Frisbuy is a visual content management service for e-commerce. Visually flawless, of course. And great articles. Lots of ideas for different niches presented on Instagram.

Dnative – Alexey Tkachuk’s blog. Statistics, reviews of tools, hypotheses, refutation of rumors and myths, unexpected assumptions, cases. We strongly recommend.

LEAD100GRAM.RU – knowledge base for promotion on Instagram. Cases, ways of collecting leads, manuals for setting up advertising in a Facebook account, creatives, choosing a placement, etc., etc. In great detail.

Popsters – useful materials about the service and work in social networks, statistics, trends, how to make reports, news. Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte.

Tesla Target Blog is all about promoting business through social networks. Strategies, instructions, examples.

Blog of Artem Mazur is the author’s blog of an SMM specialist. Very good about the pinpoint setting of advertising in your Facebook account.

Sky Rocket Marketing – working customer acquisition strategies. The subtleties of the Facebook advertising cabinet.

The official Instagram blog – here you can enjoy not only the content, but also the layout. Excellent examples of stories, videos. A very important blog for every Instagrammer.

Pro SMM – the author’s blog of Ekaterina Frolova. Good advice, reviews of useful apps for Instagrammers. If you are looking for killer stories and great videos, then you will find all the necessary materials here.

Facebook Business is the official Facebook blog.

Wishdo – Dasha Andreeva’s author’s blog about promotion on Instagram: personal brand, stories, chips, answers to questions, addresses and passwords of opinion leaders on Ukrainian Instagram.

SMMplanner – deferred posting service blog about social networks, content, promotion, target audience, tools, algorithms. Strongly recommend.

Daria Manelova’s blog is the experience of the owner of the agency and the School of Entrepreneurship on Instagram, the author of a book about Instagram, a lover to quickly respond to unexpected questions, a speaker at all leading SMM conferences in the Russian Federation.

On the clouds – Elena Piskareva’s blog, specialization – Instagram. Lots of ideas, reviews of new products, vivid examples.

Sergey Shcherbakov’s blog is a marketing and SMM specialist. Author of the books Guerrilla Marketing in Social Networks, Business in the Storm, Targeted Advertising in Social Networks, speaker of specialized conferences.

Social networks to help business – SMM magazine, editor-in-chief – Pavel Beskhitrov, marketing and SMM specialist.

Author’s blog Eva Katz – advertising practice, psychology. Personal experience, chips.

Pamagram is a blog service for Instagrammers. If you want to read about all the Instagram updates, then this is where it is convenient to find information.

Amplifer’s blog – great guides. Great decoration. A lot of useful things. I recommend.

Blog Dgbee – the guys run the agency’s blog right on Facebook, and I’ll tell you the truth: the tourniquet. I recommend.

Pepper.Ninja: target | SMM | sales – blog of the service for finding clients on VK Articles, webinars, free lessons on target audience collection.

Canva – Helpful tips and tricks for designing, creating and promoting your blog or business. Illustrative examples. Practical template options.

Video channels

SMM blog Shmakov

Galiya Berdnikova

About SMM

SMM studio of Sergey Gutyuk

SpetsnazTarget – Clients from social networks

Fashion Factory School

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is actions that are aimed at promoting goods and services on the Internet. The main task is to turn visitors of the Internet resource into buyers and increase profits. Our selection of helpful links will help you master the basics of internet marketing. For a deeper immersion in the profession of Internet marketing specialist, we recommend our courses – “Internet Marketing START” and “Internet Marketing System for Business”.


WebPromoExperts – Internet Marketing Academy blog, interesting materials for both beginners and advanced marketers. Terms of publication. If you want to become a blog author – write to me, that is, the chief editor [email protected]

1PS – great articles, covering the whole spectrum of internet marketing, publications are coming out regularly. Reviews, instructions, advice, search engine news, analytics.

AnotherPoint – articles, posters, infographics, checklists.

Artjoker is one of the oldest internet marketing blogs, cases, business lessons, a section for online stores, usefulness, selections, rules.

Aweb is a template for those who are lazy to post their cases. There are plenty of them here. Take an example.

Texterra is more of a media outlet than just a blog. High-quality, comprehensive materials, white papers, infographics. I highly recommend it.

Serpstat – blog of the service of the same name, all questions related to Internet marketing. Research.

Netpeak is the best digital blog in Ukraine according to Nata Zayats. Strong analytics, sensitive reaction to the interests of readers, the main authors are the Netpeak team.

Solar Digital’s blog – interviews with meaningful personalities and company management notes, Solar Talks educational videos.

Nimax – about the development of sites, stores, services and applications. This blog is in my bookmarks, I reread some of the articles and come back to them again and again.

IM – a blog about internet marketing. Materials appear often, this is where I find out all the latest news about Instagram and search engines. I highly recommend it.

Out of cloud – a blog about customer loyalty.

Blog Direct Line – Direct Line marketing agency regularly publishes cases and useful articles on its blog. There are materials here aimed at both business representatives and professionals – beginners and experienced.

Blog Netology – the oldest online education academy in Runet, articles on marketing, design, programming, business. Great blog.

Blog RIGHT – useful and interesting articles about events in the field of Internet marketing, about the life of the company Right.

Plerdy – Articles about various areas of internet marketing and expert advice. Find information on how to grow your online business and increase conversions with online marketing.

Yagla is a blog of the service of the same name: excellent quality materials, interesting cases. Strongly recommend.

Blog Gusarov – blog of an internet marketing agency.

Marketello.ru is a platform for novice internet marketers that will help improve their skills. A lot of practice, to the best of theory.

Plerdy is a service blog for internet marketers. Analyze website usability using a heatmap of clicks.

Carrotquest is one of the best blogs on the Runet. Articles on broad topics – from setting up a business process to specific step-by-step instructions.

Get Goodrank is a great blog, responsive to all changes in search engines, analytics, interesting articles.

InterVolga is a great blog for e-commerce. Everything about what a modern website should be like and how to promote it.

Lira bureau blog – answers to unexpected questions. Indeed, it is worth reading the questions and answers. Interesting presentation of the material.

LPGenerator is a great blog for beginners, confident and just interested. A lot of materials about landing pages: content, design, usability, trends.

Blog of the marketing agency MAVR.

Blog PR-CY – Search engine news and useful articles for internet marketers.

Blog PAYTURE TIME – all about e-commerce.

webiseo – blog of the agency of the same name.

Ringostat blog – news, hacks, marketing, events, media reviews, interviews, expert opinion and service chips.

PromoPult – Internet Marketing Knowledge Base. News, articles for different levels of marketing awareness, expert opinions, translations, SEO technologies, link building, infographics.

i-media – research, blog about advertising.

Ag.Marketing – blog of internet marketing agency. Lots of articles for business.

UAA Blog – Digital Agency Blog.

Olga Berek’s blog.

Andrey Zinkevich’s blog – system marketing. Great interviews, great articles, thoughtful lists of books, tools.

Dmitry Dart’s blog – about the dominant (!) Internet marketing.

Jetmix blog – more e-commerce materials, guides, tips, life hacks.

WebCanape Blog – Digital Agency Blog.

The agency’s blog 5oclick.ru is an excellent content marketing cycle (translation of the MOZ manual), interesting presentation of materials.

CALL TRACKING Blog – useful materials about marketing analytics and practical application of call tracking reports.

Vladislav Bogutsky’s author’s blog – personal experience in marketing, cases, reviews.

Collection of articles by Maxim Uvarov – useful materials about Internet marketing, web analytics, Power BI and Excel from the founder of Needfordata.ru, MVP Microsoft.

ADN Blog – personal prize from me for the perfect sense of humor. And the blog is about internet marketing, of course.

Ecwid Blog – a blog about setting up, operating and promoting an online store. Tips for beginners, success stories and Ecwid news (the blog is good).

The Sotnik blog is all about website promotion.

The adventum blog is for everyone who promotes on the Internet.

Кanapiya – about internet marketing and business in Kazakhstan. Explanatory service overviews.

Textum is an internet marketing agency blog.


VC.RU is a great platform where you can publish your articles for free on blogs (provided that you try very hard). There are business long reads, cases, news, and reviews. Be sure to read.

Searchengines.ru – Internet Marketing Encyclopedia. All the latest news in one media outlet.

pressfeed – media, PR, journalism.

Cossa is a great digital publication. Be sure to read.

Like – everything about social networks.

Business World is an online magazine for business.

e-xecutive.ru is another business magazine for business.

MMR is a Ukrainian D-media brand aimed at informing and provoking the growth of corporate and agency marketing-, PR-, advertising, digital- and sustainability professionals, as well as entrepreneurs who are aware of the power of all types of communications.

e-pepper is a niche online information resource dedicated to e-commerce in Russia.

CMSMagazine – magazine for internet marketers and business, research, tenders, digital agency ratings, articles, vacancies.

Seonews – news, interviews, articles, reviews, catalogs, ratings, calendar, blogs. There are excellent special projects (series of articles on a specific topic). Great newsletter. I definitely recommend it.

Searchengines call themselves the encyclopedia of internet marketing and for good reason.

AiN – about business, startups, legislation, marketing. Announcements of interesting events. Great special projects.

MC.Today – news, people, marketing, startups, stories, HR, PR, special projects.

Rusability – the best about marketing from all over the world. Lots of good infographics, analytical articles, research, trends.

Rusbase is an independent technology and business publication, event organizer and services provider for entrepreneurs, investors and corporations.

Habr – needs no introduction.

tjournal – there are interesting materials about Internet marketing, you can blog on this site.

Marketer is an information portal dedicated to business, marketing, advertising, financial markets, Internet technologies, technical innovations, and self-development.

And I also cite the Sibiriks blog here as an example of cool content marketing. This is the cream in the coffee. This is a truly interesting magazine.

Platforms where you can blog

Spark – Party of technology projects. The platform was created for communication and interaction of representatives of the startup industry, specialists, investors and persons interested in the news of the world of information technology and technology business

Yandex.Zen is a platform where you can read and create interesting stories.


Elnara Petrova’s podcast is about new media, expert marketing and communications. Previously, the podcast was called “SMM without cats”, but gradually the topic went beyond social networks.

Channels, publics

Retention Marketing – cases, tips about loyalty and customer retention. How to make you fall in love with your brand, how to make people talk about yourself, how to create a first-class customer service.

GetBlogger – Influencer Marketing – Channel for influencer marketing and ad placement tips for influencers.

Messenger marketing is a channel about the world of messengers and the mass exodus of the solvent population there. Conducted by Sergey Aliksyuk.

What to read? – article aggregator. Interesting articles from marketing, advertising and SMM. Why would you read everything? They promise to select the best.

Serpstat – seo | ppc | marketing – the channel’s announcement is: “We’ll talk with you about SEO, PPC and marketing.”

Tru.Marketing – Useful articles about internet marketing, debriefing and case studies. Digest – every Monday.

Psychology of Marketing – you will be surprised, but the channel is really about the psychology of marketing. Using specific examples.

PromoPult (ex.SeoPult) – instructions, tips, life hacks for internet marketing.

Traffic arbitrage. teftelkaaa is a sensible public on VKontakte, topics – traffic arbitrage, CPA marketing and SEO promotion. Video interviews, articles, conference announcements.

The Theory of Constraints is an interesting group. Posts about the organization of business processes. More suitable for ecommerce.

Reading and books for an interesting life – we expand our horizons, and then ideas for creativity come.

Writing practices for an interesting life – the group was created so that those who use written practices for self-development, solving problems facing them and, in general, for an interesting life, can exchange experiences and discuss issues of interest to them.

Customer focus in practice. This group is a collection of examples. Good and bad. How to do and how not to. So that you can learn from other people’s mistakes and learn from successful experience from the example of other companies.

cpa-marketing is a group dedicated to CPA marketing in Russia.

Management of an agency, web studio, design bureau – a guide for those who have grown up.

Page Paper Planes Consulting Agency – write about themselves: “We know where the markets will move tomorrow, and we help companies to be ready for it today. We analyze the market situation, understand the goals and objectives in different industries, build strategies, select and use effective tools, are obsessed with quality and timing. The company’s partners are personally involved in projects. ”

retailCRM – very cool mini-digests on the agency page, research, articles.

Easy Steps – Steps to Your Effectiveness – practical recommendations for increasing business and personal efficiency: managing time, energy, goals. Productivity. Work-life balance.

To search for “customer – contractor” group We are looking for a contractor or personnel for SEO, Contextual advertising, SMM.

Power BI, Excel in internet marketing and more – get ready to answer questions when you join a group. I told the truth.

Video channels

Livepage – Internet Marketing and Website Promotion

Big Fish is an interview with the largest players of Ukrainian and foreign e-commerce, their experience, life hacks, business secrets and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.


Without search engine optimization, it is difficult to bring sites to high positions in search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) can be learned through blogs, forums, various channels and videos. We have prepared the most complete selection of links on the topic. We also offer to take the course “SEO-optimization: website promotion in search engines” to improve your level ..


Netpeak Software Blog – SEO, link building and competitor analysis cases and manuals.

Blog MegaIndex – for advanced optimizers.

SolutionsSeo is a blog of the agency of the same name, the main topics of publications are optimization and promotion of sites.

Mello’s blog – cases, thoughts and life hacks on SEO, contextual advertising, conversion optimization and analytics.

Uaweb – blog of UAWEB internet agency, main topics: SEO, analytics, marketing.

Blog PR-CY – search engine news.

SEOonly – A blog about SEO for beginners. Useful articles about search engine optimization and website promotion in Yandex and Google.

Key Collector – an official group – the community of the Key Collector program users. Discounts and promotional codes for the purchase of Key Collector, official news and discussion of the further development of the program.

Blog Livepage – the main feature: promotion to the West. The blog is regularly updated, every post is worth your attention.

Promopult – PromoPult.ru project blog, internet marketing knowledge base.

Referr.ru – the main blog topics: link building and crowd marketing. Articles are published frequently, this is the main crowd marketing blog.

Linki.pro – service blog about links. Articles about website promotion with natural links with high trust and traffic.

Siteclinic is a real reference for an optimizer.

SE Ranking – marketing blog – service blog. A lot about the service and its capabilities, but also about marketing.

Webiseo – SEO company blog about website promotion.

SeoInSoul – Ilya Rusakov’s blog – the main topics: optimization, search engine news, announcements of major industry conferences, online reputation, site design, fundamental differences between sites in different niches.

The author’s blog of Alexander Brushkivsky is about creating, configuring and optimizing sites.

The author’s blog of Anna Yashchenko – a distinctive feature – a deep study of narrow topics. Want some guides? You are here.

Author’s blog of Alexander Alaev – personal experience, experiments, cases. Here you can improve your qualifications.

Yandex blog for webmasters – first-hand search engine news.

The blog of Dmitry Shakhov is the author’s blog of a well-known SEO specialist, entrepreneur, organizer of the annual Baltic Digital Days conference. Valuable monthly road shows – answers to questions sent. Rare format.

Blog of Elena Kamskaya – the inspirer of SiteClinic. The heading names speak for themselves: SEO routine, research and experimentation, usability, internet marketing news, Yandex promotion.

Sergey Lyudkevich’s blog – the author writes about himself: “SEO analyst, reverse engineer of search engines”. The blog is updated approximately once a month: life hacks, promotion methods, an overview of changes in search functionality.

Konstantin Gaiduk’s blog – a good study of materials and an easy style.

Platon Shchukin’s blog is a pseudonym for Yandex technical support, under which they communicate with users. Technical support staff usually sign the following way: “Regards, Platon Shchukin.”

Mikhail Shakin’s blog is one of the oldest author’s SEO blogs. The blog contains from simple tips to detailed manuals on search engine promotion, reviews of tools necessary for an SEO specialist, a selection of the best thematic materials. Very interesting newsletter.

Sergey Sosnovsky’s blog – cases, answers to readers’ questions about the difficulties in optimization and promotion, site analysis.

Devaka is the author’s blog of Sergey Koksharov, an independent analyst in the field of search engine optimization, the author of one of the most respected and read SEO blogs, an experimenter in the field of website optimization.

Author’s blog Alexey Trudov – website promotion consultant, SEO-experimenter, developer of services for Internet marketing. Writes about everything he does.

Author’s blog of Konstantin Kirilyuk – unobvious things.

Official blog of Google Ukraine – news, announcements and useful tips.

Official blog of Google RF.

PixelPlus is the blog of the Internet agency of the same name.

SeoProfy – various materials about SEO, website promotion, analytics and search engine marketing in general. Lots of materials for professional development. Certain narrow-fish topics are considered.

SEOM.info – notes from an optimizer’s life. Author’s blog of Alexander Lustik.

Semantica is a platform for self-education for beginner SEO specialists, advertisers, internet marketers, copywriters, as well as entrepreneurs and digital specialists. Search engine marketing is all about subtleties, tools, secrets and tricks. The task of the blog is to adequately and clearly tell you about everything and teach you how to use our experience

Skillbox: marketing, design, programming – a lot of information about promotion and SEO.

Blogs in English

Neil Patel’s Blog – The author is one of the ten leading online marketers in the world. Here is another blog of his: https://www.quicksprout.com/blog/ – not only about SEO, but also about useful services and programs.

BacKlinko is one of the most useful SEO blogs out there. Regular blog writer Brian Dean.

MatthewWoodward is the blog of English SEO specialist Matthew Woodward. Mandatory reading for those promoting in the English speaking sector. White and gray SEO.

nichepursuits – Spencer Hawes blog. The author shares his best practices in various areas: from promoting niche sites to a business selling physical goods.

Authorityhacker – Blog by Gael Breton and Mark Webster. There are many informative articles on promotion, making money, working with social networks.

viperchill is the author’s blog by Glenn Alsop. Analytics, research, disclosures.

Robbie Richards’ author blog – lots of videos.

SearchEngineJournal is one of the most popular SEO resources in the world.

The MOZ blog is legendary.

SearchEngineLand – interesting content on specialized topics, for example, SEO for mobile, promotion for Bing, promotion in Google Maps and Bing Maps, etc.

BRAB Agency blog – write themselves on the topics of website development and promotion tools (SEO, PPC, SMM …).

Content Marketing & SEO – Knowledge base from platforms with expanded content WhitePress Ukraine.

Special thanks to Mikhail Shakin for compiling this section.

Telegram channels and SEO chats

Devaka Talk – Trending materials and news on SEO and internet marketing.

Netpeak Software – insights and useful life hacks for SEO and PPC specialists, marketers, developers.

SEO channel Shakin.ru – interesting from the world of SEO. Chat for questions @shakinchat.

SEO life – all SEO life in one channel and a little from @seochat.

SEO blog Reader – posts from SEO blogs in one place.

SEO Academy – they only tell the truth about SEO, announcements of master classes, webinars, tutorials, articles, hypotheses and confirmation of them.

Searchengines.ru – channel of the resource of the same name. Article announcements.

SEO method – useful recommendations from experienced SEO specialists, ready-made case studies and the latest news.

English-language SEO – channel about promotion to the West from Mikhail Shakin.


Searchengines – an encyclopedia of Internet marketing, the largest SEO forum on the Runet.

sbUp is a multidisciplinary forum for webmasters and optimizers.

Webmasters – SEO forum for webmasters.

ArmadaBoard is a thematic SEO forum.

MaulTalk – General SEO Forum.

SEOcafe – SEO forum about website promotion.

SEO-forum – SEO-forum for beginners.

BlackHatWorld is the best black SEO forum in the world.

DigitalPoint is the largest SEO forum on the bourgeoisie.

SEOchat is a good English-language SEO forum.

Forum-SEO – SEO-forum for webmasters, those who are engaged in search engine optimization.

Forum PR-CY – optimization tips, interesting facts and questions from the world of SEO.

Free SEO-consultation – consultation from a well-known hosting in Ukraine.

SEO forum – from a well-known hosting in Ukraine.

ZeroCoolPro – SEO forum about promotion in Yandex and Google search engines.

MasterWebs is a cozy forum for webmasters and optimizers.

ruSEO – SEO Forum.

CY-PR is not only an SEO forum and communication of like-minded people, but also fresh SEO news, blogs and interest groups, site analysis and a full set of tools, without which SEO site optimization is almost impossible.

WarriorForum – full of quality materials and a large audience. Good for both beginners and advanced webmasters.

SAPE – forum at the most famous link exchange. In addition to information on working with the exchange itself, this forum discusses the promotion and promotion of sites.

MasterTalk – SEO Forum.

goFUCKbiz is a forum for successful webmasters.

YouTube SEO Channels

SeoProfy UA – Channel of the SeoProfy company about search engine marketing, seo, contextual advertising, and internet marketing in general.

Seoenergy – this channel reveals the issues of semantic design, text optimization, creation of semantic cores.

PromoPult – The first professional TV channel about Internet business. Educational webinars, master classes and author’s programs.

SEO Training – All information about SEO for beginners and professionals in one channel.

SEO School is a series of video tutorials on search engine optimization. In these lessons, we will walk you through the process of promoting and optimizing your site from the very basics to the professional level.

Neil Patel’s Blog (in English)

Backlinko Blog (in English)

Ahrefs Blog (in English)


As Wikipedia says, copywriting can be called a science at the intersection of psychology, marketing and writing. We recommend that you explore useful links on the topic. Here are personal blogs, articles, interviews, everything about the power of the word and the role of copywriting in promoting sites.


Editor Tony Sergeeva’s blog is good. Especially the Guide for Authors.

Arthur Belostotsky’s blog – editing and its diseases, book reviews.

Vladimir Zdor’s blog – advice not only on copywriting, but also on site optimization. Personal experience, cases, book reviews.

Eva Katz’s blog is a great blog about word promotion.

Editor’s advice – Ekaterina Kushnir shares her observations, experience of working with authors, editor’s tips on her Facebook page. I recommend.

The Wordfactory Content Studio Blog is a useful read for the growing copywriter.

The Academy of Right Copywriters blog is all about copywriting.

Daniil Shardakov’s author’s blog – copywriting for business: basics, secrets and examples (and the newsletter is very nice – editor’s note ).

Alexander Gridasov’s blog – about texts, landing pages, psychology and the power of words.

Maya Bogdanova’s blog is about writing, writing, personal brand and working with readers on social networks.

Boring adaptive blog – Maxim Ilyakhov about errors in the texts, advice on how to eliminate these errors, about what the editor is not allowed and what is very necessary. I recommend.

Blog WRITENOW – about texts, stories. Do you want to build an expert brand? Then read this blog is a must.

helloblogger – Everything a blogger needs to know about copying and promotion. Articles, tips, interviews.

etxt is a copywriting blog from the content exchange.

@lestanislava – Insta blog about texts for business by Stanislava Lesnoy.

Laboratory of copywriters – author’s blog of Alina Samulskaya-Kholina, copywriter, teacher of our Academy.

Insta-blog of Natalia Dmitrieva.

Dmitry Kot’s blog – theory and practice: life hacks, cases, text analysis.

Denis Kaplunov’s blog – copywriting guides, literature reviews, many examples.

Kompotik and Hawaiian mix – L. Sarycheva’s blog about texts and editing.

Doitinbound – Nadezhda Pominova’s blog.

Editor is a magazine for authors, screenwriters, copywriters and journalists.

Sergey Troubadour’s blog – specialization: landing pages.

Vladimir Bagnenko’s blog is about learning how to write well.

Ithiry is a culture of creating texts. The author of the blog, Aleksey Aleksandrov, has created a comprehensive mind map of content types, final and irrevocable.

Roman Tarasov’s blog is about copywriting and his tender friendship with SEO.

Oleg Sedinkin’s blog – sensible advice to copywriters, cases.

Notes from the editor – Timur Anikin’s blog for those who write and read (highly recommended).

Svoemedia – Articles on how to make websites and blogging.

The editorial experience – the author’s blog of Roman Skrupnik (editor of Cossa).

The blog of the copywriting school Yulia Volkodav is about how to write and make money.

Author’s blog of Yulia Medvedeva – editing and style.

Sasha Volkova’s author’s blog – editing, storytelling, good texts (highly recommended). It is not updated often, but what we have is worth its weight in gold.

Everyday life of a harsh editor – writing, editing, content marketing. Written by Anna Linnden. The blog used to be called “The Tube Copywriter’s Blog,” but good copywriters grow and grow and become tough editors. Highly recommend.

Alexey Rozhkov’s author’s blog – about texts, editing.

Blog of the agency “Let’s do it.” – about texts, customer-performer relationships, trends, life hacks for writers and business.

Maxim Ilyakhov’s blog – text design and visual storytelling.

Attention management, drama and text delivery. For those who have mastered the information style. Highly recommend.

Sasha Karepina’s blog – business correspondence academy.

Alexander Marfitsin’s blog – about texts and tools for their design.

BIGTOMORROW – Blog about storytelling, writing genres and good writing.

Irina Usichenko’s blog is a strict editor and philosopher.

Katerina Eroshina’s blog – ex-editor in chief of MadCats, commercial writer. Looks at the root, speaks the truth. I recommend.

Konstantin Serov’s blog – the editor’s blog about marketing.

Marina Safonova’s blog – personal effectiveness, notes of interesting lectures, travel reports.

Smart Masha – a blog by Ecwid editor Maria Komarova about editing (and not only).

Pavel Molyanov’s blog – a lot of useful tips, both for copywriting and simplification of processes.

Nepishi – Pavel Fedorov’s blog with anti-examples and advice as needed.

Blog of Sergey Kaplichny – copywriter of MiF. Of course, about books and more.

Peter Panda’s blog – about copywriting.

Natalya Volnaya’s blog is a co-organizer of “Cloudberries”, author and inspirer of the most famous online copywriting conference in Runet.

Yan Khatskhevych’s blog is about editing and what inspires or anger. Lecture notes, advice.

Tatiana Andreeva’s blog is a copywriter’s blog about the profession, a lot of useful things for beginners. As the author writes, this is “a notebook of my usefulness, so as not to forget and have at hand a checklist or a list of convenient services.”

Seryoga Shabalin’s blog – field linguistics. Fun and instructive.

Telegram channels

Milchin’s channel – injections of the “Publisher’s and Author’s Guide” by Arkady Milchin and Lyudmila Cheltsova. A channel for editors, designers and nerds.

ГзоМ – about the text, the intricacies and dashes of the Russian language, grammar and style, the work of the editor, the work of the brain – intricately and with intelligible argumentation. For editors – a must, for others – very desirable. Lively, informative and to the point.

Journalism is all about journalism, media and good writing in Russia and the world.

Channel about texts – the announcement is like “yes” and like “no”. Author’s Channel Ksenia Lukicheva (ex-editor-in-chief of “Netology”).

Dough for text – the author’s channel of Yulia Polyakova, notes from a Siberian copywriter about texts, books, social networks, writing practices and life on freelance.

Pasha and his proastination is the “thickest” channel in the Telegram about writing, a lot of jokes and useful information. Text etiquette – this is how the author of the channel, Pavel Fedorov, defined the topics.

Author’s Style is a channel for writers (and those who dream of becoming one). The author of the channel is Vladimir Bagnenko.

Normal writing is about how to write for social networks. Case study and practical examples.

Editor Tools – About Content Marketing, Brand Media, and Product Writing.

Write and no nails – copywriter Yulia Tretyakova about texts, books, observations and freelance challenges.

It’s easy to write! – Olga Salamatina’s author channel.

What to read to the editor – great, just great newsletter for those who are editing and writing. A selection of the best articles can be received by mail and Telegram.

Glavred – advice and articles on text, editing, information style and advertising for information style lovers.

Web Analytics

The job of a web analyst can be compared to a detective or a tracker. By digital footprints on the site, he understands what kind of people were here and what they did. In our selection, you can find resources that describe all the techniques. Of course, if you want to professionally master all the skills of working with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica, then the course “Web analytics: tracking the effectiveness of online advertising” is designed just for you. The knowledge gained will help you find your buyer, improve the conversion funnel. The course will also be useful to anyone who wants to deal with the analytics of their website.


Yuri Borzilo’s author’s blog – a blog about marketing and analytics. There is also the famous TREASURE OF ANALYST.

tidydata – about statistics, marketing and data analysis.

Analyticsmania – an English-language blog about analytics.

Blog Simo Ahava is an expert in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, since 2014 – Google Developer Expert in web analytics. He runs a personal blog on digital marketing, analytics and web development, shares tips and custom tools for working with GTM.

Occam’s Razor is the blog of Avinash Koshik, a practicing analyst and author of two books on web analytics. A blog dedicated to researching and managing the effectiveness of online marketing.

Google Marketing Platform – the latest news and perspectives on advertising and analytics opportunities.

Stack Overflow is a Q&A site for programmers.

e-nor – agency blog in English. Articles about analytics and effective management.

Blog about e-commerce – this blog describes modern metrics of e-commerce startups: LTV, CAC, Churn rate, Cohorts, etc. Author – Pavel Levchuk.

Google Analytics Community.

burgerdata – Seva Mironovich’s blog. Categories: Analytics, Tag Manager, Apps Script, Spreadsheets, BigQuery, Yandex Metrica.

Blog by Brian Cliffton, author of Google Analytics for Professionals. Personal blog of Google Analytics expert and consultant Brian Clifton, who wrote a book about setting up and customizing the same system. The blog contains both practical and theoretical texts about web analytics.

Web analytics and results – the author’s blog of Andrey Osipov.

Analytics Ninja Blog – A small team of GA wizards explore the deepest capabilities of the system and leave detailed instructions for their peers. Even for an advanced specialist, each article can be a revelation.

ProMetriki – blog by Ivan Ivanov, web analyst. Detailed guides, lots of valuable tips. Masthav, in a word.

Yakov Osipenkov’s blog – simply and clearly writes about the complex. Author of two books on web analytics.

+ Bonus – a new service of questions and answers on marketing and analytics from him.

Dmitry Osiyuk’s blog – web analytics and conversion improvement.

A branch on the heart about statistics systems.

Help for LiveInternet counter.

Yandex.Metrica Help Center.

Google Analytics Forum – you can find almost any answers to your questions about working with GA.

Google Analytics Developer Center – describes all possible aspects of working with Google Analytics, many ready-made examples and codes.

Daniil Azovskikh’s blog is about web analytics. Lots of useful materials about setting up and working with Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica.

Altblog is a blog about analytics, marketing, promotion and website performance. Good practical cases and translations of Avinash Koshik’s blog posts. Methodologies for increasing website performance.

lunametrics is a great blog about GA, they analyze the peculiarities of the system. Write about traffic and data collection and interpretation. There are useful practical use cases for GA.

Brian Eisenberg’s blog – theoretical notes and presentations.

The blog of the KISSmetrics analytical tool is not only about analytics, but also about the Internet marketing strategy in general. The authors try to be useful and understandable to everyone. Useful webinars on setting up analytical systems are also posted here.

Blog SiteTuners – Founder of an online marketing agency Tim Ash regularly writes posts on website conversion, analytics and online store optimization. There are many cases and results of the author’s own research.

The Retail Rocket Blog – shows case studies, analyzes market research and explains why product recommendations are needed.

VWO Blog – About Conversion Optimization. Easy-to-understand guides on experimental methodologies. They debunk typical myths, show cool cases and help to understand the capabilities of their product.

The daily egg – about conversion optimization and data analysis.

Optimize Smart is the personal blog of the famous English consultant Himanshu Sharma, who talks about efficient data extraction from web analytics systems. In parallel, there are posts about traffic attraction and conversion optimization. The author is well-versed, so there are many technical subtleties and detailed guides.

online-behavior is a collective blog written by experienced western web analysts. Over the years, it has accumulated a large knowledge base on measuring and optimizing marketing. The issues of segmentation, data analysis, analytical systems operation, conversion improvement are touched upon – in a word, there is almost everything you need.

The Data Point – The blog of the RJMetrics service has grown over time into a small media dedicated to the general problems of data analysis and interpretation. There are useful notes on how to apply the information received correctly in business.

Custora Blog is a blog of the Custora analytical platform that helps online stores build effective marketing analytics. There is a lot of research on the analysis of the relationship between buyer and seller. The authors also post market research here, as well as abstracts of their speeches.

The Heap Blog – About Databases and Their Effectiveness.

Blast Analytics & Marketing Blog – Digital Marketing Analytics & Tips.

Site for checking the presence of Analytics codes on all pages of the site.

Website for preparing for the Google Analytics exam.

WordStream Blog – tips and tricks to help you use online advertising effectively.

Blog by the Association of Digital Analysts.

OWOX Blog – service blog, news, articles, case studies on web analytics.

Alytics.Drive – a group on VKontakte. The page of the end-to-end analytics and automation system of contextual advertising Alytics.

Channels in Telegram about web analytics

Internet analytics is the author’s channel of Alexei Nikushin, currently one of the largest channels in the Russian-speaking Telegram segment, dedicated to interpretations of Internet market research, analytics and interesting facts about the Internet, media and post-industrial society.

School of a bearded web analyst – Andrey Osipov’s author’s channel. Articles, news, cases and practical tips on web analytics.

WebAnalytics – Dmitry Osiyuk’s author channel, useful information on web analytics, increasing conversion and data analysis in marketing.

roMetriki – Ivan Ivanov’s author channel: instructions, cases, examples of solving web analytics problems in GA, GTM, Yandex.Metrica.

BigQuery Insights – analytics and big data in Google BigQuery, examples of SQL queries, insights, data science, UX / WEB analytics, big data, digital marketing. Author: Alexander Osiyuk, Product Analyst rabota.ua

Web analytics with OWOX BI – articles, current news, tools, webinars and life hacks in the field of analytics.

This is Data – articles on analytics and working with data. Author: thisisdata.ru.

Needfordata – Online courses, workshops and corporate trainings on Microsoft Power Query, Power BI and Excel tools. Author: Maxim Uvarov, founder of the NeedForData training project.

Mobile Marketing is central to the mobile marketing market.

Power BI – channel about Power BI in Russian.

Burger Data – Blog articles and breaking news from the world of web analytics. Author: Seva Mironovich, burgerdata.com.

Anonymous analytics – web analytics, digital analytics.

Data Laboratory – the channel is dedicated to data and their analysis. Information about data, methods of obtaining them and processing tools.


In the labor market, the profession of a PPC specialist is becoming one of the most popular. A selection of the best blogs brings together expert tips on PPC advertising and analytics. Everything is professional, understandable, useful and relevant. For a detailed study, we suggest taking an 8-week course “PPC Specialist”, after which you will be able to optimize your advertising budget.


Yevgeniya Aliksyuk’s author’s blog – everything about the PPC world and its surroundings.

Oleg Poddubny’s author’s channel. The channel will be useful for those who work with Google Ads and are looking for an understanding of the mechanisms and features of work; those who start their projects from scratch through Google Ads; for those who love Internet advertising and business. On the channel you can read: personal experience, fakups and victories over 6 years of working with Google Ads; the history of starting a project from scratch on fresh tracks with all the fears and pains; about useful services. blogs, etc. things important for learning Google Ads and more.

Yevgeny Tridchikov’s blog is a treasure for young fighters on the difficult front of cheap clicks and high conversions.

Famseo is the author’s blog of Olesya Aristarkhova.

PPC.World is the most important PPC advertising world. An excellent blog on the selection of material, texts and tests, difficulty levels and ease of presentation. I recommend.

Blog elama – an encyclopedia of advertising: context, display media, remarketing, targeting.

NFD Blog – Blog about Microsoft Power BI Desktop, Excel and Power Query.

Click Factory is a personal project of an expert in contextual advertising and analytics, a certified Yandex partner for training Nikita Kravchenko.

itForce – “goodies and useful things” (quote from the blog) for a contextual advertising specialist.

Ainur Talgaev’s blog is all about Google Ads.

Blog of Philip Tsarevsky – the author writes about his blog: “Tips, developments, controversial issues, interesting stories, views on urgent problems and subjective opinion on the events taking place in the world of contextual advertising. No triviality, retelling of the Yandex directory and water – only important, and only in the case! “. And yes, there are a lot of sensible materials about Yandex.Direct.

Nadezhda Rajushkina’s blog – professionally, understandably, useful. Updated frequently.

Laborare is a rare blog that just explains the hardest points.

Elama service blog – subscription and regular viewing are required. One of the best PPC blogs.

Blog from the end-to-end analytics service Alytics – information about the news of search engines and cases.

Uaateam blog – articles not only about PPC, but beautifully designed and worth seeing.

PPCBLOG.com.ua – blog about contextual advertising – Sergey and Maxim Bakhari’s page.

Configuring Yandex.Direct | Google Ads – the secrets of effective contextual advertising setup. Public of Nikita Kravchenko. Useful materials about contextual and targeted advertising, analytics, remote and office work, and more.

Directory of emergency situations for Yandex.Direct.

PPC HERO is a great blog, theme, design and 200% benefit.

AdWords Learning Center.

The Official Google Advertiser Community – What To Do There? Communicate! And look for information, of course.

Official Google Ads Blog – check it out (actually as often as possible).

The official blog of Google Business Products in Russian.

Agency References

2tomsk – Internet advertising bureau. The blog contains useful information about online advertising and practical experience.

Channels, publics, groups

Webmagic – adwords ppc web analytics – author’s channel by Evgeniya Aliksiuk. A sea of ​​news on contextual advertising and web analytics.

[PRO] Advertising – a channel about contextual and targeted advertising.

AdWords for one or two – the channel also has a thematic chat.

PPC Unicorns.For true experts – a channel with cool articles about contextual advertising, web analytics, Olga Klimenko’s channel.

@webanalyst – Dmitry Osiyuk’s author channel. A lot of materials about non-obvious aspects of contextual advertising.

Contextual advertising and web analytics – public on VKontakte. Latest articles and news on contextual advertising and web analytics.

Club Direct – you can ask questions about paying for a campaign, transferring and refunding funds, setting up an advertising campaign and analyzing statistics, and claims. And others.

Yandex.Direct (news archive) – information about innovations in the system.

Yandex Help – Support Center.

About Yandex advertising products.

Google Ads – Founder Maxim Shcherbakov. They help to get the maximum ROI from advertising.

@ppc_analytics – Tatiana Mikhalchenko’s author channel. Verified information about both Google Ads and Yandex.Direct.

yTarget – everything about this advertising platform.

@ppclife – Victor Kargin’s channel. News and articles on online advertising.

@ppclifehacks – Kirill Nikulin’s channel, which collects life hacks and solutions to problems in contextual advertising and analytics.

Google Ads scripts – the name speaks for itself.

Official Ads channel on YouTube.

PPC chat – contextual advertising, Direct, AdWords, Ads, Metrics, Analytics.

CPC Real Talk Chat – you can ask any questions about PPC tools and get answers.

Konstantin Gorbunov: Marketing | Traffic

Setting up Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords

Google AdWords | Yandex.Direct | Lead generation

Content Marketing

In the selection of the best blogs on the topic of content marketing, there is a lot of theory and practice, life hacks and cases. Do you want to become the king of the internet? The course “Content Marketing” will also help you. You will learn how to create interesting and engaging content. Learn to work with headlines, make website materials viral. You will be able to analyze the effectiveness of content marketing.


Blog about content marketing from Linor Goralik. Be like Linor: sarcastic, thoughtful, witty, demonstrative and deep. Be sure to read.

Katerina Eroshina’s vc.ru page is a valuable theory from a practitioner.

Let’s do it. – blog of the content marketing agency of the same name (and an interesting newsletter).

Personal site of Ekaterina Miroshkina – author and editor at T – Zh. Specialization – economics.

Bandito – a detailed comprehensive guide on personal and business promotion through a personal brand.

Content guru – the project has closed, but you can look for something valuable in the articles.

its.agency – good articles, but it ends in 2018. Let him stay, suddenly reanimate.

pressfeed magazine is a great blog about PR and the world around it.

TopLead – great articles.

MadCats – read the archives.

Content Marketing Academy – Sergey Konoplitsky’s Telegram channel. Theory and practice, insights and trends, cases and life hacks.

Russian content marketing – daily collections of interesting materials on content marketing, usability, SMM, email newsletters. Advice on copywriting, editing and journalism. Small notes from specialized events

The Serenity agency blog has content marketing cases.

Sergey Dovgal’s blog.

Blog SVOЕMEDIA – I promise you will read it.

Blog SMILE BRIGHT MEDIA INC. – how to do content marketing in the USA.

The blog of the prnews.io service is about PR.

MEDIABLOG is the ultimate blog about media, marketing and SMM.

Media Skunk – Mikhail Kalashnikov’s blog about media and technology.

System marketing for business – Andrey Zinkevich’s blog.

Content Marketing & SEO – Knowledge base from platforms with expanded content WhitePress Ukraine.

Email Marketing

In a selection of blogs, articles and news on email marketing. You can get a ton of knowledge that will help consolidate your training at a professional level. The course “Email Specialist – Multichannel Communications: Email, Web Push, SMS, Messengers” will help you build a comprehensive email marketing strategy for your business. You can multichannel combine email, sms, webpush, messengers (Facebook, Viber). You will learn how to collect a database and segment it, make sales letters, how to form content for mailings, build automatic chains, how to revive the database, build sales funnels and analyze work efficiency.


SendPulse is a blog for a service about newsletters and internet marketing.

eSputnik email marketing and newsletter blog – examples, guides, email marketing dictionary, event reviews. And be sure to subscribe.

UniSender Blog: Internet Marketing, Email and SMS Cases. articles, email shows online.

Blog EMAILMATRIX – about increasing sales through mailings. Ideas, tips, life hacks.

Blog Email Marketing from EmailSoldiers Agency – unconventional mailing texts, tips for content marketing, creating landing pages.

Create the best email templates – Stripo.email Blog

Practical email marketing – great articles.

ExpertSender Russia.

Email Marketing – Blog and news on email marketing. A blog on how to make cool emails. We will help you understand how to grow your business, increase sales and create loyal customers using email marketing.

Email Marketing – Atomic Email Company Blog.

Blog about email marketing, articles about email newsletters.

Emailshow.ru – a blog about email newsletters and those who create them.

litmus – blog about newsletters in English.

Holistic is another English resource.


A selection of sites about design, useful tips, personal blogs. Professionals share the secrets of how to create presentations, websites, how to improve usability. Separately compiled resources in English and mobile design guides.

Tilda Education is an educational magazine for the Tilda Publishing website building platform. Practical design and marketing guides for digital projects. There are articles on internet marketing here, but more on design. Great service and just a great blog. And by the way, here are Tilda’s 70+ Best Web Designer Resources.

Blog of the online school of digital product design – for aspiring designers.

Basic UX Course – Tutorials and Articles.

Ilya Birman’s blog – Russian designer, art director of the design bureau Artyom Gorbunov, creator of the popular typographic layout, developer of the Egeya engine for blogs.

Anton Zhiyanov’s blog is about food production, design, common sense and software development.

Telegraf.design – blog of the Prozhektor design school. I recommend.

UX Telegram channels

Post.Scriptum.Tips – Oleg Gorlachov’s author channel, design trends, acquaintance with good works, tool reviews.

MAD RABBIT – about graphic ‘n’ motion design, illustration. Uncensored.

Design-borscht is the author’s channel of Alexandra Korchevskaya-Tsekhosh, which tracks all interesting publications about design.

UX Boost – UX / UI. Entry into the profession, design, usability testing, UX analytics, UX research, etc., Vanya Serebryannikov’s author channel.

Simple Design – Denis Andreev’s author channel, trends, reports from specialized conferences.

She riveted herself – art director Masha Leonenko has developed a service for creating List presentations. On her Telegram channel, she talks about the design and script of cool presentations. And also about compositional techniques, tools and slide animation.

Grocery store – about how products became the new rock and roll, in the channel of Denis Sudilkovsky.

UX Fox – news from the world of product development. Jan Birzul’s channel.

Tildoshnaya – cool effects, secrets, tricks and other quality stuff for all Tilda amateurs and professionals! For those who plan to create a website using the Tilda constructor or want to understand its intricacies and nuances. Conducted by Max Shirko.

Telegraf.design is a magazine about Ukrainian and world design. News, interviews, columns, translations.

Mais Designer – design articles, helpful tips and materials, personal notes, news. A blog by Mais Tazagulyan, a UX / UI web designer from Odessa, where he shares his professional experience, tips and resources useful for designers.

Projector – channel of the design school (and not only) Projector. Here they post current thematic vacancies, write about courses, provide links to design news, articles and cool portfolios. Briefly and to the point.

TURBOSKETCH – Arseniy Feschenko writes about Scetch’s tricks in LUN. Comparisons with Figma and other tools are sometimes indispensable.

Intelligent Design is one of the largest Ukrainian channels about UX / UI, graphic design and typography. It seems that everything relevant to the design goes right here.

Sey-Hai is about visual art: design, illustration, video, motion graphics, digital and technology, freelancing, and people who are developing the industry.

Baggage – School of Marketing and Communication “Baggage” in Kharkov in its channel, among other things, writes about design. For example, in the regular section # usefulbag you will find posts about personalities from the world of design, courses and lectures, trends and much more

English Resources

webdesignernews is the best curated news for designers: This is a great catalog of various publications for designers, updated daily, has a section dedicated to design issues and usability.

Blogs for Medium Designers

Mobile Design Guidelines

User Interface Instructions (Android)

User Interface Instructions (Apple)

Google Content Development Guidelines

Useful sites / blogs

Webdesigner Depot

Google Design

Nielsen Norman Group: UX Training, Consulting & Research

Interaction Design Foundation: UX Design Articles and Books

Smashing Magazine – For Professional Web Designers and Developers

Awwwards for Web Designers and Developers

Adobe Creative Cloud

Cooper Journal

Usabilla Blog

Studio Tubik Blog

UX Booth

InVision Blog


UI hacking

Creative Bloq

Treehouse Blog


Icons8 Blog – Icons, UX & Graphic Design

UX Pin Blog

UX for the masses

Design gallery, articles and community – highly recommended.

UX Podcast – A large collection of audio podcasts, mostly interviews with renowned UX designers and researchers.

Videos: 556 videos for designers from 68 conferences – a huge collection of video ads from experts in user interface, product design, UX.

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